aw she looks so cute

#AdventureTime DVD release

I just received the Complete Season 7 of Adventure Time on DVD to complete the collection.

PB is on the cover! Aw, look at how sweat she looks!

What’s that underneath?

Awww!! She looks so cute!

What’s inside the box…



★ Wrapped in Cotton Wool / Ross Butler ★

Words: 1421

Holding (B/N) against your chest, you gently sway side to side. “You’re okay,” you murmur to the crying boy. You start to rub his back gently in an attempt to calm him down. It didn’t take long for the crying to stop, “You want to go see dadda?” you ask.

(B/N)’s face lights up in recognition of the word and he starts to wave an arm around, babbling some form of response that makes you chuckle.

“Okay,” you say. “We’ll go find dadda.”

Walking out of your baby’s room, you head out to find your partner. It proved to be an easy task, finding him sitting on the couch in the lounge room on his phone.

Spotting you as you enter the room, his smile grows when he takes in the sight. “Hey,” he greets, dropping his phone to the side as he holds an arm out for you to join him.

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Kageyama, after some reflection: waIT DID I PRAISED HIS JUMPS IN FRONT OF HIS SISTER

Ok ok ok, but I really want Natsu to go cheer for Karasuno and then all of the boys be like aw look she’s so cute and she ruining his brother’s life. IT WOULD BE SO FUN.

(Also click for better view pleASE I’M CRYING)

Edit: I JUST REALISED THE “YOU’RE TOSSES AMAZING!!” omg I’m sorry what the hell

Sleepy Stream

Fandom: Youtube/Markiplier

Character/Ship: Markiplier x Reader

Warning: Flufffff, Chica

Writer: Cassie

Words: 520

Requested by: Anon on @thefandomimagine

Summary: Y/N falls asleep during a livestream with Mark

[Based off of:]

Author’s Note: I know I barely do real people but oh my goodness this prompt was so cute

This is a filler fic so I can get some other stuff done. Enjoy it you guys!!!

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  • Blake: ... *Blake sat in her comfy chair reading one of her favorite books with in the house she, her girlfriend Yang, and the rest of team RWBY shared and has a random thought.* I wonder if I should get one of those virgin killer sweaters to tease Yang with?... Wait Why the hell would I even think that?
  • Yang: *Suddenly the door burst open revealing Yang ironically wearing said sweater hiding something moving with in it before with a teasing smile said to her girlfriend.* Blake. I'm pregnant. You're the father.
  • Blake: Ah, it was an omen. *Blake thought to herself before going back to her book.* Yang. Picking up a stray cat does not make them our baby. Now go take them to the animal shelter so they can get a good house.
  • Yang: Aw but Blakey. She is so cute. Look. *Yang then reach inside of her backless sweater and processed to turn it around revealing before the black cat with blonde stripes and her breast to which made Blake's face instantly blush as a warm feeling rose between her legs.* See, She is adorable. Can we keep her? Please?
  • Blake: I...duh... uh... *Is all Blake could say as she stared at Yang wanting nothing more then to pounce on her. Unfortunately for her self control she then watched as the began to make itself comfy between her girlfriend's chest pillows causing her to slam her book shut, throw it on the table as she stand up, march over to her girlfriend, Snatch the cat from Yang, placing it on the ground, and before Yang could speak Tackle her onto the couch.*
  • Yang: Whoa! Blake? What are you-Hmmmph!~<3 *Yang trying to question before holding back a moan as Blake nuzzled her breats, her cat ears tickling her.*
  • Blake: Fine. We can keep the cat if Ruby and Weiss are okay with it. However, She stays off my favorite cuddle pillow. Deal. *Blake said as she stared up at Yang growing lustfully face as she teased her.*
  • Yang: ~Deeeeal.~<3 Butt first, *Yang panted with a smirk and she reached down Blake's back, slipping her hand underneath her pants and undies causing her girlfriend to yip in surprise.* Lets go up to our room with you can cuddle and I play my belladongos.<3
  • Blake: Oh yes please. *Blake smiled giving Yang a kiss and laughed as Yang lifted her up and carried her up to their room as the cat watch and then fall a sleep on the couch.
  • ~Later~
  • Weiss: *Weiss sat at the stand of counter reading her scroll sipping her coffee when she had a random thought.* I wonder if they have those sweaters with the opening in the chest in my size... Wait Why the hell would I even want one of those lewd things!?
  • Ruby: *Suddenly the door burst open revealing Ruby ironically wearing said sweater hiding something moving with in it before with a teasing smile said to her girlfriend.* Weiss. I'm pregnant and you are the father.
  • Weiss: What are the odds? And why does my girlfriend have to be bigger then me in the two areas I wish I was? *Weiss thought to herself.* Ruby. Aside from the fact that we can't have kids through normal sex. What is in your shirt?
  • Ruby: *Then right on cue, Zwei's head popped out of the opening of Ruby's sweater as Ruby grinned.* Our son!~<3
  • Weiss: ... *Weiss then set her scroll and mug down, stand up, walk over to her girlfriend and there dog, and processed to cuddle them both.* And what an adorable son and mommy you two are.~<3 Oh yes you both are.~<3
  • Ruby: Hehehehe Love you too Weiss. *Ruby smiled as she cuddled back.*

