aw the bae

jimin is perfect just the way he is. his face, his smile, his laugh, his voice, his body… all of him is perfect. he is a beautiful person and he deserves all the love and all the respect. every time i hear his beautiful and sweet voice i feel like i’m in heaven and he is a little angel who whisper in my ear. and when i see his dances i don’t see anyone else but him. i’m so proud of him. i love him so much and i wanna protect him every day of my life. if he is happy, i am happy, if he is sad, i am sad too. all i want is his happiness. i love him to the moon and back.


12 Days of Bethyl, Day One: Gift
And it’s also the continuation of missgreene’s request she left in my inbox ♥ 

It’s late! and… I don’t know if I’ll finish day 2’s prompt in time, but AGH we’ll see. I am totally the stereotype of the constantly scattered and tardy artist, never finishing on the deadline. woops. to be fair, I did technically draw 6 things. though… that’s always my downfall and the reason WHY I’m always late with things… whatdoyoumeanoverachievementandprocrastinationareacruelcombo looooool

Daryl is the best gift giver, it’s canon fact.

all of these cause me to have conflicting feelings simultaneously, such as but not limited to:

  • thank you writers for creating Bethyl but also fuck you writers for doing everything else that you’ve done to them
  • ugh I hate using references sometimes but also thank god for references
  • Norman your face is too kaleidoscope-y the fEATURES CONSTANTLY SHIFT AND CHANGE QUIT IT or I’ll never LEARN HOW TO DRAW IT but also there are some faces in here where I’m like hot diggity damn, that’s YOUR FACE right there I DID IT
  • Emily you too stop it but also you’re p cute in some of these as well
  • hands what even are you and also WOW THAT’S A GOOD HAND like seriously wtf is that hand on the guitar and yet that hand on your thigh? #glorious
~Comes home to see MC Sobbing (RFA)~

- Screams
-Calls Saeyoung for help since he’s scared
-Calms down and grabs a blanket
-Hugs you and puts the blanket on top of you both together
-After mc stops crying he makes a fort with her
- Spends the whole day with her and they both sleep in the fort
-Lots of cuddling

-Gets scared
-Worries so much he’s sweating
-Cancels all his meetings
-Carries you like a baby
-Kisses every tear on your cheek
-Once you calm down he will ask what happened
-Watches a movie together
-Lot’s of happy kisses

- Almost faints
-Stops all meetings for the week
-Puts Elizabeth the 3rd away
- Reads a book about what to do
- Holds you from behind until you relax and calm down
- Brings you to the bed to sleep
-The next day he makes you food all day
-Flowers displayed in every room

- you cried?? And he didn’t hear if from his phone alerts?
- Runs to you and carries you and kisses you until you stop crying
-Doesn’t ask what happens so he stays quiet about the topic
- Uses the phone to make you look like Elizabeth until Jumin deletes it
-Both of them watch so many seasons on Netflix

- drops her stuff (like her phone, data and etc)
- Throws the heels to the other side of the room and runs to mc
- Sobs with her even though she doesn’t know what happen
- Makes coffee
- Braids her hair
-Watches musicals with mc all day
- begs Jumin to give her a day off the next day
- Hugs are given every time they see each other

-buys you so much stuff
-Almosts breaks his glasses
-Takes photos of mc because he said that every pose she takes while she cried were amazing
-gives her tissues
-after mc stops crying they sleep for a long time
-Naps always helps but then again he gets his camera to take pictures for her every pose