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Kagami meeting his s/o for the first time at a gym and she was trying to lose weight. He found her very pretty and thought that he could be her friend by helping her lose weight. Eventually they end up spending alot of time together in and out of the gym and Kagami realizes he loves her. When she loses the weight, guys start to take notice... how will Kagami react? will he confess or stay friends with her even if he likes her?

I actually loved how specific this was! It made it so much easier to write so thank you dear anon <3 I’ve never been to a gym before so I don’t even know what they have there should’ve asked my brother since he goes everyday. 

Female pronouns used. 

Kagami’s regular visits to the gym allowed himself to familiarise who often came in and those who didn’t. You were a new face to him. He spent a few moments of his time observing you acting like a lost lamb. The way you interacted with the equipment became evident that you had no idea what you were doing. 

“Do you, uh need help?” You squeaked as the lean, muscular boy threw his towel over his shoulders. His height gave off an intimidating aura that caused you to be wary of the stranger. 

“I uh, n-no it’s fine,” you stammered. Picking up a set of weights, that you would have realised were obviously too heavy for you if you weren’t so flustered, almost dropping them on your feet if it wasn’t for a hand supporting your own. The male was polite in taking the weights out of your hand and putting them away. “Okay, maybe I need a little bit of help,” positioning your index finger and thumb ridiculously close together. 

“I’m Kagami. Kagami Taiga.” 

“_____ _____. Pleased to meet you Kagami,” your lips curving into a smile as you shook his hand. 

“So, what do you need help with?”

“If me being clueless about everything in this room wasn’t enough for you, then I’ll tell you I need help with everything.” The lit up expression you had earlier disappeared and now your eyes were empty, mouth forming a straight line. “You see I’m trying to lose some weight. It’s been really tough and I keep putting it off day after day. I’m getting nowhere. I really want to commit but I just can’t.” Kagami felt a wave of sympathy rush over him. “Ah, sorry I’m just rambling now,” letting out a forced laugh to cover your embarrassment. 

“No it’s fine really!” Kagami exclaimed, “I can help you out if you don’t mind. Though I think you’re pretty the way you are…” Mumbling the last part of his sentence. 

“Are you serious?! You’ll help me?!” Grabbing the red head’s hands raising them close to your face, your orbs practically twinkling with little stars. 

Kagami felt his face heat up with the sudden contact, “No-I mean sure!” 

And this is how it all started. 

Within the first few days, you had both exchanged numbers, frequently texting him about what you should be eating and when you would meet up at the gym. It was the only place you would spend time together, at least at first it was. Kagami had briefly mentioned him being a basketball player, to which you were impressed with, and you asked him if he could teach you sometime. Now that time was today. 

You were waiting at court near your house, watching the children play around the park as you waited for Kagami to show up. The basket made a ‘swoosh’ sound and you averted your attention to it. Grinning underneath was the person you had been waiting for this whole time. 

“Wah! Kagami teach me! Teach me!” You whined loudly trying to grab the ball that he held high above your head. Kagami only chuckled at how cute you looked jumping up and down, over and over again. 

To break the usual routine, Kagami invited you out - your choice of activity - and to have dinner at his apartment. 

“Care to explain why you want to go to the arcade?” He raised an eyebrow at you, giving you questioning looks. 

“You said I could choose where we go,” you huffed and pouted, “Besides, who doesn’t love the arcade?” 

“I don’t know, people?” 

“Well, that’s okay,” jumping ahead and pointing your finger at the boy, “Just don’t tell me you’re one of those people because we’re going.” 

It was a Friday night, hence the reason it was packed with students that had come out to have fun after a seemingly unbearable week. You rushed in, fascinated by the variety of new games. Despite being a head taller than everyone else, Kagami lost his sight on you. 

You were focusing intensely on the DDR machine. You weren’t horrible at it, it’s just you weren’t particularly great either. A group of boys started to gather around and watch you. It felt like a little party as they began clapping and cheering, you even started to care less about the game itself and just wanted to have fun with them too. Once it finished, you shyly smiled at the group, offering them a ‘thanks’ with your eyes. 

Kagami had walked all over the arcade. It felt as if he had gone around thousands of times already. In the distance he could hear loud chatter and laughter that he recognised immediately.  

“Woah, you have really nice legs.”

“Those clothes look really good on you.”

“Damn, if only I could find a girl with a body like that and actually have a chance with her.” 

You felt an arm drape over your shoulders, “Having fun without me?” 

“Oh, Kagami! Where were you?”

“You know, just here and there.” His gaze was fixed on the boys, glaring at each and every one. “We should go, I don’t know if dinner will be ready when you start getting hungry.” 

“Eh?! But we just got here,” you whined.

“I’ll take you another time,” Kagami grabbed your hand and lead you out.

Upon arriving at Kagami’s apartment, you were in awe. Mainly because it gave you a warm feeling as soon as you stepped in, but you were partly surprised it was this clean. “Do you live alone?”

“Yeah, I get visitors every now and again but it’s usually just me.” He noticed that you were standing around unsure of what to do. “Make yourself at home, I’m gonna get started on dinner.” You gave a slow nod and spun around on your heels to look at the photos displayed on the shelf. A picture of Kagami and a group of boys caught your attention. With numerous trophies and medals around their necks, they all looked so - happy, so proud. 

“You must have worked hard Kagami, so you deserve it,” you said in a barely audible whisper while still staring at the picture. Done with looking around, you settled yourself on the couch while browsing through endless channels on the television. When dinner was ready, Kagami called you over. You complimented his cooking skills and started chatting from one topic to another. The two of you shared an unforgettable night.  

It was starting to get late and Kagami insisted that he walk you home. He felt the need to be around you, to protect you. It felt selfish of him, but he wanted you by his side. Ever since the first day you spoke, there was some undeniable attraction he felt that he couldn’t put away, deep in his heart. You were the one of the few girls that Kagami felt comfortable around. Sure his words would stumble every now and again, but he didn’t feel embarrassed when he screwed up. Watching you skip along the path, spinning around the lampposts had his heartbeat speeding up. Was this that thing called love that everyone talked about? 

“-mi? Kagami? Hello?” He came to his senses and saw you waving your hand in front of his face. 

“Ah, sorry. I zoned out for a bit.” 

“Well, this is my stop. Thanks for dinner again, you’re a really good cook,” flashing him a thumbs up. “I had a really fun time today. Let’s hang out again sometime!” You bid him goodbye and jogged towards your front door. As you were about to unlock the door, a force had you turning around and you found yourself in an embrace. “Kagami?” 

“You’re the first person I’ve felt this way for. I don’t even know if what I’m feeling is right, but when I saw those boys looking at you, it made me annoyed. Annoyed that they were looking at you for the way you look. And I know you’re much more than your appearance. From the first day I met you, you were beautiful, and to this day you’re beautiful. Not just on the outside but inside too. So _____, will you be my girlfriend?”