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@eddsworldweek Day 3! Future Era…

I’m the reason we can’t have nice things. Nothing happy when 8-Ball’s in the house.

I think about this probably more than I should. I know EW’s a gag show and isn’t meant to be taken terribly seriously, but how fucked up is it to see your future self in the state these guys saw them. Especially Edd, whose future self stupidly tried to kill him.
I know a lot of people think Tord is Red Leader (ngl it’s fun to play with) but I tried to leave it ambiguous here. 

Mm, I could probably say a lot about WTFuture. It’s one of my favorite eddisodes. I have a lot of headcanons and thoughts and shit. But I’ll keep them to myself for now. 

Happy Eddsworld Week everyone! :)

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Shit Slytherins Say on Valentine's Day: #1
  • Did you sit on a pile of sugar because your ass is pretty sweet.

Some particulars from my snapchat, chronicling the EPIC FUCKING DND GAME OF TONIGHT

Including this boss-ass diorama that @edwardinkhands, aka the world’s best DM, created, and the MOST TRAGICAL END TO A DRAGON-DAD, EVER.

RIP, Thaddeus, my (character’s) step-daddeus, aka Markender the Traitor, aka the meddler of the realm, aka the best foster-dragon-dad to both dragon and dad, ever in the realm of ebberon.

You’ll be missed, pops!