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To know you

Request: Could I request a Archie Andrews where your dad works with his and you have to drop something of your dads off at Archie’s and he’s like just out of the shower or something???:;)

A/N: Aw this is cute and makes me happy.  I love writing some fluffy stuff. 

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Words count: 854 words

Warnings: there’s like one curse word and also abs still not doing this right

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You rocked back and forth on your heels, hands gripping the manila folder your father had given to you to deliver to the Andrews’ house.  You had knocked a moment ago, but there was no one who seemed to be coming, so you reached forward to knock again when the door swung open just as your fist met the wood.

Slowly lowering your knocking hand, you looked up to find Archie Andrews standing in the doorway, a towel wrapped around his waist and droplets of water falling from strands of his soaked red hair.

“Hi!” He grinned awkwardly, looking at you strangely.  “Y/N.”

Trying your hardest to keep your eyes on his eyes and not his abs, you nodded stiffly.  “Archie, hey.” You had not felt this uncomfortable in ages, suddenly finding the boy you had made a painting with once in the first grade one of the most attractive people you’d seen in months.  You shook your head to rid yourself of these thoughts, thrusting your hand with the folder forward.  “Sorry, this is from my dad, for your dad.”  

“Right, he had said your dad would be dropping something off.”

You raised your eyebrows a tad, “He uh, got caught up in something.  Told me to shuttle it over.”

“Well, thank you.” He took the folder from your hand.  

“See you around.” You spun on your heel, but quickly turned your head over your shoulder as he cleared his throat.

“Um, sorry if I’m overstepping my boundaries but… I’ve heard you know a lot about music.” At your confused face he stuttered over his words even more, “From Ms. Grundy!  Ms. Grundy told me she didn’t really have the time to tutor me, but that there were some people I could talk to if I was really interested.”

“You make music?” You cocked your head.  “I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, well… I just started.  I wrote some songs this summer and I think it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.” You smiled.

“Well.” You shrugged. “If you want someone to help you out, I’m totally down with it.”

“Great!” He grinned, and it made you happy how he didn’t try to mask his excitement.  Too many guys in your life wouldn’t allow themselves to be seen in this sort of an excited state, but Archie had no worries.  “Are you free now?  I me-mean  we don’t have to.  Whenever you’re comfortable.”

You let out a breathy laugh now, “Yeah.  Yeah I’m free now.” Your eyes suspiciously bounced from his eyes to his towel around his waist.

“Oh, yeah, I should probably change.” Once he did, he grabbed his guitar and sat with you on the porch.

“Oh, my god.  Your guitar is gorgeous.” Your eyes wide in awe at his guitar made him giggle, handing the instrument over to you.  “I can’t believe I’m holding something this beautiful.”  Archie stared at your nimble fingers on the strings as you began to pluck some seemingly random pattern out of your head.  

“How long have you been playing?” He asked, interrupting your little moment.

“A few years,” your eyes stayed glued on your hand wrapped around the neck of the guitar.  “You?”

“A few months,” he laughed.

“You’ll get here.  It’ll feel like nothing in no time,” you assured him, handing the guitar back.  “So are you gonna play your songs for me, or what?”

For the following hour or so, you and Archie went over his songs.  Of course, you were thoroughly impressed by his natural knack for songwriting, and for someone you hadn’t really known all that well, you two got along very well.

“Hey Arch-” You both looked up sharply to see Fred Andrews standing in the doorway, a wide grin on his face at the sight of you two.  “Ah, your dad said you’d be here.  Thank you for dropping off the papers, Y/N.”

“No problem,” you smiled.

“What are you guys working on?”

“Just my music.” Archie answered, gesturing to you. “Y/N’s helping me.”

Fred nodded, a happiness in his eyes. “Well thanks for that too, Y/N.” You nodded, looking down to the sheets of chords and lyrics in front of you.  With your eyes off of him, Fred sent a wink in his son’s direction.  Archie flushed red, shooing him away before looking to you.  

