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C’moooon, pard! Put some more HUFFIN’ ‘nd PUFFIN’ into it!! Look at you- yer a literal twig! Yer supposed t’ be ME?! Look at me- I’m ROUGH, TOUGH and ULTRA BUFF, and yer just… puff… uhhh… fluff…. and yeah. That’s it. Ya let yerself go, son, ya gotta put more work into it if ya wanna be able to even COMPARE to a powerhouse like ME! Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk!!!

ok but we all know who would win in a sprite meets muse thing

A Thousand Years

Reg hadn’t wanted to pilot the shuttle alone. He was a qualified pilot (more or less), and he was more than capable of managing the mission by himself (in theory). But he’d of course been worried about something going wrong and being unable to deal with it on his own. And he’d done the brave thing and dismissed those fears as illogical, accepting the mission anyway. How horribly wrong could things really go, anyway?

Apparently, very horribly.

Some sort of anomaly had opened up a few hundred kilometers off his starboard bow, and the next thing he knew, the turbulence was completely unmanageable. After a few seconds of trying to deal with it, he’d attempted to contact the Enterprise, but received no response; he wasn’t even sure his messages had reached them. Now, he just did everything in his power to keep the shuttle from being pulled into the anomaly or crashing into the nearby planet.

But the forces were just too strong. Slowly but surely, the shuttle stopped responding to commands, and slowly but surely, Reg came closer and closer to a full-blown panic attack. His breath coming far too quickly, Reg could nothing but watch as the shuttle shut down on him entirely and was dragged directly through the anomaly.

For a long, horrible minute, the entire world became nothing but shaking, banging, and flashing. Reg wrapped his arms up over his head and prayed for it to just be over.

Then it was, and the shuttle was hurtling through space. Reg caught a brief glimpse of the planet he was about to crash into just before everything began shaking so violently that he was thrown from his seat. He crashed painfully into the wall, nearly passing out…

And with a massive bang, the shuttle crashed into the planet’s surface. Reg was flung forward up to the console; something landed on top of him; he felt a sharp pain, heard something crack–and the world went dark as he began fading in and out of consciousness.

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I headcanon that whenever Nagito's cleaning his house, classroom, or cottage, he hums/sings the "Mister Clean" song.

Okay but how creepy is Mr. Clean in this advert… like, we don’t have Mr. Clean in England and I’m… I’m so glad… 

Can’t we imagine Nagito singing the Happy Working Song instead?! ~ Mod Oddish

little sister didn’t get the a-level results she needed to get into vet school, and it’s all she’s wanted all her life and she’s worked so hard on them and on getting the work experience she needs and she’s the family genius so the parents didn’t think she could not get them, so i’m so worried about what happens next for her and i have no idea how to help why cant i be a better big sister


“I suppose it’s the same thing, you can watch, upload and download videos into it.  There are certain interactive videos, but that’s mainly for livestream!”

            ———    Wow really? that’s like really similar to our’s! We call it YouTube ~ Just about the same thing though downloading videos isn’t really something viewers do. That’s super cool though that you guys have something very similar! 

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Greetings your highness. So far, has the battle on the surface-side of NY affected your domains? Any refugees, or other anomalies? Are there any of your subjects interested in aiding Deadpool,or taking the opportunity to attack him? He is, after all, a character that often inspire intense emotions in the people who come in contact with him.

As I was saying, Wade was not particularly involved down here; the populace didn’t have enough time to formulate an opinion on him - so they use mine, and I more or less like him. (But he certainly does inspire intense emotions…..)

There are indeed several refugees, but due to their asylum status here, I can not share any other details. 

If these quakes get any worse and begin to put my subjects in danger – I have better things to do than becalm humans, but so help me, I will end it!

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For the associate thing, you always make me think of Mutsurie, Shirazu, your art style, this one mega angsty Mutsurie fic I read a while back, and spiders.

Hehe yeah that super angsty fic(that my pal tortured us all with) where mutsuki dies and that I drew a pic of..? Yeah… Good times…

And also spiders?? May I ask why? It seems so random I am curious..!

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Rintori (for the ship ask) 💕

Hello my cutie Yukina!!!!! :D Thank you sooooooooo much! :D and omg >///< You are amazing ahjahjak because you said such so so important otp of mine. :D kya! Happy. :D

Send me a ship and I’ll do this thing

The ship is my: my otp!!!! my beautiful cute otp, that gives me soooooooo many feels and fluff and smile and ahjhajah I just want baby duck and shark prince be happy together o.k? :D they together they are so so important for me. :D Cuties :D 

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other | (so let me explain, i guess firstly it will be quite platonic for nitori from the same time he saw Rin as kid and adored him, He firstly  he just adored him one-sidely in “he is perfect senpai” way. :D but then both feelings will change gradually. :D Rin will finally notice nitori <really rin how long it took you to see such angel near to you?!> and will see him in romantic way, the same for Nitori, his feelings from platonic adoring, love to senpai would change into romantic ones. D: and they would be together loving each other mutually :D kya :D) 

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together | 

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it (yes yes omg, of course, Rin would be the first one who would bring this and ai would be so happy, because both of them want to have big, happy family plus hahah Rin wants to bring world even more Ai angels. :D I have even OC character Rintori daughter cutie Aileen- Aileen because hahha i guess they would read this kind Of AiRin so it would be a little like mix of both names :D) 

General Opinion:

So so so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!! omgggggggggg i love them so much and really ahjahajka this ship neds more love. :D And Nitori too. :D My baby son. :D It’s such cute, fluffy, warm, sometimes clumsy and ful of blushing ship. :D and soooooooooo full of feels. :D Ah just thinking about them give me dokis. :D really omg Nitori’s love to Rin is really like the most pure and sweet thing in universe. :D He really has this healing power Rin was needing all his life. :D Only Nitori could bring all these Rin amazing gentle, understanding, protective side. :D and ah I love protective Rin,and hahah they are also so funny together, especially when cleaning together buahhaha. :D Plus really omg Rin has need such big self control to not jump in every minute for this angel. :D Ai is just too sweet for his own good, and for Rin’s sanity. :D 

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✥✥✥✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great - ❋ Your blog is one of my favs - ✦ I like seeing you on my dash - ❆ I love your art - *throws all the love at you*

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Mun proceeds to panic because mun doesn’t know how to handle all that affection~

Thank you! All the love back to you! <3

In art class I made a journal filled with water colored pages just for work and so I though, why not make one for daily needs?
Hence this!
I saw a cartoonist made a journal/book filled with notes/scraps and doodles for reminders, feelings and ideas and so here is my doodle mess!
So far it’s really helped me cope since I don’t like talking; and doodling out/taking notes on my day is a great way to feel better when I’m alone/stressed etc.

I plan on coloring a few pages with water color and decorate the pages with scrapes of magazines laying around or pretty designer tape-
I donno, but long story short
This is fun and so good for the mental health