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RE your "Can't heal if you're dead" post. Had a damn Pharah behind enemy lines on the first point of Kings Row spamming "I NEED HEALING!" like bitch I ain't getting my ass killed for you, imma boost this Bastion instead coz he's playing nice. She then spammed "THANKS!" every time she died (which was a lot)

Ugghh. I love people like that.

My personal favorite god-awful teammate is the Attack Reinhardt. You know, the “wtf is a shield” Rein who charges off into the middle of the enemy team, convinced he can smack them all down solo, and 100% adamant that you should follow and heal him exclusively. Always bitter as hell when you don’t. Thanks!! Thanks!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!! THAAANNKKS!!!!

What I wish I’d known about C$

I was 12 when I watched the OUAT premiere, a day or two after the original air date, and I loved Emma Swan’s character. I remember hating Regina at first, then gradually beginning to like her as much as Emma as her back story was revealed and it was shown that she did actually love Henry.

Then season 2 came around, and I became a C$ shipper before I even knew what shipping meant. I figured, “hey, this is the only person Emma can be with, and he’s cute, so they should live happily ever after together.” So H00k was “redeemed” and they ended up together, and I was content.

My mom, whom I watch the show with, never brought up how toxic the relationship was. In fact, I don’t think she even noticed. And as a 13-14 year old watching OUAT, that could have easily been what I thought love should be like–a toxic, manipulative thing that forced you to give up everything that made you unique to please someone else.

Eventually, I made a gaming tumblr, and was gradually exposed to things like queer romance, and at first, I’ll admit, I was startled by it. Here was an entire community supporting the idea of non-het romances, something my parents and television hadn’t ever acknowledged. I’d never been exposed to that idea, and I’m so glad I was so I could learn that it was okay.

I remember scrolling through the OUAT tag after the show, like I usually do, and I saw someone talking about how H00k was awful for Emma, how her character has fallen so much, and at first I was like “hah, yeah okay” but as I read, it was like a light was flicked on. I wondered how I could’ve been shipping something that was so awful for my favorite character. And then I wondered who other people were shipping her with. At this point I rediscovered Swan Queen, and saw their relationship in a whole new light. Regina was no longer the same character as in Season 1. She wasn’t trying to hurt Emma anymore. She helped make Emma into who she is, and is willing to help protect the woman she once wanted dead.

In the end, I think putting Emma in a long term relationship with someone who destroys her character and doesn’t make her happy is such a bad idea for a family show. Especially when the other option is putting Emma with Regina, the other mother of Henry who has the same interests as her. Putting Emma with Regina would take the idea of a nontraditional family with two lesbian moms and say, “yes, this can be your happily ever after” to children everywhere who think they have to be with a H00k in order for it to be true love. And while, yes, we did get Ruby and Dorothy for one episode, OUAT needs to show your happily ever after doesn’t have to be a H00k, someone who prevents you from being your true self, and it doesn’t even have to be a man–both of which were ideas that my parents (and most likely other parents) never elaborated on, and should have.

/Well, that was a short stream, but here’s my Signless!

(I’m still in awe cause Siggy AND Toasty came to hang out. Thank you, my favorite people<3)

mm headcanons - how they react to seeing that you own sphynx cats

//yoo so this is my first request and i’m also writing V & Saeran into this and I havent written them before so i apologize if they seem a bit OOC? hope you like it!! I’m still getting used to all of the mechanics while writing (I only found the bulleted list feature yesterday… i’ve been copying and pasting bullets) and i’m trying to grasp the personality of each character in my writing, but i’m hoping it becomes better in the future. Then, i might go back an add or delete some stuff//


