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so this is from my one of my Q&A videos where this lil shit wouldn’t stop messing with his shirt & I felt the need to bless you all with it, you’re welcome

Losing your virginity to Peter Parker would include..

- excuse the gif but it fits because homeboy is a whole ass NERD LMFAO

- anyways

- it happens at the absolute best moment when the both of you are ready

- peter being an absolute angel about it

- but also super duper nervous 

- not gonna lie he probably watched some porn beforehand

- ‘there’s no way i’m doing that’

- still has no idea what to do

- buying like 3 boxes of condoms because he didn’t know what size to buy (stay safe, kids!)

- literally wanting to die at the register, nearly runs out of the shop afterwards

- being the one that kisses him first, your heart jumping when you hear him moan and melt into your touch

- he’s in awe of your body 

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i was not supposed to say that line, i’m sorry

Being Peter Parker’s lab partner would include..

- the angel is as awkward as always

- look at his lil face in this gif asdfghj he’s so precious

- a lot of spilling chemicals

- along with confusion

- ‘wait where do i put the iodine do i put it next to the sulfide or the sodium carbonate’

- ‘peter speak english’

- being paired up because you two were the most quiet people in class

- actually being the most shy babies during your first assignment

- ‘hi i’m parker peter, wait no-’


- anyways

- being so shy that you don’t make eye contact for a good two days

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About Infinity War:

There’s gonna be Peter Quill and Peter Parker.


I’m so ready for all of the mixups.

“Peter! Shoot your webs at that guy!”

“What webs?!?!”


From the distance, you hear a faint “Language”

Aw man I’m pumped.


The wind gusted around you suddenly, making your papers fly into the air. You sighed, used to the silver haired boy always popping up to see you. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He grinned.

“Hi, Peter.”

“I just wanna say that I love every bone in your body-”

“Awe. Thanks Peter, you’re so swee-”

“Especially mine.”



- We have it within our power to rid the world of this evil.

You’re Not Gay?

Can you do one where the reader is bisexual and peter has a crush on the reader but doesn’t know how to say it to her cause he always saw her with girls and he’s scared that she actually is lesbian and not bisexual but the truth is she likes him too but she never been with a boy before (she kissed boys but never dated one) so she is scared cause she doesn’t know how to say it to him too

A/N: SO I know this wasn’t the first thing that was requested, and there are definitely others that take precedent over this one, but this was really the first one I had an idea for. Sorry to all those who have been waiting on a request, i’m travelling all month so I really don’t have much time to write, but i’m trying my best. I hope to get all your requests done very soon. Also, this is really just a bunch os dialogue. Whoops. I’m sorry for not really writing, I’m travelling, and I’m sick so this has been getting difficult. I’ll do my best to keep up with requests. 

Warnings: N/A


Peter sat at lunch with Ned, staring across the cafeteria at you.

“Remind me why you haven’t asked her out?” Ned asked.

Peter turned to stare at Ned.

“Are you dumb?” Peter asked.

“I would argue otherwise,”

“Y/N isn’t interested in me. I have a feeling she isn’t interested in any guy,”

“Dude, I heard that she kissed that guy Logan at Liz’s party a few months ago,” Ned said.

“Yeah, but the past three years I’ve known her she’s only dated girls. She made out with one guy, one time, I don’t think that automatically makes her straight,” Peter said.

“I’m pretty sure she’s gay,” Peter added.

Ned shrugged.

Later that day, you ran into Peter at his locker after school.

“Hey Peter!”

“Hey, Y/N,” Peter smiled.

You absolutely adored Peter. Peter Parker was the perfect boy. He was smart, caring, loyal, and not to mention pretty.

Peter was very pretty.

“Do you have plans for this weekend, Parker?”

“Ned and I are going to finish building his Lego Death Star,”

“That sounds so fun! I hope you guys have a great time,”

“Thanks! What about you? Have plans?”

“Yeah, actually. I have a date,”

Peter frowned slightly, hurt that you were seeing someone.

“Who’s the girl?” Peter asked.

“Ive been running into her at the coffee shop almost every day before school and she kinda just asked me out,”

“Thats nice, I hope you have fun,” Peter said, closing his locker and walking away.

