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Dating Mark would include

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Mark Tuan

- oh man oh man oh man
- the perfect sweetest boyfriend
- hand holding
- like the kind you only hear about in books and movies
- cute park dates
- hand holding
- back hugs
- pouty kisses
- playing with your hair
- watch out for Jinyoung
- that’s his baby
- it’ll be a battle for Mark’s attention
- like legit you’ll be waiting for him at practice and Mark’s being all cute and winking at you and shiiiiiii
- suddenly Jinyoung starts getting all buddy buddy w/ yo man
- making kissy faces at him
- “are you jealous, Y/N?”
- “I’m more of a Markson fan”
- You’re also in a relationship with Jackson
- “Y/N I got you somethi-”
- “N-No no this is for Y/N-”
- “Jackson no that’s-”
- Honestly let’s face it, it’ll be you against the rest of GOT7 in a fight for Prince Charming’s heart
- I mean Mark
- same thing
- anyway
- you’re close w/ Papa Tuan and he h a t e s i t
- he’ll get back at you tho
- “hey Y/N you look so cute in this ladybug outfit”
- “what are you- gIVE IT TO ME WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”
- his laugh is the purest thing
- he can totally get away with calling you babe/baby
- especially in the morning
- when he’s spooning you and you’re trying to get up
- deep sleepy voice
- “baaaaabe stayyy”
- “I gotta gooo”
- “just 5 more minutes”
- his smile could bring world peace
- you’ll be in the audience supporting ur boy
- and he’ll see you
- bring you upstage and you’ll go along w/ it pretending to be a fan
- and he’ll kiss your cheek
- BAM everyone on earth envies you
- expect lots of videos
- of him just doing stupid and cute things
- when you’re sad he’ll just listen and be there
- and two minutes later just smother you in kisses and hugs
- he’ll make you feel so wanted and you’ll never feel alone
- speaking of being alone
- Mark + you being the cutest person in the world in his eyes
- american boi knows how to move
- have you seen his floor grinds
- you’re the floor now
- w i n k
- ehEH
- honestly a relationship with this boy would be so
-p e r f e c t
- playing with your hair
- resting his chin on your shoulder
- trying different kinds of food
- you’re his princess
- he’s your prince
- he just loves you s o much
- sometimes you’ll have your days, and other times he’ll have his days
- but you know how to make each other happy and honestly I think that’s what makes you two so perfect

me about Alexandra Grey: awe she’s so cute and dorky! protect her!

me about Alexandra Danvers: fuuuuuck you are hot. please choke me. please shoot me. please show me the six different very painful ways you can get me to talk using your index finger.

Monsta X “Little Moments” (Scenario #2)


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- Dancing with eachother and exchanging funny looks in the mirror

- Your head resting on his chest while he plays with his phone (you know the way he plays with his phone and theothers tease him for it)

- Teddybear Shownu hugs after a long day

- Him teaching you their choreography and giving you dancing lessons


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- Workouts together and him begging you to go with him everyday

- Livestreams together, answering fan’s questions and giving them disgustingly cute moments to be in awe of

- Him falling asleep on your chest while you play with his hair.

- Taking a million selcas everywhere you two go


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- Singing contests (he’d obviously win HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE)

- Diss battles (I feel like Kihyunnie is really competitive)

- Cooking together, or you watching him cook because he prefers to cook on his own

- Him singing you to sleep


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- I feel like Minhyukkie would love to bake with his S/O for some reason

- Movie nights pigging out on everything remotely unhealthy 

- Him kissing you all over your face at bed time

- Visiting many local events (carnavals, festivals, street fairs etc…)


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- Naps together

-Reading to eachother or in comfortable silence next to eachother

- Him being really cuddly when he’s tired and out in public

- Teasing you for your height wether you’re taller or shorter


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- Rap Battles

- Sitting on his lap while he works in the studio

- aegyo battle (He wins everytime and you’re just like how?)

