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When I found Larry I also discovered: lululawrence. She is so sweet and caring. After sending some anon question about Larry her opinions matched mine so well that I kinda got stuck over there, in a nice way. I'm so freaking shy and have low self esteem... but I just like making other people happy so I tend to send her a nice Larry video, a quote or just thoughts that I have. I think more people need to know how lovely she is.

lululawrence aw this is so sweet :’)

my fav blogs

this has been requested for a while so here goes

fav astrology blogs (& why)

astroadvice - literally so perfect, everything they say and do is so accurate omg i love her and her blog sm

astrologyasks - BEC my baby omg i love u sm yes go follow her shes my lil cinnamon roll & takes such cute selfies. makeup always on fleek

astrologymarina - doesnt even need an explanation because actual astrology goddess and everyone knows it

bombasstrology -both of them are so sweet and i love them aw

bombstrology - when i first started this account she was one of my favs and i looked up to her and even then she was so sweet to me aw

coffeestrology - ok brandon is the actual best he’s cool as hell and likes coffee and he knows what he’s talkin ab when it comes to astrology. such a cutie and he has a gR8 body check it out for urself

crazystrology -hella rad and hella chill. always in my notifications and i love her, def deserves a mention

cutestrology - HANNAH MY BABY. such a positive lil cutie and has some great hair and posts the cutest selfies

dark-astrology - makes the best posts, honestly. and has so much sass i love how she replies to everyone and shes also just hela sweet. &&& s/o to those times u reblogged my posts and it blew up on notes, u the best ily

emoastrology - ok such a lil cutie and an honest to god sweetheart. everyone should follow them

feministrology - it gave me the opportunity to tag myself so i did it i love myself

fh-horoscopes - most accurate posts and is actually really knowledgable about astrology, one of the smartest accounts i follow tbh. also hella sweet

hollastrology - MY BABES both liz and sim are hella cute, im marrying them both ok. cute cute cute selfies

hostrology****** - hanna is the absolute best. she helped me out so much when i was new here, i owe this all to her, such a sweetheart and such a cutie. knows her shit and has really nice hair tbh

kinkyzodiac - my cancer bb ur so cute and sweet and aw ily

lizardastrology - such a strong and sweet person, always there for everyone and is so selfless. so so so strong and has the bEST selfies i honestly love her

merstrology - such accurate posts tbh, best aesthetic posts. but fr, the first astro blog i ever knew, and the whole reason i decided to make my account

pureastrology - u always reblog my posts and u da bomb. also have really good posts and is aways there for everyone. so sweet

ratchetastrology - KAMMI my girl omg i love her pls go follow her bc shes hella cute and so sweet

rulingplanets - great posts omg and knows her shit. has always been so sweet to me and helped me out when i needed it

sadastrology - yAAAS my kind of blog tbh. so fun and carefree, i love the vibe she gives off. so cute so cute. actually has good posts too tho its gr8

styleastrology - such a precious lil cinnamon roll, ily bb

trippygemini - we’ve followed each other since the beginning and ur hella cute and hella cool go u ily

vinylastrology - so cool, hella sweet, and we have the exact same placements its crazy awesome

zodiacale - ok i love her blog its hella rad and super accurate pls follow

zstrology - i actually know one of the admins irl and he’s super cool and super chill. all of the admins are cool though, and they know their shit about astrology. ye

non-astrology blogs

commandrsclexa - ok shes my bABY i actually love her so much. cutest selfies and most relatable posts and i just love her sm

erixgoddess - this is my irl bff and i love her follow her

turning-waters - such a cool blog, nature n stuff, i know her irl, i love her to death

other astro blogs i follow















































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I know it's very silly but I've been watching Cinderella and every time I see the fairy godmother, I think of Andromeda and I hope she helps poor girls find princes in her spare time.

                         ❛     i’ve got a ridiculous bloody dress on,
                                   what on earth do you think i am?
                                                   a   B U R G L A R ?
                               i’m your fairy - buggering - godmother.  

