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yoonoh. Love of my life. Boyfriend. Best friend. Greatest man I’ve ever known ;;;;

some short jjh texts for all you jaehoes out there, especially jaehoe prez @chittaporno. i was at the dentist and that is what inspired this plus dev getting her wisdom teeth out recently. enjoy.

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hurting for a very hurtful pain’ sentence starters

1. “What’s hurting me?”
2. “Why does it hurt?”
3. “Why am I so hurting to hurt?”
4. “It hurts.”
5. “The pain’s so bad.”
6. “Why does it hurt?”
7. “I want to tell you.”
8. “I want to tell you how much it hurts.”
9. “I want you to be the only one.”
10. “The only one to know.”
11. “It’s awful.”
12. “It’s you I want.”
13. “The pain’s right here.”
14. “I was the one who did it.”
15. “I’ve wounded myself.”
16. “It goes away naturally.”
17. “Leave it be.”
18. “This pain just keeps coming back.”
19. “When I close my eyes.”
20. “All I know.”
21. “I can’t see.”
22. “It’s unreasonable.”
23. “Someone must know.”
24. “Don’t come near.”
25. “Don’t let it get you.”
26. “Don’t pay it any mind.”
27. “Stop shouting.”
28. “Go away.”
29. “I’ll be gone.”
30. “I’ll be gone into thin air.”
31. “Soon enough.”
32. “Feign normalcy.”
33. “It’s happened again.”
34. “I can’t.”
35. “I’m being hit.”
36. “If I keep quiet.”
37. “I keep quiet.”
38. “Keep quiet.”
39. “No one will ever know.”
40. “No one but me.”
41. “I won’t shout.”
42. “I won’t cause chaos.”
43. “I’ll keep leading.”
44. “I’ll keep leading an uneventful life…”
45. “That’s right.”
46. “You’ve got it.”
47. “Just put up with it.”
48. “It’ll clear right up.”
49. “Just do that.”
50. “Keep fooling yourself.”
51. “Bluffing all the time is so tiring.”
52. “It can’t be done.”
53. “Your pain.”
54. “What is it that it’s hiding?”
55. “It’s hiding.”
56. “Seek help.”
57. “At long last.”
58. “Let’s see.”
59. “Remember at times.”
60. “I’ll show myself.”
61. “When you’ve forgotten.”
62. “You’ve forgotten.”
63. “Full of yourself…”
64. “Take just the slightest bit of care.”
65. “Okay?”
66. “It’s gone.”
67. “Nowhere.”
68. “I can’t find it anywhere.”
69. “More hardship.”
70. “You’re gone.”
71. “I can’t find you.”
72. “The pain should be gone.”
73. “With you.”
74. “Should be gone…”
75. “It still hurts.”
76. “Why does it hurt?”
77. “What about it?”
78. “This time.”
79. “It shouldn’t hurt anymore…”


LEE KLABIN  ‘Forbidden Forest’  A/W 11 12

For her third R-T-W collection Klabin is inspired by the haunting after effects of deforestation. Taking the severe reality of deforestation as an anchoring point, luxurious fabrics have been stripped, shaved and eroded away, heightening the dark undertones that run through the collection. Klabin will be showcasing at PFW, 4th – 8th March 2011, 38 Rue Charlot, Paris 75003