“He’s thanking you, and I haven’t even yet,” Archie teased, “Thank you.”

You didn’t even look up from what you were working on.  “No, really it’s no problem.”

“Okay, well it means a lot to me,” he sighed.  “You’re really doing a lot for me, and we don’t even really know each other.”

“Well, you’re not wrong,” you gulped, “However we made some nice ass paintings in the first grade.” He laughed, shaking his head.

“Yeah, we did.” It was quiet for a few moments.  “I want to.” You looked up, confused.  “I want to know you.”

“Well I don’t have to be home until ten,” you trailed off.

Archie smiled.  “Well then, in that case… can I take you out for a milkshake?”


because i can’t seem to find a post with a good variety of starters on it…send one in with a character/pairing, and i’ll write for it!


“It may be your shirt, but it was my closet”

“Are you wearing lipgloss?”

“I love your laugh”

“Help me with dinner for a second.”

“Stop! That tickles!”

“Why do you have a folder on your computer with just pictures of me in it?”

“Is that chocolate?”

“Your dancing is awful! Let me show you how it’s done”

“I’ll let you kiss me…on one condition.”


“Slow down…why are you crying?”

“Oh god, did you just beat up?”

“Hey, hey, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“How long have you been holed up in here?”

“Lean on me, we need to get you home.”

“Would Netflix make it better?”

“Stop apologizing, it’s not your fault.”

“You’re saying goodbye like it’s the last, but it’s not.”

“I’m worried about you, you know.”


“I’m sorry but….I don’t feel the same way.”

“How could you do this to me?!”

“I’m leaving.”

“Shut up, you’re not dying on me just yet.”

“You don’t remember me?”

“They’re just a friend.”

“Take one step out that door, and we’re through.”

“Stop talking to me.”

“Why bother?”

something tell me this has to do with my god awful amount of cc

the sims gods punishing me for my hubris

In any case, im deleting my entire cc folder and im going to reset my game AGAIN, to see if that fixes this issue. From here on out, im only going to download cc i absolutely NEED, so more maxing out my game. 

It might take me a while to get the game back to ~kinnda~ how it was before, but in the mean time I’l be posting the screenshots i have saved up

thanks for being patient ya’ll <3

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You are hereby expelled from the Obitine fandom for not supporting that Korkie is Obi wan and Satine's love child.

Aw, really?  Did you guys have a Council meeting or something and not even tell me? Don’t I get a trial or anything?

I mean, *rummages around in art folder*…

How about now?

(note to self: next time use better art as defense?)

That’s the thing though, you never get over a band like this. It’s a tired comparison to The Beatles, but it works. My mom still gets hyped when one of the remaining Beatles does something, she still has all of their records, all those pictures and articles she cut out of magazines are still with her neatly packed away in a folder and stored with other important documents. It’s been almost 50 years. Something this great doesn’t end, it simply changes form. It’s passed on and shared growing greater over time. It becomes a part of history. It’s already history. It’s a journey that began with 5 boys on the stairs becoming 4 men conquering the world. It’s not over and it will never be over.

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Hi ! Can you post all of your IU reaction gifs ? Or maybe just the legendary ones :P

yes i can! I mainly have reaction pictures though. Here’s a download link to my reaction folder. I think i’ve compiled some great ones over the years. Since you mentioned the most legendary ones though I gotta post them here too (but they’re also included)

the ill kill a bitch pic

the im emotional but ill still cut a bitch pic

the beyonce aka IU had the greatest video of all time pic

the HA you tried to fuck with my career but im still on top pic

the im tiredt pic

the aw you tried boo pic

and i guess ill end it with the what the fuck is wrong with you pic.

enjoy :)


AU: Cocoon. It’s pretty stand-alone, though.
Pairings/OT3: Jongyu, Jongtae, Ontae, Onjongtae
Rating: R ???? For language and innuendo and fairly non-explicit discussion of kinks. 
Word count: 2800~
Content warnings: Mentions of food, mentions of various kinks. ETA: also there’s a short mention of someone choking on and coughing up a bite of food. It’s not vomiting exactly, but…vomit-adjacent I guess. 
Additional notes: This was heavily inspired by a conversation that @sluthyun and I had a couple months back about Jinki telling Jonghyun about his kinks. I forgot about this fic in my WIPs folder and then found it again yesterday and finished it up. Also, the chronology of this installment isn’t super crucial, but I imagine it happening shortly after “Cozy.” 