oh my god i was at dinner w my mom and i saw this cute girl outside and was like “aw she looks so cute i love her outfit” and like 20 minutes later she came up to me and was like “omg sorry i just have to tell u ur outfit is so cute!!” and i was like “i just said that about ur outfit i love it!!” i Love Girls

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111. Delete it. Now.

“Liv, delete it,” Aaron warned his little sister sternly. “Delete it. Now.”

Liv’s smile only widened in response, immune to the tone Aaron used on her.

“I mean it!”

“Aw, but you look so cute,” Liv laughed as she played it back again.

Aaron tried to grab the phone from her, but she was too quick for him, and she jumped up off the sofa to run away from him, standing the other side of the sofa from her brother so that he had no chance of catching her as they circled around the furniture, Liv laughing wildly as Aaron’s patience wore thinner.

Robert heard the commotion and burst into the living room.

“What’s going on?” he questioned, unable to stop the smile that formed as he watched his husband and his sister chasing each other around the sofa. “Honestly, it’s like I’ve got two teenagers to be responsible for!”

“Rob, tell her to delete it,” Aaron pleaded with him.

“Liv, delete it, whatever it is,” Robert obliged, half-heartedly.

“But you haven’t seen how cute he looks, Robert,” Liv smirked as she circled the sofa again and found herself next to Robert.

“Don’t you dare show him,” Aaron warned her, circling back on himself so he was stood the other side of Robert to where Liv stood, trying to reach past him to grab the phone off her.

“Oi,” Robert laughed as he grabbed onto Aaron’s arms playfully and held him back. “Show me then,” he nodded towards Liv as Aaron relented in his arms.

Liv beamed as she held her phone up to show Robert her snapchat story, Robert’s smile widening by the second as he saw his husband’s face transformed into the cutest little bunny rabbit using the snapchat filter.

“Liv, stop taking pictures. Liv, stop it. Liv!”

Robert burst out laughing at the squeaky high pitched voice coming out of Liv’s phone, the voice changer on the snapchat filter distorting Aaron’s grumpy warnings to make him sound almost as cute as the floppy ears, twitching nose and whiskers made him look. The filter added a slight pink hue to his cheeks, and made his blue eyes so much bigger than they usually were, and Robert’s heart jumped in his chest at the sight of him.

The video played over on a loop, Robert’s heart swelling further with each play.

“Alright, stop it now!” Aaron pleaded, cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

“Isn’t he cute though, Rob?” Liv grinned.

“The cutest,” Robert beamed as he glanced back at his husband, unable to resist swooping in to steal a chaste kiss from his lips.

“Shut up,” Aaron muttered under his breath.

“Can you send me that?” Robert asked Liv, smile covering half of his face as his heart reached full to bursting.

“Yeah, I’ll do it now,” Liv smiled, tapping away on her phone.

Robert looked to his husband, noticing how he was squirming with embarrassment at the video, and he couldn’t help but feel just a tiny bit bad at making fun of him.

His phone buzzed with the message from Liv with the video, and smiled again with the cuteness of it.

“You can delete it now, Liv,” Robert quipped.

“Oh, Rob –”

“Can’t have everyone seeing how cute he is now, can we?” Robert teased, watching Aaron looking back at him with his sulking eyes. “Just delete it.”

Liv sighed in defeat.

“Fine,” she tapped on the screen a few times. “It’s gone.”

I’m so fancy

A black tux accompanied by a green tie became the new norm. Dr. Flug was forced into it by his boss, none other than Black Hat, and he wore it perfectly. He discarded his usual paper bag, uncomfortably indeed, but kept his goggles in their usual place over his bright emerald eyes.

“Awe! Nerd looks so cute!” The lizard girl shrieked joyously as she shifted from Black Hat and his handsome appearance.

Black Hat wore his usual black tux except for his red tie and brim of his hat were exchanged with a semi-perm purple shade. A new look, he reprimanded it. After all, he would be escaping tonight at work for a nice masquerade ball out of town.