  • okay so he’s basically going over to your apartment for the first time ever
  • yoosung is kind of nervous because he really likes you and doesn’t want to be too awkward
  • so you welcome him in and give him a sweet ol hug
  • he walks into your living room
  • and he actually SHRIEKS
  • “MC !! WHAT IS THAT!?”
  • he’s actually so alarmed to see this hairless cat just casually resting on the arm of your couch
  • “Don’t be freaked out, he’s actually really sweet.”
  • this boy’s got a natural way with animals so it doesn’t take long for him to become accustomed to your little pal
  • the nugget is snuggling up next to him and just head butting him like “i like you a lot! notice me!” and you just can’t stop smiling like aw aw aw my two favorite people. animals. living creatures? yeah.
  • Yoosung is actually so intrigued by the cat? because apparently they aren’t really hairless, they do have hair, but it’s just very thin.
  • he came here to hang out with you but he can’t stop playing with your damn cat ?? but it’s alright you aren’t jealous because you just love him too much and you’re happy that he’s happy 


  • so he’s at your door expecting the next few hours to be filled with cuddles and snacks and a movie
  • but you open the door and you’re like
  • “okay, i know you’re allergic to cats and all, but i’ve kinda got a cat? i’ve been cleaning for the past two hours so there isn’t cat residue (?) anywhere in the living room or the kitchen or the bathroom, and currently he’s in the spare room.”
  • he’s kinda taken aback and his nose just twitches
  • he really likes you though so he tries to stop himself from sneezing so much
  • you guys settle down for your movie (he’s showing you some play about a spicy jalapeno topping?)
  • but kitty made his way out
  • Zen spots him first and his eyes widen
  • “M-MC…” and he just nods to the little fella
  • you put your hand out and stop the lemon headed cat in his tracks, and try to make him shoo, but he only plops down on the other side of the room.
  • you go to get up and take him out with force but Zen stops you, “it’s okay, i just can’t get too close, im sorry.”
  • you’re like “oh i dont mind i just don’t want him to bother you”
  • halfway through the movie, Zen asks you, “didn’t they have those types of cats in Egypt?” and you just smile because you know he’s wondering and you lose focus of the film, just answering his cat questions, even though he is known for hating them so dearly


  • tbh jaehee’s pretty cool about it
  • like “oh that’s an interesting cat” and she cocks her head at it but it just paws at her leg cutely and she leans down to pet him
  • and then he starts to lick her and she looks up at you and she’s hesitant but she rubs gently behind its ears
  • “she’s much better than Elizabeth. I must say, I enjoy that there is no hair to be shed.”
  • She actually finds her oddly charming and they get along very well
  • you only feel replaced a little bitit’s so nice to see them bonding because you were nervous Jaehee wouldn’t be fond of your cat because of how she’s always getting dumped with Jumin’s but you are generally fascinated by relationships between humans and animals besides that fact.


  • he says that they aren’t exactly cute, but he enjoys it’s existence
  • he believes that all humans have a cat counter part, and as there are strange humans, there have to be strange cats to complete them
  • it makes him wonder what type of person you really are
  • he does wish she was softer, however, but can’t stop looking at the odd skin
  • stops petting eventually because he doesn’t want Elizabeth to think he’s cheating on her
  • but still keeps taking glances at it from across the room
  • “i’m beginning to feel that you love my cat more than me?”
  • “No, i just… am quite intrigued. It’s a different cat breed. A very different one. But that doesn’t mean I love it more than you. I love you with everything in me. Your cat is simply making me wonder.”
  • “for once, i almost want you to give more love to Elizabeth”


  • HE SHRIEKS TOO but in a good way
  • they get together really well and Saeyoung can’t stop blushing because of how extroverted the cat is being towards him
  • “It’s giving it’s attention to me!! Can you believe it, MC?”
  • “She wants your attention, too. She likes you, Saeyoung!”
  • He gasps when you tell them they started being selectively breeded in Canada in the 1960s.
  • saeyoung what
  • why
  • w?? what?? im? why? 
  • he shrugs it off and just goes back to playing with your cat and you just do the same because there is never any reasoning behind Saeyoungs’s antics.