- Matching outfits


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- Prank wars

- him writing songs with you

- weird inside jokes no one else understands

- Constantly texting eachother memes

A/N: I haven’t posted a reaction or anything in such a long time wow. Let me know if you me to post an extension on any of the members.- H

Mamamoo Reaction to: Meeting Your Child For The First Time


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Is beyond excited to meet your daughter. From the moment you showed up at the cafe in town, the one where you and Yongsun first met, you started to wonder who exactly was the child and who was the adult.

Your girlfriend smiles brightly, like a child at Christmas, shyly holding out her cookie; “Do you want some Dahyun-ah?”

The little girl happily sinks her teeth into the treat, making that cute “mmmnomhmmnomh” mouth smacks that kids do. Yongsun melts, leaning forward to tentatively stroke your daughters hair in awe.

“How is she so cute?” she mouths at you.


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“What’s your favourite number?”

Moonbyul stiffens awkwardly, wanting so desperately to immediately connect with your son, but not knowing how comfortable he would be around her.

“It’s number two. Since my birthday is the twenty-second of December. What about you?” she replies.

Her gaze is fixated on the tiny creature as he scrutinizes his crayon box, trying to decide what colour to use for the car he had just drawn. “I like the number three. All the families on tv have three; mom, dad, and baby.”

Wondering if that was his childish way of accepting her relationship with his parent, Moonbyul sighs in relief. She stays silent, watching him pick a colour and finish his car drawing; “Here, this is for you. Since you’re the dad, you should keep it.”

Not sure whether to be offended or elated, she takes his drawing with a polite but awkward, “Thanks, kid.”


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“Am I pretty yet?”

Despite the fact that he’s a boy, your son had no qualms with dressing up and wearing makeup. He was too young to think anything more of this act than as fun, child’s play. And Wheein didn’t dare deny him when he immediately plops himself on her lap during their first meeting; “Your lipstick is pretty. Can I wear pretty lipstick too?”

An hour after the introduction, she was hand in hand with James and leading the boy outside to find flowers. “After we make this crown, we’ll find you some pretty clothes and surprise mommy, won’t we?”

Unbeknownst to them, you watched the two sitting in your back garden, overjoyed at how your son was immediately smitten with Wheein. And how she had immediately fallen for him too.


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She knew that you had a daughter, had seen the pictures you carried in your wallet and the gallery in your phone. But seeing the girl face-to-face was more than she could imagine. All nerves dissolved as she takes in the mini version of you, who sat exactly like you and even sneezed like you. Now relaxed, Hyejin pulls a tissue out of her pocket to tenderly wipe at Seohyun’s button nose.

“Do you have a cold Seohyunnie?”

The child pouts and nods.

“Should I make you some warm tea to make you feel better?”

The girl laces her hand through Hyejin’s, nodding twice. “Yes, please. Can you make the tea in my princess cup?”

“Naturally! I’d never dream of serving a princess like you with any other cup.”

Seohyun positively beams with pride.

Yuu gently raises his hand and tries to brush mika’s hair aside to uncover his ear. Mika recoils and spins around and covers that side of his head with his ear. “What the hell, yuu?”
“Im sorry mika. just wanted to look to your ear. What’s wrong?”
Mika blushes. “I just.. don’t like them. I don’t like them!” Mika starts to get upset. “They’re gross and ugly and awful and I wish I could just rip them off!”
Yuu smiles. He steps over and gently guides mikas hand down, then brushes his hair behind his ears. “Well I think they’re wonderful. You have nothing to be ashamed of mika, especially not because you’re a vampire. I love your cute little elf ears”
Mika blushes harder. He looks down for a moment, then hugs yuu.

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Snuggle Bunny Anon

Prompt:  How about some imagines about what it is like to cuddle with some of the boys from FE Fates? Jacob and silas are my two favorites! Please include them if you don’t mind! (P.S. you’re blog is Sooooooooo cute!)

Notes: Aw, thank you! I’m glad you think so. c: I also decided to do these as headcanons, I hope you don’t mind!


