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Words: 38, 816

Based on this prompt:
Someone write an angsty fic where that tweet hits 2nd most retweeted but they aren’t together anymore so it’s like PAIN for the both of them and then Harry calls Louis (drunk or something) like “did you mean it?” And Louis is confused and Harry says “did you really mean I’m always in your heart?” And Harry’s crying Louis is quiet for a couple seconds but it feels like hours and finally he whispers “of course I did, haz”


                                                                He flushed and looked away; but that wasn’t any better for him, since everyone else was watching us with enormous interest, too drunk on beer and dancing to be polite. 

                 He looked back at me instead, and scowled at my smile.

You fell in love with him the moment you laid eyes on him. The way his eyes glistened when he saw you, the smile he’d show when you told him you loved him and the laugh he’d give when you told an awful joke. You two were inseparable from the moment you first met each other, never spending a moment alone. You both always had to be touching one another and you were okay with that. You two were completely in love. They key word being ‘were’

It all started when the band broke up. Although it was Harry’s idea, he didn’t like being alone. He was so used to having the boys around that he forgot what it felt like to be by himself. You were always at home while he traveled the world, but when he was with you it was always arguments, everything you would do would cause an irreverent argument, there was nothing you could do to make him happy anymore and you knew that. But for some reason, you both ended up in each others arms at the end of the day, whether it be out of love or just to feel wanted, you didn’t know. But what you did know was that Harry had fallen out of love with you, but couldn’t bare to be alone. 


I often complain about expensive fruit in Tokyo, but if you buy carefully and stick to the usual suspects, it’s less painful. That collection on the left was ¥1000. (¥1026, to be precise.) That’s about 8-ish pounds, euros, dollars. It was cheap because I bought it at my local mom-and-pop store, and the bananas (the cheapest fruit in Japan to start off with) were ripe and offered at a discount. That little watermelon is the cutest – small enough to fit on a side plate, perfect for solitary souls. PS: If you add grapes or peaches or any fruit NOT in that photo to your list, best visit your bank for a loan first.

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You and rig are the cutest friendship ever, like you're my brotp, Is it okay if I draw you two together?

aw heck thank you! :D I would love to see it!! 

After Eren is sent to the back room with the higher ranking officers, after Hanji has cleaned his wounds and after the awful tribunal, Eren is so tired. He can`t keep his eyes open, in fact, this couch he so comfortable he may just…

Levi stiffened when the brat fell over onto him as he fell asleep, his head falling across his lap like a pillow. He instinctively went to push him off but Hanji shook her head harshly, 

“He needs his rest!” They hissed, Mike and Erwin both nodded, pleading with him to just let the boy sleep. Levi rolled his eyes and dealt with the warmth in his lap, the way the brunet hair was tickling even through his pant leg, how the brat was mumbling and it was probably the most sickeningly cute thing he`d ever heard.

“Aw, you two look so cute together!” Hanji squealed.

Eren wound up flung on the floor and waking up with a start when Levi jumped up from the couch and proceeded to chase the mad scientist around the small room.

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I've recently stumbled across the word "otherkin" and it seems to describe certain feelings I have, but the tumblr tags seem to be full of unuseful information and, well, silliness. I'm sort of looking for people to talk to while I try to sort myself out, without making too much light of it. Do you have any advice on sifting through everything?

Besides going ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ and never doing anything about it?

First things first. You’re new, so we’re going to divide this into two parts. Part one, crash course on otherkinity, alterhumanity, and the little branches of it you should know about. Those words and terms will help you figure out what’s what. Part two is great, you know all these terms, how do you sort through the mess that is kinfeels. 

Under a readmore because long, since I ramble sometimes. I’m glad you asked, and if you have any further questions, hit me up again and I’ll do what I can.

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I don’t know what’s up but being needed by the little people today is making me physically uncomfortable. I have to work at not pushing them away when they run up to me to pick them up or climb on me when I’m sitting down.

Also, I don’t know how people with twins or more do it without help. Getting to church this morning was fine but trying to leave was awful. You’d think someone would notice two squirmy babies trying to wiggle out of a single mom’s arms and offer to help carry a baby or at least offer to carry the two bags, but noooooooo. Nothing. Super encouraging.

