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Two very different kind of evil.

stories of ghosts are the most interesting stuff this world has to offer, and yet even thinking about ghosts gets me paranoid & freaked out as FUCK for the rest of the day

ok here goes

@lgbtloudhouse , i dont know if you will read this but please hear me out.

i saw what happened to you, the awful shit youve been through and how those people treated you. there was no need for all that to happen.

i know what it feels like to be harassed and suicide baited by people you don’t know.

because it happened to me once.

you have the right to make an oc. you have the right to tell people when you don’t want porn of your oc. and you have the right to tell them to stop being cunts. 

please remember that you have all my love and support. i know that they are going to end up in prison for what they did.

@momagainstcreepos, i’m sorry for what happened to your daughter. i really am. she doesn’t deserve this, and i hope that this stops once and for all.

all those who support them, stay strong and be safe. u too Celeste. ;;

@aquapaulo @leaderofultra12345 @paintrox @jump-around-jumpjump @askloudcestfamily @aval0nx and everyone that bullies this girl, FUCK YOURSELVES.

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You said that DC/MR don't understand the Harley and Joker relationship? Can you expand on that? I wouldn't really be surprised seeing as how DC doesn't understand Selina and Bruce's relationship and certainly doesn't know how to translate it in any medium. As for Margot, I know she called Harley and Joker's relationship toxic and apparently doesn't want "Joker" in the GCS movie, which makes me wonder why she took the role in the first place.

Looking at The New 52 and Injustice 2, we already know that DC don’t understand BatCat… And we have yet to see the upcoming letdown in the current Batman books.

Now, let me try to expand: We all know that Harley/Joker is a very toxic, abusive relationship. We know it, we accepted it, we recognize it as such. But the movie tuned down the abusive part and kept romanticizing their screwed up relationship. The same awful move we saw in Twatlight and 50 Shades of Shit. Those relationships are NOT ROMANTIC, NOT bitter-sweet or beautiful. And as a result, many asshats being under the impression that they’re SO edgy and tortured think they’re Hot Topic Joker and their girlfriends are their Harley. No matter how shitty they treat them, the girls will always come back and admire the asshats’ “dark and mysterious” side.


And while I don’t follow Robbie in any way, I saw several interview gifs on my dash after the movie had come out. Interviews in which she repeatedly stated that she didn’t understand why Harley stayed with Joker, wondering why she doesn’t just leave him. That really rubbed me the wrong way! She criticized a victim of abuse for not leaving her abuser, something we hear SO OFTEN in real life. She didn’t even try to understand it or try to put herself into Harley’s mindset. Or, I dunno, read a comic book or two.

But you wonder why she took the role despite not understanding the character? Two words: Money & fame. When you’re an unknown actor and DC/WB call to invite you into the burning trash can that is the DCEU, you say yes, no matter what role it’s gonna be.

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EXO 8 and 12?

8. How I got into this group.

Winter: Honestly couldn’t tell ya.  I just remember being struck but not where, when, how or by who…I call it the EXO Effect.

Blossom: CALL ME BABY!! Call me baby was how I got into exo, I watched it by accident once then i found myself always coming back to it and decided to end all my chances of living by stanning 

Lily: I know the exact moment I was struck by EXO and it was all thanks to Eugene Lee Yang and The Try Guys. I saw Kai on the hood and was like oh shit. Then saw xiubaekHunHo and was like aw hell they multiplied what do I do?????!. Then saw ChenSooYeol and was like wHY?!?!?!!! Then saw Yixing and, I swear to God, I said, “Fuck me, I’m gone. He’s thrusting in my face, he’s the one.” The chorus hit and I could not deny my destiny as an EXO stan. I’ve never been the same since.🙃🙃

12. My favourite picture of this group. 

Winter: I have more favorite pictures than we have room for, but the wink wins…for today.

Lily: It’s not a pic but…

omegle ; cth : chapter eight

Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 8:57 PM

Callie: I just realised

Callie: You called me bub

Cammie: Do you not like it?

