awake and aware

I really want nothing more than to have one of those late nights where you’re drunk with someone you care about sitting somewhere quiet like a rooftop or the beach and you begin a conversation that turns into hours of talking about life and slowly everything in the world seems to disappear and you begin to feel alive and awake and aware of yourself and the person sitting next to you and nothing else matters

  • Woke AF: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Sleep AF: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra

✨ Reminder: I am more than my surface identity. I am creative energy expressed through a human body. My power does not come from external validation. My power comes from within.

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In the AM

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to
    • Getting up earlier than you think you need to immediately reduces your stress levels. If you suddenly remember you have a paper to print before your 8am class, you have 15 minutes to get that done that you wouldn’t have originally had.
  • Meditate, Pray, or do Yoga for five minutes
    • Starting your day with something to relax you as you slowly wake up helps you to grasp onto your energy and start your day. 
    • Practices such as meditation help you to set your mind on the purpose of your day.
  • Take your medications
    • If you have medications, it is incredibly important to take them every day. Without establishing this cycle, it will be very hard for you to live your most efficient life.
  • Eat a healthy, protein-filled breakfast or snack
    • Even if you are one of many people who hate to eat in the morning, fueling your body is an essential part of helping you live your most efficient life.
    • Eating also helps your body to wake up so you can focus on any homework or classes you have before noon.
  • Organize your Day
    • Look over your planner and remind yourself of all the tasks you are hoping to accomplish.
    • Order your tasks by importance - what you absolutely must go to/accomplish, what you’d really like to attend/accomplish, and what you hope you can attend/accomplish.
    • Write out your day in terms of time. Schedule everything, right down to naps, meals, homework, and grocery shopping. 

In the Afternoon

  • Eat a healthy lunch
    • Just as with breakfast, eating a meal is an essential part to having an efficient day. The post-lunch slump is all too real, but making sure you’re eating protein and lots of energizing foods as opposed to carbs and sugars will make sure you can be awake and aware in your afternoon activities. 
  • Go through your planner
    • Mark off everything that you have accomplished for the day and reexamine what you have left to do.
    • Add any necessary items to the day, reevaluate the time frames you’ve given to your events and tasks of the day, and decide if the way in which you’ve rated tasks is still relevant. Make any needed changes.
  • Give yourself a break
    • By this point, your body has been going and going for at least 4 hours. Give yourself a break. It doesn’t have to be long, even 20 minutes to sit, nap, or read a book for fun will help your body to relax and finish the day strong!

In the PM

  • Give your planner a final look-over
    • Mark off everything you accomplish, and include anything you originally hadn’t planned on accomplishing.
    • Add tasks you did not complete to a day later on in your planner so you do not forget to address them.
    • Mark off any habit/health/emotion trackers. Doing something as little as this will give you a feeling of success and encourage you to focus on the areas in which you can improve the following days in the week.
    • Allow yourself to glance at the next day and mentally prepare for everything you’ll need to do.
  • Do your homework/work
    • Finish any assignments due, and get ahead as well as study. School is your job, and spending multiple hours most evenings each week is something you’re going to have to do to be successful. 
    • Study or do your work for thirty to forty minute chunks with no distractions like checking your phone. Break up these study times with five to ten minute breaks to do whatever you’d like.
  • Pack for tomorrow
    • Pack up notebooks, textbooks, chargers, and your laptop for the next day.
    • Add a healthy snack to your bag in case you’re in a rush the next day.
    • Make sure you have any materials needed for any activities you might take part in so that you don’t have to waste time the next day going back to your room.
    • Set out an outfit for the next day to even further save time for the next morning.
  • Get a healthy amount of sleep
    • Under-sleeping and oversleeping are both bad. Try to make sure your prioritize your sleep, as without it, it is almost impossible to be truly efficient. Make sure to work in between 7 and 9 each night.

What do you do to live your most efficient life? :)

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If you actually want something, you can have it. The question then is what do you mean by actually want? And the answer is, you reorient your life in every possible way to make the probability that that will occur as certain as possible. And that’s a sacrificial idea right? It’s like, you don’t get everything, obviously… But maybe you can have what you need, and maybe all you have to do to get it is ask; but asking isn’t a whim, or today’s wish. You have to be deadly serious about it
—  Jordan Peterson

We are matter and energy that, through some miracle, has come to know itself. We are rock and dirt that pulled itself into consciousness. What a strange phenomena: we are the universe awake and aware and yet, we can’t stop dreaming. We’re here but we’re not present. Our eyes are wide open but we refuse to see. We are part of the great wholeness of being and yet, we feel separate and alone. Truth surrounds us, permeates every fibre of our being, yet we crave empty illusions. 

Cute In It

Originally posted by aj-squidkid

57: “is that my shirt?”

A/N: I tried to find a gif of his instagram story of him drinking coffee in this shirt but alas. also THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHIRT??? I WANT IT! but okay oop this is from that request thing i rbed. warning for a suggestive joke at the end, nothing terrible just silly shit

When you wake up, sun is streaming in thin rays through the curtains and you can faintly hear birds chirping outside the window. There’s a warm arm around your side, holding you close to a broad chest, breaths making your head rise and fall gently against it. You pull back a bit so that you can look up at who the arm belongs to. Ethan’s still sleeping, mouth slightly open and head tilted back. You laugh lightly at how ridiculous he looks and reach up to card a hand through his hair

You run your fingers through his hair until, slowly, he opens his eyes blearily. Once he’s awake and aware he smiles down at you.

“Morning, Beautiful.”

