Neverland AU ♔ The First Lost Boy (500 Years Ago)
“Well, Killian, take my hand. Adventure awaits!”


Stisaac AU | The Maze Runner

Ever since Stiles entered the Glade, Isaac has been a dick to him.  He thinks it’s Isaac’s default setting, until he sees the other boy with Scott, who he basically worships like a god.  Stiles realizes that Isaac just doesn’t fucking like him. 

Whatever, no one said they had to all get along, right?  Except Stiles seems to be the unluckiest shank in the Glade, because no matter what, he always ends up having to work with Isaac.

“Slim it, Greenie, just let me take the lead here, alright?  I’ve been here a while, I know what I’m doing,” Isaac says snidely as they trudge along.

“Shuck it!  Y'know what, Isaac?  No one cares!  No one cares how long you’ve been here.  No one cares how smart you are, how resourceful you are, how stupidly handsome you are!  We’re tired of hearing about it!"  Stiles wants to punch that smug look right off Isaac’s face, but he doesn’t think his hand would survive Isaac’s stupid jaw.

Isaac is smirking again.  "You think I’m handsome?”

“Wha - no, I didn’t say that!” Stiles backpedals.

Isaac stops walking to look at Stiles and for the first time he’s not being an ass about it.  He’s genuinely smiling.  “Yeah you did.”

↪ [ Happy Birthday Mal! ]