  • doesn’t really mind
  • he appreciates all living creatures
  • maybe except mosquitoes but that’s for another time
  • he loves learning about new things, and these cats are one of them
  • he can’t stop asking about their breed and their personalities and their places in history
  • he’s actually very amazed that he is petting one because in his twenty seven years, he’s heard of these cats and seen pictures of them, but it’s very weird having one nestling into his side
  • thinks is also very amazing that they’re such social creatures? like that’s why you have two of them because when you aren’t home, they just goof around with each other


  • so he walks in kinda quietly as usual bc he isn’t really comfortable yet
  • he sees your cat in the corner and just
  • “why is he looking at me like that?”
  • then another comes out
  • “do they not like me? why are they staring with blood shed in their eyes?”
  • “they don’t not like you, Saeran. they’re usually very friendly with strangers, they just want to see who you are.”
  • “go away, you wrinkly lemons!”
  • “Saeran, be nice!”
  • like when two really similar people meet through a mutual friend but are just both kinda awkward and nothing gets started so one has to take the lead and no surprise it’s actually the cat
  • he sighs and leans down to pet one of them
  • and?? “THEY’RE SO WARM??“
  • he learns to love how they seem to want his attention
  • Saeran playing with kitties the cutest thing just imagine it : : : : : :
  • you have now been blessed

Omg Fading to Grey (if you haven’t seen it yet it’s the sequel to Discovering Blue) was so hard to write I felt awful doing that to one of my favorite people so here’s some fluff to make us all feel better. It’s another soulmate AU, because I found it on tumblr and got inspired- it’s the one where everyone has a countdown on their wrist to the moment when they’ll meet their soulmate and I just thought it was TOO CUTE so here’s what I got. Also, I’ve been having fun writing from the first-person perspective, so this one’s first person from Phil’s POV.

Genre/AU: Countdown to meeting your soulmate AU, teenage phan, fluff AF

Summary: Phil’s countdown is ticking down, and he’s so nervous and excited he can’t stand it.

Word Count: 483. Yeah, it’s short but sweet.

Warnings: perhaps a bit overdone like it’s probably been done before but other than that nothing it’s pure fluffy fluff fluff like you could not find this sad if you tried omg too much coot

Other tags: countdown AU, soulmate AU, teenage phan

I look down at the inside of my wrist, checking my counter. Today is the day. Five minutes.

I’ve been waiting 16 years, 331 days, and 3 hours for my soulmate to just hurry up and get here. Although, really I’m one of the lucky ones. I have friends who still have years to go, and friends who’s counters are at zero. Lucky them, not-so-lucky the rest of us who have to watch them cuddle in class.

Four minutes. I glance around. The park is empty; no surprise, really, seeing as it’s 3AM. But I couldn’t sleep- who could at a time like this? I needed to get out. My parents understood. And something drew me here.

It makes no sense, really. What kind of person has their Meeting at 3AM on a November night in the middle of a freezing park? But, as I’ve been told, you just have to trust it.

Three minutes. I can’t stop thinking about what she’ll be like. Maybe she’s be tall and blonde, with short hair and blue eyes like mine, and does ballet. Maybe she’ll be a total dork like me, with long, messy golden curls and freckles and likes big sweaters and baking. Maybe she’ll be a redhead, stick-straight hair like fire, gorgeous smile, pale and prim like a porcelain doll. Maybe she’s got skin like satin, soft and warm and chocolate-colored. Maybe she likes dresses, and plays guitar and has black hair.

I wonder what her name is. Juliet? Anna? Lila? Two minutes and I’ll know.

I wonder if she’ll like me. I hope she likes me, even though I’m tall and gangly and awkward and sometimes my eyes look demonic and I make stupid jokes and sometimes my tongue sticks out the side of my mouth when I laugh and my nose is crooked and I’m a total nerd and my name is boring. I mean, come on, Phil? What was my mum thinking?

One minute. My hands are shaking from cold and nervousness. I can’t do this, it’s too much, but at the same time I can’t wait.

There. On the other side of the field. There’s a figure, outlined by the baseball lights.