○ Actually not the biggest cuddler so you generally initiate it

○ Favourite position is having your head on his chest while he lays on his back

○ He loves to stroke your hair and often ends up putting you to sleep by doing so

○ He Loves to whisper compliments and ‘I love you’s’ into your hair and presses a lot of kisses to your head while he does so

○ Your comfort is so important to him that he will not move once you fall asleep on him. It doesn’t matter if his limbs fall asleep, if he’s uncomfortable or even if he has to use the washroom. He will not risk disturbing you - even when you tell him you don’t mind.


○ Loves cuddles but tends to be too shy to ask. You can tell when he wants to by now though.

○ He’s protective and loves the way you fit in his arms so his favourite positions are facing each other with your head in his chest and his arms around you or spooning; with him being the big spoon of course.

○ You talk a lot when you cuddle. Him especially and he often tells you stories about the two of you as kids as per your request, leaving you both stifling laughs in the night

○ He’s perpetually the perfect amount of warm so he’s super comfortable. He just radiates comfort and heat when you snuggle into him.

○ Lots of shifting to stare into each other’s eyes. The way you look at each other is so loving it’s almost sickening.


○ You’re usually the one to initiate cuddles. He does it very seldom

○ He loves to have you cuddled tight to his side with your head on his chest. He holds you very close to have to pressed up again him, almost like he’s afraid you’ll go somewhere if he doesn’t.

○ Perpetually cold. He likes to pretend like he’s coming onto you and stick a freezing hand up your shirt but he actually just likes to tease you and see you jump from the sudden cold.

○ No matter how much either one of you moves he will always keep one arm around you

○ Quiet cuddler. He prefers to just soak in the moment and revel in silence. If anyone speaks it’s generally you but he’s not too big on conversation when you cuddle.


○ Crazy night owl this guy is it’s extremely difficult to get him to bed to snuggle with you. Generally it’s the offer of cuddles that makes him relent because he loves them. He often initiates them when you have a brief respite during the day though.

○ While he has little trouble with the idea of cuddling he always blushes when you nuzzle into him. Always. Even if there’s nobody around.

○ He actually likes to rest his head on your chest, both of your arms wrapped around each other with one of yours in his hair. Otherwise you two face each other and he places his chin on your head.

○ Tends to hug you more tightly in his sleep - like really tightly. You had to wake up up once because you couldn’t breathe

○ Loves to caress you, tracing gentle patterns on your skin with gentle fingers


○ Literally a puppy wants cuddles all the time and will whine if he doesn’t get them. But he immediately tries to act like it was your idea when you give in.

○ He just kinda wraps himself around you. His arms are around your body hudding you like a teddy and your legs get tangled together. He wants to be as close to you as possible when you cuddle

○ Loves it more than anything when you pet him while you cuddle. He finds it super nice and relaxing. He’ll probably fall asleep if you do it.

○ His tail wags when you cuddle. It does. Always. 

○ Nuzzles galore. He loves to tuck and nuzzle his head into your neck. It tickles but your laughter just makes him do it more.

Seokjin Scenario: Flashing Lights.

Request:  Can i have a scenario where you try to be an idol for a week (like you applied for a show and you won) and your appearance really catches a lot of peoples attention in a positive why and Jin tries to stop you from trying to fully jump into the idol world because he’s gonna share you with other male fans. A cute ending would be nice~

Genre: Fluff / Romance

If he wasn’t absolutely sure the one he was seeing was you, then Jin would believe you were a new person of sorts. Your hair was now a deep shade of red, straight, shiny and alluring. He liked it, he liked it an awful lot and he was sure he wasn’t the only one because when you were told to make a little turn and you messed your hair a little, everybody went wild. Your makeup was vivacious and flirty, with glossy red lips to match your new hair; your clothes were another hit, tight high waisted black pants that hugged your legs in the nicest way, long sleeved purple shirt with a little bow just above your cleavage that was enough to be cute and flirty at the same time, and shiny black heels that made your legs look kilometric.

