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G. Pike/Kima(/Allura) or O. Pike/Keyleth

pikeleth + the stars or space

aka the Vox Machina Are A Bunch Of Spacers And Pike Is Real Gay AU

“So you’re Grog’s sister!”

Pike stares up––and up, and up––at the beaming redhead. “Yeah. Yeah, I am. I’m Pike.”

The redhead offers a hand, shaking Pike’s enthusiastically. The drink in her other hand sloshes over the rim of her cup, foamy brown and splattered across the already-grimy floor of the backwater dive. “Keyleth! It’s great to meet you! Grog talks about you all the time.”

“Good things I hope?” she asks, a little teasing, and the redhead––Keyleth––smiles, almost wistful.

“Yeah. He really likes you.”

“Aw, yeah. That’s Grog.”

Keyleth shifts her drink to the other hand, looks around the bar. “So, um. Are you looking for him?”

“Well, yeah.”



“Yeah.” She hesitates, then tilts her head to the back corner where a motley group of spacers sit crowded around a table too small for the lot of them. “Um, you had better come sit down. There’s uh, a lot to talk about.”

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Hello loves! May I request crush headcanons with Armin Arlert? (How he treats them, how he wants to get closer, all leading up to him confessing) Thank you for your time!💗 I always look forward to any piece that you both create because it's just sO good!

Aw, anon, thank-you so much! That really means a lot to us. <3 Sorry for the lull in activity lately! Mod Spookzz is v busy and this week was a bad week for me health-wise, but I’m starting to feel a little better so hopefully I’ll be able to answer some stuff! c:

  • As intelligent as Armin Arlert is, he isn’t the strongest person on the planet, physically. He probably meets his crush after one of Shadis’ grueling runs where his legs are on fire from how much he strained them to keep up with the rest of the group. When his crush softly asks if he wants some water, Armin is taken aback by how beautiful they are. 
  • After that, he makes it a point to search for them in the crowd. He isn’t sure why, but Armin pins it on his small puppy crush. 
  • It doesn’t help that they are really nice, either. Armin is also treated to their intelligence when he seems them diligently taking notes during their lectures, their brow furrowed in concentration as their pencil flew across the paper. 
  • He isn’t bold or filled with moxie, but Armin makes it a point to suggest that they study together, sometime. When his crush takes him up on the offer (who wouldn’t? It’s common knowledge that Armin Arlert has top marks in academics), the two slowly start to form a bond as Armin gauges their personality and what sort of aspirations they strive for. 
  • One day, when Armin and his crush are huddle together in the small library, they divulge their interest in the outside world despite any talk or knowledge of it being taboo. It’s then that Armin realizes he’s head over heels for this person, which leads him to his next problem.
  • He’s shy. He’s insecure. Why would they want to be with someone like him when he knows they can do much better? These are the thoughts that plague Armin whenever he’s together with his crush, so he does his best to bottle up his feelings and bury them beneath the surface. 
  • Armin is in for a shock when Eren is the one who confronts him about his weird behavior. After a long conversation that skirts around the actual problem, Armin decides that it would be better to get everything off his chest before it could ruin his otherwise wonderful friendship. He’s shaking like leaf in the wind when he calls out to his crush and asks them to meet him later but he has to let them know how he feels.
  • Even if his crush rejects his feelings, Armin would still pursue a friendship with them. He enjoys their company and while it might hurt for a little while, he wants to spend time with them as much as possible. 
  • However, Armin is in for a world of surprise when his crush throws their arms around him and hugs him tightly after his confession, admitting that they had been waiting for him to say something for a long time. The apples of Armin’s cheeks turn red and his heart is beating so fast that he’s positive his crush can hear it, but he returns their hug because this is the happiest he’s been in a really long time. 

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Hey! If you’re up to it, could you do some H/Cs on the paladins reactions to coming across a badass group of Earthling rebels, where they meet the reader (their future s/o)? In my head it’d be just one group of about 5 badass girls but obviously you can switch it up how you want to make it different for the paladins/gender neutral, thank you!!