I bolt off the bleachers and start running. That’s her, I can feel it, that’s got to be her. She sees me and she starts running too. My heart’s in my throat. 

Fifteen seconds. I can’t feel my nose.

Ten seconds. She’s taller than I thought, not that it matters.

Five seconds. Four. Three. Two. One.

We’re crashing into one another, kissing instantly, arms around each other in the middle of the baseball diamond.

When I pull away, I see them for the first time.

Warm brown eyes, dimples, brown hair tucked under a black beanie, and a smile so big it’s going to split their face.

“Hi.” He says, beaming. “I’m Dan.“

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Okay I see what you're saying re: not being able to justify including non-pertinent things in your writing, but on the other hand. I am so fascinated by the thought of General Organa who is ill-fitted and wrong-footed in the political arena, where she cannot set her eye on what is Right and fight her way toward it like a ship set for the horizon, and I am so beyond delighted to know that someone else has had those thoughts, and I am so curious to know your version of those thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, Leia is the Hero of Endor, the Lost Princess of Alderaan, the face of the Rebellion; Leia took out a major Hutt criminal and is sister to the Last Jedi—the amount of political capital she starts out with is enormous, she basically can do no wrong and they’ll make her President anyway. And it’s not like Leia has any personal objection to this, there’s no question that she’s ambitious and deliberately seeks out leadership roles, I imagine she’s going to jump at the chance to help shape the New Republic.

I mean, this is the culmination of Bail and Breha’s life’s work, this is what she fought for all those years, and now that there’s no Alderaan for her to inherit—to pass onto Ben—she’s going do this, she has to do this. 

It’s her duty to do this.

But experience with gathering and interpreting intelligence, supervising military bases’ technical and administrative needs, crafting and executing battleplans, and inspiring the troops does not necessarily translate into the actual minutae and compromise of politics. Leia is accustomed to the sacrifices and negotiations of the battlefield, not those of realpolitik; the part of her that hungers after a clear course of action and a clearly Right end is going to be left starving.

(She might have been raised to be a politician like Bail, but she gets her ethos more from Anakin—and Anakin wasn’t as concerned with means, so long as the end was Right. Leia knows better, believes it, she’s got democracy hammered into the beating of her heart, but she was a soldier too, and there’s a pretty significant part of her that appreciates order and command.)

I think she would find her work with the Senate unbelievably dull, uninspiring, and frustrating. Progress would be glacially slow, everything is an endless debate ending in compromise—I’m not even sure that Leia really has a developed idea of what the Republic should look like. When they turn to her wanting to know what the criminal code should be modeled after, I have to imagine she just stares back blankly.

She’s not even a very good figurehead—she gives her unvarnished opinion too readily, has no small talk, is terrible at putting people at ease. She can lie if she knows she’s undercover and it’s necessary, or in the service of her greater goals, but that doesn’t work when she’s being asked to sponsor a bill she’s doesn’t approve of.

There’s a certain relief when she resigns from the senate and retreats from Chandrila to be General Organa of the Resistance. She knows what soldiers expect of her, and their purpose is clear, the way forward hers to decide—it feels like she can breathe again. It fits. She fits.

