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Saying she was being affectionate would be an extreme understatement. It's as if she was a love sick kitten, placing kisses and hugging the male at every chance she got. Pressing her lips against the male's once more, a warm smile still etched on her features as she spoke, a light happy glow to her cheeks. " I love you, you know that, right?"

He just raised a hand to her forehead, a half amused and very lazy smile on his face.

“You’re very hot. Are you sick. Or are you after something..?”

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i'm being kicked in the butt atm by a plethora of mental and eating disorders and therapy hasn't worked for me and i've no access to meds and the only thing that remotely keeps me limping through everyday of school shit and exams is your art. so... this is basically a thank you for your art and the feelings you project into it all that resonate to a super duper level with me & anything that makes me feel just a little bit better helps alot atm. keep on being wonderful & making wonderful things!

man, that is the roughest load of shit I am so sorry you’re having to go through it. I was just trying to do some writing about experiences with eating disorders and even describing what it’s like is making me want to hurl myself at a wall, so a serious fucking well done to you for continuing to exist and get yer school bits done whilst that is happening. I am SO so so a thousand times glad my art is helpful, that’s brilliant to hear and I love being able to share it. Thank you for writin to me and I’m sending hugs and love to you lil bean. Also here’s a picture of a fish with breasts saying ‘why’ because I don’t really know, but I think it’ll probably work out in the end


oh crap here’s more QAQ

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characters from @cheapcookiez ;;w;; i love your work and everything else agh you get the point hahha ok ill leave now bye ;v; *jumps off the window and falls to my death*


((idk why i think of mark as an emotionless cinnamon bun who doesn’t even know how to be cute in front of the camera….him tryingto be cute is cute tho hha ah a ))

Chapter 3 Page 10:

Writing: Expectation vs. Reality

…ok, so maybe love letters are not her strong suit…

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