Cammie: I’ll stop if you want

Callie: No, it’s alright :)

Callie: It’s cute

Cammie: Like you

Callie: I saw that coming shit

Cammie: Aw hahaha

Callie: You’re cute too so

Cammie: Um no wtf

Cammie: I’m not cute

Callie: Don’t lie

Cammie: I’m not lying shush

Callie: Yes you are

Cammie: I’m not cute tho?



Cammie: Okay, okay. Whatever you say.

Callie: How’s it going?

Cammie: It’s okay

Cammie: Waiting for Friday

Callie: What’s Friday


Cammie: Do you even look at my Twitter anymore?

Cammie: *annoyed eyeroll*

Callie: I’m actually not on my phone very often

Cammie: Oh

Cammie: Then what are you doing?

Callie: Working

Cammie: ?

Callie: Wake up, get ready, work out, soundcheck, get ready for show, preform, have dinner, sleep

Callie: And it continues

Cammie: Oh

Cammie: That’s pretty busy

Callie: Yeahh

Callie: It’s a pain sometimes

Cammie: I can’t imagine having such a busy day

Callie: Oh yeah, there’s a meet and greet in there sometimes.

Cammie: That’s cool

Callie: I should get to sleep

Cammie: Okay

Cammie: Goodnight

Callie: Goodnight beautiful

Saturday, September 24, 2016, 5:47

Callie: Hi

Callie: I’m in Mexico!

Callie: It’s our last day here tho :(

Cammie: Aw

Cammie: Do you like it?

Cammie: What city are you in?

Cammie: Is it hot?

Callie: Yes

Callie: Mexico City

Callie: Yes, very

Cammie: I’m glad you like it

Callie: The fans here are really enthusiastic and excited.

Cammie: That’s good

Callie: Not always :/

Cammie: What’s wrong?

Callie: I feel anxious

Callie: Like something bad’s going to happen but I know nothing wrong will happen.

Callie: I have this weird vibe about it

Cammie: I’m sure it’ll be fine

Callie: You can’t be so sure.

Cammie: Yeah I guess

Cammie: But you have to stay positive bub

Callie: Ok

Callie: I’ll try

Callie: It’s just hard

Cammie: Hard how?

Callie: Ugh

Callie: I can’t explain

Callie: But it’s just hard

Cammie: …

Cammie: Well okay then

Callie: I’m sorry

Cammie: Don’t be

Cammie: Some things we can’t put into words

Cammie: It’s not really your fault

Callie: Thanks for understanding

Callie: I can’t seem to find very many people who understand as much as you

Callie: Even the boys don’t get it sometimes

Cammie: Aw :(

Callie: Thank you for that

Cammie: You’re welcome :)

Callie: I have to go, but we’ll text later okay?

Cammie: Okay, bye

Callie: Bye…

BTS reaction: you being able to calm Yoongi down

He could probably use a person like that, tbh. Thanks for requesting! xx

Jin: Usually, Yoongi was respectful towards him, so when he actually yells at Jin, he would almost be scared, because he knew Yoongi must be angry as shit. He would almost be gaping in awe when he saw you just staring Yoongi down. He would gladly let you take over, as he wanted Yoongi to take care of himself, but you seemed to be able to handle him better. He would really admire you.

Originally posted by bangtanmemess

Suga: He would be so grateful that he’s got you, even though he’s not good at expressing it. He knew that he was bad at taking care of himself, and that he could be a pain in the ass sometimes when it had gone too far. Having you to take care of him in those moments, was really something he wouldn’t trade for anything. And he knew that he could always count on you to apologize to the boys for him, as he knew that you knew that he’s really sorry about it.

Originally posted by b-sonyeondan

J-Hope: When he noticed that Yoongi was staring to sleep and eat less than usual, he would of course try to help him out. But when Yoongi got angry enough to start yelling he would immediately back off, almost scared to death. But when you calmly told Yoongi that he should go and get some sleep, and Yoongi actually shut up, Hobi would be so surprised. Grateful, but surprised. He didn’t think anyone could do that. From now on, he would almost think of you as superhuman.