Studio // Nate Maloley

Hey guys! Here’s a Nate imagine, I hope you like it❤️

I was on my way to go surprise Nate and Sammy as the studio and decided to stop to grab a few things. I walked into the store as I grabbed a bunch of snacks that I knew we all loved. After paying, I went back in my car and drove to the studio. When I arrived, I walked in right as they were stepping out of the room where they’d ing, I don’t know what it’s called.
“Y/N!” Nate exclaimed. I was dating Nate, but nobody knew about it yet, we weren’t ready to tell anyone.
“I brought snacks,” I said as I held our the bag. Sam looked in and then looked back at me.
“Holy shit, Y/N, I love you!” he said as he pulled me into a hug. I laughed.
“I love you too, Sammy boy,” I said, obviously in a friendly way. After pulling away from his grasp, I saw Nate’s jaw clench. Oh boy. When I made eye contact with him, he smiled widely, but I could tell it wasn’t genuine. I internally sighed as I went and sat down on a chair. It was Nate’s turn, so he walked in and Sammy sat next to me as we shared the bag of chips I brought. The whole time Nate was rapping he kept staring at Sammy and I, but I ignored it. If we’re keeping it a secret, how is Sam supposed to know? He’s one of my best friends, obviously we’re going to act the same around each other.
“So what have you been up to today?” Sam asked.
“Nothing, I was just sitting at home and I decided why not come here and surprise my t favorite people,” I laughed.
“Aw, we love you,” he said as he quickly leaned his head on mine.
“Y/N, let’s play that hand game we were playing yesterday!” Sammy exclaimed. I laughed but agreed with him. We began playing it, and once we messed up, we both burst into laughter, as usual.
“We’re such children,” I laughed.
“You know it,” Sammy said. Nate walked out of the room and we both smiled at him.
“Alright, you guys are good for today,” the producer said.
“Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?” Nate asked.
“Uhm, sure,” I said, knowing what it was going to be about. We walked out into the hall and he stared at me.
“What the fuck?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“‘I love you too Sammy’!” he mimicked.
“Nate he’s my best friend, I do love him,” I said.
“I see the way you guys laugh together and lean on each other and act around each other,” he said.
“Yeah, because he’s my best friend,” I said, putting emphasis on the last two words.
“It doesn’t matter, I’m your boyfriend,” he said.
“Well Sammy doesn’t know that. You’re the one who keeps telling me to act normal, you’re the one who wanted to keep this whole thing a secret so you have absolutely no fucking right to tell me how I can act around him or how he can act around me!” I said, my voice raising.
“Well you could at least try to be a little less flirty!” he yelled back. I was slightly taken aback by that, I had never heard him yell. There was no doubt that Sammy could hear us now.
“I’m not flirting! I’m acting how we always do, and so is he!” I screamed.
“How do I know that he’s not into you?” he asked.
“Because he’s just not, Nate, why can’t you just understand and stop being so ignorant!” I screamed. He didn’t say anything, and we stood in silence for a while. The door opened and Nate pulled me close and smashed his lips against mine.
“Nate, this isn’t a Disney movie you can’t just do that!” I said.
“I was trying to fix things!” he exclaimed.
“No you weren’t, you were trying to make Sammy jealous or something like that, you only did it because he was watching,” I said as I ran out of the studio and to my car. I stood outside of it as I put my head in my hands. I felt a hand touch my back and I turned around to see Sammy.
“Hey, is everything okay?” he asked.
“Not really,” I chuckled.
“What happened?” he asked.
“Well uh, as you can see now, Nate and I are dating and he got jealous of me and you,” I sighed.
“But we’re best friends,” he said.
“I know, just forget about it. Don’t change the way you act around me or anything because of him,” I said.
“I won’t,” he said.
“I’m gonna go home now, I’m so done with today,” I sighed.
“Alright, call if you need something,” he said as he hugged me.
“Thanks Sammy, you’re the best,” I smiled.
“I try,” he grinned as he walked away from me. I sat in my car and leaned my head on the steering wheel as I heard the passenger door open and shut. I looked over and saw Nate.
“What?” I asked.
“I just wanted to apologize,” he said.
“For being a jealous douche?” I asked.
“Yeah, precisely. I know you’re really close with Sammy, and I don’t want that to stop because of me. I guess I just got jealous and was worried that he would take you away from me or something, it was totally irrational and I’m sorry,” he explained.
“It’s fine. I’m sorry too, I should have been more considerate of your feelings,” I sighed.
“No, you were acting normal, and that’s what I want, I want yours and Sammy’s friendship to stay exactly the same,” he said.
“And so it will,” I said.
“I love you, Y/N, don’t forget that,” he said.
“I love you too, Mr. Maloley,” I smiled as I leaned over and pressed my lips against his, this time, it was at the right time, and it was perfect. Just like him.