Being best friends with Clay and Tony

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-wearing Tony’s jacket
-secretly shipping clony
-“if he breaks your heart, we’ll handle it.”
-“okay Tony, yes. Clay, absolutely not. I could flick you across the room if I wanted to”
-rumors about you dating one or the other
-trying to set each other up with dates
-not being allowed to drive Tony’s car
-all of you riding to and from school in Tony’s mustang
-getting to know Hannah
-trying to get the together
-getting to know Jeff
-Tony and Clay shipping you with Jeff
-loving them both
-trying to help Clay get socialized
-dragging Clay to parties
-you and Clay supporting Tony when he came out
-clay distancing himself from you
-tony stopped picking you up from school, and stopped giving you rides to school
-finding out about the tapes
-listening to Clay’s tape with him and tony
-helping them through this

someone on tungle: 13 reasons why can’t possibly increase suicide attempt rates. when people commit suicide they were suicidal anyway.

me: you realize the entire fucking plot of this show you’re defending is about how outside events supposedly cause a suicide that otherwise would not have happened…….like damn the hypocrisy is hilarious…….y'all doing backflips to try and legitimize this awful shitshow

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@your response about married people who don't want kids: the purpose of marriage is to create a family. I do not want to sound condescending or rude, but I urge you to please attend a church ceremony or something to that effect. I think involvement in a religious community could help you to see the true meaning of family the way Jesus wants it to be, and hopefully help to shift your views on this topic.

I’m actually thrilled to get this message, because as someone who is 2 months away from my sociology degree who has taken sociology of the family, anthropology and history courses, I’m really the wrong person to tell this to.

The purpose of marriage historically and culturally has been changing since the concept was created; however, it often served a purpose of creating a method to distribute property or secure alliances or power. [x] As stated in this BBC article, “"You established peaceful relationships, trading relationships, mutual obligations with others by marrying them.”

Throughout history, marriage has mostly been influenced by whatever economic roles it needs to fulfill. One family scholar defines family as this:

“[The family] consists of husband, wife, and children born in their wedlock,
though other relatives may find their place close to this nuclear group; and the
group is united by moral, legal, economic, religious, and social rights and
obligations (including sexual rights and prohibitions as well as such socially
patterned feelings as love, attraction, piety, and awe). (Coser [1964] 2004:13)
But even seemingly broad definitions of the family such as this are contested
by scholars who point out that families are not always based on heterosexuality
and marriage and do not always include children, nuclear households,
romantic love, or consensual sexual relations
(Gittins 1993).”

Also from the above paper:
“Empirical evidence on the origins of marriage is scant, as it evolved crossculturally at different times and has been defined in various ways. There is considerable agreement that as an institution, marriage is not as old as


“Across cultures, the most universal feature of marriage has been gender division of labor between men and women.”


“The property-like status of women was evident in Western societies like Rome and Greece, where wives were taken solely for the purpose of bearing legitimate children and, in most cases, were treated like dependents and 8——Families: A Social Class Perspective confined to activities such as caring for children, cooking, and keeping house (Ingoldsby 2006).”

Why is this all relevant? Because marriage is a social institution and constantly evolves and changes depending on what the society’s needs are. Obviously what you consider to be marriage now isn’t what it was like in ancient Greek or Roman times where marriage was used to trade women like property, or like how it was with ancient Anglo-Saxons where you married someone to create an alliance. Even in good ol’ Jesus’s time, if you even look at the bible, there are many parts of marriage written in it that are not there anymore (no one’s going to stone any adulterers or not touch any women on their periods anymore).

I highly suggest you read the “Evolution of Families and Marriages” paper, it summarizes the history of families and marriage very efficiently, and this paper as well.

All of this applies to the current world as well; not everyone abides by your church’s rules about marriage. You can look at the Nandi people of western Kenya as a great example. from this article:

“[…]women who are older (beyond child-bearing age), never married and have no children are prime candidates to become female husbands. This is because they will want an heir to inherit their name, wealth and property. A woman in this situation will find a younger woman to marry and bear her children. She will become a female husband by giving bride-wealth and observing all the other the rituals asked of a suitor by the bride’s family. The wife may have children with any man she wishes, or a man chosen by the female husband, but the legal and social ‘father’ of the children will be the female husband. The giving and receiving of bride-wealth accords the female husband the same rights over the children as any other husband (Sacks, 1982). As the social and legal father of the children, the female husband will support the children as would any other father, regardless of who the biological father may be.”

Essentially, for families that have no male heir to marry off, a woman from the family will take the ‘role’ of a man and marry women. they are fully considered ‘male’ in their society.

And my favorite more modern-day example is that of Nepal, where one woman will often marry two brothers. This is to ensure the survival of the family if one of the husbands dies off, and also avoids the splitting up to property as there is not much farmland to go around.

This isn’t even CONSIDERING that if you want to focus on marriage as an institution in the U.S right now, there are legal privileges that come with being married such as tax benefits of having visiting rights if your spouse is in the hospital. 

