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The Floor is Lava One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: curse word(s)

Requested by anon:  Hi!! I really like your writing it’s incredible💙💙 can you please write a Peter Parker x Reader where they’re dating and they do the floor is lava challenge in different places just like the videos?

A/N: Aw, thanks anon :’) This was a cute idea, a little hard to write, but I love how it turned out, hope you enjoy!

word count: 2.2k

You sat on the floor of Peter’s bedroom smiling down at your phone. You were currently watching Twitter videos while Peter did his homework on his bed. Of course, you were supposed to be doing your homework as well, but you merely read the first paragraph of the chemistry book before you decided to “check” your phone. He had invited you over so you two could have a study date; however, neither of you had finished your homework, so the sooner you did, the sooner you could get to actually studying for your test on Monday.

“Is there something funny about the reading that I missed?” Peter asked with a teasing smile.

You looked up at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice. He was looking at you expectantly, probably already knowing you weren’t working, so you raised the book further to hide your phone.

“Um, yeah. I can’t believe you missed the, um,” you quickly skimmed through the page to find something to say, “covalent bonds part. The name is Bonds, Covalent Bonds.” You cringed at your attempt at a chemistry joke, but your voice held hope.

Peter tried not to smile but laughed, “Okay, that was good,”

“Really?” you mumbled, sounding surprised.

Peter quirked his eyebrow.

“I mean, yeah, obviously it was good -that’s why I was smiling…at my own joke. Not at anything else,” you quickly said, trying to save yourself.

“I can see your face glowing,” he dead-panned.

“Aw, thanks babe! I’m trying out this new moisturizer-”


“It’s Chanel?” you tried.

Peter narrowed his eyes at you. “Chanel? Really?”

“Okay, I lied. It’s not Chanel, it’s an off-brand-”

“Y/N,” he laughed.

“It’s water. I’ve been drinking more water. You caught me.”

He merely gave you a look.

“My secret is out Peter I don’t know what else you want from me,” you laughed, unable to take this anymore. 

“I know you’re on your phone babe,” he said.

“Fine, fine. You caught me,” you muttered, putting the book down. “You gotta see this video though.”

You stood up from your spot on the floor to join Peter on the bed.

Peter turned away, trying to do his homework. ”Y/N no, I don’t wanna get distracted,” he whined.

“If i was trying to distract you, I could think of something better to do -if you know what I mean,” you said, wrapping your arm around his shoulder. You suggestively raised your eyebrows at Peter and he blushed.

“Um, Y/N,” he swallowed. “I don’t think we should-”

“Relax, Peter. I’m not trying to get in your pants, I just wanna show you this video,” you giggled.

He laughed nervously, “Ye-yeah, I-I knew that. I didn’t think that you were, uh, serious you know.”

You raised your brow at Peter, “So you’re saying you’re not interested?”

Clearing his throat, he mumbled, “Just play the video.”

Smiling, you played the video; it was a short compilation of “the floor is lava” challenge videos. You looked at Peter’s reaction the whole time and saw that he thought it was funny too.

“I can’t imagine actually doing that in public,” he laughed.

“Me either,” you agreed. “We should do it.”

“What?” he laughed. “No, no way.”

“Live life on the edge Parker,” you teased, lightly slapping his cheek.

He scrunched his face and held your hand in place. “My life is as on the edge as I want it to be.”

“Mm, I think it can go further,” you pushed, running your hand through his hair instead.

“Is being a crime-fighting super hero not enough?” he said, turning to look at you.

You leaned in to kiss his lips. “It’s alright, but this would make it better.”

He frowned, “I’ll think about it. Can we go back to doing our homework now?”

“How about we re-visit my previous offer,” you teased, playing with the ends of his hair. “Or do you really want to do homework?”

“Um,” he blushed. “I-”

You giggled, “It’s too fun to tease you baby.” You got up and went back to your spot on the floor. “And as much as I’d love to not do my homework, I have to get this done eventually. Don’t distract me Peter.”

Peter shook his head, biting his lip to prevent a smile, as he got back to his work.

“Peter, haven’t we studied enough?” you whined. 

“Y/N, we’ve barely gone through one section,” he said.

“One section too many if you ask me,” you said.

