aw yeah :d

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I would go to vidcon to just meet you and my other favorite artists but ITS SO EXPENSIVE 😭

aw D: yeah it is quite pricey. i hope you can go one day though cause its worth it !!

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I lived in the same house for most of my life and over that time I've had a lot of cats, and they've usually died of old age, It might sound odd but I honestly hope they're ghosts are still around, Ya know, just like, hanging out in the window sill

aw yeah ghost cats.. that’d b cool having a ghost cat army like can u imagine 

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Exactly, right?! Have him have to go out with his hair mused just a little, a bit of lipstick on his collar and his tie askew. He's still gotta act composed but you're just there smirking like aw fuck yeah.

YES! I’d be backstage watching and being like 😏 when the camera does a close up of him and he has marks all over him. Then when he comes back and Vince yells at him for looking so unpresentable on TV I’ll be mentally nodding to myself “yup, that was me!” and then i’ll probably be nice to him all evening because I think he’s the type to cry wank if someone was mean to him.

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I'm big texie fan so I have to request a Texas/Julie fusion

Aw yeah Texie! :D 

This is the best-case Texas+Julie fusion–a lot of the time if they’re feeling ot of sync or if they’re in the middle of an argument, they’ll be less well-formed.  Usually it’s little stuff like missing fingers or a less impressive stature.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how I wanted to do their hair, haha.

To Texas’s dismay, they don’t have a weapon that really works on the real world–they can interface with protected systems and use their gloves to beat their way through encryptions and firewalls in virtual reality.  It’s not a very subtle hacking method, but it’s devestatingly effective if they can manage it without getting caught while doing virtual battle

The whole thing drives Chuck nuts because “THAT’S NOT HOW COMPUTERS WORK” or whatever.  But what does Chuck know.

Submission: Sex in Normans Trailer

Aw thank you :D. Yeah I might write a few here and there when I’m not too busy.  I’m glad you like the stories. Thanks again :D. ANON

[A/N]: You’re very welcome, anon! Thank YOU for helping keep this blog alive and giving us your very good stories! haha:)

Norman was starting the filming of Season 5 of The Walking Dead.  He had been in Georgia for the past few weeks preparing to get back into the role and had started to film scenes for the first episode.  You were still in New York at his apartment that you had moved into.  It was lonely when he was away filming and you missed him a lot.  You did go to visit him as much as you could, but it wasn’t always so easy.  You had decided to surprise him by going down to Georgia to visit him for the week, so that you could spend some time together.  You had your suitcase packed and ready, and headed off to the airport.  It wasn’t going to be a very long flight so it wasn’t too bad.  When you arrived at the airport in Atlanta you grabbed a taxi to take you to the house Norman was living in while he was filming.

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Aww, that sounds like tons of fun! I expected that you'd playoff each other well. You two are basically the queens of RobStar and BBRae! Your cheerful demeanour and intolerance of haters is an awesome combo! BTW, the collab had real smooth pacing. It looked like only one person wrote it! Do you two hapen to share a mental bond? XD

Hah! Idk about that, but I guess we’re both pretty active in the fandom? 

Antis have no room here! In this house, we communicate respectfully and have fun, good conversations, even if we disagree! :D 

Aw, yeah! I noticed it , too. We were very much on the same page with it, and I think that really helped. Like, we saw the same story and told it. xD 

Nah, no mental bond, but we do have a chat messenger LOL. Just went back and forth on there, and idk, it just worked. :)