aw you sneeze like a kitten

Thank you!! Okay this is such a cute request :)))

Baekhyun: I think Baekhyun would just start laughing and say “omo” between laughs then once he calms down he would say “Bless you, cutie” then hug you

Chanyeol: he would probably just die because of your cuteness on the spot. He would smile big and goofily staring at you in awe then pull your closer to him

Chen: he would probably react similarly to Baekhyun. He’d probably snort (idk how else to explain it) with a smile and say something like “Who let a kitten in?”

D.O: I think the sneeze would startle him slightly and he wonder what that noise was. If you told him it was you I don’t think he’d believe you because it was just too cute to be true
D.O: “What was that?”
Y/N: “Um…me…?”
D.O: “No way that was you it sounded like a cat!”
Y/N: “….”
D.O: “Was it really you?”
Y/N: “That’s what I said!”
D.O: “Awwww! Bless you! *squishysoo activated*”

Kai: he might react similarity to D.O? He would definitely think you were the cutest thing on the planet and giggle at you saying “aww” every two seconds until you get annoyed and leave the room

Kris: okay, I don’t really think that on the outside he would show that he thought you were adorable to keep his “cool guy” image but on the inside he would be thinking “How did I get so lucky to have such a cute girlfriend?” On the outside he might smirk a bit then say “Bless you, babe”

Lay: poor Lay would actually get worried. Of course he would think the sneeze was absolutely adorable but he doesn’t want his baobei to get sick! He would ask if you’re getting sick then check your temperature by kissing your forehead to see if you’re warm. If it was something like allergies or your nose just tickled he would be relieved then cuddle you all night

Luhan: he would shyly smile then look up at you with an eyebrow raised giving you a teasing look. Once you ask him what he’s doing he would giggle then say “You’re too cute for your own good, sweetie”

Sehun: he wouldn’t really react much..? I think he would just look up at you and send you a “what noise did you just make?” look (that’s not even a look but you know what I mean)

Suho: expect a lot of “awww"s and giggles along with the occasional touching your nose cutely asking “Is my cute baby girl getting sick?”

Tao: he would probably be startled by it like D.O but he would know it was you as soon as you did it. He would probably “dwah” quietly then pull you closer to cuddle

Xiumin: he would just die of cuteness overload. His smile would be huge and he would just look so happy and giggle a lot. He might even squeal. He wouldn’t hold any of his feels back and he would pull you in and kiss the top of your head

My first request is completed yay!! Also I already have 9 followers?! I know it seems like a small number but that just makes me sooooooo happy! I hope you enjoyed this and it wasn’t too horrible ~Blaze