this is jasper nibbleteeth, and he’s a nibble!  he has a tendency to flirt with every single girl he sees, but he’s…. a bit pushy about it, so he’s often rejected to the extreme. gudbye fuccboi

he hangs out with a gang of 3 other nibbles, named chase, hunter and fischer. there was also another nibble at one point named tad, short for tadpole, but he’s not around anymore. jasper also claims to be a champion at horror games, but the truth is, he literally just screams at everything and then refuses to play anymore, calling the game rigged. his secret fav games to play are cute ones like tamagotchi World or my sims kingdom or shit like that {: he and his gang hang out in the water by the rogueport dock usually, and they bite anyone who trespasses on their territory– aka if anyone falls into the water GDJHGFK… his only decent friend is asher, who just pity friended him bc he hopes to teach him Basic Manners

he also went to glitzville once and accidentally flirted with grubba bc he saw him from behind and thought he was a hot girl

  i don’t wanna know !  if you want to be a cheerleader so bad, then stop pissing me off and just apply like everybody else. now scram.    ’    cassandra said, watching the poor freshman who had just approached her for a test walk away sadly. in her own mind, it wasn’t her fault her squad was so good everybody wanted to be a part of. or at least she’d like to think so - truth to be told, cass had been feeling lately as if she had just woken up from a nightmare which, unfortunately, would only make her mood even worse.   ‘   geez, some people… like, it’s not like i don’t try to be nice! but … ugh, whatever, it’s just so annoying.