Originally posted by jjungkook

Rap Monster: I think that, as the leader, Namjoon would see it a bit as his job to take care of all of the boys, even his hyungs. When he tried to tell Yoongi to get some rest, but Yoongi started to yell in protest, he would probably become really frustrated and yell back. Which meant that you would have to tell him to back off before dealing with Yoongi. Once Namjoon was taken care of and you told Yoongi to shut up because Joonie was right and he needed sleep, Namjoon would probably thank the heavens above. He would watch as you pushed Yoongi to his room, and wait for you to come back to thank you. From that moment on, he would try to contact you every time Yoongi was starting to overwork himself again.

Originally posted by woopyun

Jimin: We all know how caring he is, and he would probably hate to see his hyung so tired and overworked. He would try to talk Yoongi into going to sleep early. He would definitely be more persistent in his efforts than Hobi, but he’s also got a bit of a temper. He would probably become frustrated by trying to deal with a yelling and tired Yoongi. Not to the point where he would starting yelling, too, though. He would gladly let you take care of his hyung and leave the room to calm down. When he got back, and the both of you were gone, he would be a bit confused. And he would be in complete awe when he saw you leave Yoongi’s room and told him that he was finally asleep. When you told him to let Yoongi sleep until he woke up by himself, he would nod furiously and spread the word to the other members. He would probably also tell Jin to prepare a big breakfast so that Yoongi would eat properly.

Originally posted by jiminxjimin

V: He would know better than to try and argue with Yoongi when he was like this. He would watch Yoongi lose his temper from the side-lines, trying to be as invisible as possible to avoid pissing his hyung off even more. When you stepped in, and managed to get Yoongi to surrender and go to sleep, he would be so impressed. He didn’t know if you could do that because you were Yoongi’s best friend, or if you used a magic trick. To him, it really seemed like you had just mad a miracle happen. When you got out of Yoongi’s room, and told the boys to be as quiet as possible, he would probably ask you if you could teach Jin or Namjoon how to do that, as it would probably be useful during tours and stuff.

Originally posted by minwooyg

Jungkook: He would, like Hobi, be scared shitless when Yoongi started to yell. He knew that when that happened, his hyung was ready to kill anyone who annoyed him. He was almost about to stop you when you went to stand in front of Yoongi. But when you told him to stop, and Yoongi obliged, Kookie would be so shocked. When you put a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and he willingly, although a bit grumpy, followed your lead to his bedroom, Jungkook would definitely want to follow to try and hear what you said to him. The only reason he didn’t was because his hyungs told him not to do it. He would have major respect for you after that event.

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AU where Erik is a single dad of Pietro and Wanda and they’re both like 5 and they all still have their powers and one day they go grocery shopping and Pietro is being is being the pain in the ass that he usually is and is speeding down the aisles fucking stuff up and running into people, and he ends up running into Charles and Charles catches him and finds Erik using his powers to return Pietro and they immediately start liking each other they go on dates while Emma watches the kids.

"Of fucking course I'd win I'm an undefeated cuddling champion" -lance probably

hey @petnursy !!! i’m your backup secret santa!! i hope you like it even though it’s really short OTL,,,, 

Rating: General Audiences
Title: “Of fucking course I’d win I’m an undefeated cuddling champion” -lance probably
Word Count: 1,041
Pairing: Keith/Lance
Warnings: None!
Summary: Keith has a nightmare, Lance helps calm him down.

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aw shit I just saw your tumblr icon and its adorable poor atem puts up with so much is that Kaiba's hand?

AHAHAHAHA. nope! That is Bakura’s hand. Because Bakura is the ultimate shit. He be like “Hey, need a contact pic for you in my phone. Smile.” So Atem does, and he’s happy Bakura even THOUGHT of him, and then Bakura flips him off and Atem’s face just drops into that and Bakura is like. “Yes, perfect!” and snaps the pic. 