Jin’s eyes were glued to the screen and you, you had always been girly and taken care of your appearance, but right there your posture was different, the shine on your face a little more captivating than ever and he was proud of you for winning, but at the same time, now he was looking at you with the same yes that he was sure all the men in the audience were going to do. He fell onto the couch with the remote attached to his hand, you were giving a thanking speech to the show and producer, saying how nice this experience had been for you and Jin smiled lightly, you truly looked happy, that was undeniably.

He’d known all along that this was just like a game to you, when you got yourself into that contest to live the idol life you hadn’t expected to win, but now there you were, with your trophy and your new makeover, with some fans already holding placards with your name and under the spotlight. Before the show started you sent him a photo in which he could only see your neck, part of your shoulders and half of your face, with your lips blowing a kiss to him, the rest was a mystery and now he understood why, you wanted to keep the surprise to him about your win.

He was happy, surprised, proud and terrified all the same. Seokjin knew how great you were, how beautiful, how kind, how extremely captivating you could be, and now the rest of the country could see it as well.

–Wow, is that Y/N? – Jimin’s voice chirped behind him and then Hoseok was coming closer to the TV. They were both surprised and Jin supposed his face should look the same, then Hoseok whistled while nudging Jin’s side with an elbow and laughed with Jimin in complicity, nodding appreciatively to your image and Jin looked at them in disbelief, moving his eyes right back at you.

He swallowed a little harder now, there was a lot of people seeing you, the online comments were flowing quick and talking about how pretty you looked or how nice your smile was, asking to see more of you and Jin knew how this started, how things could escalate so quickly, and how he wasn’t going to be the only one enjoying you now somehow. Now he was going to share you the rest of the country and he wasn’t sure of how happy he was with that idea.

–Oh god…– Jin whispered quietly and sank a little more on the couch.

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Dating Wonho would include
  • this boy would be able to do everything for you
  • always asking if you can cook ramen for him 
  • dates with hyungwon, i feel this
  • him buying you a lot of gifts
  • really tight hugs
  • he would loves to play with your hair
  • holding hands all the f time
  • him smiling like an idiot at you 
  • listen random kpop bbands 
  • texts you sweet things
  • he would love to take your face in his hands and just squish your cheeks
  • you both would be a hella cute couple
  • movie dates!
  • lots of laughter
  • you wearing his clothes
  • him pressing a kiss to your forehead when you hug
  • messing up his hair
  • slow and passionate kisses
  • him reading you to sleep when you’re worried.
  • him getting jealous very easy 
  • staring into each others eyes
  • babbling non-stop about everything
  • goofing off all
  • ’i love you’ being said like 1000000 times a day
  • him trying to make you laugh whenever he feels like it.
  • being teased by him 24/7
  • he would blush everytime you say something cute about him
  • burying his face into your hair when he’s stressed
  • you telling awful jokes and him finding it hilarious how much you laugh at them
  • touching his abs a l l  t h e  t i m e 
  • calling each other by random nicknames
  • darling
  • babe
  • honey
  • pumpkin
  • love of my life
  • silly faces
  • “you are the best thing that ever happend to me”
  • “oh shut up hoseok” 


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Most To Least (MTL) - OPEN

Blurbs - OPEN

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if you have any new headcanons blease tell me about the caddy ones....

  • okay so i mentioned how i hc caddy as liking to read so get this: what if asagao caddy needed reading glasses. just let that image sit with you for a while it’ll improve your day i swear
  • he doesn’t brush his hair. he literally just DOESN’T and jimmy has to do it for him when he least expects it
  • he’s partial to falling asleep propped up on his hand so his mouth hangs just a little open also he snores and he’s awful (hes cute i love him)
  • one time he was gonna salvage a game that jimmy liked but gave it to jimmy instead
  • he’s that one kid that gets into debates with the teacher but he’s really smart and shocks everyone by holding his own in discussions and more than once he’s actually won the argument (this makes him very smug)
  • hes not just angry all the time he has his soft moments especially when he’s sleepy but he’s got a very small cute smile that he does when he’s happy and it’s a blessed sight
  • you’re really likely to see him laughing so hard that he’s wheezing like. yeah he can be small and rage-filled but more often than not he’s in absolute stitches about something 
  • he laughs at jokes before he tells them leading to him absolutely weeping w laughter and the other hidden block boys all just kinda glancing at each other waiting for him to tell the goddamn joke, caddy
Got7 Reaction To Coming Back From Tour To Their S/O Sleeping In Their Shirt And Holding Their Pillow

