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Wait no I have a head canon that Keith and lance's first kiss will probably be right before they go into battle and Keith is all "let me do this just to be safe" and like kiss lance.

There are explosions ringing in his ear, like sirens vibrating the entire ship from the other side of the barricade they’ve erected, a makeshift one comprised mostly of debris that was knocked loose from the first blast. His bayard is heavy in his hand, his suit clinging uncomfortably to his body like a thick second skin. Lance isn’t much better off, he’s sweating so heavily his hair is plastered to his face, and sweat is dripping down his face is fat rivulets that momentarily distract Keith from the chaos behind the rubble.

“On my count,” Lance says, and he shifts to one knee like he’s going to jump up any second. The sight panics Keith’s already rabidly beating heart. If Lance leaves, if they separate, they might not come back to each other, this might be the last he saw of Lance - when they were both terrified and alone, and ready to die. 


Irritation crosses Lance’s face as he looks over, like he expects Keith to protest and tell him his plan is stupid. He starts to speak, but never gets the chance, because Keith pushes all of the bravery he has into swallowing the space between their bodies and letting his chapped lips touch Lance’s. 

There’s only a single moment between the start of the kiss and Lance reacting, where Keith is holding his breath and grabbing Lance’s face, pulling him impossibly closer. Only a single moment before Lance drops his bayard and takes two violent fistfuls of Keith’s suit and lunges into the kiss like it’s the last one he’ll ever have. They both do.

It doesn’t last, it can’t, because their coms are stable enough that they can hear Shiro screaming on the other end of them, desperately trying to guide Hunk through a mass of sentries. They pull away shaking. Lance’s hands are still buried in Keith’s shirt, but Keith can’t be sure because his vision is obstructed by a wetness that clings to his lashes and clogs his throat. 

“Just to be sure,” He croaks. 


Director Taika Waititi shot a documentary short that featured Thor living down in Australia with a guy named Daryl Jacobsen, in a small apartment. He’s wearing board shorts, sitting around not doing much in a cheap apartment. Daryl has some difficulty vacuuming around Mjolnir sitting in the middle of the floor. We also get to see Thor volunteering at an elementary school, asking them to identify poor drawings of The Avengers. Thor is surprised that the kids know who “the purple weirdo” is in the line-up.

But easily the best part about this little short are the letters that Thor dictates for Daryl to send to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Thor writes to Tony, “How’s it going? Remember that time you created the possessed robot that nearly destroyed Earth? That was funny.” Then to Steve Rogers he writes, “Do you remember when I goaded you into killing those prisoners and you made me swear not to tell the other Avengers? I haven’t told them yet.”

Thor shows us his bedroom that tells Daryl to “keep out” in Asgardian. Inside his room we find Thor’s costume hanging up near his window. And next to his bed is a tiny bed with Mjolnir all tucked in. Then on the wall there’s a homemade, crafty chart trying to explain what Infinity Stones are. It looks like he’s investigating a crime. Asks who the purple man in the chair is, notes he doesn’t like to stand and has a magic glove. It’s not all business though as there’s also a drawing of Mjolnir wearing sunglasses and holding a Thor action figure.

Easily the best part though is when Thor hangs out with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), and he learns that Tony Stark has been contacting Banner really frequently, asking him to join his side in Civil War. But Stark doesn’t feel the need to talk to Thor on the phone at all. Tony says he’ll call Thor another time, but the God of Thunder reminds him he doesn’t have a phone, so he should call a raven.

—  slash film’s description of the Ragnarok presentation and also my new favorite thing of all time

So I know I just said the Sun is a positive card in terms of Tarot. And it almost always is.

It’s associated with uncovering the truth and revelations as well as rebirth and creation.

And that’s usually a good thing. Even in Tokyo Ghoul.

But Kaneki has been repeatedly associated with Oedipus Rex, probably the most famous literary example of “OMG I WISH I COULD UNLEARN THAT AND LET MY CITY DIE OF THIS PLAGUE INSTEAD” ever.

Oedipus Rex, or Oedipus the King

Oedipus, who becomes king by killing his father. 

An act that later brings about a plague on his city. He vows to find the murderer and put them to justice, and so he calls a prophet and the prophet is like “yeah, bro, you really don’t want to know the truth, please stop looking.”

Because the truth is so horrifying (you aren’t who you think you are, your parents lied to you, you killed your real father, you married your real mother, you had children with her, and you cursed your whole city) that Oedipus goes mad for a bit and then stabs his own eyes out with pins. 

Not before his wife-mother kills herself though. Eto…

I’m not saying that the Clowns are gonna come out and reveal something somehow more horrific than all the shit we just learned and drive Kaneki mad in the process, I’m just saying that I’d feel a lot better about things if the famous literary King Kaneki was associated with were someone other than Oedipus, is all.

Oh shit, folks. Are the Qs gonna have to deal with some Oedipus at Colonus drama now? Washuu Matsuri is a perfect fit for Creon and if Zombie Shirazu comes back we’re back to 4 children of the King. Maybe we’re even gonna get some Antigone shit up in here. Saiko is totally gonna be Antigone isn’t she.


Dammit Greek Tragedy… why are you so tragic?