PS: That beautiful creation was done by the amazingly talented @ariasune because THEY are the best. 

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Hey, I love Half-Life and your art but I have a question. Why do you like Barney so much? I like Barney too, nothing not to like, but I don't see much that makes him hugely interesting either. Maybe something went down in Blue Shift that was cool?

Oh man, that is a good question. And I’m sorry, anon, because I really like discussing characters so this reply might run a bit long. 

The Half Life series is really important to me, I first played it when I was young and it shaped my interests as an artist. I like all the characters but I love Barney the most, despite him not having very much screen time. Back then, it was because he was funny, he was Gordon’s best friend (so kinda automatically my bff since I was playing as Gordon), and he saved me from being beaten nearly to death by Civil Protection. And I think “Now about that beer I owe ya” is a fantastic opening line. Also, his voice and face make me very happy.

Now I’m older, and all of those reasons still apply, but I can appreciate some things my 10 year old self didn’t pick up on. Yes Barney can be labeled as simply the comedic relief, but there’s a lot more to him if you think about his past. Blue Shift was a very short game compared to HL1 and even Opposing Force, but Barney still went through some pretty nasty stuff during the Resonance Cascade; hostile aliens abruptly show up and murder everyone, while HECU soldiers are doing the same thing. He was a security guard, there was no way he was trained to deal with shit like that (although a few books in his locker about aliens and government conspiracies suggest he believed in aliens and the like). Yet, like Gordon, he managed to fight his way through Black Mesa and escape. 

Gordon’s adventure at Black Mesa ended with the Gman tucking him away in some sort of other-dimensional freezer, and then skipped directly to City 17 about 20 years in the future. Barney didn’t have the luxury of taking a 20 year nap. He had to endure 20 years of the Combine invasion and its occupation of Earth. Through Gordon’s eyes the Combine occupation is strict and horrible things do happen, but it’s organized. It’s been established for many years. I imagine when it was just beginning it was a hell of a lot more bloody, and that would’ve been something Barney had to live through and cope with. Add all that to the shit he went through at Black Mesa, and Barney’s got a heap of physical and emotional scars, and very possibly survivor’s guilt. If he and Gordon were BFFs at BM, then he also has to cope with not knowing the fate of his friend. It’s also got to feel weird later knowing that he’s now 20 years older than his friend, who was supposedly around the same age during BM.

Somewhere down the line Eli and Kliener invited Barney to join them in the Resistance. Eventually he was asked to infiltrate the Combine ranks and spy on them for the rebels. Such a job is obviously dangerous and very stressful, but I think that Barney would’ve been forced to do some unpleasant things to convince the Combine that he was one of them; beating innocent civilians, splitting up families, raiding apartments, possibly even killing some people. Obviously I don’t have any experience with that but I’m certain doing all that awful shit to whom he saw as good people messed Barney up real bad. He had to do bad things for the greater good, at the cost of innocent lives and his emotional health. Years of doing that, just imagine it. If you compare his character model from the beginning of HL2 to his at the end of Ep. 2 you can even see how disheveled and tired he looks. Then when Gordon is reintroduced in HL2, Barney steps up and apparently becomes the leader of the Resistance forces, helping people evacuate the city and get to rebel outposts. 

This guy is a champ. He went above and beyond what was expected of a security guard, and ended up (in my opinion) even more of a hero than the main character, the One Free Man. He is WAY more than good lookin’ comedic relief, and I’m amazed that Valve made such a complex character out of a generic security guard. 

Thank you so much for your question anon, and I’m sorry if I talked your ear off. 

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fan Fiction TAKE A STAND chapter 8: Names mean something link -

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge here AKA Crewefox with another chapter of Take a Stand, thank you for the follows, faves and reviews, I can’t believe I broke 100 reviews before chapter 8 thank you so so much guys. Please review this fic it really helps me craft a better story and keeps me motivated. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Chapter 8- Names mean something.