So, anon. the point of this all was that yes, you sound extremely condescending, and no, I’m not going to put up with it because you’re wrong in every sense of the way. I *have* been to church ceremonies, I was raised Roman Catholic, but I have been lucky enough to have been able to access an education that has expanded my worldview. 

The history of marriage has always been changing, and to say that your religion’s rather recent rules and regulations about what they believe marriage *should* be doesn’t make it correct. I urge you to look outside your poor little bubble of misinformation and actually read some of the articles I linked, and think twice before sending asinine messages like this again.


imagine you & monty are dating.

you found this photo of him and courtney and think that he cheated on you with her. he tries to explain everything but you don’t want to listen to him. and actually this is the first time when he says that he loves you.


sorry guys, this is shit again. i tried my best but it’s still awful af, so yep.
Ayato’s Diabolik Interview!

1) I wanna ask Ayato how he would feel having a girl who would put up a fight back at him when he says to let him dominate ,and makes him have a chase on his hands. With the girl also being sadistic at times and would want to do kinky dark things at times~ « Heh, I love it when Ore-Sama is faced with a challenge like that. It makes it so much more satisfying to break them into submission. If Ore-Sama is feeling generous, I might listen to her dirty pleasures. »


2) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? « Tsa! That’s a good question, I’d be happy to try new position with her if she was flexible, adding more seduction to the game and bend her into different positions ! »


3) Ayato, when is Yui finally going to choose you already? « Eh~? Hahaha! Choose me? She has no choice! She is Ore-Sama’s! »


4) Ayato, when did you lose your virginity? « W-what kind of question is that! That’s none of your business, Ore-sama will not tell you but he would gladly take yours away~ »


5) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where does it hurt most ? « Are you an idiot or something? It’s gonna hurt, but don’t worry. Ore-Sama’s bites will be both the most pleasurable and the most painful. Here, Ore-Sama will show you… »


6) If you couldn’t play basketball, which sport would you play? « Hmmm Perhaps I’d play football or tennis. Anything that needs to make me run and I could brag about. »


7) If she’d agree to it, would you ever want Yui to get a breast augmentation? « Hell no. Pancake’s breasts are better small and natural than large and fake. »


8) Do you touch yourself at night thinking about her? « Hmph, Ore-sama doesn’t needs to do that, chichinashi does it for me hehe ~ »


9) What would you do if you ever walked in on Laito trying to “  Take” Yui as she slept?  « Tch, that bastard. Hentai going to get a beat down from Ore-Sama. I don’t share what’s mine, after all. »


10) What name would you give to a puppy? « I think I’d make it Takoyaki! I love takoyaki, this way the dog would always remind me of something I love! »


11) Have you ever caught Laito trying on women’s panties? If so, did he look good in them?  « Pffft- Ahhahahahaha! Now that you’ve mentioned it, I have! He was wearing the frilly pink ones that looked like they belonged on a doll! Did he look good? Hah! As if! Laito couldn’t rock that for the world »


12) What’s your deepest, darkest secret? « Such an embarrassing question… But I guess I have no choice but admit it… When I was younger… Laito forced me to dress up as girl for him… It was aweful. »


13) What brother are you closest with? « Probably Laito. He’s an annoying pervert, but we’ve done cool shit together. »


14)What are you most afraid of? « Ore-sama isn’t afraid of anything! Hmph ~ »


15) I heard you sometimes wear a stud on your right ear and you pull your right pant leg up. Are you just trying to be cool or are you showing off a “deeper meaning”? « What the hell are you talking about? I am cool! Ore-Sama is the best! Besides, I don’t need a pancake like you to tell me how to dress. »

(Please do not repost the picture without creds! I worked hard to make this little edit! )


Translation of the interview with Andi Wellinger in Willingen

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Dirk Thiele: Dear viewers of Avia tv, we say hello from the Sauerland in the spa hotel where team Germany is hosted since years and when Andreas Wellinger stayed in Willingen, he didn’t sleep somewhere else as well, right?

Andreas Wellinger: Yes, I always stay here. For the 5th time, just one time I had to intermit.

DT: So last night you got renamed?

AW: Yeah, more or less. They made little pun, made Willingen to Wellinger.

DT: They made Wellinger to Willinger.

AW: Yeah, whatever. Anyway I’m kind of native now.

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Aranea, telling Prompto she ran into the other bros in Tenebrae: “Look—I can tell you want to get back together with them. So why not let them know?”

Me, screaming at my television set: You know they all have cell phones, right?? Do you have a cell phone? Would you let Prompto borrow it so he can tell his friends he’s still alive? Possibly also tell them where his exact location is so that they don’t all have to get royally fucked up in Zegnatus Keep? Then nobody would have to listen to hobo trash Jesus tormenting anyone’s inner psyche for the entire 3-hour duration it took me to play through that awful Chapter 13…

17 Crazy Interesting Facts About Dopamine

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What does dopamine do? Well, at the most basic level, everything you think, do, and are is basically part of one big chemical reaction. That’s not an altogether comfortable thought for some people - but it’s the science. It’s hard to deny when you start looking into incredible brain chemicals and neurotransmitters like dopamine.

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