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I was about to go to sleep last night when I was checking my dash and people are talking about they hate one direction or something and read the words drag me down. I was like wtf?! And yes the dropped DMD. I had a restless sleep after that 😴😴

Haha, aw ;)

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How are you so sweet all the time? I feel like you genuinely care and never seem to get annoyed, it's beautiful. You're amazing thank you.

Aw haha thank you for thinking so! I just try my best to be nice and polite :) I do care, though! I always care and love you all. Thank you, though, and I wish you only the best <3 

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I love your reactions so much that's why I always request something new haha 😄❤

Aw~ you’re so cute thank you X3

Because I apprectiate you and will forever remember your URL… here is a cute Jackson gif and gif of Jaebum pulling a spoon out of his jacket???? XD :

Pixels makes me extra mad because I saw the trailer for it and I actually got kind of excited, because the premise seemed totally ridiculous and FUN and the CGI actually looked appealing and I was like this could go sO MANY SILLY PLACES-

and then fucking Adam Sandler showed up and I was like ‘oh’

I don’t think I’ve ever been so quickly interested in a movie trailer and then IMMEDIATELY DISAPPOINTED in my entire life

can u imagine being in the one direction fandom?? i hear they haven’t slept in 5 years!!! that would be awful!! hah ahahaahaa haah haha ha ha h a :)