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Things Untold

For hurt/comfort bingo: “hiding an injury/illness”. Set sometimes early in Dick and Damian’s time as Batman and Robin.

Summary: It looks worse than it is, he thinks, ignoring the throb as he twists to see how far around his body it goes, the burst of pain when he pokes his side. Nothing serious. Just a bruise

Damian traces the bruise blossoming across his abdomen. It’s an ugly dark purple, large and tender, curving around from his naval and up his side. It looks worse than it is, he thinks, ignoring the throb as he twists to see how far around his body it goes, the burst of pain when he pokes his side. Nothing serious. Just a bruise. A large, painful one, but still just a bruise.

He wishes he could say it was from a hard kick by one of Batman’s more skilled rogues. Or even a lucky shot by one of the drug cartels’ trained thugs. If that were the case, maybe he’d quietly admit to Pennyworth or Grayson that he was injured. But this is embarrassing. This was a stupid mistake on a self-appointed patrol he shouldn’t have snuck out to do. An ice-slicked rooftop, stiff fingers that didn’t fire his grapple quite right, a chimney that stopped his rapid descent to the grey, snow-covered street below. Hard and jarring, sudden pain shooting up his side, his torso, making him bite his cheek to stop from crying out. He’d just lain there, blinking back tears, for a long while. Then he’d crawled back to the penthouse, snuck in the way he went out, and woken to the deep purple-black bruise later in the morning.

There are ice packs in both the freezer upstairs and the one in the med bay down in the bunker, but Pennyworth checks the supplies regularly and he’d likely notice if one was missing. And then he would tell Grayson and Damian would be benched, most likely coddled even though it’s just a bruise. Maybe they would even punish him for not admitting to the injury as soon as it happened. Definitely for sneaking out.

He can hear Grayson’s disappointed lecture now. “It’s dangerous, Damian. You can’t go out alone, especially not in this weather. What if you’d been more seriously injured? What if you’d died?

Damian cringes just thinking about it. No. He does not need to tell anyone he was injured. It doesn’t even hurt that much. As long as he takes care to move more slowly, sleeps on his back, doesn’t breathe too deep. A few days, a week at most, and he’ll fine.

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how long we were fooled | by ark | thor: ragnarok | thor/loki | pre-ragnarok, ragnarok, post-ragnarok | angst, sex, first time, lovers to enemies, enemies to lovers | for @reserve, @stuffimgoingtohellfor , @bewaretheides315 | rated e | 15k

Loki is not a good man, he knows; there is something rotten in the core of him; and even a much better man might let Thor kiss him, since Thor still tastes of sizzling lightning, like gathering rain, like a desire so fierce and so awful to him that when released it could bring Asgard to its knees.

read @ao3

Imagine Guzma finding out about your mental illness.

When you tell him about it, he’s really worried.

“You’re going to be okay, right?”

“Yeah… sort of. It’s complicated.”

But he still wants to have a relationship and be close to you. He doesn’t put you down for having a mental illness.

He lets you spend time with his Golisopod because he knows it's therapeutic to you.

Always asks Plumeria for advice. Needs to know what to do when you’re feeling awful.

You tell him that you find his voice soothing. It keeps you grounded. So you enjoy talking to him over the phone or whatever when you’re upset and he could just talk for hours and it makes you feel like you have someone to hold onto.

He’ll pay attention to how you’re feeling. Medication making you feel numb? He’ll invite you out for a cup of Tapu Cocoa and tell you all kinds of hilarious stories about his adventures. Don’t feel like leaving your home? He’ll come by and spend time with you. Watching movies. Playing video games. Listening to music. Relaxing in bed with you and holding you close, running his fingers over your cheeks or through your hair and just noticing small details of your face.

When you do end up crying, at first he wouldn’t know what to do. All he knows is that he feels very protective over you.

“Shit shit why are they crying?! What would Plumeria do?!” But he’ll stay by your side.

“Is it okay if I give you a hug?” He’ll awkwardly ask you. You nod, wiping your tears away and he’ll just gently wrap his arms around you. You feel safe and warm.

