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Idk much about the 1920s but I kept thinking of mamamoo's style of music cuz it has a few similarities... My hc is that mamamoo is a gg which performs at bangtan sound sometimes and they know about the mafia stuff but promises to keep silent. They took a big liking towards Hobi, Jin and Jimin and became instant besties. When they hear about yoonseok, namjin and jikook they make it CLEAR that these men who are -going to- date their besties should treat them RIGHT and not screw shit up---

mamamoo and their music is def one of my biggest inspos for this au !!! but aw man aw man i love the idea of them being guest performers at the club my gg-lovin heart embraces this ; V ;!!! AND THEM BEING BESTIES IS THE CUTEST THING I ENDORSE THIS and i’d also think they’d be part of the gangster business too, lookin hot gunning down men in suits or simply heels and dresses im just the biggest big gay for moonbyul 


Marvel Comics Meme - Eight Teams and Team-Ups (4/4)

Deadpool and Bullseye (in Deadpool v1 #16)

-Let’s be honest, Deadpool. We have a healthy respect for one another’s work, a chuckle now and then, some real history… but in our business, there’s no such thing as pals.

-Gee, and I was gonna ask you to the malt shoppe after this…