me before following ihatejonarbuckle: jon seems like an okay dude

me after following ihatejonarbuckle: jon arbuckle is a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. he’s extremely misogynistic, a reckless driver, and as a cat owner his behavior is revolting!! he chose to adopt garfield, yet he acts as if his cat is a constant burden while constantly victimizing himself and neglecting his pets. like what kind of monster would feed his cat food that’s clearly not appropriate for cats to eat, and then have the heart to shame him for being fat? awful!! jon is just an evil and sinister man whose behavior is literally inexcusable, and mr. davis needs to make him face the consequences of his actions
Te tengo en la mira (a Reaper76 Fanmix)
A playlist for Reaper76 with only spanish love songs
  1. Estrechez de corazón (Los prisioneros)
  2. La vuelta al mundo (Calle 13)
  3. La tortura (Shakira & Alejandro Sanz)
  4. Trátame suavemente (Soda Stereo)
  5. Si tu me quisieras (Mon Laferte)
  6. Uyuyuy (Pedro Piedra)
  7. Desde que te perdí (Kevin Johansen)
  8. Tiempo (Miranda!)

Hope you like it!

Zombie Apocalypse AU
  • Shiro is a veteran. All of this situation is just triggering his PTSD, but he has to get through this, he’s got fucking kids to look after now. He’s the only one who really knows what to do in a combat situation, he’s always on edge, always looking over his shoulder. He has to have his arm amputated after he gets bitten saving Pidge, but it saves his life and keeps him with them. He’s just trying to get them through this all alive.
  • Pidge’s father, Dr Holt, was the leader of the research team that was working on something top secret. The top secret something was leaked, and led to the outbreak. They just wanted to find their father and brother Matt (who was also working in the labs), because they’re certain that they’re the ones who might know about a cure. They’re small, but agile and competent, and with Hunk they make a formidable team that can make any piece of electronics or machinery work again. However, they’re also stubborn to a fault and incessantly curious, which gets them into trouble.
  • Allura is the daughter of the man that funded the research that led to the outbreak. When he went missing along with Sam and Matt Holt, she became determined to find out what the hell was going on. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get to the labs other than travelling on foot. She is surprisingly competent in combat and survival situations, incredibly brave and incredibly intelligent. She and Shiro work well together, and if there’s something more there, well… this isn’t the time or place.
  • Hunk was an engineering student: now he’s stuck crossing the country with five other people, only one of which he actually knows, and he’s terrified, but he also knows that it’s better for them to be together than alone. As well as the designated cook (he works with what he has), he’s amazing at getting things to work again, and for a while it’s thanks to him that they have a vehicle. He’s extremely reluctant to kill zombies, so he leaves that to Lance, but his strength comes in handy.
  • Lance is technically just a kid who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he’s good with a baseball bat and has amazing aim. He’s Hunk’s best friend, and he was just swimming along in his modest coffeeshop job and dance scholarship, unsure of where to go in life, until the outbreak happened. Now he’s determined to find out whether his family is safe, which means heading south with the others. Keith really gets on his nerves.
  • Keith is a mystery. He knows Shiro, and Shiro knows him, but other than that, he just… appeared. He’s good at fighting, but he’s also good at just rushing in and nearly getting them all killed, a habit he shares with Pidge. Not even Keith knows it, but he holds the cure, as it’s running inside his veins (he never knew that his real father, Dr Thace, was also one of Dr Holt’s scientists). Lance infuriates him, but there’s definitely something else beyond just aggravation there.
Post Colonization / AU Tuesday

Some authors write so beautifully, that we would happily and eagerly read their novel length description of paint drying.  Some authors are just that talented, that poetic, and we are lucky to have so many in our fandom. We had heard whispers of Revely’s writing here and there over the last few months, but hadn’t really listened.  Our fic queue’s were overloaded with fic to read, fic we were in the process of reading, and fic that we’d already rec’d and forgotten to close out of.  Revely has the ability to make even the most mundane daily task seem artistically brilliant, written to utter perfection. We finally took the leap, putting every other story we were reading on hold, and dove head first into today’s AU recommendation.  We were smitten with this writer’s changes to the end of the series, the emotional journey the reader takes with Mulder and Scully.  It’s a beautiful ride, philes, one we know you’ll enjoy. 

Title:  The Unfinished Universe

Author:  Revely

Rating:  PG-13

Length:  100K / word count: 51,000+

Synopsis:    A beautiful, literary story of Mulder’s return from abduction, to be reacquainted with Scully and William in a two-week journey from Oregon back to Virginia. Mulder adjusts to fatherhood & his changed relationship with Scully, while Scully muses about her prayers and personal anxieties. Together, they seek emotional and spiritual renewal.

Spoilers:  Through Badlaa

Possible Triggers:  None