Surprise (Harrison Osterfield x Reader)

Hi guys! So this is my first imagine, hope you like I’m it. It wasn’t requested, but I feel that we should give Harrison some love :) Send requests!

Summary: Harrison comes home early to surprise reader. All fluff :)

Worrd Count: 1,027 words

I lowered the volume on the television when I heard my cell phone ring. Harrison’s name showed up on my screen and I smiled, pausing the show.

I picked up the phone, placing it to my ear.

“Hey, Harrison.” I said.

Monty, hearing his owner’s name, popped his head up, hopping up onto the couch beside me. He started pawing at my phone and I pulled it away from him, laughing.

“You okay, love?” I heard Harrison say.

“Yeah, Monty just heard me say your name and got a bit excited.” I pet his head. “Sit, Monty.”

He obeyed, settling down on my lap.

Harrison laughed. “Aw, I miss him. And you.”

I sighed. “I know, I miss you too. But I’ll see you soon, right?”

“Yeah.” I could hear his smile through the phone. “What are you doing now?”

“Just watching TV.” I looked back at the paused screen.

“Let me guess, The Fosters?” He sounded smug.

“Hey, the season premiere is in just a few days, I need to be caught up.” I defended myself.

“Right, right, of course.” Harrison laughed and I heard rustling in the background.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, curious about the noise.

“Oh, Tom and I are just…moving some stuff around.” He said.

“Are you sure?” I giggled. “Cause you don’t sound sure.”

“Positive. Hang on a second.” There was more rustling. “Okay, I’m good.”

“Okay, seriously what are you doing?” At that moment the doorbell rang and Monty shot up to race to the door. “Hold on, someone’s at the door.”

I got up, phone in hand, seeing Monty jumping up and down at the door. I grabbed him by the collar and gently moved him from the door.

“Alright, calm down Monty, let me open it.” He barked in response.

“Your dog is insane.” I relayed to Harrison, trying to calm him down before letting whoever was at the door in.

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t love him.” He sounded remarkably close.

I scrunched my eyebrows. “Where are you?” I managed to move Monty out of the way. “Your cell reception is almost–” I pulled open the door to see my grinning boyfriend on the other side. “Perfect.”

Monty went crazy, barking loudly and then jumped up onto Harrison. He caught him in his arms, letting him lick his face.

“Oh, I missed you too, Monts.” He said to him, rubbing his back.

When he put him down, I launched myself into his arms, laughing. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, pressing a kiss to my neck.

“God, I missed you so much.” I said into his chest.

“I missed you more, Y/N.” He said back and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Says the guy who traveled around the world with his best friend for the newest Spiderman movie.” I gave him a pointed look.

“Hey, you could’ve come too.” He said back.

“Yes, well, some of us have work to do Harrison.” I said with a joking smile. “I’m glad you had fun, but I’m even more glad to have you back home.” I hugged him again.

“Same here.” Monty started getting restless, jumping at our legs, trying to climb us like trees.

We broke away from each other and I grinned down at the dog. “Alright, Monty, you wanna head outside?”

At the word ‘outside’, Monty barked and started panting happily. Harrison laughed and pulled his luggage inside before closing the front door.

“Let’s go in the backyard.” He said and Monty took off, already at the back door when we arrived.

“Alright then.” I slid open the door and Monty zoomed outside, racing to grab his favorite chew toy and dropped it down in front of us.

Harrison picked it up, teasing him with it a few times before tossing it, letting him chase after it. He grabbed my hand and led me over to the picnic table by the pool gate.

He looked back. “You opened the pool, thank God. I though I was gonna have to do it again.”

I rolled my eyes. “I know how to do it, its just that I don’t want to. And its more fun to watch you do it.”

He chuckled as Monty came back to us with the chew toy in her mouth. He plopped it down on Harrison’s lap and stared at him expectantly. He picked it up and threw it again, albeit further this time.

“You know what else I missed doing when I was gone?” Harrison whispered in my ear and I grinned.

“What?” I turned to look at him and he smiled.

“This.” He grabbed my waist, pulling me onto his lap, immediately connecting his lips with mine.

I sighed with a feeling of pure bliss, having missed kissing him as well. His hands tightened on my waist, then he wrapped his arms completely around me, pulling me closer. I rested my hands on the sides of his face, deepening the kiss. A groan escaped Harrison’s lips as I moved myself up higher onto his lap.

His hands slipped underneath the hem on my tank top as mine ran down his arms, squeezing his biceps. His fingers were aimlessly tracing patterns on my back, sending shivers down my spine.

I pulled away from him slightly, resting my forehead against his. I laughed a little, raising my eyes to meet his crystal blue ones.

“Yeah, I missed that too.” I said breathlessly.

He grinned at me, sliding his hands tantalizing slowly down my sides, resting on my hips.

