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An Image To Protect pt.3

Matthew Tkachuk x Reader

Team: Calgary Flames

Warnings: Cheese

POV: First

part three for an image to protect!!

maybe in the next part you could have them become official?

About the part 3 to tkachuk, maybe something where you officially meet the wags as his gf or his fam?

Here are part one and part two!

I decided to go for a first “I love you” thing because I really dislike writing about meeting families and in the first part, it was a possibility the reader had already met the WAGS just not as a love interest. 

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How did I end up here? Sat on the couch, late one Saturday night, some random episode of Catfish playing on the t.v. while my fingers were playing with Matthew’s curls. The both of us were basically half asleep, Matthew even dozing off every now and then but jumping back awake. 

It seemed like just yesterday when I attended the family skate for the Flames and Johnny had dragged me along to meet his friends. 

Yet here we were.

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So I’m reading the CU books right now (which I love OMFG) and seeing nice Krupp and captain blunderpants like I love them and of course I ship them duh,

But I got this idea that CB tries to be scary and mean around nice Krupp saying stuff like
“I will destroy you” “I can easily beat you up” and jerky stuff like like just to sound ‘tough’ but nice Krupp is like yea whatever by annoying CB by saying “aw, sure you can” “your so cute when your mad”
And this just torments CB, I’d imagine he’s that guy With the 'if he’s mean to you he likes you’ sorta vibe but Nice Krupp thinks it’s an act for his 'villain look’

Reaction (SNSD): When their girlfriend speaks English.

Taeyeon: “I could listen to you talk like that all day, baby.”

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Hyoyeon: “Um, I’m sorry what?”

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Jessica: “Nice English skills babe, but I’m still better.”

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Yuri: “If I smile and pretend I understand her, maybe she’ll be happy.”

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Yoona: “You sound so damn cute.”

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Seohyun: “God you’re just the cutest thing. We can talk in English when we don’t want the girls to listen.”

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Sunny: “Look baby, I brought Amber to translate what you’re telling me, because I have no idea.”

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Tiffany: “Awe sweetie, you’re so cute. I like you talking to me in English.”

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Sooyoung: “Jagiya, I don’t know what you’re saying.”

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Phan Hogwarts AU Official Chapter One

Hello everyone! This is the official first chapter of my Phan Hogwarts AU! I am so excited to share this with all of you, and I really hope you enjoy it!

This is starring a few special guests, including PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, SprinkleofGlitr, KickthePJ, and Crabstickz!

Based on my text post.

You can read Chapter Two here.

Reblogs and reviews are appreciated. Please enjoy!

Dan was counting down from ten in the back of his mind. His patience was wearing thin, as well as his tolerance for being surrounded by other people.

The boy seated next to him–Andrew or Alex, he wasn’t really paying attention–was right next to him, attempting to tell him a story about his summer vacation. The only problem? Andy was right next to his neck, a sensitive area, and spittle was flying from his mouth onto Dan’s skin. He was already cringing inwardly.

Abruptly, Dan stood up, cutting Austin off midsentence. “Sorry. I–uh, forgot something.” Dan sped out of the train compartment, staring down the hallway.

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You have to study the houses and all the shit and what signs compliment what in which placements and it takes so long and it's so much work and it's just too much tbh my friend is like a fucking PRO at all of this and it blows my mind how she's memorized all of it

ahhhhh okay i see. definitely sounds long lol. awe that’s cute though :’) it’s nice when people remember something kind of weird and not very well known