He knows how to act tough and bad all the time, but has a soft spot for you. His way of handling stress is letting his anger out. But he ends up learning about what you go through and realizes that what he does might not work for you. So he tries his best to put himself in your shoes and understand what you’re going through.


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That's even worse that that was his response to a boy flirting with him on set. Like 1) rude and 2) using the f-slur is awful. Even if the guy was flirting with him, he shouldn't have said it like that. Thank you for making these posts about Noah. It honestly seems right now like you're one of the only DEH fans who's blogging about his problematic behavior, so thanks.❤️

I know! It’s totally disrespectful and also just doesn’t sit right with me with regards to, like…I don’t really know how to put it, but it feels akin to publicly shaming someone for not being intimate with you. Which is a VERY slippery slope. 

I really appreciate this message because I don’t at all want to be witch hunt-y, and I don’t mean to start drama, but it just kind of bothers me how much the fandom in general is overlooking his behavior. Fine, we don’t have to talk about his past behavior if we don’t want to, but let’s at least not put him on a pedestal before he’s earned it.

I hope you have a good day! <3

Dating Tom Holland would include:

A/N: this is way longer than I expected but I ope it’s still good :) feedback is appreciated!!

Tom // You

  • Him being super touchy in public
  • Always wanting to hold your hand
  • Or put his arm around your waist
  • Or rest his hand on your thigh
  • Literally anything that includes any kind of physical contact with you
  • But not in a sexual way
  • Well sometimes it is in a sexual way ;)
  • Like teasing you under the table at some kind of formal event
  • Or when you’re having dinner with your family
  • You being super mad at him for doing that in front of your parents
  • Thomas Stanley Holland!!! What the fuck is wrong with you??
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about, darling
  • You getting incredibly sexually frustrated whenever he did that, which usually lead to sex ;)
  • Sex with him being either quick, rough and loud; or slow, quiet and passionate
  • But good nevertheless
  • Marvel movie marathons
  • You too would be watching Iron Man all cuddled up
  • And Tom would be constantly talking about how he knows RDJ
  • Tom, I swear to God. Shut the fuck up.
  • Tess joining your movie marathon
  • Or Harrison
  • Tom and you pretending to be annoyed by the fact that Haz was there
  • But actually not minding because you two love him to the moon and back
  • The three of you being absolutely inseparable
  • As well as Tom’s siblings and you
  • And the SM:H cast and you
  • Basically everyone in Tom’s life adores you
  • Especially Tom
  • Him literally staring at you in awe every time you do anything
  • Anything
  • You could literally be making his sugary tea
  • And he would be staring at you like you were an angel
  • What’s wrong?” You’d ask, turning to look at him
  • Nothing’s wrong, darling.
  • Then why are you looking at me like that?
  • It’s just… How the hell do you manage to look so perfect all the time?
  • You’d roll your eyes. “Like you’re one to say that
  • This happening at least once a day
  • Which usually lead to the two of you going on and on about how much you love each other
  • Harrison, Jacob and Harry being totally sick of you two.
  • “We get it guys. You love each other. Can we move on before I throw up?”
  • You two being all over twitter, facebook, instagram or any kind of social media as #couplegoals
  • for weeks
  • Tom’s fans absolutely adoring you
  • Because you make Tom happy and that’s all they care about
  • Hearing his morning voice for the first time after your first night together when you to visit him while on tour
  • Like you’d both be laying in bed in the morning,and you’d be looking at him while he slept
  • Thinking about how much you love him especially after last night ;)
  • Stop staring at me. It’s creepy.
  • You having at least three mental orgasms after hearing his raspy morning voice.
  • Shut up, Stanley.
  • He’d immediately open his eyes and rolling over till he was on top of you.
  • Don’t call me that.
  • He would say that in a really dominant tone, and he’d still have morning voice
  • So let’s just say you’d be pretty turned on
  • So you decided to tease him a little
  • Or what?
  • You don’t want to find out, love.
  • You’d both have teasing little smirks on your face
  • Oh, I think I do, Stanley
  • Hot, needy, loud morning sex!!!!!!!!
  • Harrison banging on your bedroom wall
  • “Oh, bloody hell!!! It’s nine in the morning, stop shagging, for fuck’s sake!!”
  • Both of you bursting out in laughter
  • Resting your head on his chest and wrapping your arms around his waist when you’re done
  • Him kissing the top of your head and holding you as close to him as possible
  • I love you so much, it’s insane
  • I love you too, Stanley.

