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I’m falling apart

A/N: Reader is Jensen’s little sister who is going through a tough time with depression and Jensen is determined to help her. If this becomes a series it’s gonna be super dramatic & probably kinda twisty.

Trigger warning: Depression, suicidal thoughts.

Jensen threw his head back laughing at a joke Jared made. Looking around the table he realized how lucky he was. He was sitting at a table in Rome surrounded by his friends and fellow cast mates, enjoying the night. Tomorrow was the first day of the convention and the few days following it him and Jared would tour the city some before heading back home to his family. A gentle smile fell on Jensen’s lips when he thought about Danneel and the kids in Austin and all the plans they had for the hiatus.

Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, Jensen grabbed it, smiling even wider when he saw Danneel’s name pop up on the caller ID.

“Hey babe.” He answered.

“Hey Jay.” Danneel’s voice responded, only something sounded off in her tone.

“What’s up?” Jensen said, standing up from his seat and walking away from the group, “You sound worried.”

“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure it’s nothing but…” Danneel trailed on.

“You’re kinda worrying me here Dee. What’s going on?” Jensen pushed.

“It’s Y/N.” Danneel responded.

“My sister? Is she okay?” Jensen quickly pushed.

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The look on his face…

He’s so in awe, and not because he’s human again, but because of what it means

She loves him.  And it was strong enough to break the curse.  He can’t believe that he’s lucky enough to have someone who loves him that strongly.

I mean, this is a guy who grew up without love, probably accepted that no one was ever going to love him…in fact, before the curse, I bet he forgot what love was.

This is the face of a man who finally found it again, staring him in the face.  I could look at this reaction forever.

Regarding Dean

Dean and Sam found you in the midst of packing your duffel – your face contorted with rage. You had spent all night searching for Dean after he ditched you at the bar, and it pissed you off to no end when you didn’t receive one call or even a goddamn text.

“Y/N, no, wait –“

“Sam, if you so much defend your brother right now, I will punch you. Let me guess, you found him hungover as hell at some diner.” You laughed humorlessly, refusing to look at the two brothers that stood by the door. Dean watched you in awe, a silly grin on his face as he watched you.

“If you would just listen for one minute I can explain what happened,” Sam tried again, he was sick of this already – trying to help Dean but he had pissed too many people off in the span of 24 hours. Quickly whirling around, you scowled at the two of them, becoming livid at the cheesy grin on your boyfriend’s face. It took everything in you not to roundhouse kick him. You had worried all night, praying to every higher power that he was okay – but of course, he acted like nothing happened.

“Well hello, gorgeous. And who might you be?” Dean smirked, licking his lips as he took in the sight of you.

“Fuck you, Dean. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore,” You hissed, unshed tears brimming your eyes. Why would he act like this? The two of you had been good…more than good for the past few months now ever since you realized that he hadn’t died from the bomb implanted in him to wipe out the Darkness.

“Whoa, feisty, babe. I’m sure we can work out whatever your problem is,” He merely winked, shoving his hands into the front pockets of his slacks. It took you a moment to process what he had said, eyes wide in disbelief. Turning towards Sam, you waited for an explanation for Dean’s behavior.

“Is he still drunk?” You seethed, raking your fingers through your hair, shoulders tense at the stupidity of the situation.

“No, Y/N. Now shut up and listen. He’s been hexed-“

“What? Sam! What the fuck!”

“It’s his memory. Apparently it’s disappearing, he crashed Baby because he forgot how to put it in reverse. He didn’t even know that he was hexed until we retraced his steps. He’s…forgetting people,” He winced slightly, knowing this would be painful for both you and him if he didn’t kill the damn witch siblings.

“So he doesn’t…Dean?” The eldest Winchester looked at you with a wide boyish grin, eager for your attention as you addressed him. “You don’t know who I am?”

His brows furrowed at you, wondering why you would ask such a question when he was positive he would remember someone like you. He turned to look at his brother, silently asking for help.

“That’s Y/N, Dean. She’s been hunting with us for the past 10 years or so. She’s, um – “

“I’m your girlfriend, Dean.”