bts bon voyage ep.7 in a nutshell

-let’s just start off by saying that it was really emotional and i bought it thinking it was some porno shit but it was an emotional rollercoaster ride
-choding taehyung strikes again
-jungkook jumping onto jimin’s back I’m not sobbing
-bangtan eating buffet makes me happy
-istg how is seokjin not in the maknae line
-jinkook playing around as per usual and backhugsss
-“what if a man with lots of tattoos comes up?” taehyung when seokjin attempted to amuse taekook with ‘his’ motorbike
-taejinkook are the choding line
-make this a new line in bts
-they live to torture father yoongi’s heart
-jungkook ran and nearly lost his shoe i can’t with him
-caption said “father suga thinking of jhope”
-taekook’s new antics left seokjin speechless
-taejinkook were literally captioned as yoongi’s childish sons
-jihope left behind because they were doing the v live
-cycling bangtan is one of the purest concepts
-baby hobi has only rode a three wheel bicycle apparently
-yoongi is very tired as the father
-taehyung being a pro at cycling
-“the sky is so pretty.” -says fascinated park jimin for 3 times
-jeon jungkook’s 360°C camera is a blessing
-vmin speaking satoori makes my heart flutter
-lost kid jeon guiding his lost hyungs
-hoseok being an embodiment of the sun in a rainy day
-jungkook reenacting his version of titanic on the bicycle i don’t know a jungkook
-yoongi’s smile at the scenery, sunshine no.2
-“oh really?” taehyung is back
-jungkook’s attempt to impress by drifting ignored by everyone because of the scenery
-“ayo!” why is he such a meme
-imagine if namjoon was there, he would’ve been so deep and philosophical with that type of weather
-save me (jikook, outdoor theatre ver.)
-taehyung got a high five instead of an invitation to play with the elementary students
-“im all wet.” jimin same
-a game between 20-somethings and kids
-“do you know jisung park? manchester united?” -hoseok
-“you should’ve asked ‘do you know bts?’” -seokjin
-“do you know bts?” the trilogy with jimin being embarassed
-dabbing master jungkook with his disciple taehyung
-i don’t know a taekook
-happy angel jimin because he had a raincoat
-hobi taking probably 30 pictures of jimin’s face
-jimin feeding his favourite dongsaeng kookie
-seokjin couldn’t resist jungkook’s “cute eyes”
-y'all see jungkook feeling jimin’s body right there???
-taehyung’s underwear was as red as his pants
-i can’t believe he knocked his ass on the chair
-yoongi’s heart eyes when hoseok was talking
-seokjin erm please pull up your shirt
-hoseok you too
-yoongi’s skin is glowing!!!
-hoseok knows what fans like and suggested hand holding
-jimin could smell taehyung’s feet when he lay down on the sauna floor
-vmin sabotaged by jungkook’s smart ass
-95z hand holding while entering the cold lake
-the director sacrificing to take good shots
-yoongi literally took care of everything what a father
-they’re thinking of namjoon and imitating his smile if he was there I’m emo again
-sparta!jimin showing off his abs through his wet black shirt
-yoongi’s infamous waddle
-“father enjoyed the bath tub.”
-whoever makes the captions i like you
-yoongi shooting hoseok, seokjin and taehyung with “you just look ugly.” when they were trying to make funny faces
-seokjin’s funny face that appeared many times is actually called the baboon
-jimin always laughing at seokjin no matter what
-this game to not laugh is just an excuse for them to roast one another
-seokjin is so weak for jungkook that he found his face just funny without doing anything
-let me unleash the inner yoonjin trash that i am and scream “yoongi placed his hand on seokjin’s waist!”
-2seok=sound machines
-yoongi’s laughter at hobi was so genuine and cute
-yoongi had to swim in the cold water
-everyone talking and there’s queen seokjin chilling and playing with bubbles at the side
-namjoon’s video message for the members aw
-his bonjour sounded so sad and funny at the same time
-namjoon just wanted to eat more hot dogs but he’s having iced americano and he’s not happy
-the members could see the sadness in his eyes i love ot7
-bang pd’s handwritten letter for the boys had namjoon choked up and all the members so solemn
-he is so thoughtful and kept saying he’s a greedy person
-he’s a genuinely nice person and father figure to them
-his letter gave bangtan goosebumps
-manager sejin’s letter is so cute
-jungkook imitating manly sejin
-namjoon teared up reading his letter!
-they are so grateful to everyone not just fans but their boss, managers and staff members
-hobi thanking norway sweden and finland what a sweetie
-this episode was so worth my 50 coins i have no ragrets

Those first time dad HC’s were so cute!!!! Is it ok if I request something similar where Kiibo’s robotic enthusiast S/o notices how down Kiibo is that they can’t have a child of their own, so his S/o creates a robo child with a growing AI like Kiibo so they can have a happy family \^.^/

Aw, this sounds really nice! Sure thing!