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is dammek going to be a good boy james we need to know for science

i beg of you. learn to accept that a good character doesn’t have to be a good person. lots of lovable characters are completely terrible. Dammek being a big piece of shit is what makes him interesting.

if him being terrible is too much for you, you also don’t have to like him though. I never understand how people get so wrapped up into characters that liking or disliking one will like… destroy friendships and stuff. Sorry I got kinda into this cause I get like a thousand asks that are literally like pleading with me to reveal some weird overlooked subtext about Dammeks shitty personality that suddenly makes it OK that he is completely awful to everyone around him.

Not every character is going to be perfect, or even like… acceptable. Maybe I’m just like extremely old here but.. isn’t that more interesting?

This is Louis’ first song all on his own, too. Not a collab. Just him. His voice alone. That he surprise released on a Wednesday. On National Coming Out Day. Singing words like “I’m just like you..” “if you only knew” “you only get half the story” “headlines I can’t stand”

And I’m… will I ever stop being in complete awe of him and his undeniable strength???

Being Peter Parker’s lab partner would include..

- the angel is as awkward as always

- look at his lil face in this gif asdfghj he’s so precious

- a lot of spilling chemicals

- along with confusion

- ‘wait where do i put the iodine do i put it next to the sulfide or the sodium carbonate’

- ‘peter speak english’

- being paired up because you two were the most quiet people in class

- actually being the most shy babies during your first assignment

- ‘hi i’m parker peter, wait no-’


- anyways

- being so shy that you don’t make eye contact for a good two days

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Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: Thank you to all those who followed me and read my first fic!  I’m thinking of doing a part two to this one, so if you like it, let me know!

Your fire escape had always been your favourite part of your apartment.  Situated outside your bedroom window, you had spent countless hours of your life lounging on the metal steps, reading a book or catching up on some homework.  Last summer, you had wound a string of fairy lights around the rails, which were coated in shiny dark paint.  Your landlady had protested at first but, after you proved that they weren’t endangering the use of the fire escape in any way, she had let you keep them.  The small victory had brought a smile to your face, and now your escape was even cozier than before, and was still just as cozy a year later.  This year’s summer brought scorching heat and clear nights, and you spent most of your free time out on your escape, trying to catch a breeze.

You sat on your fire escape now, wearing a lightweight hoodie and pajama shorts, doodling in a journal.  School was out for the week and tomorrow didn’t require a six am wake up call, leaving you free to stay up late and admire the Queens skyline at night.  It was nights like these that you loved the most; nights that seemed like they were pulled straight from a movie scene, with stars that glimmered like flames, a full moon bigger than you had ever seen before, and the sounds of the city mixing in with the quiet melodies that drifted out of the speakers propped up on your window sill.  You would be content for the rest of your life if you could keep moments like these forever.

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i feel like a lot of u forget that jungkook’s said before that he’s insecure and introverted ? he worries abt how he’s perceived ? like, he tries his best at everything, he loves his members with his whole heart as well as their fans, he gave up a big portion of his teenage years to do all of this but yall think it’s funny to hate him? like, not even saying that any of you actually hate him, but it’s the “funny thing” to make him into a joke. his begin choreo is a good example lmao… ever since his first solo stage majority of yall clowned him ? yall made fun of it without a second thought bc it looked funny to u…. okay . he practiced his ass off and said he felt like his legs were gonna explode but all that’s just disregarded.. anyways can we maybe stop with this bullying jungkook concept it’s all kinds of awful

Free The Animal

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Smut, Angst (will I ever stop being emo?)

