aw yeah another one


Charles Vane Appreciation Week: Day 6 — Favorite AU

Modern!Vane. He obviously spends most of his time sailing and is in an on and off relationship with the young CEO of Guthrie Shipping Corporation. He lives on his boat that he probably won in a game of of cards. Or he killed the former owner, no one remembers, truth be told, he’s probably a wanted man in at least 10 countries.


KOTORdoodles 4. (1. 2. 3.)

(Thanks for accepting me into the sith academy everyone, I hope you enjoy the next several hours of me and Jolee sniping at one another.)

Aw yeah! We won! Revan’s life is in shambles and Bastila’s going to need a good decade of therapy but MEDALS FOR EVERYONE AMIRIGHT???

Regarding invisible Juhani: after she rescued us on the Leviathan the game apparently decided she just. Never needed to come out of stealth. Apparently. Cool. Look the disk is thirteen years old I’m willing to forgive it some idiosyncrasies.

(our party is a 100% juhani-abuse-free zone and bastila is gonna need to apologise)