  • You two had actually been talking about kids for a while now, and Kiibo seemed really happy about it every time you did!
  • And then, he found out how kids were made.
  • You swear you could see the light just leave his expression completely.
  • It almost physically hurt you, the look on his face when he realized you couldn’t have kids.
  • He was devastated…
  • So! You had an idea!
  • You got to work right away, and worked really hard!
  • There were so many things to take into account, but eventually…
  • You had made something really incredible.
  • You remember knocking on the bedroom door, and Kiibo telling you to come in, and the sadness in his voice.
  • You didn’t even know his voice could sound like that.
  • But the way he lit up when he saw what you had with you?
  • He was ELATED!
  • He looked absolutely ecstatic! You had never seen him this happy!
  • He had so many questions about them, so many things to say, so many names to offer!
  • He was so proud of you for being able to create something so beautiful!
  • You two gushed over it for hours, you pointing out every aspect of Kiibo you had added to your new child.
  • Kiibo’s eyes.
  • Kiibo’s nose.
  • Kiibo’s smile.
  • Kiibo’s laugh.
  • He absolutely loved it, he had so much to say!
  • He was so excited to raise them with you!
  • He kept interrupting himself to kiss you, he just couldn’t decide what was priority, asking his millions of questions or thanking you for what you did!
  • You know he’s going to be an incredible father, a devoted father.
  • He genuinely cries from how happy he is, and you’re so glad this is something you could do for him.
  • You cry too.
  • How could you not? You’re a parent now!
  • And human or not, you love your child.

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Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and put this in the ask of the last ten people in your activity! 😌💕

{{ Aw, it’s a nice thing! Cuteness. Things haven’t been real happy lately– and I always struggle to come up with things even when things are good– buuut I got this. I think. xD 

  1. my cat’s itty bitty toebeans. <3
  2. the scenery around my parents’ town. pretty, pretty mountains. ~country roads take me hoooome~
  3. knowing my nephew is going to be born soon!! 
  4. purple. just… purple. 
  5. this is going to sound weird, so bear with me. seeing people like you show up on my dash. I love reading posts from everyone I follow, but when it’s someone I’ve followed a long time, it makes me a happy panda to see it. soo basically, numero cinco is you. thanks for still being my mutual, thanks for taking the time to send this to me, and thank you for being you. xoxo

Also, high five for kitties being on your happy list too! My cat is laying on me as I type this, and she approves very much. =)  }}

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Prompt: Ross is a huge fanboy for NSP. One night he goes to see them live and he ends up falling for the lead singer Danny Sexbang. After the show, Ross sneaks backstage to see him. Dan thinks Ross adorable and lets him in his dressing room. Ross is all figity and flustered, so Danny sits down with him and strokes him. Giving the Aussie a small kiss on the cheek. Ross quietly asks Dan to do it again, not expecting dan to give a full-on deep kiss on the lips. (Sorry it's so long)

Ross couldn’t believe he was doing this or the fact that he was even there.  Walking behind back stage was so weird and made him super nervous some one was gonna see him and throw him out.  It was after the NSP concert and Ross didn’t know what compelled him to go back here instead of home like everyone else.  He didn’t even know if he was gonna find what he was looking for till he saw a poof of hair peaking out of a door.  

Heart racing, Ross walked up to the door after it closed and knocked quietly.  First reaction was to run but his legs wouldn’t let him.  The door opened and Dan was standing before him, the lead singer of NSP.  The whole concert, Ross couldn’t keep his eyes off, as he was sure every girl in the crowd did the same but it felt a little more.


Ross’s eyes went wide as he realized he hadn’t said a single word. 

“Hi! Hi, I just, you know, wanted to say that the concert was great.  You sounded great, well the both of you, but you sounded really good. And You look Great, Brian too, but your hair looks nice today and-”

“Ten bucks says you’re not supposed to be back here.  Am I right?”

“Please….don’t call security.  If you want me to leave just say so but please don’t make it a scene….”  His heart felt like it was sinking low in his stomach, leaving a sick feeling.

“Aw, I can’t kick out such a cute face but out here someone’s gonna see ya.”  Dan quickly looked around to see if any one was noticing them.  “Come inside.”

Feet moving on their own now, Ross walked into Dan’s dressing room.  It was pretty small, just big enough to hold a little make up desk and a couch.  Ross stood in the middle of the room for a while till Dan chuckled and told him he could sit if he wanted.  This wasn’t like him to be so tense, even sitting on the couch he couldn’t let himself relax.  Dan sat down next to him and the two started talking.

As time passed, Ross let himself finally become comfortable.  It turned out that they had quit a bit in common and liked some of the same games.  Dan was turned towards him, still in his Danny Sexbang costume, smiling warmly as Ross got excited talking about games and animation.  He started feeling a little bashful and apologized. 

“Oh, don’t be.  I think it’s really cute,”  Dan ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek.  “Kinda like you.”

