aw you cute little bastard

larry-pro-of  asked:

Hey xx I'm not a very big ziam shipper and I don't really believe in them , but it's cuz I've been too focused on Larry I want to ship them tho I know I can't force myself So can you give me some proofs or ziam moments Thanx <3

Sorry this took so long for me to get back to you! I feel really bad.

like just look at how zayn cups liams head, and then after this liam does his iconic pouty face, how sad.

ohh zayn ;) kinky little bastard aren’t you?

cute little hugs aw

this one is probably the most known one, like just look at how they stare into each others eyes and literally fall in love.

this moment right here, isn’t as know in my opinion, at least I haven’t seen it very much. but they literally kiss on stage and Louis even tries to cover it up by moving. here’s the video: its near the end.