“Flower!” Jack snarled with twenty odd years of hatred welling up inside of him. There was no mistaking it, this was the same low life that tormented his mother and all his neighbours “Looks as though you’ve moved from debt collecting to narcotics.” He spat with bile burning in his stomach.

“Who the hell are you Rabbit?” Flower panicked, gripping his hostage tighter.

“The name’s Savage; Jack Savage.” Jack grinned with menace as he aimed his pistol.

“Who?!” Flower snapped, still holding the knife to the beaver’s neck.

Jack looked irked that Flower didn’t know his name, his family’s name causing him to grip his gun tighter, Clawhauswer saw Jack tense up and said professionally “Savage, lower your gun.”

“You don’t know…” Jack growled quietly seemingly ignoring Clawhauser.

“Savage.” Clawhauser warned, seeing the rage in the MCB agent’s eyes.

“Jack; Stand down!” Judy said with authority, she had a horrible feeling where this was heading.

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His Lips - Requested (Luke)

Requested by  itsleviosanotleviosah-godron ENJOY!!!

‘Holy shit spin the bottle come on’ you cheer noticing the circle forming in the centre of the room around a table, you reach onto your tip toes to see who is playing and your excitement only grows more. ‘No way, I am not playing spin the bottle’ your friend Tracy tells you shaking her head as you looks to her side, you know who she’s looking for and it only make you smirk as you turn to face her. ‘It’s a shame cause Calum’s playing’ you tease with a shrug, her eyes narrow as she glares at you.

‘Allie, I am not playing, you know my luck with those games, last time we played you kissed Calum and I had to kiss Lenny Wilbur’ she moans making you laugh at the memory and her disgusted face. ‘TRUTH OR DARE!’ you look over your shoulder to see Michael Clifford standing on a chair his hand around his mouth as he laughs, waving a hand to get people to join.

‘Well you’re in luck, you don’t wanna play spin the bottle’ you speak smiling, ‘it’s turns out to be truth or dare, your lucky night’ your wink grabbing her hand and pulling her along with you. You smile to Michael as he winks seeing you approach. ‘Allie and Tracy make twelve, this will do’ Michael cheers as he jumps from the chair. You take a place around the table noticing Luke Hemmings across from you; you catch his eyes and quickly look away.

‘Now I see why you wanted to play’ Tracy whispers in your ear with a chuckle and you smile earning a questioning look from Luke. You look away nudging Tracy with your shoulder when you notice her staring at Calum, her eyes snapping to you embarrassed, the blush covering her cheeks. ‘Hello Beautiful’ Lenny Wilbur speaks as he stands next to Tracy; she smiles a little before turning to you eyes wide. ‘Wanna swap?’ you ask and she nods quickly making you chuckle as you shuffle into each other’s spaces.

‘Lenny’ you smile and he nods looking a little disappointed and your try to hold back a laugh, you look around to see who else is playing and notice it is mainly your class and a couple older ones. Your eyes flick over to someone about to join the table ‘I don’t think so Sally’ Eddie snaps glaring at his younger sister and you bite back a smile as she turns away head down. ‘Ready?’ Jessica asks, rolling a bottle to the middle. There are a few cheers but your pre occupied looking over Luke, in the last few months this amazing fair stubble as grown making him look crazy like is older brother who is also a god.

You smile when he laughs at something Michael whispers to him before he looks back to the group his eyes again landing on yours, you flick your gaze to Calum who is about to spin the bottle, and the game starts. It’s been about ten minutes when it gets round to you. ‘Allie baby, your spin’ Eddie winks, you bite your lip as you reach over, spinning the bottle. It starts to slow, landing on a grinning Calum; you smile to him and hear Tracy sigh content beside you.


