awake and aware

I really want nothing more than to have one of those late nights where you’re drunk with someone you care about sitting somewhere quiet like a rooftop or the beach and you begin a conversation that turns into hours of talking about life and slowly everything in the world seems to disappear and you begin to feel alive and awake and aware of yourself and the person sitting next to you and nothing else matters

  • Woke AF: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Sleep AF: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra

We are matter and energy that, through some miracle, has come to know itself. We are rock and dirt that pulled itself into consciousness. What a strange phenomena: we are the universe awake and aware and yet, we can’t stop dreaming. We’re here but we’re not present. Our eyes are wide open but we refuse to see. We are part of the great wholeness of being and yet, we feel separate and alone. Truth surrounds us, permeates every fibre of our being, yet we crave empty illusions. 

Love Is Not A Victory March - Cap RBB

Stucky, M, 14.3k, A03
Canon compliant through CACW
Artist:  SulaMoon
Author: flowerfan2

Thanks to @sulasaferoom for creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to my beta @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this amazing challenge.

Summary:  A few months after the civil war fiasco, Bucky and Steve have started a new life together in New York.  But when Steve gets hurt, all their plans are threatened.  It’s up to Bucky to figure out what to do next.

Bucky feels like a cliché as he hovers next to Steve’s hospital bed, waiting for him to wake up.  He can’t relax with Steve in this condition – fuck relax, he can barely breathe, barely function at all.  Steve is ripped apart and broken and Bucky doesn’t understand how he isn’t dead yet.  Although they are keeping him heavily sedated, Bucky can see the pain etched into Steve’s face.  He’s not sure how to weather it, alternating between pacing back and forth across the airless room and sitting next to Steve and holding his practically lifeless hand.He’s not the only visitor there, of course.  No one is about to leave a recently de-triggered former assassin alone with Captain America, even if Captain America himself would insist that there’s no danger.  But Steve isn’t able to insist on anything right now, and that’s the entire problem. The first time the doctors ease up on the sedation Steve wakes up moaning, a horrid, animal noise that sends Bucky into a blind panic.  Bucky comes back to himself curled up in a ball on the hospital floor, Natasha crouched down next to him, a hand bravely kneading the back of his neck. “It’s okay,” she murmurs.  “They gave him more painkillers.  He’s okay now.” Bucky lets Natasha help him up, but avoids meeting her eyes as he resumes his place at the side of Steve’s bed.  He doesn’t need her pity.  Bucky just needs Steve to wake up.  He can’t fathom what will happen to him if Steve doesn’t wake up.

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  Gabe going to visit Jack in the infirmary after a mission gone wrong. They’re still just friends at this point, but the terror when he had seen Jack go down wouldn’t leave him alone and he finds himself taking Jack’s hand, holding it tight, whilst apologising to him whilst he sleeps. Apologising because he didn’t get there in time even though they were on different teams, apologising because Jack got hurt even though there was nothing he could have done to stop it. He knows that Jack would tell him off he was awake to hear what he was saying, smiling a little, because even when scowling and irritated Jack is the best thing he has ever seen and his fingers tighten.

   He’s caught by surprise when Jack’s fingers tighten in return, a faint pressure and his gaze darts to Jack’s face just in time to see his expression contorting for a moment, not quite awake, but aware on some level that he’s not alone. Gabe moves closer, leaning in, opening his mouth to try and encourage him to wake up, but Jack beats him too it, eyes flickering open for a moment, unfocused but still managing to pin Gabriel in place as a weary echo of his usual smile tugs at his lips.

“Love you, Gabe…” Jack is already drooping, eyes slipping shut again before Gabe can even process the words, mouth open as he stares at Jack and by the time they have fully registered, the other man is fast asleep again, fingers lax against his.

I Like It When You Do That (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Summary: However this ends, he’s a fool if he does nothing or a fool if he gives into the sweetness of temptation.

Author’s Note: I’m glad I’m finally done with this story. I had debated on a while on how far to take this. But I’m glad that I decided to push the envelope and go all the way with the smut. Enjoy!

Nights like this were always innocent.

They would curl up under the covers of her bed and watch movies until they both fell asleep. Suspicions never rose when they spent hours together behind her bedroom door; often times it wouldn’t open until the early hours of the morning and it was time for Isaac to leave so he could head home to get ready for school. It was entirely innocent…until it wasn’t. Her parents should have expected that it would turn out that way eventually.

The night starts out like every other one. They had watched two movies and thirty minutes into the third (some French film remake with an obscenely long title), she was sound asleep. The movie was a thriller; it was on the subtler side but the heroine was hot and that kept his attention mostly.

Then there was a sex scene. Of course there was a sex scene. Not that he was complaining too much. The guy okay looking, but seeing the actress naked, enjoying being eaten out, being thrust into from behind—the whole scene made his cock twinge with desire.

Isaac feels a shift beside him. Looking down, he sees [Name] burrowing herself further into the covers of her bed. Lying on her side with one arm tucked under the pillow and her legs pulled towards her stomach, she looked like an angel. She looked so peaceful (and not his girl) and there was a desire in his blood to touch her. It should never have been a thought that entered his mind. It was wrong. She was his friend and asleep, and he was turned on by a movie. He should have just gone to bathroom to jack off. Isaac licks his lips as his eyes travel across her sleeping form.

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Near Death Experience

@sixpenceee This is something I have not spoken about with many people.

My father had a massive heart attack around 11 years ago. He was at work, at a remote jobsite in a forest at the time. His coworker broke every traffic law there is racing him to the nearest hospital at 100 miles an hour in their work truck. He was awake and aware enough to phone my stepmom on the way and she met them at the ER.

After my dad was ushered through the ER and onto an exam table, the doctors started hooking him up to the various monitors, EKG, etc. While they were doing this, his heart stopped. He “flatlined” as they say and he went unconscious.

Later that night, he recounted what happened to me with tears in his eyes. He was bleeding out of his nose and mouth from all of the blood thinning drugs they had given him to prevent clots. I have never seen my dad look so vulnerable.

When his heart stopped, my father was overwhelmed by bright white light and a sense of weightlessness. He floated in the light, and when his vision returned he was looking down at himself laying on the table. He watched the nurses escort my stepmom out of the room as the staff started cutting off his tshirt. He watched them roll a crash cart with a defibrillator into the room. They applied the defib, called out “clear” and tried to resuscitate him. Nothing happened. He continued to watch from his vantage point which he described as being up in the corner of the ceiling as the staff repeated the defib process. This time it worked. He said everything went black, he felt like he was falling briefly. He almost expected to hit the floor, instead he opened his eyes and was looking up at the face of the ER doctor.

That night, after he had been airlifted to a bigger hospital and I had rushed halfway across the state to be with him, he told me this story. He said he could hear every word that was spoken during that time and saw the look on my stepmom’s face as they pulled the curtain across the room and shut her out. My dad is not a spiritual or religious man, but I believe what he told me. We’ve never spoke about it since.