“Fine,” he said, closing his book. “Let’s take a break. Are you hungry?” He got up from the floor and offered you his hand.

“I’m not Hungry, I’m your girlfriend,” you smiled, standing up.

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that,” he chuckled, leading you to the kitchen.

“You want to pretend I’m not your girlfriend or that I made a Dad joke?” 

“At this point, maybe both,” he teased.

You scoffed in disbelief, “The audacity.”

You leaned against the counter and watched Peter rummage through the cabinets before checking the fridge. That’s when an idea popped up.

Oh this is gunna be good

Pulling out your phone, you got ready to snapchat a video. “Hey Pete,” you called. 

He was still looking around the fridge, but he managed to reply, “Yeah?”

“The floor is lava!” you exclaimed.

He looked up and shut the fridge. “What? Not now Y/N,” he said, embarrassed that you were still filming him. 

“C’mon Peter,” you cooed. “I wont post it, I’ll just save it.”

Peter sighed, but then looked around for some where to jump. He saw the kitchen island and sat on it.

“That was so anti-climatic,” you said chuckling, stopping the video.

“I’d like to see you do it!” he defended himself.

“Well, I can’t do it now! It has to be a surprise, that’s the whole point babe,” you tsked.

“It’s on,” he mumbled.

You smirked and patted his arm as you went to the fridge, “Sure it is Peter, sure it is.” 

The day after tomorrow, you completely forgot about the whole “floor is lava” thing. But Peter? No, Peter did not forget. In your defense, Peter had told you he wanted to take you out for a date in the park, so you were looking forward to that all morning instead.

Once you got to the park, Peter looked like he was bouncing with excitement. He practically pulled you along the path the whole time. You figured he was looking forward to the ice cream that you two always got from the vendor that walks around the park. And, wow, were you wrong.

“I think I’m gunna try a new flavor today, just to switch it up,” you said, looking up at Peter.

Peter looked down at you and smirked, “Trying to live your life on the edge or what?” 

“Yeah,” you said skeptically.

Why is he looking at me like that

Once you got to the ice cream cart, you went ahead to order because Peter claimed he needed more time to think. Finishing paying, you turned around, taking a lick of your ice cream and saw Peter fiddling with his phone. He held it up and, at first, you thought he was taking a picture -so you smiled. Then it hit you. And your smile turned to an expression of horror. 

“Peter, no-”

He looked you in the eyes and said, “The floor is lava.”

“I have ice cream!” you cried, looking around for a bench or something. 

I am not gunna lose to him, you thought.

You swallowed the last bit of dignity you had left when you saw a trash can and ran straight for it. In the process of sprinting you ditched the poor, sweet ice cream and used both hands to jump onto the bin. Peter, of course, filmed the whole thing and was left dying with laughter. The trash’s top wasn’t big enough for you to completely fall in, but your ass was still partially in there. Peter got closer to you and kept filming, but cut it off when he couldn’t stop laughing. It was that laugh he does where he closes his eyes, scrunches up his face, and bends over a bit. You’d normally appreciate how adorable he looked, and damn did he look adorable right now, but you were annoyed with him. You looked at people passing by and they either looked amused or bored -I mean, it’s New York, they’ve probably seen weirder stuff.

“Can you at least help me out,” you huffed, extending your hand.

Peter grabbed it to help you out. Stifling his laughter, he said, “Aw, baby, I’m so sorry but that was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Best thing I’ve ever seen,” you mocked, muttering to yourself as you dusted yourself off.

“I’ll buy you a new cone,” he said, biting his lip to keep from smiling.

“Fine,” you agreed. “Send me the video.”

You were definitely planning to get Peter back, the thing is, you had to make sure he wouldn’t see it coming. Now, you thought about waiting two days or so, but by Monday, Peter proceeded to show both Ned and MJ the video. It was pretty hard to have Peter forget about it when all three of them brought it up the whole week. But being the stubborn person you are, you waited until it faded out to get your revenge. Which was around the following week. 

You wanted to go shopping at the mall and begged Peter to come along since he hates shopping. Though, he changed his mind pretty quickly when you told him you would try on clothes and ask him for his opinion. The type of clothes you mentioned may or may not have persuaded him further.