Pregnancy Series: Telling The Family (Janoskians)

This is the third preference of this series, read the rest here.


When you got pregnant, you decided to visit Melbourne, so you two could tell your parents the good news in person. You two landed in Melbourne and got to the hotel to get ready for a dinner with your parents. 

You and Beau drove over to your mum’s house and you both walked in. “Y/S/N!” You yelled jumping in her arms, laughing. “Y/N!” She laughs, you jump out of her arms, and she hugs Beau. 

“Everybody is outside, Gina will not stop talking about seeing Beau again.” Your sister smiles. “Aw.” You loved Gina, she was so sweet and funny, you really didn’t know what happened to Beau. 

Beau ran outside, hugging his mum, while you hugged your mum. 

It was hardly five minutes into dinner, when Beau’s mum asked about what you had to tell them. “Well,” You started, until you were cut off by Beau. “We’re pregnant.” He says, nervously. You hold your breath, while Gina and your mum exchange glances. 

Gina and your mum finally break out into a smile. “Oh my gosh!” They both squeal like little girls.

Your Outfit


Gina and your family lived back in Melbourne, so it was hard for you to get in touch with them. Your mum invited Gina over for dinner, so you and Jai could FaceTime them. 

You and Jai got pizza and waited for your mum to call you. She told you she just had to login to her iMac and she’d call you. 

“Are you nervous?” You ask, looking over at him, he nods. “Should I not?” He asks, you shake your head. “Nope, you should, I was just wondering if you could shove the words out your throat.” You reply. 

“I feel like I let my mum down, I feel like I let you down, I feel like I let his baby down, I feel like I let my brothers down, I feel like I let my fans down. After my dad left, my brothers and I always made a promise to be able to provide for our wives and our kids. And-and if one of us couldn’t do that, that we’d help each other. We promised that we’d always be the best father and best husband. I feel like I let everybody down.” 

He was cut off by a voice and you look over at your iMac. “Jai, stop downing yourself, sure you’re young, but you’ll be a great dad and soon, you’ll be a great husband. If we learned anything, you don’t have to have a huge house, five iPhones, or a bunch of materialistic items to love your life. Plus, if you map your money, then you’ll be fine.” Gina says. You smile and look over at Jai, your eyes getting watery. 

Your Outfit


You ignored Luke, ever since Jai had to take you to your mom’s house. You took a bag of your clothes and haven’t left your mom’s house for a few days. 

You hear a knock on the door, you groan, not wanting to get up, but you do anyways. You swing open the door, almost expecting Luke or one of the boys, not Gina. 

“Gina?” Your eyebrows furrow, but she smiles. “Hey babe!”  She giggles, hugging you. You invite her in and get her a lemonade. 

“So, what happened?” She asks, as you sit down. “What do you mean?” You play dumb. “Y/N, my son hasn’t left his room for a week, and Beau said I really had to come down, so tell me.” Gina says. “I’m pregnant… When I told Luke, he flipped out, he was yelling and throwing things, saying how much he hated himself. It scared me, but it made me upset, I don’t want him to hate himself… And if this baby does that to him, then I don’t want to be around him. Cause I love him and the last thing I want is for him to hate himself. But, it’s a also my way of tried to cope with it. I’m a fixer, I fix and help people, so if I tell myself Luke isn’t coping with it, it’s a way for me to cope with it.” You keep your eyes down. 

“What if we cope with it together?” You turn around and smile at Luke. “Luke.” You throw your arms around him like in the fucking Notebook or something. 

“I love you so much, Y/N.”

Your Outfit


Babe.” Daniel taps you. “What the fuck do you want?” You grumble, making him laugh. “Aw, aren’t you an angel.” He replies, you sit up, and he jumps on the bed. 

“Baby, it’s like one o’ clock. I got you a burrito and a drink.” He hands you a drink and a to go box with a burrito in it. “Thanks, cutie.” You peck his lips. “Actually, I got you two, because you eat double at every meal, and my mum is questioning me a bunch.” 