Both you and Sam watched Dean process your words, brows furrowed in confusion before a wide boyish grin graced his lips, a smile you hadn’t seen since …god it had been over a decade. It took your breath away, watching how childish and just so carefree Dean was.

“Y/N, is my girlfriend? Oh lord, what did I do to have such a beautiful girl?” He murmured appreciatively, his calloused fingers reaching up and brushing a few strands of hair away from my face. You blushed. Honest-to-Chuck blushed. Sure you and Dean had your moments where the flirting was intense and still held that spark that had yet to die ever since you met him. But this was different. It was as if Dean was falling in love with you all over again and you enjoyed it way more than you should have.

“You’re lucky you have a reason as to what happened last night or else your ass would be out on the side of the road by now,” you playfully scowled at him, only to have him watch you with excitement at the fact that you were talking to him. Taking his hand, you led him over to the bed, sitting down next to him as you waited for Sam to finish his call with Rowena. You could feel Dean’s stare as you watched TV. “Could you not do that?” You grinned, watching as he bashfully looked away from you.

“Sorry it’s just, I can’t believe I can’t remember someone like you. I can – um, I can feel how much I loved, er, love you though and it’s quite frustrating to not have memories with it,” His words sent your heart racing against your chest, dammit Winchester. Even with him losing his memory, he was still just as charming as ever without even realizing it. 



Request: Can you do an Isaac imagine where you always leave your window open so he can sleep with you and one night you to get into a really bad fight and you close the window and he knows he messed up bad? Thanks

gif cred - fyeahdanielsharman

A/N: I tried to give this one a more happy ending than the last Isaac imagine. Okay, a lot more happy. ;)


Where he usually lay, creating a warm bubble of warmth as he tangled himself beneath the white sheets, was a cold and empty patch of mattress. If she buried her face in his feathery pillow where his scent lingered, she would breathe in his cologne, and it would almost be like he was there. 

It was around ten, not that she was paying attention, and by this time at night the town would go still, lights would flicker off, and Isaac Lahey would sneak into her window wearing a big and dopey grin, but this time he didn’t. They would sleep beside each other every night, but it was never anything more than that, him bundled around her, or vise versa, a source of comfort for the two who didn’t feel like they had anybody else.

She couldn’t sleep, so she sat up abruptly and rubbed at her eyes, walking over to her mirror and staring at the disheveled figure that blinked in the reflection. She was wearing a lacy white tank top and navy blue sleep shorts, her hair in a tangled pony, and usually bright eyes were instead sporting dark purple circles. She yawned and reached for a knit quilt which she took with her as she sat on the ledge beside her window, head tilted onto the cool glass, blanket over her knees. She breathed fog onto the window, and rubbed it away so she could stare blankly out into the starry night sky. Though she tried with all her might not to think about it, to think about him, she couldn’t help it.

“I’ll see you later?” she smiled, nudging Isaac.

His smile wavered and melted away, “actually, no.”

“Oh,” she said with surprise, “how come?”

Isaac stared at her, his next words low and soft, “because I don’t want to, and because it’s never going to happen again.”

And thus a fight had broken out between the two, one that both didn’t last long, or make any sense to her. He’d snapped, one moment himself, the next moment not, and she wanted to know how she went wrong, or if she’d hurt him. Usually by this time she’d be sleeping, and Isaac would’ve pulled her right into his chest, his arms snugly around her as if she were the only thing keeping him alive, and she would drift off into him with a smile on her lips. The longing that churned in her stomach made her sink forward into her knees with a long sigh. 

“Did I do something out of line?” she reasoned.

He was getting more angered now, his jaw pulsating, “no, it was my mistake to come at all.”

“But…I thought-”

“Thought what? Get over it, okay? Those nights meant nothing.”

It was so dark out by now that all the lights were blinked out except the sparkling ones in the sky. For a minute, she pulled open her window, letting the cool breeze from outside woosh across her face and send goosebumps to her skin. A part of her felt like if she opened that window, Isaac would appear, and it would all go back to normal. She blinked her eyes closed, remembering their last night together, which had been only a few weeks ago, weeks that felt so far away.

“Hey,” his lips twitched faintly.