Walking around the mall with Peter, you two had a great time. You almost felt bad for what you were about to do.


All it took was remembering that damn ice cream you had to kill in cold blood. And the smug look on Peter’s face. His stupid, but still cute, face. 

You and Peter were deciding what store to go into next, conveniently stopping by at the huge fountain in the middle of the mall.

Sorry in advance Peter, you mentally said.

You stood in front of Peter, just talking about what else you should get. You pretended to get a text and set your bags down to pull out your phone. “Hold on Pete, I needa text back my mom.”

He smiled politely and pulled out his phone to wait for you. Without him noticing, you got ready to record. 

“Hey Peter,” you said teasingly.

He looked up with a small smile, confused as to why you were filming him. “What?”

“That floor your standing on?” you said as he looked down, then back up. “It’s lava.”

He looked at you with pleading eyes. “Babe, let’s not do this-”

“What’s that? Peter Parker is admitting defeat? Say it clearly so I can capture this moment forever,” you said, holding the phone closer to his face.

He glared at you and quickly surveyed the premise. The only thing he could use was the water fountain. He handed you his phone and said, “Hold this.” He ran to the fountain stood on the ledge, balancing carefully. Turning to you, he extended his arms out in triumph. 

Damn it, I was hoping he’d fall in, you thought.

“Was that it Y/N?” he called out, smirking at you.

An idea popped into your head. You smirked back and held out Peter’s phone. His expression faltered.

“Babe, don’t you dare-”

I’m sure his Spidey senses or whatever can come in handy, right?

“Catch!” you said, tossing his phone.  

You threw it a little more to the left, so Peter had to reach further for it. In doing so, he lost his footing, but managed to smack the phone away before he fell in. Your mouth dropped in surprise as he made a huge splash.

“Oh my god,” you breathed, laughing slightly. You ran to pick up his phone, then went to the fountain. You went up to Peter, still recording because why not, and asked if he was okay as he scrambled to get up. Giggling at his form, you leaned out to give him a hand.

Spitting out water, reaching for you, he said, “I’m, I’m fine -I just got hot. I totally meant to do that.”

You stopped filming at this point and helped him climb out of the fountain, laughing slightly.

Once he got out of the fountain you whispered to Peter, “We should probably leave before we get kicked out.” 

“Yeah, yeah we should,” he said quickly. “Go go go,” he rushed, getting your bags and speed-walking away -you following after him. 

You and Peter decided to call it a truce since you both got some embarrassing footage of each other. Getting out of the mall, you told him, “Let’s just never do that again.”

“Yup. I’m never coming back to this mall,” he muttered, moving his wet curls out of his face.

“We can’t ever come back,” you agreed.

Peter nod his head in agreement and held your hand as you both pretended that his shoes didn’t make that squishy sound with each step.

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Bruce Wayne x Reader - Relationship Headcanons part 1/?

Already did the goodies here :  Bruce + Batboys headcanons 

As for the rest, here it is. I’m still not sure if I’m doing the “headcanon” thing right…Hope you’ll still like it, especially you anon and you @harlequin-swan : 

My masterlist blog :



  • How do they kiss?

It always depends on his mood. It can be rough, or sweet. But it’s always the best kiss ever. Every time you think he can’t out-do himself, and yet, every time it becomes more and more amazing. His lips always taste great, the way he massages your tongue with his is always so loving even when a bit rough…His kisses are just the best. All of his kisses. 
He’s all for sweet cheeks and forehead kisses. Doesn’t mind much for small PDAs like that, and will kiss your cheeks, forehead, hands in public, to paparazzis’ great pleasure.

  • What sort of sweet nothings do they whisper?