Later that evening you went on your date with the girl from the coffee shop. You had a nice enough time, but the entire time your mind drifted to Peter, and hoy you wished it was him you were with.

You went home after the date, only thinking of Peter. You decided to live him a call.

Peter was sitting at home when his phone rang.


“Hey, Peter,”

“Shouldn’t you be on your date?” Peter asked.

“I kind of cut it short. She really isn’t my type,”

“Sorry to hear that,”

“Eh, it’s alright, I kind of have my eyes on someone else,” you admitted.

“Really? Who’s the lucky lady?” Peter asked

“Actually its a guy,”

“Wait… aren’t you gay?” Peter asked, confused.

You laughed, “No, i’m actually bisexual,”

“Oh!” Peter exclaimed.

“I thought you knew that?”

“Ned kept trying to tell me that you were into guys, but I never believed him,”

“Well, you better believe it, hon. I like them all,”

“Good to know,”

You were both silent. You could only hear the slight buzzing from the phone.

“So, uh, why’d you call?” Peter asked, breaking the silence.

“Oh, I dunno. I was thinking about you and thought i’d give you a call,”

Peter smiled on his end of the line.

“Sorry,” you said. You could feel your face heating up.

“Hey, i’m sorry Y/N, Ned just got here, I have to go, but i’ll see you on Monday and you’ll have to tell me more about this guy you like,”

“Have fun with Ned,” you said, hanging up.

When Peter opened the door for Ned, the first thing Peter said was “You were right,”

“What?” Ned asked.

Peter moved aside, allowing Ned into his apartment.

“You were right about Y/N. She’s not gay,”

“Ah! I told you,”

“She’s bisexual, but apparently theres this guy that she’s interested, so I still have no chance with her,”

“Are you kidding, you have to ask her out,”

“I don’t know, Ned…”

“Just think about it,”

On Monday, you decided to join Peter and Ned for lunch.

“Hey, Y/N, what are you doing here?” Ned asked.

“Peter and I didn’t really get to finish our conversation on Friday so I figured I’d join you guys, if that’s alright with you,”

“Yeah, yeah, please sit,” Peter said.

You sat down across from the boys, and nodded at Michelle who was sitting one table over.

“So you’re not gay,” Ned said.

“Jesus, you jump right into it, don’t you Ned?”

“Sorry…” Ned said.

Peter shook his head, placing his face in his hands.

“No, it’s fine. I’m a very open person when it comes to my sexuality. But no, i’m not gay. I’m bisexual,”

“Ooooohhhhh,” Ned said, turning back to his lunch

“Why are you all so surprised by this, especially you, Ned, I told you about the guy I like,”

“Wait. You to-told Ned about your crush before me?” Peter asked

You could feel your face heating up.

“Yeah…maybe…Sorry Peter but I had to talk to Ned about it first,”

You looked at Ned, his eyes were lighting up with excitement.

“Tell him,” Ned said.

“Why did Ned need to know first?”

“Because you’re my crush, Parker,” you said.

Peter’s face turned a bright pink.

“Y-you like m-me?” Peter stammered.

“Yes, I have a crush on you,”

Ned elbowed Peter, but Peter continued to stare at you in disbelief.

“Peter is like, in love with you,”

“No, I’m not,” Peter said, not realizing what he had said until moments later

“I mean, I am! I like you, I don’t love you, I mea I kinda do. YOu’re really pretty,” Peter said.

You found yourself blushing.

“Christ,” Peter placed his face in his hands, hiding his blush.

“Go on a date with me,” You blurted out.

Peter looked up at you, and nodded.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this to happen!” Ned said, excitedly.

“Ned, you’re not going to be coming on the date…” Peter said.

Ned frowned slightly “What happened to we’ll always stick together?”

You laughed, “C’mon Ned, i’ve been trying to get Peter alone forever, you can’t let me go on one date with him,”

“Fine! Fine! But we all know you guys will miss me,”

“Sure, Ned,”

Unbearable || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Could you write an imagine where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and is dating Peter Parker and something happens between them, either like assuming the other one cheated and idk one or the other is hurt and idk i wonder what the situation would end up being like? Thank you!

