Darkness alone filled the boundless all, for father, mother and son were once more one, and the son had not awakened yet for the new wheel* and his pilgrimage thereon 👉👉pt 2 The Father-Mother are the male and female principles in root-nature, the opposite poles that manifest in all things on every plane of Kosmos, or Spirit and Substance, in a less allegorical aspect, the resultant of which is the Universe, or the Son. They are “once more One” when in “The Night of Brahma,” during Pralaya, all in the objective Universe has returned to its one primal and eternal cause, to reappear at the following Dawn — as it does periodically. “Karana” — eternal cause — was alone. To put it more plainly: Karana is alone during the “Nights of Brahma.” The previous objective Universe has dissolved into its one primal and eternal cause, and is, so to say, held in solution in space, to differentiate again and crystallize out anew at the following Manvantaric dawn, which is the commencement of a new “Day” or new activity of Brahma — the symbol of the Universe. In esoteric parlance, Brahma is Father-Mother-Son, or Spirit, Soul and Body at once; each personage being symbolical of an attribute, and each attribute or quality being a graduated efflux of Divine Breath in its cyclic differentiation, involutionary and evolutionary. In the cosmicophysical sense, it is the Universe, the planetary chain and the earth; in the purely spiritual, the Unknown Deity, Planetary Spirit, and Man — the Son of the two, the creature of Spirit and Matter, and a manifestation of them in his periodical appearances on Earth during the “wheels,” or the Manvantaras. The secret doctrine #negusTahuti #akanundrum #SpirituallyInTune #meandyouniverse #PreachOneTeachOne #MrDMT http://ift.tt/1Mxt6Q3

you’ll be the one I tell my daughter about when it’s 12:23am and she’s awake crying over her love falling apart. you’ll be the heartbreak I tell her about. I’ll tell her how crying over him isn’t worth it and spending days in bed and skipping school won’t help the way you miss him.
—  angelofunspokenwords you broke my heart, but I’ll get over it.

Any people living in this day and age feel out of place. The values of this world make them angry. Your unending want to love is squashed by your need to protect yourself and loved ones in this world. Whether you identify as a #starseed, #indigochild, #rainbowchild, or #crystalchild, the #universe has put you here for the specific purpose of helping bringing our world to #enlightenment!

So, live the life you dream everyday!
Manifest your reality!
Love unconditionally!
Except and include everybody!
Remember you are a part of a vast #consciousness that is ever expanding!

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You didn’t deserve me☝🏼️ on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/s/pbIjTTqd

I stayed up late every night just to wait for your text to tell me you’re home safely even thought I was so exhausted and you always reached home after 4am . And you left me alone when you wanted to do something else.  You left me waiting for the bus alone and you left for your own happiness when I USED to be your happiness.