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Omg, Mel. Please take enough sleep and rest ;w; We totally understand why you can't reply to our messages, considering the amount of asks and requests piled up ;w; You're not a horrible human being, hun. *hugs you* We'll be more worried if you don't take care of yourself just to finish the requests. Take some time off, if you can and just answer asks to your liking. ๐ŸŒŸ

I know, Shiny… I’m a numpty for staying up that late… *sigh* I was wondering why I thought it was a good idea when it got to four o’clock and I wasn’t done ^^;;; 🌟

Thank you for the reassurance, though, even though I still feel so guilty. I’m working through them at a pretty good pace, so I’m hoping I can relax a bit more as time goes on and spend more time talking to people soon! My conscience tells me I’m a horrible human being tho >.< *hugs back* thank you~

But I’m going to try to avoid doing late-night asks like that from now on because it’s just a bad idea on all levels, so worry not - hopefully I’ll be getting to bed a lot earlier. I still had nearly 7 hours’ sleep, anyway, so that’s something!

Thank you for your concern and for being so sweet as always! I love you, Shiny~

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Once again, Mel, you have done a wonderful job in that fic and imagine about Foreigner!MC. I just died imagining a height intimidated Hideyoshi, a shocked looked Mitsuhide, a star-eyed Mitsunari, a pride wounded Nobunaga, and a conflicted Kennyo. For that fic, god that hurts (but I like it tho) for someone who's about to start Ieyasu's route XD ๐ŸŒŸ

Thank you, Shiny~ I’m really happy you liked them both, yay! 🌟

Trust me, I died a bit writing it as well because I could see it so vividly in my head and it made me laugh so I just went with it -w-


But seriously, thank you! I really appreciate the feedback and the lovely words!

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What made you choose to kill that woman in particular? Why not someone else?

             ❛ she was there. ❜  it was a blunt answer: answers are always blunt.  ❛ it was late. no one else was around. ❜

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How long have you known who Hillary is?

I’ve known who she was ever since she was Secretary Of State, before then I was a bit too young to take an interest and I wasn’t really aware of anything happening in politics in any country as it wasn’t taught in my school. But through the 2016 campaign was when I really started admiring her and learning about her properly, I just got really fascinated by her and the more I watched and researched her life and everything she’s done and been through the more captivated I became. I remember being really struck by her intelligence and kindness especially and then I guess my admiration just escalated from there

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there's this super cool blog , the url is stanisslaw , i love them so much. they always give me major feels and reading their stuff gives me chills because they're such a fucking A++ writer. honestly , i don't know how they do it. i'm over here feeling like lil miss basic because beautiful poetry is written over there all the god damn time. but whatever , i love this blog and the mun seems super cool too :// i love harley by e

i can’t believe how gay this is

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Nadia ;)


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me 

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno

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Hello! Can you draw HERB from Oh Yeah Cartoons (Nickelodeon)? Plz. You can find on YouTube with the key words: "oh yeah cartoons herb" The video have a duration of 6:53. HERB is a character color green and wear diapers.

Oh, hello Anon! I am so sorry - I just now saw this! I have never heard of this, but I will certainly look into it as soon as possible! I have to catch up on a couple Inktober drawings and stuff but I will work on this as soon as I can. Just keep in mind that I’m pretty terrible at drawing so it might not turn out very well… but I will try! Thank you for taking the time to send in a request! :)

light yagami: terrible, manipulative, irredeemable 

me: luvs him with all my heart