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Taehyung how much do you love jimin? Tell us!

Taehyung: He is such a sweet boyfriend who gives you all his love and reminds you often how important you are to him. He is also a cutie, I mean I love seeing him in my sweater *cough cough* um but he is just an adorable mochi on his own. Doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive and cool because aha when he dances I mean that’s a different story ahem anyways so how much do I love him? A lot.


oh crap here’s more QAQ

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characters from @cheapcookiez ;;w;; i love your work and everything else agh you get the point hahha ok ill leave now bye ;v; *jumps off the window and falls to my death*


((idk why i think of mark as an emotionless cinnamon bun who doesn’t even know how to be cute in front of the camera….him tryingto be cute is cute tho hha ah a ))

in 2 weeks i’m going to be finally done with exams and finals and all that shit i’d also be done with high school and i just can’t believe it??? like i’m the youngest out of 5 and all my siblings have already finished collage this is just so surreal like I’ve always just been in school and this is so weird and i’m super excited and terrified at the same time