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Can you do a Got7 reaction to their s/o in their shirt sleeping holding their pillow when they come back from a tour? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG!!

Mark: *he couldn’t  but smile at how cute it was. He wouldn’t even want to wake you as he frantically got ready to get into bed with you since he didn’t want to wait any longer for it.* Aw, I guess she really missed me like I missed her.

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JB: *Since he’s a bit clumsy at times, he woke you up when he came into the bedroom. Once he saw you were up, he’d come up to you, pushing his hair out of his face before he kissed your cheek.* Hey babe, I’m home. I missed you.

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Jackson: *When he finally got settled enough to get back into the bed with you, he’d lay down facing you and just start gently brushing the hairs from your face, marveling at it since it was the first time he’d seen you in person for weeks.* Oh baby, there’s no way you could know how much I missed you and how happy I am to be home. *you’re yuggie*

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Jinyoung: *this gif is killing me omg* *He’d almost be sad seeing you like that because it was so clear just how much you missed him and he felt almost guilty for having to  leave even if he was overjoyed to be back. He’d be counting down the seconds until he could hold you again.* Oh wow, she really missed me…I wonder if she ever cried about it without telling me…Still, I’m glad to be home.

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Youngjae: *As he is a ball of happiness and sunshine, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh he was so happy to see you again. Of course the laugh woke you up, but before you’d sat up completely, he’d barreled you  down with a hug, peppering you with kisses and happy exclamations about how happy he was to see you and how great the tour was, etc.* Jagi! I missed you! Oh my god! I’m happy to be home! I have so many stories to tell you!

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BamBam: *He would probably be a little turned on the hormones of the young man what can you say but he would do his best to be stealthy as he slid into the bed, whispering his hellos in a seductive voice while he pressed his lips into your skin* Oh baby, you have no idea how much I missed you… *and then…*

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Yugyeom: *He’d be a little turned on, too, but he wouldn’t be as forward as BamBam. Instead of sliding up next to you on the bed, he’d kneel down and kiss your cheek, whispering his hellos and letting his hand glide down your back.* I’m finally home Jagi, I missed you.

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Calvin x Reader - Late Night Cuddling

You were awoken by a shift in your mattress and a large form pressing against your back. Shuffling a bit you turned yourself around, and your gaze met with a beautiful brown eye’d boy.  

“Calvin. What time is it?” you asked, voice croaky, and still half asleep.

Calvin moved a strand of hair from your face and whispered, “Almost 3am, babe. Sorry for waking you up, but I just got my video up.”

You smiled sympathetically knowing how hard Calvin worked on today’s video, having been working since late last night. You sometimes wondered how the boy functioned, his sleep schedule being different everyday.

“Come on babe,” you said, moving closer to the boy with a yawn, “You’re warm and you look like you could use a bit of cuddling.”

Calvin chuckled, scooting over till your bodies were pressed together and wrapped an arm around you.

“You’re sweet babe.” he said softly, pressing a kiss to your temple, and intertwining his legs with yours.

The air was warm but silently comfortable between the two of you, and you could even hear the sound of Calvin’s breath slowing as his body calmed. You shut your eye prepared to drift back into your deep sleep when a voice interrupted you.

“[Y/N]” Calvin muttered.

You opened you eyes and looked back at him in acknowledgement.

“I love you.” Calvin said smiling and closing his eyes once again.

You smiled lightly to yourself and shut your eyes feeling sleep start to take over.