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Part 1

~Hey guys! Back with a multi chapter fic oooooh my first one too! So @iivakana has been throwing around their Grease AU and it’s inspired me to write about it! I hope I can do this AU justice. Thank you Ivana for letting me write this AU! I hope I can get the next chapter out soon. I hope you guys like it!~

Magic. Mark lay in bed that night, thinking over the past summer and just how magical it was.

Mark had met Jack that summer. Jack was perfect. He was funny, charming, and someone he felt he could act like himself around. Before Mark knew it he and Jack were going steady. Summer nights with Jack were electrifying. They would go and walk along the beach and hold hands, telling each other about themselves. Then they would sit and watch the sun go down.

But that evening Mark had to say goodbye to Jack. Jack was going back to Ireland and they might never see each other again. Mark reassured Jack that they would see each other again. But Mark was still worried they might not. As Mark walked jack home that night they shared one last kiss and then Jack hugged Mark and quickly ran inside, leaving Mark to somberly walk back to his dusty old car.

That was last time he would see Jack. Or at least, he thought it was.


Mark woke up that morning and slumped to the bathroom. First day back to high school. Mark glopped a large amount of Hair grease and slicked his hair back. Mark smirked into the mirror and slid back into his bedroom and pulled in his usual outfit. White shirt, black pants and his trademark leather jacket. Soon enough he was walking up to his high school. He swaggered over to a couple of girls to flirt around. Just to get back into the mood.

“‘Ey look! It’s Mark!” someone called out behind him. He turned around and smirked at Arin, Danny, Barry and Ross. He sauntered over to his little group of friends.

“So, Markimoo, what have you been up to all summer?” Ross asked.

“Oh you know, not much just hangin’ out by the beach.” Mark said casually.

“Meet any hotties while ya there buddy?” Danny poked, laughing. The group snickered as Mark remembered the nights he spent with Jack.

“Uh, yeah yeah. Heheh. A real hottie I tell ya. Skinny, short hair, and unbelievable blue eyes.” Mark spaced out for a second thinking about Jack’s eyes and how he would get lost in them.

“Aw, she didn’t turn you into a sappy boy did she?” Barry asked as the rest of the guys chuckled and Mark elbowed Barry in the side as he started to walk into the school.

“Of course not. No one can soften a guy with this much muscle!” Mark flexed and laughed along with the guys.

Meanwhile Jack was just arriving to the same high school he had been transferred to last minute. He awkwardly walked up to the school when a girl walked up to him and introduced herself as Holly. They connected quickly and Holly noticed Jack’s accent.

“I’m a transfer student. I am from Ireland. I’m going to miss all my friends back home though.” Jack said slightly sad about having to leave.

“Well I’m try and make you year fun!” Holly said with enthusiasm.


Jack giggled as Holly excitedly dragged him towards a table with a few other kids already there. Holly pulled Jack down and he tried not to spill his tray of food on the girl he almost sat on.

“O-oh I’m sorry!” Jack sputtered out quickly.

“It’s no problem! Are you new here? My name is Suzy.” Suzy put out a hand that Jack gently shook.

“And I’m Kevin.” a guy said from across the table. Jack waved a little and Holly butted in with a question.

“So what have you guys been up to over the summer?” Jack tuned out the gushing teens and thought about Mark.

“Hey Jack what did you do over the summer?” Jack looked up and smiled.

“I spent a lot of time at the beach. I met a guy there.” Jack said with a small smile. Holly giggled and they three other teens at the tabled poked for more info about the hottie he met at the beach.

“Well, he’s muscular. Bright blue hair. Always slicked back with grease. He’s really handsome and charming.” Jack listed.

“Well tells us more!” Holly said excitedly.

“Well he was so sweet. We’d go out and he’d take me to the arcade and then we’d spend the evening at the beach. But at the end of summer we had to say goodbye because we both thought I was going back to Ireland.”

I wonder if he still wants me.

Mark and his gang were hanging out on the bleachers talking and messing around when Mark’s summer became the subject.

“Did she have a nice chest?” asked Ross

“Did you go very far?” questioned Arin.

“She was crazy for me. We played around at the beach. Like I said a real hottie. Not much else to say.” Mark said smoothly. He was starting to get a bit nervous about all this lying.

