The clones have a movie night at Alison's...

Alison: Okay guys, listen up. Here are the movies I’ve selected for tonight - we have Chicago, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Grease-

Sarah: You’ve got to be bloody kidding me.

Alison: What? What’s wrong with these movies?

Cosima: Nothing, nothing, Ali, they’re just a little, well…

Alison: A little what?

Cosima: Well, they’re all just a little… gay. Can’t we watch something a bit more exciting, like Jurassic Park?

Alison: *rolls eyes* No, Cosima, you know I don’t allow violent movies like that in my house.

Helena: *mumbling* Seestra I em hangry.

Sarah: Well, I’m not watching any of the shite that you’ve picked, so.

Alison: *sighs* Jesus wept. Why is this so difficult?

Cosima: Oh, I have a suggestion! What about, uh, The Hunger Games? Or Harry Potter?

Helena: Seestra, I vant food.

Cosima: No wait, I know! What about The Breakfast Club?

Helena: Breakfast? Yeis, food pleese.

Sarah: Now THAT’S a movie I’ll watch without complaining.

Alison: Hm. I suppose that is a rather good choice… 


Rachel: *crouching in the corner of the room* I know you guys didn’t invite me to this but I thought I’d come along anyway.



Helena: *starts eating a cushion*


Marvel Comics Meme - Eight Teams and Team-Ups (4/4)

Deadpool and Bullseye (in Deadpool v1 #16)

-Let’s be honest, Deadpool. We have a healthy respect for one another’s work, a chuckle now and then, some real history… but in our business, there’s no such thing as pals.

-Gee, and I was gonna ask you to the malt shoppe after this…

When people buy your hatchlings and give them lore and apparel.  

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Welp! The writers called it. The only way to put a stop to the never-ending Rucas and Lucaya ship wars that has forever seperated the entire Girl Meets World fandom is to kill Lucas. This is why they said they’ve planned everything from the beginning. THIS IS LEGIT WHAT THEY MEANT BY BEING PLANNED IN ADVANCE.


-What was troubling her?
-Her husband was a powerful anchor in her life. After his death, I think she felt adrift, vulnerable.

((Sometimes I remember the time a character confessed a life-long crush on Victor and he basically just said, “GTFO of my house.”

And I start cackling because I think he is The Worst.

And then I remember when my Erik straight up murdered an anon who hit on him.

So basically, what I’m saying is: all my characters are awful people, why do any of you nice, awesome people ever ship with them?))