“I love you too, Calvin.” you whispered, falling back asleep intertwined with the boy you loved more than the world.  


Isak in the bathroom looking at himself, he needs Even’s mother to like him. He needs to make a good impression and for her mother in law, as Even keeps calling her just to make him more nervous, to trust that Even is doing well and is going to keep doing well with him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Isak said talking to himself “Why are you so nervous? Why do you keep fixing your hair? Like you ever cared about your hairdo”

“Isak you do care about your hairdo” Even was listening to the whole Isak motivational speech behind the door and was in awe on how amazing, caring and cute his boyfriend was. I mean he knew he was all those things but Isak kept surprising him everyday. 

“You were not supposed to hear that” Isak said opening the door

“I know. But you’re cute when you’re nervous” Even kissed him and the frown on Isak’s face fainted “She’s gonna love you” A reassuring smile from Even made Isak feel like he could breath again

“Ok I’ll believe you but it’s not cool for you to listen to my private conversations behind the door” Isak said this not because he had something to hide but because he was embarrassed for being caught talking to himself

“it’s not the first time I have to wait for you outside the bathroom” Even was talking about the first Kosegruppa meeting when he followed Isak to the bathroom and waited for him to finish his game. He leaned over to give his boyfriend another reassuring kiss and walked him out his apartment holding his hand.

They arrived to Even’s house and while he was opening the door Isak realized there was no turning back now. He was meeting his boyfriend’s mom. 

“Mom we’re here! Come meet your son in law!!” Even shouted and Isak gave him a killer look but his boyfriend just smiled and gave him a kiss

“Finally!! Such a pleasure to meet you sweetie” Even’s mom was a beautiful woman. Isak imagined she would be because well his son is too handsome to be real so it would make sense. She had a sweet voice and everytime she looked at Even his eyes just lighted up like he was the best thing in the whole world. Isak was waiting for a handshake but Amanda went for a hug.

They went to the living room and took a sit. Isak was planning on sitting alone in a small chair beside the couch but Even pulled him and made him sit by his side.

“You were absolutely right kiddo. He’s really handsome” Even placed his arm around Isak’s shoulders and nodded while looking at his boyfriend “My son had a crush on you the second he saw you. You don’t imagine how anxious he was to meet you”

“But he’s quite the stalker too mom. If only you knew” Even giggled

“You don’t have to believe everything he says. He just likes to tease me” 

“That’s not true, he’s just very serious sometimes” Even gave Isak a peck that made him feel his cheeks were on fire. “ Why don’t we talk about why we’re really here. Wedding arrangements. Mom we’re serving mini burgers” Isak sank in the couch, he couldn’t believe Even just said that

The conversation kept going and Isak didn’t know why but suddenly he was comfortable, Even’s mom was sweet and kind, just like his son. He was actually impressed on how much of her he sees in Even. In the gestures, the squinting eyes when they smile, the laugh. The afternoon flew by and it was time to leave.

“It was a pleasure to meet you Isak. Please come whenever you want, this is your house now too” Amanda went for a hug and this time Isak responded and hugged her back.

“Will do. Thanks for everything” 

She smiled and walked out so Isak and Even could say their goodbyes. As soon as she was out of sight Even grabbed Isak’s face and kissed him.

“I think she loves you more than I do now” Even said rewarding Isak with that smile that spoke a thousand words and was full of love

“Who can blame her? I’m adorable” Isak said smiling pleasant 

Up10Tion reacting to you suddenly wanting skinship

Jinhoo: He is a cute shy boy, the skinship would just consist of you two cuddling on the couch and him kissing you. He would love that you’re suddenly into it, he would try to be as skinshippy as he could, but he is too cute and shy.

Kuhn: He would be cocky about it, he would start out by avoiding you, and when you start begging he will pull you close and snuggle into your hair. He would be so cute and snuggly awe.

Kogyeol: I feel like even though you claim to not like skinship, he would do it anyway, you would just be used to him snuggling up to you, so not much would change when you told him you wanted it. He would be cheering and would be attatched to your hip all day. 