Word Count: 1752 words

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

(i think I’ve used this gif before but there aren’t many left)

For a couple of weeks now, Y/N has noticed how her boyfriend, Peter, has been getting closer and closer to her best friend Liz. He used to always eat lunch with Y/N and sit next to her in classes. Now, he’s doing that with the perfect Liz Allen. Sometimes, the young girl thought that Peter was dating her for her last name. Stark. Y/N wasn’t jealous of her friend, just envious of the attention she was getting from Peter. Y/N wanted to get closer to her boyfriend again, and she didn’t know what to do.

One day when she went over to Peter’s house, he was being awfully distant. Y/N knew about his alter ego Spider-Man because his relationship with her dad. She knew that was part of the reason why he was bailing on dates but, he would always try to make time with Y/N at least three times a week. That all changed the day he started hanging out with Liz more. The couple only hang out once a week now. So, while she sat on his bed, all she could think about was how he was most likely cheating on her.

“Peter?” She asked quietly. He was on his phone, by his desk, barely paying attention to the girl who was breaking inside. “Hm?” He muttered, smiling at his phone. He tapped the screen lightly to, what Y/N could gather, text someone back.

“Who are you texting?” She asked softly again, looking down at her legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Peter stuttered, “It’s n-no one.” He put his phone down to give his girlfriend his full undivided attention.

“We need to talk Peter.” She forced out, looking him in the eye. “Isn’t that what we’re doing now?” He chuckled at his own statement.

“I mean about us Peter!” Y/N said, angrier than before. This surprised Peter. She was never normally…. angry. Y/N exhaled, trying to keep her cool.

“W-What about us?” He stuttered, “I thought we were doing fine.”

“You’ve been ditching me Peter but, not to protect the city. To hang out with my best friend. And don’t try to deny it cause I see pictures of you guys on her Snapchat all the time.” She sniffled. Peter sighed, “Y/N,” he said shaking his head slightly, standing up to go sit next to her. Before he could complete his statement, she interrupted, “Are you cheating on me with Liz?” She asked.

He shook his head yet again, grabbing her face with both of his hands, turning her towards his. “No, it’s…’s not like that.” Y/N got out of his grasp by standing up. Tears started to escape her eyes.  

“Then what’s it like Peter?” She demanded, crossing his arms. Peter sat there on his bed, trying to think of an answer. “It’s just,” he couldn’t continue. He didn’t know what to say.

“It’s just what?” Y/N questioned, getting loud again. Peter looked at his hands.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Y/N.” He couldn’t tell her his plan. Not yet. She’ll forgive me though, he thought. She scoffed, uncrossing her arms to grab her stuff. Before she left his bedroom, she turned to look at him. “You know what Peter,” she scoffed, “Liz is all your’s now.” she spat, slamming his bedroom door.

Y/N scurried towards the front door of the apartment. May was sitting on the couch, watching the girl leave. She smiled sadly, “Bye May,” she opened the door but stopped at the sound of his voice. “Y/N,” He said from across the room with a sad look on his face. “Goodbye, Peter.” She slammed the door not looking back.

School the next day was awful for both Peter and Y/N. Peter had no girlfriend to constantly boast about and Y/N had no one to kiss or greet by her locker in the morning. At lunch, Y/N sat with Liz, not saying anything to her with her friends not speaking as well. Liz broke the silence, “I heard you and Peter broke up.“She said sympathetically. Y/N scoffed, “Let me guess, he told you? Did he tell you why?” Liz nodded her head, “He isn’t cheating on you Y/N.” She said looking at the girl honestly.

“Well obviously he isn’t cause we aren’t together, which means he can date anyone he wants. Including you.” Y/N said, grabbing her lunch and moving to sit somewhere away from Liz, and away from Peter. He saw Y/N stand up, angrily and move away from her best friend. This was all his fault.

Later that day, when Peter arrived at the Avengers tower, Tony was furious. Tony walked with Peter into his lab, grabbing the boy by the color of his shirt viciously. “I’ll give you ten seconds to explain why you cheated on my little girl.” He said with venom lacing his voice.

