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So, remember back during the Campania arc (or Book of Atlantic for you anime watchers) where Elizabeth said that Ciel didn’t want a strong, scary wife, and Our Ciel had to tell her that was all in the past?

I’m pretty sure whatever Real Slim Ciel had said to Lizzy (And I am very aware he said that he was happy to marry Lizzy after training with Francis) greatly effected her. The flashback we saw of Lizzy were happy times before the fire happened. Nothing about darker times with Real Slim Ciel. No deep, private conversations or anything.

Her family wouldn’t hurt her like that and say it’s unlady-like to sword fight. I’m sure Vincent and Rachel were cool with it and shrugged their shoulders. Angela had some impact on her, though she kept doing what she did. Anyone who learned how to swordfight were more impressed than anything.

So… Real Slim Ciel would’ve said something to her about how scary she was when she trained, when we narrow it down. It’s obvious he wouldn’t say anything nasty to Our Ciel, but the rest of the family… I’m sure he has said some things to them.

And Lizzy isn’t going to return to that life of suppressing herself.

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A weird message came to your hands. It was a piece of paper, or better said, a piece of newspaper, in which was written a clear message that called your attention: "Chief of Mizuho, Sheena Fujibayashi: Kidnapped. No one knows who was or to where she had been taken, but investigators said the kidnappers are probably an organization seeking for revenge to the village's old chief."

An odd piece of newspaper fluttered by and into the male’s hands. He glanced in the direction it came from with a brow raised, but nevertheless he straightened the piece and quickly surveyed the paper’s message, reading the words that stood out the most: Sheena. Kidnapped. He stared blankly at the paper, he was still for a moment before the hand holding the paper fell to his side.

Had he read this correctly? The words and it’s meanings registered withing the male’s mind, as if two wires had been connected, but sparks flew out of control.

The more he thought about what could be transpiring at the very moment he stood in the same place, the more his brow knitted together, the more mix of emotions spread throughout each and every single vein, anger and confusion took account of his features. The piece of paper crumpled within his grasp before falling to the ground as he headed off to who knows where to do who knows what to the kidnappers.