You laugh, looking down to hide your face. “Good morning, Eth.” Rolling out from under his arm so you can lay on your stomach and propping yourself up on your elbows, you fix a playful glare on him. “I don’t know how you got me to stay the night. I remember being very intent on sleeping at my own apartment this time.”

Ethan smirks, reaching down to poke you in the side as he speaks. “I’m incredibly persuasive. Plus I have magical cuddling powers.”

“Yes, you most definitely do.” You hum, wrapping an arm around his stomach and laying your head back on his chest. From somewhere on his bedside table, Ethan’s phone chimes with the team chat ringtone and you groan. Rolling away from Ethan to grab his phone, you yank it off the charger and drop it onto his chest.

Ethan sighs, picking up his phone and squinting at the screen. “Ugh.” He drops his phone beside him on the bed, turning and grabbing you to pull you back against his chest.

“What’s happening?” You mumble into his shirt.

“Mark needs us all at the office in, like, an hour.” He wraps his arms around you tightly and drops his lips at the top of your head. “But I don’t wanna.”

You wriggle away and laugh at his pout. “Alright, grumpy. Time to get up.” Scooting to the edge of the bed, you stand and turn around to gab Ethan’s outstretched arms. He yelps a little when you drag him from under the covers until he falls out of bed and you laugh.

When he pops back up, Ethan attempts to grab you and drag you back under the covers, but you shove your fingers against his side and break free when he laughs and flinches. You run from the room and stumble into the kitchen, grabbing the bag of coffee grounds from the cabinet quickly.

Ethan runs after you but groans when he sees what’s in your hand. “Nooo! You beat me.” He slumps against the fridge and crosses his arms to pout.

You smirk at him, dropping in a filter and opening up the bag. “You can’t go back to bed once the coffee starts, that’s the rule.

Ethan sticks his tongue out at you as you finish up the coffee. You laugh at his silliness, ruffling his hair as you walk past him out of the kitchen. “I’m gonna shower real quick, okay?”

Ethan nods and you grab yourself a towel before you get to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, you’re showered and tucking a strand of wet hair behind your ear. You walk back to Ethan’s room and pull open the drawer that you’d begun to take over with your own clothes. You dress in a simple white t-shirt and your jeans from yesterday, but something feels off. You smirk, struck with an idea. Walking over to Ethan’s wardrobe, you pull a shirt off its hanger, and push your arms through it, not bothering with buttoning it. You look in the mirror and smile at the teal and yellow drawings jumping off the white button down. With one last rub of your damp hair with the towel, you straighten the collar and walk back out to the kitchen.

Ethan hears you enter, but doesn’t look up from his intense gaze at his phone. “Hey, babe, I made your coffee-” He looks up after finishing off his text and freezes. “Oh… Is that my shirt?”

You laugh at his wide eyes, dropping into the chair across from him and taking a sip of your coffee, prepared just the way you like it. “Yes it is, darling. It’s my favorite of yours, is that okay?” Your tone is playful but the question still stands. Is he okay with this? With very obviously stating there’s something happening between the two of you?

Ethan opens his mouth. Then closes it. His eyebrows knit together and he takes a deep breath. “Yeah. Yeah, it’s okay. It looks nice on you.” He smirks and you hide your smile behind your mug.

The two of you finish your coffee in a peaceful silence, shoving your chairs back once you’ve finished. Ethan goes to grab a jacket while you drop the mugs into the sink and rinse them. A few minutes later you’re out the door, fighting through LA traffic to get to the office.

When you pull up in front of the office, Ethan jumps out of the car and runs to the passenger side, quickly opening the door for you. You laugh and take the hand he offers to help you as he bows deeply and kisses the back of your hand.

“You’re ridiculous.” You laugh, batting his hand away. Ethan beams at you and something warm flutters in the pit of your stomach.

You follow Ethan to the front door, separating once you reach the office room so that you can work at your respective computers until the whole team is there. A few minutes later the door bangs open and you hear a deep laugh, followed by Amy’s soft giggle and the sound of nails on the hardwood floor. Chica bounds into the room a moment before her parents, barking happily at you then darting away to greet Ethan. Mark waves at you when he comes through the doorway, moving to drop his bag by a desk.

Amy begins to walk towards your desk but freezes. You see the realization dawn on her face and she gains a sly look. “So…” She drawls, reaching your desk and leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. “Would that happen to be Ethan’s shirt that you’re wearing?”

Mark perks up from behind his travel mug of coffee and Ethan peeks around the back of his desk chair. 

You shrug, smiling up at her. “I didn’t have anything cute at his place. I would have worn the same thing as yesterday but how much more “obvious walk of shame” can you get?“

Mark chokes on his drink and you snort, turning to see him practically do a spit take. Ethan’s eyes are wide and and embarrassed and he’s flushing quickly.

“That’s not- We didn’t… That isn’t what- AH!”

You laugh harder at that, dropping your head between your knees. When you look up at Amy she’s trying valiantly to hold back her laughter.

“He’s- He’s right, I’m kidding I swear,” You snort when you look at Mark again, who’s still red with coffee spilled down his front, “Sorry, sorry. But yeah it’s Ethan’s shirt.”

Ethan’s blush is bright as he attempts to sink lower into his chair and disappear.

“I think it looks cute on them.” Amy shrugs, pushing off the wall to pat her spluttering boyfriend on the back. Mark goes to take another sip of coffee, finally recovering, and Ethan sees his chance.

Twirling his chair around to face the group, he shrugs and says coolly, “It looks cuter off of them.”

By the time Mark can stop coughing after that, he’s so red you’re actually a bit concerned