awaiting the maknaes

Yangta’s Elves - a very bigbang Christmas

Title: Yangta’s Elves


Chapters: 1/1

Synopsis: On Christmas Eve, Yangta Claus sends his five best elves on an Art Reconnaissance mission for next year’s toy designs. They can’t keep themselves from mischief. Comedy, fluff, and friendship for Christmas.

Note: This is a double Christmas fic release from two BIGBANG fanfic writers on tumblr! Check out @seunrig‘s blog for her BIGBANG Christmas fic! Also, much thanks to @chibiele for story inspiration.

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The night before Christmas is always hectic, and Yangta Claus’s workshop floor is a masterpiece of chaos in harmony.

A small elf dressed in a sharply cut, red-sequined jacket darts through the mess, arms piled high with stuffed panda plushies, each nearly as tall as himself. The white pom-pom stuck to the top of his black beanie is barely visible over the topmost panda. 

“Jingle bells, Jingyo smells, the maknae is the bae,” he sings merrily under his breath. His pom-pom bounces happily with each step as he waltzes around elves, confectionery machines, and assembly lines, each small pace going pat pat pat pat. 

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