‘Dare’ he cuts you off making a few people laugh and you nod wiggling your eyebrows. ‘Okay….kiss…hmm’ you look around the table to not make it so clear. ‘Tracy’ you tell him, as you look at your best friend, her eyes widen and she shakes her head, Calum laughs already making his way around the table. ‘What?’ she whispers growls making you laugh. ‘Calm down’ you warn her with a smile as Calum reaches the pair of you.

She blushes a deep red and Calum licks his lips stepping close to her, ‘You don’t have…’ she starts to ramble but Calum has pulled her waist to him, his lips already on hers, she throws her arms around his neck, everyone watches for a moment until, Calum’s hands roam to her bum, you press your lips together so not to laugh as they seem to lose control, he picks her up, sitting her on the table and they hold each other close, their lips still on one another. You smile noticing everyone moving away from the table, clearly the game is over and you laugh as you head for a drink.

You lean against the side, pulling out your phone with your empty hand, and take a quick picture, why not she’s your best friend; this is amazing blackmail material or sheer embarrassment. ‘That was pretty cool of you’ you turn to your side seeing Luke, a smile tugging his lips and you try not to stare at his perfection. ‘What?’ you question with a shrug.

‘That dare, very smooth’ he explains and you nod, clearly he had picked up on their tension too. ‘What can I say, I’m am amazing friend’ you shrug with a smile, he laughs, ‘You are’ he goes quiet as he looks over your face, you notice him swallow pretty hard. ‘Wanna get out of here?’ he asks, you nod slowly as he reach down taking your hand, you feel electric spick through your body, putting your drink on the counter as he leads you out.


‘Thing is no one told him for like an hour’ Luke laughs, his laughter echoing in the quite night and you shake your head laughing a little too, ‘So that’s how Michael started dying his hair?’ you clarify and he nods calming down a little. It goes quite for a few minutes.

‘How’s your foot?’ he asks randomly, you frown looking to him, your shoulders are touching as you sit side to side on the top of a hill near the school. ‘I saw you take a hit the other day in soccer’ he explains, you nod a little. ‘You watched my game?’ you ask surprised and he laughs a little. ‘Yeah, I’m a team support, school spirit and all that’ he laughs, you nod feeling embarrassed for thinking he was there for you.

‘Its fine, wasn’t too bad’ you explain, ‘Looked horrible, I was fuming, that fucking ref was terrible, that girl clearly fucking fouled you’ he huffs annoyed, you would agree but your too amazed by his emotion. ‘I mean…she could have really fucking hurt you, shit imagine if it was serious you wouldn’t have been able to perform in the theatre’ he continues.

‘Wait, you know I’m in the theatre?’ you ask and he nods, before looking a little embarrassed, a slightly blush showing and you try not to smile. ‘My family watch the pantomimes every year, Allie you were amazing last year.’ He speaks. Your eyes widen ‘Holy shit, Jack Hemmings saw me in that awful dress’ you mock terror making Luke laugh.

‘Right, your into Jack, who isn’t’ he jokes and you smile looking to him as he smile down at you. ‘I’m not really a Jack girl, I mean there is a little something about him…’ you shrug, ‘that just doesn’t get me’ you add he nods as though trying to finger you out. ‘You on the other hand’ you smirk a little; hoping to god you weren’t making a fool of yourself.

‘Allie’ he speaks and your belly does a summer salt hearing your name from his lips, ‘Can I kiss you?’ he asks, you stop breathing for a second, looking from his parted lips to his blue eyes and there you get caught as you nod slowly, his hand moving a strand of your long brown hair from your face as he leans into you.

From Chelsea

Someone asked junghan to do twoshot, so jisoo asked him to make heart together but junghan said “make it alone”
Again, someone asked jisoo but he said “he won’t do it~” but at last junghan made the heart first then jisoo joined
Cr. _shua_17
Trans: 17wonkkyu

It was a comet. The boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning. And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him. It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There are many who couldn’t understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again… And his belief in God and love and art would be re-awakened in his heart. The boy saw the comet and suddenly his life had meaning.