You two go downstairs so you can eat your two burritos, when Daniel’s mum comes downstairs. “Y/N!” She smiles while looking at you eat your two burritos.  “Why are you eating so much?” She asks, normally when you came, you’d eat so little, and now you’re eating two burritos. 

She walks over into the kitchen, getting a glass with some water. “I only ate that much when I was pregnant.” It doesn’t take long until she gasps. “You’re pregnant!”

Your Outfit


Your’s and James’ parents are back in Melbourne, so you had to think of a really creative way to tell your parents. You went to a place where you can make your own wine flavor. You got the wine bottle all together and smiled at the finished product.

A few days later, you got a call from your mum. “My baby, Y/N, is pregnant!” She screams into the phone, making you laugh. “Mum.” You smile. “I’m so happy for you and James!” She exclaims. 

Your Outfit

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dani dani dani dani, need to tell you something.. okay this is the first time i've done this, i was cycling near where i live and i saw a girl who lives close to me (never have talk to her) so, you know when you see someone and you're like "omg i have to do something"? well so i pick up a little flower and i gave it to her... she was like "okay...?" i feel weird to is the first time i've do something like that, so what should i do next time i see her? maybe she think im creep or something...

aw no oh my gosh that was so sweet of u!!! She probably was just surprised :)) but it’s a cool thing you did, never stop doing those random acts of kindness you never know how much they can mean to someone :)

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You're seriously so handsome, and your girlfriend is so pretty, and you guys just make the most adorable couple x:

Aw thank so much, you’re sweet :) she’s awesome 👍

wow what a GREAT cat walk this morning! I got to pet a white kitty who I rarely see who hangs out on her porch. she’s very beautiful and very sweet.

THEN I ran into the brown kitty Isis who has dietary issues & her people put a sign in the coffee shop like hey dont feed our cat please but also she makes this horrible noise when she purrs like it’s…awful but I love her so much she’s so sweet

TOO sweet actually because she was hardcore trying to follow me home. She often walks me to near the end of the block (or walks me to other cats, it’s great) but this time she tried to cross the street with me and kept looking up at me like YEA WE’RE GOIN HOME NOW RIGHT??

Poor sweet baby I cannot take care of a third cat also she already has people who love her.

But for real I had to trick her to get her to stop following me I got her to hop up on a wall for more pets and then booked it.

Anyway. Great morning. Wow!

My Life

so my mom comes home with some doughnuts. i was happy, i mean, they’re DOUGHNUTS, so im like “awe sweet” but then shes like “oh yea,i forgot this” and she pulls out a jug of apple juice. i was sitting there like O^O “OHMAGOSH APPLE JUICE!!!!” so im like super happy with this apple juice. only problem. the top is smashed in. so im trying to open this apple juice, but i cant, my hand is sore now from trying. i have to go get a flipping wrench to open this stuff!!

long story short, my life sucks. (but i did get some apple juice ^////^)


Why does Jack constantly look like he’s trying to cover a boner


PLSSSSSSSS I just threw my phone across the room god dammit


The weezer frontman looks like he’s seen some shit his eyes are so wide

Love all the moms and dads jammin in the audience

Mariel awe she’s sweet she’s so cute and I love her outfit. They all look so awkward and Mariel looks so lost with out her guitar lmao. I get we’re closing out with a huge band but the crowd is weak af. Like last year they closed out with fob and it was bangin. Idk no one knows weezer and Mariel is super pitchy

“How bout a hug” SHE JUST WALKED OFF LOL

Yeah I’m done this is gonna go to an ad soon too so.

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I like Halsey because she is adorable and her music speaks to me. She also help me get through depression and she's just my inspiration honestly.

