aw lookit


                                                                He flushed and looked away; but that wasn’t any better for him, since everyone else was watching us with enormous interest, too drunk on beer and dancing to be polite. 

                 He looked back at me instead, and scowled at my smile.

Apparently some people in OMGCP fandom don’t know it’s called Zimbits because of the Timbit???

They’re doughnut holes.  You get them from Tim Horton’s, which is a coffee shop founded by a professional hockey player who wrapped up people who tried to fight him in an enormous bear hug. Timmy’s is super iconic and widespread in Canada.  (It’s not actually high-class high-quality coffee and food; it’s humble and decent, but more importantly, 100% consistent.  Timmy’s is a beacon of reliability that shines out onto the darkness of endless highways when your only other option is greasy gas-station coffee that may or may not be green.  Timmy’s is so inoffensive basically anybody can find something they like there.)

When you order a box of Timbits (they come in boxes of 10, 20, and 40/50) they come “mixed” by default, meaning the employee who makes up your box picks one Timbit out of every rack (depending on the store there may be 5-10 kinds of Timbits).  There is a great deal of Canadian discourse about the fact that then any mixed box contains less than 20% of anyone’s favourite type of Timbit, and CLEARLY chocolate glazed are the best (”NO THEY AREN’T” “JELLY CENTRED” “COCONUT”) and you’re a monster if you DO eat the last chocolate Timbit, but also a monster if you DON’T.

I lack high moral fibre because when I buy Timbits I order my box “half chocolate glazed, half mixed” and then just eat enough chocolate Timbits that by the time I’ve arrived at my destination, the ratio looks correct to the people who thank me for being so wonderful and generous.

ALSO Timbits is the name for the company’s charitable minor sports initiative for kids ages 4-9.  Eg: “Aw, lookit all those little Timbits playing on the rink.”


Look who’s Evil Supply Co. order came in! And oh boy did they deliver! I seriously didn’t expect the amount of awesome other stuff that came too (and so much in green, my favorite color!). I can’t wait to put those patches on my backpack now.


This isn’t a post just about the watch, it’s cool and all, but more about the funny story behind how I got it…

There’s not much I really want out of the infamous claw machines here in Japan (it’s all animes I don’t watch and am not particularly interested in), but then THIS showed up and I’m a Zelda nerd so…

I first found it at a Taito Arcade in one of the machines a few weeks ago.  Sank ¥300 into it (about $3) and didn’t latch it.  Friend #1 pitched in ¥100.  Still couldn’t get it.  Gave up and moved on to other things…

This past weekend I found myself out in Yokohama with friends and ran into it again in another machine.  Not a claw machine, but a ‘knock over the panel through a shape and win a prize from a locker’ variety (I don’t know a better way to describe it).

Friend #2 decides to give it a try and put in ¥100.  I turned away to settle my bags and all I hear is:

“I got it.”

And a ka-chunk as the locker opened up.

They got it on the first freaking try…