Wei: He would be so cute and giggly every time you come over to him and hug him, he would snuggle you back every single time, but I think you would have to be the one who initiates it.

Bitto: He has always been cautious with showing skinship towards you because in all honesty, he just wants you to be comfortable. He would warm up to it and be a cuddly bear, he would love cuddling with you, he would also always ask you if you were okay with everything and make sure you were happy.

Wooshin: He would be all over you. He has been holding back on his cuddliness for too long and so when you tell him this, he will jump on you. He would be kissing you everywhere, hugging you, always touching you, always by your side, etc. (You are Kogyeol)

Sunyoul: He is a (smol) cuddly teddy bear, so as soon as you snuggle up to him he would be all cuddly all day. He would be constantly grabbing you and pulling you close, giving kisses all over your hands, etc. He would have so much fun with this.

Gyujin: I don’t think he would be into public skinship, but he would be quite touchy when you guys are alone. He would be cautious like Bitto, always asking if you’re okay, he would be kissing you and holding your hand a lot.

Hwanhee: He would be extremely surprised, he isn’t used to you liking skinship, and he has had the time to get used to you two doing the whole skinship thing. He would probably be really happy, he would pull you close to him and snuggle you, even if he is nervous he wants to be with you and touch you.

Xiao: He would love how comfortable you are with him to tell him that. He would shower you in kisses, hugs, and ‘I love you’s all day. He would be so cute and probably tease you about it.

anonymous asked:

I showed my cousin NCT and we were watching Limitless and she suddenly says "I'm getting hungry because of Mark's hair. It looks like pasta." and in the end where Mark's stomach shows she's fangirling over his stomach saying it's really cute. And while I call him "The Absolutely Fully Capable Mark Lee" she calls him "Markpasta" or "Mark the pasta hair boy"

his belly button is the cutest thing ever!! aw how cute, ngl but i miss his ramen hair please tell me im not the only one who loved it on him,, okay but hehe im glad my boy’s getting love aw, welcome to your cousin for joining this endless hole of nct :’)

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Could you do EXO reacting to their significant other crawling into their lap and cuddling them while their talking with the other members? Also, I absolutely adore your blog!^~^

i decided to do a written reaction instead of a gif reaction, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Baekhyun is a sucker for any kind of skinship and would think you’re the cutest thing ever. He’d probably say something like, “aw is my jagi feeling cuddly~” or some other cringy shit lol

Chanyeol lives for making his bandmates cringe. 100% the type to make out w you in front of all of them, then probably gets embarrassed about it afterwards. He would find you so cute if you curled up in his lap and he’d probably play with your hair or plant little kisses on your fingers.

Chen loves it !! He’d be so cuddly and warm tbh like he’d just adore it when you’d crawl into his lap and cuddled up with him. Would probably also play with your hair or give you little kisses or tickle you.

Kyungsoo gets a little uncomfortable with skinship publicly. He would probably ask you what’s gotten into you and why you’re making him embarrassed in front of his friends and ask you to at least speak to them. Would probably give in after a little while.

Kai thinks you’re the cutest thing ever. He would gush so loudly to his bandmates. “Aw isn’t she so cute guys? She’s adorable.” Says a lot of cute, cheesy shit about you.

Lay becomes a giggly cute mess. He loves it when you get all lovey and cuddly and will take any opportunity he gets to cuddle with you. He has no shame in front of his friends lol.

Sehun lowkey likes it but pretends to be annoyed. “Ugh, Y/N, not in front of the hyungs.” Will try to push you off of him but you cling like a baby panda and eventually he gives in and lets you cuddle up to him.

Suho is embarrassed and giggly. His face turns all red and he gets a big goofy smile and wraps his arms around you tightly. He loves it lmao.