Aw that’s so sweet 

message me on why you like halsey

Amber Fluff 1 - Part 1

(An: in this story Amber isn’t an idol, enjoy!) Today was the day. The first day you’d meet your girlfriend Amber. You two had met on a dating site and had been inseparable since. So many texts, so many Skype calls later and your parents finally agreed to let you meet up. So today at 12, you were flying down to LA to see her. *new text message*“I can’t wait to see you baby, I’ll be at your gate when you land <3” Aw, she’s so sweet, you couldn’t wait to see her pretty face. You replied “aw, Ill see you then, be prepared for a huge hug” you finally hopped out of bed and took a shower and dried your hair, styling it. You put on just a little bit of make up and put on your most favorite outfit. When you walked downstairs you were greeted with the smell of waffles. “Good morning,” your mom said, smiling lightly. “Are you ready?” She asked. “Yeah, I think so, but I’m really nervous,” “Don’t worry, it’ll be great,” she said, hugging you. “Now eat,” you laughed a bit and proceeded to eat your waffles.  
Boarding plane
You sent a text to Amber saying “okay I’ll see you in like 5 hours, I miss youuuuu” with a selca attached. As time went by you got more and more anxious to see her and hug her. You listened to music and played some games on your phone to pass the time but you eventually fell asleep.

“Excuse me miss,” you jumped awake. “We’re here,” a lady said to you"Oh, thank you" you replied, quickly gathering your items back together and standing up. Oh dear. You were terrified. You took your time walking as you needed time to wake up and relax. You went ahead to the baggage claim and saw her standing there. “Holy…” You said. Damn was she hot. She had on a t shirt and some skinny jeans with some high tops and she looked very anxious. You decided to surprise her. You went around the crowd of people and snuck up behind her. You set down your bag and hugged her tightly from behind. She jumped and quickly turned around, hugging you back. “You scared me you little…” She sighed. “I missed you, but it’s so much better now”“I know right, we’ll have to do this more often,” you said, smiling into her head. You finally pulled away and held hands as she looked you up and down. “Wow, you’re beautiful babe,” she said grinning widely. “Aw, stoppp,” you said putting your head on her shoulder. You’ve never been so happy. “Come on, there’s your bag, let’s go home,” Amber said. You grabbed your bags and walked outside to ambers car, you loaded your things in and got in the front. “Look, I won’t be able to do this when we get to my house because my mom will be all over you,” your heart rate quickened. Do what? She started leaning in, you didn’t know what to do. You closed your eyes, you heart exploding out of your chest as you forced your lips onto hers. You kissed her. It felt like heaven. Her lips were so soft and she put her hand gently on your face. It felt so overdue. This moment was perfect, so perfect. You both pulled away with blushing cheeks and stupid smiled slapped across your faces. “So uh, let’s go,” she said very awkwardly and started the car. “Look, Amber, I’m your girlfriend you don’t have to be so awkward,” you said, looking at her profile. Man she was hot as hell. Her beautiful brown eyes and cute nose and soft lips and huge smile. She was perfect. And more importantly, yours. You put your hand on hers. “I know, I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” She said, exhaling. “Don’t worry about it,”

Gah, I’m sorry guys, this first part is pretty bad but for the record I worte this at  three am on my phone because I couldn’t sleep

How I Feel About Sara Harvey
  • Fandom:Ewww Shower Harvey is awful leave "Bethany"
  • Me:But she is so sweet like a puppy
  • Fandon:EMISON Rules!
  • Me:Alison broke Emily's heart. Nobody deserves to hurt Emily like that.
  • Fandom:Why does Emily always have to have a love interest?? And she has no story line.
  • Me:SPENCER has had just as many and she's been with Toby. The second Ezria ended Aria jumped into a new relationship. Each liar has different ways to cope with things. Sometimes Emily is the only one who makes since. Emily's us. She doesn't know what to do or what to think and always theorizing. We are too hard on ourselves aka Emily.
  • Fandom:...

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Just saying that girl from your snapchat is really adorable. I could just see us as friends. It's awesome how you are with people.

awe thank you so much! 😂😊 That’s my bestfriend, her name is Tatyana!! she lives so far from me. :( & awe, you’re so sweet thank you! we can totally be friends!!