Demencia stood tall with her green and purple mask already on. However, in her arms, she held a ball gown of green purple with a purple exterior with black ribbons. She smiled at the two dressed males in their fancy tuxedoes before winking at Black Hat and hurrying off to get dressed.

“That brat is lucky she is a lizard, she’ll help you fit in with the monster crowd. “ Black Hat spoke sternly, his expression changing to that of annoyance and aggravation.

“I t-thought we would be e-escaping the stress and work, s-sir?” Flug’s voice wavered only slightly but kept in line, unlike usual times.

Black Hat smiled softly, “We’ll ditch her in the crowd, Flug. Tonight will be about us.”

He then added as he watched red grow upon the cheeks of his scientist, “I like your confidence without that paper bag, Doctor. You plan on keeping the bag off, yes?”

The scientist flinched but nodded solemnly, “F-for your satisfaction, y-yes s-sir.”

Black Hat smiled with approval, “Good. I look forward to that then.”

Flug barely missed the genuine smile on his boss’ face before Demencia returned with her gown on. She wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed tightly before getting shoved away.

“Shall we go, Flug?”

Flug blushed softly and nodded, taking his boss’ black glove in his own. “Y-Yes sir.”

Twice Reaction to Catching You Wearing Their Clothes to Bed

Prompt: Please do twice and red velvet reaction to you catching them sleeping in your shirt and them catching you sleeping in their clothes

Jihyo: “Awe, babe, you look so cute!” She would sit back and admire you for a moment, just thinking about how good you look in her clothes and how lucky she is to have you, before actually telling you her thoughts.

Nayeon: “Do you like me that much? Or are you dating me for my style?” She would find it funny that you took some of her clothes when she wasn’t paying attention, and would tease you until the tips of your cheeks burned pink. 

Jungyeon: “Oh my god, those are mine, aren’t they?” She would be caught off guard when she noticed you were wearing her clothes, laughing and looking you over in surprise and eventual admiration.

Mina: “Is this real? Is this a dream?” Suddenly faced with what seemed like a scene from a drama, she would wonder if she was dreaming, then laugh along with you when she realized she wasn’t dreaming.

Momo: “Wow, you look even better than me in them.” Greasy Momo strikes again, teasing you about taking her clothes and throwing cheesy pick up lines as she wrapped you up in her arms, giddy and giggling.

Sana: “Oh, wait! Those are mine!” Flustered and giddy, she’d break into giggles and her ears would turn pink once she noticed you were wearing her clothes, pleased and totally amused at the scene.

Dahyun: “Oh wow, those are my clothes.” It would take her a moment to realize you were wearing her clothes, but then she’d be flattered and jokingly ask you to give her a mini fashion show with your newly acquired girlfriend clothes. 

Chaeyoung: “Are. Are those mine?” She would be flustered and flattered, unsure of what to do but utterly head over heels in love with you and trying to push down the giddy bubbles rising in her chest, threatening to burst out.

Tzuyu: “You look really nice.” She would shyly tell you how nice you looked in her clothes, covering her face with her hands or the nearest pillow to hide the pleased blush and smile that were threatening to take over her features.

Red Velvet pt 1 2

Twice pt 1

It’s finally done! I haven’t slept in what is now two days so if there’s something weird, please forgive me (also that gif of Chaeyoung will be the death of me). Hope you all enjoyed! ~ Admin Kiwi

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Can you do hcs or a scenario of Dabi & Bakugou pinning after the reader because they want her as their omega??

Coming right up honey!


 This boy doesn’t pin, he acts.

Except, uh oh, this girl is something special. Look at how she walks, talk, acts. How could someone be allowed to be that cute?!

He’s not shy around her, but he’s not his normal crude, rebellious self either. He’s much calmer, smoother, even a bit suave. Dabi might not look it, be he can be quite the charmer when he wants to be.

He followers her everywhere, not necessarily with her knowledge. He wants to make sure she’s safe and sound. No creep is messing with this Omega, not on his watch!

He leaves her small gifts outside her apartment door. Flowers, some of her favorite candy, jewelry.


 Omg this boy, this boy is a nightmare when he comes to longing for someone.

He’s ten times more irritable then normal and blows up at everyone. Including the Omega he’s after (it was an accident though, he didn’t know she was the one tapping on his shoulder)

He bitches to everyone about her. “Did you see that gorgeous dress she was wearing? It looked awful.””Whats with that cute way she laughs? It’s so annoying.” “Ugh, her hair looks so soft, how shitty is that?” everyone finds it fucking hilarious cause they know he’s in love.

The only time he stops talking is when she actually is around. “Cat got your tongue Katsuki?” nah, just a super sweet Omega.