Xiumin is a bit on the fence. He loves cuddling with you and doesn’t care if the others see, but he also can be kind of annoyed because he’s trying to talk to them and you’re distracting him lol.

if The8 was your boyfriend....
  • he’d poke your cheeks to get your attention
  • he’d be the sweetest boyfriend ever like he’d bring you cupcakes as a surprise and he’d write you cute little notes on post-its before he leaves for practice
  • he’d probably use aegyo on you a lot
  • “baobei, pleeeeaaaaase~”
  • he’d be the type to nuzzle his nose against your shoulder whenever you went in for a hug
  • he’d lay his head on your lap and you’d play with his hair, running your fingers along his scalp and he’d make the most satisfied noises like a cat purring aw my heart
  • he’d link your pinkies together when the two of you are walking around, too afraid to actually hold your hand and initiate skinship in public
  • but behind closed doors he’s the most loving boyfriend 
  • like he’d give you lots of soft kisses and he’d gently run his fingertips up and down your arms before intertwining your fingers together
  • he’d bring you to the studio sometimes and you’d watch him practice, admiring the way he moves with such ease
  • and he’d come up to you right after, all sweaty and panting, asking if his choreography was alright 
  • and you’d just gape at him and be like “babe are you serious that was grEAT”
  • you’d be his number one fan and you’d always go to seventeen’s shows, ready to support your boyfriend
  • “jun omg stop hogging minghao he’s my boyfriend not yours”
  • the members would tease him a lot whenever you were around saying that their quiet lil myungho finally found the girl of his dreams
  • the others would also snap cute pictures of the two of you and then share it on various sns with captions like, “our cutie with his cutie”
  • he’d play with your hands and fingers a lot ok he seems like the type to have a thing for hands 
From Flarke to Bellarke
  • *Bellamy acting like a dick*
  • Me: Finn don't give a shit about your rules. Flarke all the way!
  • *it rains*
  • Me: Bellamy's hair tho...
  • *Flarke sex*
  • Me: aw YESSS
  • *Bellamy shirtless*
  • Me: Holy Shit!
  • *Raven crash lands on Earth*
  • Me: the fuck Finn?? You asshole! How could you?!
  • *Bellamy referring to her as Princess*
  • Me: that's so cute!
  • *Finn calling her Princess*
  • Me: fuck off.
  • *That Gun scene in the old bunker*
  • Me: Omg! They're touching! Do Bellamy and Clarke have a ship name?!
That Same Love {Bucky Barnes}

Originally posted by bovaria

Based on: Bucky comforts you after you feel horrible in a dress you’re wearing for a family event.

Note: MomentOfWeaknessProject piece and also based on my own personal struggle with my self image last week.

Warnings: Reader has self confidence issues

Author: @alloftheimaginesblog

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Sakamaki: gender swap. Requested by Anon.

Neither of you knew how this happened or why. But things were different now.
You were a male, a vampire male, while they where a human female.

He sat in the floor, in a dress that you had made him wear.
He looked so cute, pouting, with his purple hair pulled into two pony tails.
“Awe you look just like a little doll.” Your chirped as he blushed lightly and looked away.
Grabbing his wrist just as he as done wit you so many times before.
“Let’s see how you take to my fangs.” Your purred as you nipped at the skin.

He giggled as he took yet another nude picture of himself.
“Mmmm~ bitch-Chan don’t I just made the cutest nudes~” he purred and turned around. His breast giving a healthy jiggle.
“Mmm~ bitch~Chan what do you look like as a male! Come on strike and show me!” He tugged at your belt, too find that you had the slightest of bumps forming in your pants.
“Nufuf~ do I excite you?” He purred as he ran a finger over your bulge.
“Tch it’s my body leave me alone!”

He hide in his coffin, really he was stuck in his coffin.
Finally you had enough as you ripped the coffin lid off, shocked as you did so.
“Oops.” You cringes as you dropped it and he sighed. “Anyway!” You moved back to the matter at hand, your boyfriend who was now your girlfriend whom you were the boyfriend
Picking him up and cuddling him,
“Don’t hide yourself from me.” You sinned and you snuggled him and he trashed trying to escape.
“Stop cuddling me like I’m a bunny!”