The thing about string cheese, Taemin thought, was that he was never quite sure if he liked it or not. It was certainly fascinating, and it was deeply satisfying to eat from a tactile and visual perspective, as he peeled away strands from each side of the slim length of cheese. But did he like it? He put one strand into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. He honestly had no idea.

Jonghyun was saying something to Jinki, in that soft, low voice that he used when he was saying something especially vulnerable and earnest. Which, granted, was a very frequent occurrence but Taemin felt he should probably listen. He lay sprawled on the carpet for a few moments longer, chewing the cheese and letting the soft notes of his boyfriend’s voice wash over him, not bothering to pick the stream of sounds apart into words, and then Jonghyun’s tone sharpened ever so slightly, and Taemin realized that he was saying Taemin’s name, and likely had been for some time.

Taemin tried to respond, realized too late that he was still chewing, and promptly choked. He sat up in a panic, coughing wildly until a wet clump of cheese flew back out of his throat, bypassed his waiting palm, and landed on the carpet.


He picked it up and popped it back into his mouth, and smiled genially at Jonghyun, who was staring down at him from his spot on the sofa with his forehead furrowed and his mouth slightly open. Worry? Confusion?

“You just ate it off the floor?” Jonghyun said, his voice crescendoing just the slightest bit. Ah. Disgust.

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Drawing old(ish) tweets.

I had this sketch sitting in a folder, so I figured I’d take a quick break and color it. Cereal mascots look awful in my style, but Phil turned out okay ha.

There might be a followup to this idk.

* The Horrorbros are hard at work gettin’ puzzles ready for the big day!*

Good news! Demo production for this animation is going smoothly and the skelebro’s scene is done. I am now animating and programming extra scenes, including the “awful” option and another interaction with Sans.
Not so Good News! This is gonna take foooorrreeevvver to finish, but I wanna make it as complete as possible for you guys in response to all the wonderful support and fanart I’ve seen. Whenever I get frustrated or self-doubt myself I look through the comments and fanart folder and it means way too much to me.
I’m going to try to get this demo out by the next two months. ARGH DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS, as an artist I greatly overrate my capabilities so it may take a little longer. But it’s a goal for now. 102550100 NestedThreadedFlat



TF2 Fanfic - Eyes Open

Pairings: Spy/Soldier (hinted)
Warnings: nada, just a short banter and fluffiness

I’ve been thinking about doing more short fics lately because trying to do huge ones is cramping me and giving me writer’s block something awful. So here’s a thing I found in my seeds folder and finished up. 

He was everything a true American should despise. He was a foreigner and a sneaky coward, refusing to face his opponents like a man. He stole the faces of their enemies and won points and intelligence with treachery, deceit, and foul play. He was prudish and fussy, making a scene of the tiniest speck of blood on his fancy suits. He used elaborate words that went over Soldier’s head and refused to eat with the rest of the team. Soldier called him ‘Crouton’ and ‘Frenchie’, and refused to cooperate with his preferred stealth tactics when Miss Pauling sent them on missions together. He was a disgrace to the name of fighting. He also wouldn’t stay out of Soldier’s thoughts for half a day. 

“Soldier, if you would pay attention for even a minuscule fraction of a second, we could continue to the mission before hell freezes over!“ The Spy adjusted his gloves as he spoke, eyeing his colleague for a brief second with that usual belittling gaze of his. 

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