On the bright side Liam stayed in Sunday school and Addie lasted 45 minutes in the nursery before I got paged back there.

Baby steps.


“I’m not yet fortunate enough to take only the scripts that capture my fancy, but each one has to be a new experience, to put me in a light that audiences haven’t necessarily seen me before. I’d love to try comedy, which I’ve never actually done. I could fail miserably at it, but I’d have fun working it out.” (Rose Leslie photographed by Sophia Evans for The Guardian)

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You are a ray of sunshine! Send this to 8 people who deserve it and try not to break the chain ✨♥ :D (We don't usually write you but you are great person. Also, thank you for all the Ravus content/love. You Epic, Steph!)

D’aw~ Thanks, you two! C: I really appreciate you taking the time to send me a nice message.
And thank you for indulging and supporting my content as well! It’s a treat to know that I can make someone a little bit happier with it all. c: Because we all could give Rae-Rae a bit more love.

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Hi, I'm currently at a friend's house and my Daddy is busy at his friends' house and it nearly evening but I'm really missing my Daddy. I wish we could message but he's too busy to look at his messages so he doesn't know I've been messaging. Any advice to cheer me up? It would be appreciate, or even a simple chat. :D

Aw, hope you two are back together by now. Hang in there. It won’t be long.

Think of something you have to look forward to later, even if it’s something small. That’s always helped me get through those tough days. 

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          ❝   e   !   ❞   mal gasps in awe .   ❝   this is beautiful   !   ❞   she runs manicured hands down the gold encrusted robe for her dinner with aladdin   &   jasmine . the shade of blue was  SO   refreshing from the regular pale or benny - boo - blue she usually wore   —   &   the headpiece would make her look right at home in agrabah   (   which was a   BIG   help , considering how she wasn’t exactly doing that on her own   )   .   ❝   i know , i know you keep saying friends   &   family discount , but are you sure i can’t repay you   ??   hell , i’d even go shopping with you .   ❞ 

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What about a selectively mute Sole, who speaks to a romanced MacCready for the first time as a quiet, timid "I love you"? (You're awesome BTW)

(Aw! Thank you! :D)

The two were settling in an abandoned house. Well, it wasn’t abandoned until they killed the raiders inside the place. MacCready looked in the kitchen, finding some Nuka-Cola and Fancy Lads Snack Cakes. He sat on the floor, waiting on Sole.

He opened the bottle of Nuka-Cola, taking a few drinks and saving the rest for Sole. When they came down the stairs, dragging down a mattress, he ran to their aid. He helped them get it down the stairs, sitting it in what was left of the living room. He picked up the Nuka-Cola and handed it to them, watching as they drank what was left of it.

He sat down and patted the spot next to him, flashing them one of his geeky smiles. They smile back and sit beside him. He wraps an arm around them and quickly kissing their cheek, a light blush making its way onto his cheeks.

“Love ya, Sole.” He says, looking at them and his smile never faltering. It felt nice to love someone again. He once promised himself he’d never get attached anyone ever again after losing Lucy. Sole was the exception, he guessed.

“I-I…” A weak voice said. MacCready looked at Sole and saw it was them saying something. They never talked, but that was because they were mute. He watched as they struggled to say what they were going to say.

“Hey, hey, calm down. Don’t hurt yourself,” he said, pulling a pencil and paper out of his pocket. That was how Sole normally communicated with him, besides nods and shakes of the head.

“I-I…l-l-love you t-too,” they said, as if they were scared of their own voice. He was genuinely surprised. He didn’t think they could talk. He hugged them tight, kissing all over their face. He smiled wider and more dorkier than before.

He grabbed the snack cakes from earlier, handing them to Sole. They tried to offer him one, but he just shook his head and told them to eat it. He had eaten a bit earlier, so he was fine. He just watched them and smiled. “Today was a good day, am I right?” He got a small nod in reply.

(I hope that’s what you wanted! And I also hope you liked it!)