“I had a feeling you would.” He whispered against my lips, squeezing my ass.

I laughed, throwing my head back, then heard a bark. I turned in Harrison’s lap to see Monty sitting at our feet, the chew toy resting in his mouth. I moved myself off of Harrison and patted my lap, signaling for him to come sit. He jumped up, laying himself across the two of us, resting his head in Harrison’s lap. He lazily started stroking his fur while his other arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“I missed this.” He said with finality, kissing my head.


Bingo: Fireflies, Watching the Sunset

woo the first thing i write for this fandom! i’m sorry if there are grammar/spelling mistakes, from an AU where Rhackisha happens, Angel is rescued by the Vault Hunters and goes away with Gaige.


from: Angel

to: Rhys

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Body Positivity;Kun

Request: i love your scenarios and you of course 😝 I enjoy reading your works alot because is just so well written 😥 I would like to request a Kun scenario because boy still stuck in dungeon 😭 Hrm… I would love to read a body positivity or a sad to happy ( depression like because I’m emo ) BUT WHICHEVER YOU FIND IT EASY FOR YOU KEKE 🙆🙆 Have a great day 😁😊

  • guess who’s back with another body positivty series yay
  • this time it’s for my sunshine qian kun
  • yes i love kun requests
  • or just the chinaline in general
  • im glad to see some of yall actually stanning and showing them love aw how cute
  • okay i miss him too let’s start

  • one aura that this man surely has,

  • it’s positivity
  • he seems to always look on the brighter side of things and it’s as though his personality is radiating towards the people around him
  • you just feel comfortable and happy around him?
  • just look at that smile
  • which is why he’s really worried and concerned for you when he found out you were dealing with insecurities
  • you’d broke down one night in his arms telling you how much you feel like you’re not good enough and all that
  • and it’d break his heart too, seeing the one he love most in that state
  • because in his eyes he never once saw you as nothing less than beautiful and gorgeous
  • and he didn’t care about how you looked at all
  • he fell in love with your personality and it’s good enough for him
  • after that night he’d be more encouraging
  • and whenever he noticed that you weren’t feeling that good,
  • he’d wrapped his arms around you
  • giving you both a sense of comfort and support
  • calls you an angel
  • because “you’re fit to be one”
  • and doesn’t forget to remind you how happy you make him,
  • while flashing that bright comforting smile of his
  • he loves kissing you
  • especially on the forehead and cheeks
  • on an average day he’d probably kiss you up to 20 times
  • because he loves you that much
  • and he knows how happy they make you so he’s willing to give them to you
  • holds your hand in public confidently, and although he doesn’t show off that much,
  • he always had this proud look on his face that says “that’s my babe” whenever people look at you
  • when things get a little too much and you start feeling bad about yourself again though, he’d let you cry in his arms
  • and he’d do anything you ask him to
  • he’d take really really good care of you and sing you songs
  • and tell you really really sweet words
  • “no matter how you see yourself, in my eyes, you’ll always be the wonderful and beautiful Y/N i know and every day i’d only love you more, nothing less”
  • and it just makes your heart skip a beat like!!
  • and it makes you feel much better because he’s so sweet???
  • he loves your smile so much he has it set as his lock screen
  • everytime he uses his phone you’d catch him just staring at the lock screen and smiling to himself
  • because seeing you happy and smiling makes him feel contented too
  • and he’s more than willing to help you out and give you support when you need it
  • he wants you to be happy
  • and he wants you to see how great of a person you are
  • and you’re thankful because he’s an angel
  • you’ve been blessed because kun loves you, an angel too!!

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Every Letter (2/10)

Summary: A pen pal writing assignment connects a young Emma Swan with her best friend Killian Jones. Life sends many hardships their way, but their friendship remains solid through the years. As they both grow older and begin to realize what they want out of life, will their letters be enough? (On AO3.)
Rating: T
Word count: ~7500
Ch1 - Ch2 - Ch3 - Ch4 - Ch5 - Ch6 - Ch7 - Ch8 - Ch9 - Ch10 [Pt1] - Ch10 [Pt2]


She wanted to write to Killian immediately, but recovering from childbirth was more taxing than she’d expected. For nearly two weeks she was lethargic and sore and maybe more than a little cranky.

The only times her mood improved was when it was time for visits with Henry. She would hold him tightly and mumble nonsense against his skin and trace her fingertips across his eyelids and nose and cheeks as he nursed. Breastfeeding was possibly her favorite thing to do. Emma had been warned that plenty of mothers struggled with getting their children to latch, but her sweet little babe was a pro right off the bat.

Emma unashamedly cried every single time visiting time ended, feeling envious toward the foster parents who were lucky enough to spend every day with him. Eventually, she managed to compose herself and let her mind linger away from her child just long enough to give her friend a thought.

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Fake it til you make it.