aw they're so small

tahanialjamil  asked:

but wait there's more: jack and bitty give one of their kids the middle name "christopher" and chowder cries

im weebping…chris chow holding a child….chris chow being a godfather and getting told that along with hugs and his favorite pie :o

chowder taking photos with baby!!! like taking snapchats with sleeby baby and jack taking so many photos and bitty videoing of all of this. chowder being afraid to hold the baby because like, jack and bitty’s older kids were adopted when they were middle-school-aged and they’re amazing! but babies? new, small, fragile territory. and like, chowder? he’s careful, he’s calculated, he’s fierce on the ice. and that’s how he usually thinks of situations, he analyzes all angles and makes the most intuitive move.

which is why baby goes to almost everybody else first whilst chowder watches and looks at technique for holding baby. hands?? what? and oh my god, the floor is wood over there…ok ok baby is fine. baby is sleeping, baby’s in crib, no one can pick up baby.  

and this baby is middle-named. for him.. like, that’s Wild and weirdly adult and he feels responsible to make sure this baby is treated so well. and like, chowder’s so good with baby, if a little too careful. he’s so watchful and he gifts baby with  soft plush toys that baby grows up to treasure! if he buys a onesie, chowder chooses one by tactile qualities, which fabric is softest on skin, non-irritating. he texts jack and bitty about research on the safest cribs and carriers and car seats and they all compare notes. 

ahh chowder wearing a baby bjorn when he visits, walking around jack and bitty’s place with the sleeby baby, an awake baby! he poses for photos and he can’t believe?! he lays baby (carefully) into the arms another one of jack/bitty’s kids as they sit on the couch and chowder’s like in complete awe..