me before following ihatejonarbuckle: jon seems like an okay dude

me after following ihatejonarbuckle: jon arbuckle is a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. he’s extremely misogynistic, a reckless driver, and as a cat owner his behavior is revolting!! he chose to adopt garfield, yet he acts as if his cat is a constant burden while constantly victimizing himself and neglecting his pets. like what kind of monster would feed his cat food that’s clearly not appropriate for cats to eat, and then have the heart to shame him for being fat? awful!! jon is just an evil and sinister man whose behavior is literally inexcusable, and mr. davis needs to make him face the consequences of his actions

Zombie Apocalypse AU
  • Shiro is a veteran. All of this situation is just triggering his PTSD, but he has to get through this, he’s got fucking kids to look after now. He’s the only one who really knows what to do in a combat situation, he’s always on edge, always looking over his shoulder. He has to have his arm amputated after he gets bitten saving Pidge, but it saves his life and keeps him with them. He’s just trying to get them through this all alive.
  • Pidge’s father, Dr Holt, was the leader of the research team that was working on something top secret. The top secret something was leaked, and led to the outbreak. They just wanted to find their father and brother Matt (who was also working in the labs), because they’re certain that they’re the ones who might know about a cure. They’re small, but agile and competent, and with Hunk they make a formidable team that can make any piece of electronics or machinery work again. However, they’re also stubborn to a fault and incessantly curious, which gets them into trouble.
  • Allura is the daughter of the man that funded the research that led to the outbreak. When he went missing along with Sam and Matt Holt, she became determined to find out what the hell was going on. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get to the labs other than travelling on foot. She is surprisingly competent in combat and survival situations, incredibly brave and incredibly intelligent. She and Shiro work well together, and if there’s something more there, well… this isn’t the time or place.
  • Hunk was an engineering student: now he’s stuck crossing the country with five other people, only one of which he actually knows, and he’s terrified, but he also knows that it’s better for them to be together than alone. As well as the designated cook (he works with what he has), he’s amazing at getting things to work again, and for a while it’s thanks to him that they have a vehicle. He’s extremely reluctant to kill zombies, so he leaves that to Lance, but his strength comes in handy.
  • Lance is technically just a kid who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he’s good with a baseball bat and has amazing aim. He’s Hunk’s best friend, and he was just swimming along in his modest coffeeshop job and dance scholarship, unsure of where to go in life, until the outbreak happened. Now he’s determined to find out whether his family is safe, which means heading south with the others. Keith really gets on his nerves.
  • Keith is a mystery. He knows Shiro, and Shiro knows him, but other than that, he just… appeared. He’s good at fighting, but he’s also good at just rushing in and nearly getting them all killed, a habit he shares with Pidge. Not even Keith knows it, but he holds the cure, as it’s running inside his veins (he never knew that his real father, Dr Thace, was also one of Dr Holt’s scientists). Lance infuriates him, but there’s definitely something else beyond just aggravation there.

Please consider.

Picture the Inquisitor telling their and Josephine’s daughter a long, very long story about the smartest, kindest, most beautiful princess of all the lands. A princess whose subjects all adore her for she is a gracious and merciful ruler; a princess who kicks serious ass everywhere she goes, but that’s okay, because it only means that people love her even more because she’s just so awesome and nice, even to those she defeated.

She’s pretty much objectively the best and most amazing person in the world.

Her story is full of twists and turns, adventures, dangers, even dragon-riding, and all those great things- the princess, of course, wins every battle and every debate with her awesome skills, and wits, and wicked words.

The child is entranced. She squirms in daddy’s/mommy’s lap, she gasps at every sharp plot twist, her eyes are sparkling from the first word till the very last. 

After nights and nights of this same story, as daddy’s/mommy’s throat is getting hoarse, the princess finally delivers eternal peace to all the lands. She gives her final speech, about acceptance, and equality, and love for all, and the people from Qundalon to the Southernmost corners of Gwaren, from the rulers of Par Vollen to the lowest servant of Mont-de-glace, all rejoice and embrace one another.

The child, in awe, asks what happened to her new favorite hero afterwards. Where did she go, what did she do, what other amazing deeds did she go on to accomplish.

Then, the Inquisitor just smiles affectionately, ruffles their daughter’s long, wavy hair that is so perfectly like her mother’s, and all they say is-

“Then, she married me.”

Just. Please consider this.

reading this 1972 letter from john is making me angry at him all over again. He could be such an unmitigated fucking cunt sometimes. “Who shat all over us in public?” uh, you did, John, or were you too fucking whacked on heroin to remember? You drags the shit out of Paul for umpteen paragraphs and then “no hard feelings to you either.” Oh fuck you, John. And that bit, “two years is the usual time it takes you–right?” Like that was not necessary. Oh, my bff didn’t take this terrifying and literally mind-altering drug with me for two years even with me constantly bitching him out for it, my life is so hard! Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get the fuck over it, John.

Also I love how oblivious you are to your own bullshit hypocrisy. It’s totally okay for you to read into RAM and find hidden digs from Paul. But the minute Paul starts taking the most blatant “fuck you” written into song seriously, it’s all bluster and bluff and “don’t take it so literally.” Paul took “How Do You Sleep” literally because that’s how you meant it, you fucking small-minded fool. Stop acting like such a child and own up to your bullshit.

Calling out bigoted minors is fine but there’s a way to do it and sexually charged statements isn’t the way to do it. Also, like, if they start expressing distress, back off. Or at least change your tone??

If you come in being aggressive and saying shit that has no educational merit and refuse to back down when called out, especially as an adult, you’re in the wrong.

I understand sometimes their age isn’t always apparent but the second you find out, you apologize and listen.

Just yesterday, I got a message saying that I reblogged something from a 14 year old and they were upset. I took down the post and asked if they were okay. (They are.) It’s that simple.

It isn’t discourse if you’re just flinging sexual stuff everywhere and telling people to fuck off, especially if you’re on the verge of turning 23. Apparently I’m a day older than them, so like, I know how people our age should be acting.

This is why I’ve made posts before about people being careful when they had hostile comments onto things I reblog. Like, I know I’m not always in line, but you gotta at least TRY to be appropriate. And admit when you were wrong. Or at least fucking stop what you’re doing when you realize that you were wrong.

I really do try to watch my tone on this blog, knowing I have a lot of vulnerable followers. IRL when I’m arguing with my friends and I know our boundaries, I’m a lot different,  Because that’s not discourse. And it’s not strangers who might be experiencing personal shit behind the scenes I know nothing about.

There’s some behavior you can absolutely go off on–stuff that warrants outright hostility and disgust and anger–but you gotta be careful.

TL;DR:  Be aware of who you’re talking to. Never bring sexual comments into the discourse, the fuck is wrong with you?? Make sure your anger is proportional.

I’m not trying to police tone, like I absolutely believe you don’t need to be polite to your oppressor but when you’re talking to minors and mentally ill people, just, y’unno, realize you’re hurting your case in the longterm.