He would NEVER admit it, but he’s one of the cheesiest person ever. So whispering sweet nothing in your ear ? Definitely. Wether you’re in public (he loves the way your cheek tints of red whenever he whispers something cute), just the two of you cuddling, or making sweet love to each others : 

 “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”
 “How do you look so beautiful all the time?”
 “You brighten up my day every time I see you. Your laugh…”
 “You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile”
 “You’re the reason my life feels so perfect.”
 “You make me believe in soul mates.”
 “You make me feel weak in the knees when I touch you.”
 “Just hearing your voice in the morning makes my day.”
 “ I love you so much I can’t explain it even if I tried.”
 “You’re the one thing I’m most thankful for having in my life.”
 “I want to kiss every inch of you.”
 “You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile.”
 “I could stare at you forever and I’d still feel like I haven’t had enough of you.”
 “Spending time with you is the highlight of my day.”
 “You could have any guy in the world, and yet you chose me.” (you always thought that one was wrong, that it was the other way around, but he wouldn’t let you say it…oh no)
 “I start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams.” (one of his cheesiest line)

Yeah you get it, so many things. He makes sure to always give you knew compliments every day, just to see your slight blush and incredible smile. And when he can make you laugh because of his cheesiness or jokes, then it’s even better. 

  • What do they like to talk about ?

With you : 

✶ You. You don’t particularly like talking about yourself, but he loves to hear your voice talk about your day, about what you think…It’s soothing to him. Holding you in his arms and you just talking, he loves it. And he always wants to make sure you feel comfortable enough to tell him everything. He hates when you withhold important things from him (if you feel sad, if you have a problem etc etc…). But you guys always say everything to each others. Best friends AND Lovers. 
Your children. It’s always an entertaining subject. Always. Chances are, one of them did something that is worth talking about.
 Surprisingly, himself. It’s not that he likes to talk about himself, just like you don’t really like to talk about yourself, in fact, it’s more…he likes to tell you how he feels, especially when he’s not alright, because you always have the right words to make him feel better. 
The future. Your future to the both of you.
Gossiping with you bring him joy. Oh you two always know everything about what’s up with the League’s members and such. Only nice gossips though, you’d never spread rumors, you only talk between the two of you, because you two already suffer enough from lies from medias and such. Damn rumors. But harmless gossiping about Green Arrow being totally dominated by Black Canary ? Hell yes. 
Your and his view of life. It’s always very insightful. 
His childhood. Your childhood. It…Helps often. And tiny Bruce was adorable. You were such a daredevil as a child that your stories are also always great. 
Naughty things. Oh the way you blush, or the way your words are the only thing that can make him blush…It send shivers down his spine. 
Each others’ fears. Because it’s nice to admit he isn’t as emotionless and invincible as everyone seem to think, but he’d admit it only to you. 

With his close friends : 

His children.  he’ll enjoy talking about you and the kids to his friends. About how great you all are. Only close friends, because he can only endure Clark and Diana’s teasing. 
Them, he also talks about their interest. It’s his friends, he likes to know about them, even if he won’t admit it, acting as if his interest is only polite, even though he genuinely care. When they need him, he’s here to talk.

With everyone else :

He doesn’t like to talk about himself or actual personal stuffs with others . And as a public figure, as the famous Bruce Wayne, he’ll act as if he likes to talk about his company, about his work, about whatever is in fashion, about politics…but really, he doesn’t enjoy any of those conversations. He mostly just like talking about you and his children (as annoying as he can be), but he doesn’t do it in public. His life is no one’s business. 

  • Can they sing?

No. Oh God he cannot. It’s quite incredible to you really, how great and soothing his voice is when he speaks to you, how much you love listening to him saying whatever…but when he tries to sing it’s just awful. He has no rhythm. He’ll always sing off beat.  But you know what ? You fucking love it. (Someone pointed out to me that he actually can sing very well, and I know. I remember him singing for Diana in “The Justice League” animated show (found the youtube video here : but…man, I just love the idea of him having such a great deep voice and not being able to sing properly…I guess it’s the point of a headcanon :D)


  • Are they fast?

For a non-meta human, yes. That guy could have run in the olympics really, with all his training and such. Usain Bolt fast yo. Damn long legs. 

  • How flexible are they?

Bruce isn’t that flexible. He’s all toughness and muscles. Dick is the flexible man in the family, because of his acrobat’s past. Bruce, just like Jason, are more…brute force. Even though they’re master at martial arts, they’re not smooth, they’re not super flexible. They can high kick someone easily, but putting their foot behind their head ? Nope. You however, are very flexible, and he loves it. Useful. 

  • Will they fart in front of an s/o?

