We’ve never been apart since we were 13. I think that’s something that must be difficult for a lot of bands – bands that come together when they’re 18 or 19 or bands that are found out of something other than being kids and friendship. I don’t know what it’s like to not see them everyday, so it’s actually weird when we’re off tour.”

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While spreading posts about Hillary you are aware she had taken like 20% of funding from countries where women are executed to the streets and people are sent 10 years to jail for criticizing the government???? just in case i would also encourage understanding that supporting hillary without knowing this is highly problematic because you close your eyes for potential torture of POC women hillary has no problem with when getting his support from these men??.

  • professor:don't do this last minute, and make an outline, you dont need to but i will be able to tell by the quality of your paper. i can tell when people but no effort in.
  • me:*does paper last minute, does not use an outline, puts no effort in*
  • professor:*leaves glowing review on my paper and gives me a 100%*
  • me:;)

I just saw some people on facebook saying they want to -ugh, I don’t even want to write it- do awful things to little Chan, at this point you can imagine what they said ;-;

I’m not appalled just because he’s a minor, but because these are actual people who think that it’s okay to say such things about a human being, on top of that they call themselves ‘Seventeen fans’ which really worries me

I am extremely disgusted