“Oh come on. Did you guys kiss a lot?” Barry asked

“Yeah we made out a lot. We had a lot of ahem fun, if you know what I mean.” They group laughed and nudged each other and the group got onto another topic much to Mark’s relief.


Lunch ended and Jack walked with Holly, Kevin, and Suzy.

“So what was his name?” asked Suzy.

“Mark. Mark Fischbach.” Jack heard the three of them choke a little at the name and looked to them.

“Well maybe if you believe you two will meet again, maybe you will. Very soon. Let’s go Suzy.” said Kevin walking off with Suzy.

“We should be getting back to class.” Said Holly quickly, pulling Jack around once again.


Could you do a TWD imagine with Carl where you’re new to their group and you met in Alexandria and you’re the youngest and best fighter so you teach Carl a few things and he saves you from being killed by a walked? Thank you so much, and you’re Bellamy imagines are amazing ❤️❤️ - Requested by Anonymous

A/N: Aw, thank you so much - I’m really glad that you liked them! x

‘Is this really necessary?’ Carl asked, raising a somewhat sceptical eyebrow at the little assault course you’d created in the back garden.

‘No, I thought it’d just be entertaining to build this while the adults were having their meeting,’ you said scathingly, shifting a punch bag slightly because it wasn’t in the right place.

‘You are aware I’ve been out there since the start, right?’ he asked, shifting his sheriff’s hat slightly. You knew he felt awkward reminding you of that fact, given the solace that you’d all found in Alexandria and the fact that you understood what lay beyond the walls more than anyone else there, but you didn’t let it deter you.

‘And you are aware the last time I saw you fighting it was worse than seeing a chicken try to deal with all this,’ you countered, shrugging.

‘Did you really just compare me to a chicken, (Y/n)?’ he asked, his eyes narrowing.

‘So what if I did, Grimes? What are you going to do about it?’ you jeered, a small smirk slipping quickly onto your lips.

He took the bait, darting forward to try and take a jab at you. You ducked at the last minute, keeping your balance as you darted behind him. You nudged the back of his legs, sending him sprawling to the floor. The whole thing would have been rather comical if you didn’t think it necessary.

‘Woah, I can really see that facing Walkers has helped improve those skills,’ you said, straightening up as he rolled over, rubbing his face gently.

‘All right,’ he said, grimacing slightly as he sat up, ‘maybe I need a few lessons.’

The weeks following that initial training session contained more little meetups, you constantly checking his technique. Making sure that he knew how to handle himself in a proper fight while he did his best to help with your aim – not that you were that bad a shot, you just liked the idea of him teaching you a little something at the same time.

Yet during that time you and Carl had gone on a few excursions outside the wall, trying to put into practice all that you’d helped each other with. It made sense in theory, putting them to practical use, but things began to get a little hairy when you tripped over a root, snapping  a few branches and alerting the Walkers nearest to look towards you.

You had hastily tried to grab for your knife. The buckle caught though, making it hard to shift it in any way possible. A Walker lunged out at you from the base of a tree, its mouth looming closer to you as you tried desperately to pull yourself out of the mess of leaves.

A small whimper escaped your lips as you shut your eyes firmly, certain that this was it. A familiar sound echoed harshly in your ears. But it wasn’t one of a Walker attack. It was one of stopping one.

You slowly opened your eyes, just in time to see Carl stepping back, wiping the knife clean on the floor. There was a fear burning behind his eyes as he helped untangle you.

As soon as you were free you pulled him into a tight hug, letting the tears run down your cheeks.

‘Thank you,’ you mumbled into the crook of his neck as he gently rubbed the back of your head.

Carl pulled away, resting his hands on your shoulders as he surveyed you seriously. ‘Anytime,’ he said, giving you a slight squeeze. ‘I mean it, I’ll always protect you.’

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Meeting 4/5 of Fifth Harmony

Guys I freaking met the girls yesterday!! It was such an incredible experience, Dinah picked up my gift bag and showed it to the girls and Lauren said she was going to hang my painting up in her room ( I am weeping). Just wanted to share my M&G experience with you guys! God bless those girls. “Amazing” and “inspiring” doesn’t do them enough justice, but that’s what they are.