Author’s Note: You ever forget that you’re a fanfic writer then you write a fic so bad you remember how much of a hack you are? Yeah welcome to my fic :’D

dom!jungkook- fuckboi!jungkook- fuckbuddy relationship- dirty talk- thigh riding mention because damn even I am not immune to his thighs- inspired by Sia’s song and part of the song drabble game. You can find links to the rest of them on my masterlist

Loving You To Death (Sequel)

There he was with his hands up some girl’s skirt, grinding on her like he was trying to fuck her through their clothes, the fucking pig. You huff and turn to your friend who gives you an exasperated look, “___, just go and grab him by the dick and tell him he can’t fucking do that.”

“He can do whatever the fuck he wants to do, even if that is a bleach blonde bitch with a tan that makes her look like an Oompa Loompa.” That was pretty low, you admit. It wasn’t the girl’s fault that Jungkook had chosen her for the night. But seriously, there was a limit to tanning, this was just harmful to the eyes.

“No, he can’t because you’re together.” Your friend, Hwasa, sounds pretty fed up with you.

“No, we’re not. We’re just fuck buddies and we agreed that we’re not exclusive right from the start.” Why wasn’t she understanding this? You’d explained it to her a thousand times.

“I don’t care what bullshit you told each other. All I care about is what I see, and that is two idiots constantly doing all they can to piss each other off because they can’t communicate like adults.”

“What are you even talking about? Jungkook is not trying to piss me off. He’s just being himself. Which is admittedly annoying in and of itself but you know…”

“Then why did he do nothing the past three days but play video games while you were off galavanting with Jin, only to start making out with some girl the minute you make an appearance?”

“He did?” You asked surprised, only to check yourself back and shrug it off. “I don’t know, he must have just not felt like it.”

“Oh my god, save me from these two idiots.” Hwasa cries then takes you by the shoulder and starts shaking you, “He’s fucking jealous because you took Jin to meet your family and not him so he’s trying to piss you off. Why? Because he likes you. And you’re pissed off. Why? Because you like him. Now can you get that through your thick skull or do I have to beat it into you?”

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Could you do art of harry as a dada professor at hogwarts, and Ginny shows up to visit him one day and the class is all shocked and awed and Harry has a moment like where he realizes this generation finds his wife, a professional quidditch player, more famous and cool than him

Omg I don’t know if I will draw this but this made me laugh

“I’m the Chosen One how can they like you better? I died”
“Yeah but did you score 250 points in a storm night game when 3 teammates were injured including the seeker and you had to carry the game on your literally broken shoulder in the most important euro league final and won a title for the Holyhead Harpies after 110 years?”
“Honey. Dear. I died.”

(I’m kidding, Harry wouldn’t mind at all. He would be like “that’s right that’s my wife. Take your eyes off of her you little shit”

He fucking stripped the song of the seductive aura and completely made it about emotions, missing someone, wanting them back. In the acoustic version he took his time, slowed it down, let the lyrics really sink in. It was so emotionally driven, man.

Please Forgive Me, Lance

Blue hated this so much. She’d wanted to go back on it ever since the first second she stopped letting Lance in. He looked like he’d cry. That made her want to cry, too.

But that had nothing on right now. It was in the middle of the night, two or three am in Earth time- Lance’s time.

He walked up carefully to her, looking her in the eye for two seconds at most, “Hey, Blue…. Look, I know you don’t want me, but I need to know. Please tell me why you gave me up.”

She’d wanted to. She’d wanted to reach out to her boy, to say, But I do want you. And it’s killing me that I can’t let you come back to me right now. And it’s killing me that it’s hurting you. But she didn’t. She couldn’t.

He continues, “Please, Blue… I want to know why you gave me up. I need to know why I’m not worthy of you. Am I even worthy of Voltron anymore?” His voice cracked, forcing the lion’s heart to follow suit. You are more than worthy. If anything I am unworthy of you. I didn’t want to, Lance, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.

He’d whispered, “Why can’t I ever be good enough? Why am I always just a fill-in? Why can’t I ever be more than just an extra wheel?!” Blue hated this with every fiber of her being. She didn’t want to push him out. But she had to, for Voltron. Fight now, all she wanted to do was tell the world Fuck Voltron.