Ross didn’t know what compelled him to say, “Could you do that again?”  In a small voice.  It was much more of a shock when Dan grabbed his chin and turned his head slowly till they were facing each other.  The older man leaned in and kissed him not on the cheek this time but on the lips.  Ross felt like he was going to melt.

5SOS Preference #3: You're Short And Curvy

Luke: Luke was a giant. Even the tallest people looked short next to him. So you looked like an ant. You were insecure enough as it was about your height, so having a giraffe for a boyfriend didn’t help much. One night, you and Luke were going out to dinner, and you decided to wear your new heels. The were seven inches, and you walked about two steps before you almost broke your neck. But beauty is pain, right? You made it into the living room where Luke was waiting for you. “Ready to go babe?” he asked. “Yeah,” you said. You took one step before you were tripping into his arms. “Why are you wear heels? Jesus Christ those are really tall. What’s wrong with your sneakers?” You shurgged. “Just wanted to be tall for one night, I guess.” “But baaaaabe, you’re perfect the way you are. And is it really worth tripping all night?” “I guess not,” you frowned, sitting down on the couch before you fell over again. Luke leaned down and took off your heels, slipping your sneakers on your feet. “Don’t be worried about your height…” “But Luke, you’re so tall! I’m like a twig next to you!” “But you’re perfect for me in so many other ways. So what I have to bend down a little bit when I kiss you? It’s worth it,” he said, lacing up your shoe. “I love you for your heart, not your height, okay?” “Okay…” you agreed, leaning forward to kiss him. “Plus, I can hide cookies and stuff on the top shelf since you can’t reach…” “Luke!”

Ashton: “What are you doing?” he asked, looking down at you. You were laying in the floor, doing sit-ups. “Working out,” you replied. “Why?” “To get rid of some of this fat.” “What fat?!” he cried, pulling you up off the floor. You blushed, “I have love handles and thunder thighs.” “No you don’t!” “But I do Ash!” He rolled his eyes and shoved you up against the wall. “Hey babe,” he breathed into your ear, “those thighs don’t look so bad when they’re wrapped around my head.” He started kissing on your neck, taking your mind off your abandoned workout. “And those hips are perfect for me to hold on to when you’re riding me.” “Ashton…” you moaned. He smiled and looked up at you. “Baby, you’re beautiful. Please don’t change a single thing about you. You want to work out to be healthy, that’s fine. But don’t do it because you think you need to lose weight. You don’t. You’re just the perfect size. Alright?” he said, running his hands down your body. “Now, how about we finish that workout in the bed? So I can worship this perfect body?”

Calum: “Cal, I have a question.” “Yes, love?” “Don’t… don’t laugh at me, okay? I’m really serious about this.” He frowned, “What’s wrong?” You sighed. “Nothing’s wrong…well not really. I was just wondering… do you think my butt is too big?” “Really?” he asked, almost offended. “Well, yeah. I don’t know. All those other girls have nice little bubble butts, and I have this big hunk of…whatever.” “What other girls?” he asked. “Those girls that are always all over you…” He stood up off the couch and walked over to you. “But I don’t love those other girls. I love you. And every inch of you is incredible,” he said, kissing your nose. You smiled, “That’s all I need to hear. I get a little insecure sometimes.” “Well don’t. Because you’re amazing just the way you are.” You giggled, “Alright then, Bruno Mars.” “I mean it though, you are.” You hugged him. “Thanks Cal.” “Love you babe.”

Michael: You had just gotten home after a day of shopping with your friends. Your skinny friends. Your friends that could just pick up an article of clothing and it fit them perfectly. You on the other hand had wide hips and short legs, making it nearly impossible to find a good fitting pair of jeans. You came home frustrated and upset, and Micheal noticed. “What’s wrong?” “Just… bad day,” you sighed. “But you loving shopping and seeing your friends. What happened?” “Clothes don’t fit me right. I’m misshaped. My friends all found nice cute things and I didn’t. It was embarrassing,” you frowned. “Aw, honey,” he said, pulling you into his arms. “Don’t be embarrassed. Rome wasn’t built in a day.” You scrunched up your nose. “Wrong quote there, I think.” “No,” he explained, “What I mean is, your body is so nice and unique and perfect that you can’t just dress it in any old thing. You deserve the best. I sound stupid, but do you get what I’m saying?” “I think I do,” you smiled. “It just frustrates me.” “Well how about this, I’ll call up our stylists, or maybe Lou Teasdale, and they’ll help you find something nice that fits your style, okay?” “But that costs too much money!” “So? I don’t want my girl sad. But for what it’s worth, you could wear old rags and you’d still be perfect to me.” You blushed and kissed his cheek softly. “I love you Mikey.” “Everybody loves me,” he said, making you giggle.