Most people would peg it unthinkable to even imagine the always elegant Bruce Wayne farts but…Oh man. With you he knows he can be himself, and if it means farting and burping in front of you sometimes, then he’ll do it. At first, he was so shy about it, and the day you laughed your ass off because you understood he was leaving your bed, leaving the room to go fart elsewhere, he understood that you didn’t care. Farting contest are a thing between the two of you, and the best thing about it ? Only you guys know. 
You hate it though, when you’re comfortably settled against him, wrapped in the blanket, his arms around you,drawing lazy patterns on your back with his fingers, caressing you all over lovingly…only for him to let out a huge smelly fart, to trap you under the blanket so you HAVE TO smell it and for his arms to tighten around you even more, so that you can’t escape ! Damn bastard ! 


Byron Kastilahn

Length: Very Long

Heavily, HEAVILY inspired by this music video masterpiece:

Content Warning: Violence, heavy themes of self harm and suicide.

Part 1: Deterrence

I once read a really good article on the internet in High School. It was about a man who had experienced awful things. He’d experienced the horrors of war himself. He saw the brutality that is human emotion dealt on bystanders, loved ones, family.

He’d carried the weight of stress, despair and hard work for his whole life just to get a free degree and nothing else after because of “mood swings”

Because of “panic attacks”

Because of the informational overload that our outdated species can’t keep up with in the growing complexity that some schmuck printed “life” on the front cover of.

And yet, as he tasted the steel of his 9mm, one thing caught his eye. It was his dog. A sweet, loveable, shining Golden Retriever. It’s smile and fur radiated in front of him as he decided to put the pistol away and live another day… For her.

My situation was similar at one point. I was tasting the steel of my own nine, except that guy’s was a Beretta. Mine was a CZ since they’re as affordable and have proven to be just as good if not better. I don’t know, both would have sufficed for painting my drab walls a new color.

Another difference: my “golden hero” was a stout, little Corgi named Holly. She could be a coffee table, she’s got so much mass. How she kept it at the time, I’m unsure of though.

I took the pistol out of my mouth, spitting out the coating of dust, and stared her in the eyes.

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anonymous asked:

just wanna say i love your youtube videos and thank you for making them because they're really high quality and really helpful. :D pls say a quiet and gentle hi to the old man for me bc i love him

aw thank you!

the ol boi says hi

I just heard that Monty Oum passed away, and I give my love to Sheena and his family. I also hope that his co-workers at Roosterteeth are alright and I hope that the community can respect if breaks are taken from videos, productions or anything of the sort. This is a tragedy in the loss of a really talented and wonderful person, who was an inspiration to a lot of people and overall just a fantastic and caring individual.

RIP Monty Oum

anonymous asked:

I'm so confused so I wanted to ask you about the baby bump video. I see a lot of people reacting a certain way, but maybe I just don't see it. Sounded like Sam was really into goofing around with the prosthetic, I didn't read it as any sort of a hidden meaning. It's a fake belly. If my husband was making basketball jokes and poking me when I was preggo it may not have gone over well. Is it because he said pregnant women are sexy? That's very sweet cause I didn't feel terribly sexy, haha, but ok.

So for me, what got me squeeing was the definitely the way he talked about it.  I think he probably only poked it once or twice, there would be a novelty in that I am sure.  As far as the basketball reference goes, I picture him “palming” it.  If you have ever played basketball or known bball players, it is a real thing.  And Sam has such large hands, so probably when the bump was not HUGE he could fit in one hand like palming a basketball.  My husband used to do that to me before my belly got enormous.  

I totally get the felling/being sexy.  When I wasn’t violently ill, I did feel much more in tune with my body and much more responsive.  It has to do with the increase in blood volume and also elevated hormones.  I also really enjoyed Sam saying he loved rubbing it.  When he spoke about the belly, he seemed very gentle and romantic.  That could very well be me projecting, but his manner changed.  He wasn’t joking and cavalier about it.  He seemed genuinely in awe of what a woman’s body can do.  And, even though Caitriona wasn’t really going through those changes, the prosthetic would have been jarring to see on.

Also, pushing for pregnant sex because it is real and normal and hot is a HUGE turn on.  This is a man who loves and appreciates women, and not just ones who fit the criteria that some people try to force on him.

That is what I saw from Sam in that video.