So, once inside the venue, we waited until about 4/5 and the staff grouped (Guys I made friends with SO many harmos, so the grouping up was actually really enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to talk to people! It’s so cool getting to chill with people just as whipped as you are lmao) us up and this one guy brought a bag around for us to put our gifts for the girls in. (The staff does a great job of making sure the girls get these, so don’t be afraid to give them something!) I put my gift in there (it was a portrait painting for each girl, along with a note and 2-3 quotes that I thought fit them. It was in an Earthbound bag. Along with a dragonfly bracelet for Lauren in a brown, little box with a pink ribbon on it.) Eventually the girls came in, Dinah being the only one visible. She waved to us as she walked behind the banner and we all lost our crap. We screamed so loud and people were crying. I was standing off the the side, where I was able to see the side of the girls banner, where our gifts sat on the stairs beside them. I then saw DINAH FREAKING GO AND PICK UP MY EARTHBOUND BAG, LOOK INSIDE, AND TURN AND WALK BACK TO THE GIRLS, HOLDING MY GIFT. (I lost all my chill. I lost it.) We waited a little while for the individuals to be done. Ally was not there. I didn’t not meet her, she did not come until the latter part of the M&G bc she wasn’t feeling well. I really hope she’s feeling better! my bb..

When it was my groups turn to meet the girls, two of the other girls went up to Dinah and Camila. Meanwhile, I approached Lauren and Normani. They were talking to each other, so I just patiently waited a few seconds for them to finish. Once they were done, I approached Lauren, giving her a hug. This is how my convo went with the girls. I audio recorded everything.

Me: Hey girl!
L: Hey!
Me: How are you?
L: Great, thank you.
Me: You look beautiful!
L: Thank you! You as well!
Me: Aw *Pictures are taken*

L: You look like Taylor laugtner a little bit.
Me: I get that all the time girl
L: I know, it’s a really good complement. It means you’re really attractive  (!!!!!??!?! LAUREN!?!!)
Me: Aw, Thanks!
*takes another pic*
Me: Thanks babe!
L: You’re welcome! I love you!
Me: Love you too! *about to leave, I take her hands and say* Hey, I got you a dragonfly bracelet-
Me: Are you serious?!
L: Yea, yea, yea! It’s right there, it’s on the table right there!
*guides my eyes as she points to a high table where I can clearly see that little box sitting atop it. I assume the painting beneath it*
Me: Oh dude
L: It’s amazing. Thank you so much! I’m gonna keep the little painting in my room. (IN HER ROOM?!?!? I CANT BREATHE)
Me: Yea do it! God bless!
*they’re kinda indicating that we are to leave, but I walk up to Camila
C: Hi, beautiful I love you!
Me: I love you!
*move over to Dinah*
Me: Hey girl how are you?
*dinah makes a kissing noise as we hug and her face goes against my cheek*
Dinah: Good! I’m really excited for you to see the show tonight. *holds my hands*
Me: Girl me too!
*shift over slightly to hug Normani
Me: Hey, how are you?
Normani: Good! I like your outfit! (Guessing. Can’t really hear this.)
Me: Thank you
Normani: I love you!
Me: I love you too! 

Afterwards, me and the other girls bought merch and hung out with some other people until it was time for the show to start.
After the openers and the girls intro, I jumped up a row and stood in the vacant space right up next to the stage. I was so close to the girls it was unreal. I don’t want to be like one of those people who are like “oh my gosh, they looked at me” but honestly, when that happened, mainly with Camila, Lauren, and Normani, it felt like I was being set on fire tbh. Knowing that you’ve captured their attention, even for a moment, is exhilarating. I was SO close to the girls! It was unreal and an honor just to be that close. The girl beside me got the whole experience though! Camila would sing into her camera, including during BHB, bopping her on the nose and forehead in time to the lyrics. Then during the girls medley solos, Lauren looked to her and mouthed “I love you” and same with Normani. I mention this bc it looked like L was directing it to me, and for a moment I thought I was going to explode. The entire night was incredible. Seeing them live is just…an unbelievable experience. They still don’t seem human, but they are. Very much so.