aw man i'm excited

Aw heck I heard BH6 was getting a TV show soon? I think? I hope? And I got reminded of these two and had feelings so I had to sketch them again

Here I go again drowning in BH6 feels, this is fine

Also here’s a video process since I’ve been asked a lot how I draw Hiro and Baymax so I hope this helps?

i’m thinking about that tweet aml made about having to learn horse-riding and motorbike-riding for sense8 s2 and i hope at least one of them is for him sharing with lito in one of lito’s movies. remember how happy he got at the ability to do something as simple drink english tea? imagine how great it would be to see him get to be on a real life action movie set and really get to be like his hero van damme. he’d be so so happy and i really want it because he deserves the world