He’d dropped to his knees now, shoulders shaking. Little splash noises hit the ground. Blue felt her hypothetical stomach drop the second she’d realized what they were. Tears.

But God, how it hurt her when he sobbed, “Why did you even bring me here?! If you were just going to… to ditch me like that, why did you bring me here at all?!”

I’m sorry, Lance, I’m so sorry. I want you to pilot me, but you can’t. Not right now. I love you so much, but I can’t.

He’d sobbed, “I’m not even meant to be on this team! I want to go home, where I’m wanted!”My baby, you are wanted, I’m so, so sorry I can’t tell you and none of us want you to leave. You’re meant to be here, Lance. Please know that.

A whispered voice of, “Lance?” The former Red Paladin had walked over, Lance frantically wiping his eyes. He’d realized it was too late, just letting tears fall.

Lance whispered, “Keith. I just… why doesn’t Blue love me anymore?!” He latched onto the other’s neck, sobbing. I love you so so much Lance, my baby, my raindrop. She felt bad using that nickname. She felt she didn’t deserve it with how she was forced to treat Lance.

Keith had whispered back, “I don’t know, Lance… I’m sorry. I’m sure she has a reason.” Keith had glared up at her. He loved Lance a great deal, she could tell that by his normally fiery and passionate gaze becoming a cold and unforgiving glare.

After Keith had gotten Lance back to his room, probably to sleep, he’d returned. He had the same stony and cold look in his eyes. He was angry that she’d hurt him. Angry at her. She was angry at herself, too.

He told her, “You hurt him. A lot. I don’t understand why you aren’t fixing it. He’s doubting his place on the team because of you.” I know, and I hate it. I can do nothing.

Keith continued, “I don’t know what came over you, but freezing him out like that has made him so insecure. He doesn’t even think he deserves to be called a Paladin. All because you couldn’t spare two fucking sentences to tell him otherwise.” I wanted to. Go, how I wanted to.

She wasn’t angry at him. In all honesty, under all the sadness and guilt plaguing her, she was glad Lance had him.

“I just don’t get it. He was so devoted to you. I mentioned you once outside his door, and he made sure to tell me that you two were very happy together and that you were his lion only. He loved you-still does-and you don’t even care enough to tell him he’s important?!”

“Why don’t you get it, Blue?! I know how it feels to be abandoned like that. It kills you. It makes you feel like you don’t deserve the ground you walk on, the air you breath. It makes you feel so alone, even if you’re in a room packed with people. You’re hurting him so much, Blue. Do you even care enough to fix it?”

She did care. So, so much. She’d be killed for her Paladin without thinking twice. He was her baby. She loved him with everything.

“He thinks you hate him. I know that isn’t totally true. Because if it were, you wouldn’t deserve to be a lion. I try to tell him he’s important and wanted and loved, but he doesn’t listen. He thinks that just cause we’re dating I’m lying to make him feel better. He talks so highly of you.”

I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve him. I’m horrible and awful and I shouldn’t have ever agreed to Black’s plan. I’m going to strangle her. He doesn’t deserve something like me.

He’d finished off with, “You’d think that after all that’s happened, you’d know that mistakes of this scale last a lifetime, and do irreversible damage.” After, he stormed out, leaving her to her thoughts. She was pushing the other lions out at all costs right now.

I hate this so much, and I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can. As soon as Shiro comes back, you’ll come back to me, and I’ll tell you everything.

She felt awful. She hurt her baby. Made him feel like he doesn’t belong. Made him think she hated him.

I’m so incredibly sorry, Lance. I can’t… I can’t let our connections come back, or I won’t be able to take it away again. I just hope Red will comfort you. Please don’t hate me, Lance. Please remember all the times I’ve told you how great you are.

I hate this so much, and I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can. As soon as Shiro comes back, you'lll come back to me, and I’ll tell you everything. Every single word about how great you are. Maybe then you’ll know why I did this. Please don’t hate me.

Please forgive me, Lance.