“That’s not what happened, Mr. Stark. I swear.” Peter expressed with a worried tone.. Tony let go of his collar glaring at him. “Then why has Y/N been crying her eyes out?”

Peter rubbed his face with his hands wanting all of this to just blow over. He hated the fact that it was HIS fault as to why the love of his life wasn’t smiling. “Liz was helping me with something…” Peter trailed off, making the genius confused. “Is that a euphemism for sex or something?” Tony grimaced.

“No! No, oh god no. Nothing like that.” Peter said in shock and slight disgust. “What was it then?” Tony crossed his arms, just like Y/N did last night.

Peter sighed, “Liz is Y/N’s best friend so I went to her for advice.”

“For what?” Tony asked, less agitated at the young superhero standing in front of him. Peter looked at his shoes while bouncing on his feet. “I needed help for asking your daughter to Homecoming, so I thought, who knows her better than she knows herself and I thought Liz. That’s all we were doing Mr. Stark.” He said sadly, realizing that all the help he was getting didn’t matter because he wasn’t with his girl anymore.

Tony was still confused, “Couldn’t you have Googled ideas?” He asked,knowing now that it was all a misunderstanding between the juvenile lovers. Peter shook his head.

“It’s not that easy Mr. Stark. I thought maybe Y/N wanted a subtle way to be asked to the dance. But what if she wanted something completely extraordinary. That’s why I went to Liz. But I wasn’t with her constantly. I was with her handful of lunch periods, and we went to Starbucks to talk about it once. Only once.” He explained. Dropping his backpack on the floor.

“How do you plan on asking her?” Tony questioned walking around his lab.

“We’re not together anymore…..” Peter said as if Tony wasn’t listening to the conversation, following the man around the lab. Tony turned around to face Peter. “I don’t care, You were good for her. And I don’t want her dating some idiot. Now, how are you going to ask her?” He questioned Peter yet again.Peter had a big smile on his face, ready to tell him.

That night, there was a knock on Y/N’s window. It wasn’t too late at night, but she knew exactly who it was. “Go away.” She said, loud enough for him to hear her through the window. He tapped on the glass again, “Go away!” She said slightly louder. The tapping continued much to her dismay. Y/N groaned and got up off of her bed to open the window.

She looked through the glass to see Peter Parker, or Spider-Man, hanging upside down on a web, holding a huge teddy bear and roses in one hand with a poster in the other that said, “It would be unBEARable to go to Homecoming without you” in red letters. Y/N froze, looking at him with wide eyes. He flipped over and let go of the webbing.

She opened the window, helping the boy through it and into her room. “Peter, what the hell? We aren’t a thing anymore, remember?” She said a bit agitated. Peter put the poster down, grabbing his mask off of his face, shaking his head to fix his hair. “I swear that I didn’t cheat on you with Liz, alright? She was just helping me with ideas to ask you to Homecoming.” Peter admitted, wanting her to know the truth. Y/N had a more understanding look in her eyes.

“Then why were you bailing on all of our dates?” She asked.

“Crime rates have gone up in New York, despite everyone’s effort to stop it. Trust me, I wanted to go on those dates with you, it’s just- someone needs to be there for the city after the whole hero versus hero thing.” He rushed. “Please, you have to believe me.” He said sadly.

Y/N ran to him, wrapping her arms around him. Peter let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I’m such an asshole,” the girl in his arms mumbled against his shoulder, “I should’ve listened to you. I’m so sorry.” Peter rubbed one hand on her back reassuringly holding his gifts for her in the other. “There’s no need to apologize. I would’ve done the same thing though.” He stated honestly. The two pulled away from each other.

Peter moved to pick up the poster to show her again. He had a cheesy grin on his face as he held everything. “Will you go to homecoming with me?” He asked. Y/N nodded her head, “Of course I will.”

Peter went to hand her the teddy bear and the roses. “You know what you should name him?“ Peter asked rhetorically. “What?” She asked with a smile on her face, smelling the flowers.

“Spider-Man.” He said with a smirk on his face, “So that I’m always with you.” Y/N chuckled, examining the bear. “I think it suits him.” She mimicked his smirk, leaning in to kiss the real Spider-Man


peter & gamora + every scene ever [11/29] | guardians of the galaxy vol. 2