When one of us make it I believe we all should celebrate them and support however we can. I am proud to know both of these artists and I took time to vote for them in their respective categories… That’s just me… Congratulations to Sam Hankins & Tamika Dunning on their IMEA nominations… Big ups!!! We can help them bring it home just by simply voting. It only take a minute or two max.!
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Congratulations to our College of Fine Arts 2014 Creativity in the Arts and Sciences (CASE) award winners

Katelyn Carty, a freshman Music in Combination student performs during Melody and Malady: An Aural Presentation of Pompe Disease, which took one of two first-place awards in the Collaboration category. ©University of Florida/Eric Zamora

The UF Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Science for Life Program and the College of Fine Arts recently announced the winners of the 2014 Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event (CASE). Held February 1, 2014, CASE brought together more than 125 students with backgrounds in the sciences and arts to rethink the boundaries of creativity.

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