before I start, would like to say that I’m so grateful that I got the chance to attend, I never thought something like this would happen to me in a million years.
okay so this is gonna be kinda long but here goes:
so we got to the hotel where the listening party was gonna be held and we waited for a little while, then someone came and got us & brought us up to like a hang out room. we sat in the room for about 40 minutes, we had free snacks and a fridge full of drinks so it was cool. we got to know each other a little bit & as there was only 10 of us , we exchanged Twitters. but obviously y'all don’t wanna know that so I’ll move on to the important part. so we were sat there for quite a while & then a woman came and opened the door and whispered “I think he’s coming” and closed the door again. so then we freaked out. then another woman came in the room and told us that troye is downstairs & he will be coming up an meeting us all and chatting for a little bit & then we’ll listen to the album. so then we waited for about 5 more minutes and the troye came in & he was with laurelle, sage, connor and sage’s boyfriend. troye came around and hugged us all and asked for our names, but when he got to me he said “I’ve met you before haven’t i” and when I said yes he said “it’s nice to see a familiar face”. he then hugged me & I was secretly freaking out. while troye was hugging everyone connor slid down the wall to sit down on the floor & made this really cute sound while he was doing it & we all looked at him and he just had that look of “shit they saw that” on his face & he was so embarrassed aw my little bean. anyway so the troye sat down and opened a packet of sweets and we just talked about a bunch of stuff for a little while. he asked us how we are & if we went to the show last night, if we’re excited to hear blue neighbourhood and stuff like that. he asked us advice on nail colours which was adorable. he then told us that we’ll be hearing the whole album, every single song on bn and he said they have never played the whole for anyone before, which was so weird cause we were literally the only people to hear it all?? omfg I’m so grateful. anyway, after we chatted a little, troye came around and took selfies with us, when he got to me he asked me “wait so how many times have me met?” and I couldn’t count the amount of times I met him on the last trip quick enough so I was just like “uh many” and he laughed and said “it’s so nice to see you again!” and then we took selfies ( which I will post right after this ). I also took a selfie with laurelle (which I will also post haha). me and a couple of my friends met troye exactly 3 months ago today, so we told him that & he said “that’s such a weird coincidence, okay well I should come back in 3 months so we can all hang out again” which was so cute omfg. anyway after the selfies we took group photos in different poses and it was so funny because we couldn’t figure out where to take the photos so we were all just standing around awkwardly until we decided to sit down on the couch and floor. after the group photos troye had to leave, so he asked for our Twitter names and we gave him a list, so hopefully he’ll tweet us or follow us or something. I don’t get to properly talk with anyone apart from troye and laurelle ( who had a beautiful necklace on that she got on troye’s first show which I think is adorable ). troye and everyone else then left, and it was time to listen to the album. they gave us a little bit of time after troye left to calm down, look at our photos, tweet them etc. which was so nice of the girls. then they took our phones for obvious reasons and put on the album and left us on our own to listen and drown in our tears. all the songs from wild played first obviously because they are also on the album, so we were all dancing and singing along. whenever songs that we hadn’t heard before came on we all went quiet and were remembering some lyrics of the songs (if u go on my Twitter you might find some *hint hint* ;) ). can I just tell you now, the album was AMAZING. it exceeded my expectations and my expectations were so high because troye’s music is always so good but blue neighbourhood is amazing. I can’t choose I favourite of the album, I love them all. you guys are not ready for this album, I’ll tell u that. anyway so then the album stopped playing, we got our phones back and we were sooo emotional. we literally didn’t want to leave. me and the people from the listening party have a group DM rn and we are just basically crying to each other haha. today was so amazing, I can’t believe I was lucky to be chosen to be one of the people there. I love troye so much, he’s such an angel & he means the world to me.

(spelling mistakes and mess ups are included in this bc I didn’t proof read)
Interview with Katnissdoesnotfollowback

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Catching up with @katnissdoesnotfollowback today! She was gracious enough to talk to me while she was on vacation, and let me ask her lots of personal questions. :) Settle yourself on the couch with a blanket and grab your favorite beverage for this little treat. 

Ready for your first real question?

Let’s do this thing!!!

We’ll start out non fandom..

So you just packed up and moved 2/3 of the way across the country. What was that like?

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