They were rolled to their sides, facing each other, so close their noses almost touched. Isaac wore his jeans but had tossed his shirt to the floor, making it difficult for her to keep her eyes glued to his face. His honey colored curls toppled across his forehead, his blue eyes bright.

“Hey,” she smiled.

“Why are you awake?”

“Couldn’t sleep. You?”


“How come?”

“I guess I was just, thinking.”

“About what?”


She snapped out of her daze, blinking down at the two bright lights that appeared in the folds of darkness. They were eyes, golden ones. She took in a sharp breath and slammed the window closed, clicking the lock shut and bounding back to her bed, diving beneath the sheets in hopes he hadn’t seen her. A rustling came from outside, and then face appeared at the window, a rasp of knuckles at the glass, but she didn’t move, her eyes slammed shut as she feigned sleep. There were a couple seconds of silence, and then-


His voice was soft, broken sounding, and unmistakably Isaac Lahey’s. Just the way her name sounded coming off his lips almost sent her spiraling.

 “Please,” he tried again, a plea.

Her hands trembled and she tried with little luck to drown his voice out.

“I know you’re awake,” he said quietly, “I can hear the way you’re breathing.” He paused, voice breaking, “please, let me in, please.”

It wasn’t enough for her to open the window, but it was enough that she sat up, blinking at the boy outside. She could barely make him out, but was sure those golden wolf eyes could see her in crystal clear view. She turned her lamp on and faced Isaac, who’s eyes had lost their familiar glow, a heavy lack of sleep visible from his face and tousled curls.

“I messed up,” he said, his head bent in shame.

“Yeah, you did,” she tried to keep her voice steady.

“Please, let me explain.”

“You already did,” she snapped, mocking him, “it was a mistake.”

“No, no,” he shook his head, bringing a palm up to her window when she moved to her blinds. His eyes resumed their bright blue color, and it was a human hand that was pressed to her glass. She walked slowly to him, sinking down to the floorboards and hating herself for caving so easily. She raised her hand to the glass, pressing it against Isaac’s, and he bent forward so that his forehead could be against hers.

“Please,” he said again, blue eyes boring into her.


She let him in, the tall boy struggling, as usual, to fit himself through. He stepped into her room, wearing black jeans and a navy shirt, eyes flickering around as if to see if she’d changed anything from the last time. He took in a deep breath, like he wanted to breathe in something familiar, to breathe her in, and for the first time, she saw clearly the purple markings that circled around his neck.

“What hap-” she began.

“I needed to see you,” he cut her off, “to say I’m sorry.”

She blinked at him with a cold expression.

“I just couldn’t stay away any longer. My dad, he found out I was sneaking out, and if he’d known I was coming to see you, he could’ve done something awful,” Isaac stumbled. “I had to keep you away so he wouldn’t find you, o-or hurt you.”

“But instead he hurt you,” she breathed, looking at the bruises on his flesh.

“It’s worth it,” he mumbled, “if you’re safe.”

“But I’m not,” she said, “not without you.”

“What do you mean?” his eyebrows arched, lips bending.

“I mean the nightmares have started again, since you left,” she whispered.

His eyes flickered sadly over her face, “mine too.”

She frowned and reached for his hand, trailing her fingertips lightly over his palms. His heart hammered obnoxiously in his chest, and he took in a sharp breath, “I can’t stay.” He pulled his hand back into his chest, distancing himself from her because he knew the smallest of touches would be enough for him to never leave.

“You can,” she said, “stay.”

“No, if I got home and my dad found out,” he began.

“Then don’t go home,” she stated, the answer so simple to her.


“Stay,” she said again.

He stared at her, silence enveloping them as he searched for the right words to say, but finding none. She stood, closing the distance between their bodies and bringing her hand to Isaac’s sculpted cheekbones. When he tried to turn from her, she pressed her fingertips into him lightly.

“Don’t,” she begged. “Don’t do that thing where you push me away.”

“I can’t,” he looked down at her. “I can’t hurt you.”

“You won’t,” she ran her fingers along his jaw, “okay?”

He just stared at her, “how come you care so much?” His voice had dropped lower, like he was sensing something for the first time, like he was seeing her differently.

“Isaac, what were you gonna say that night, when you couldn’t sleep?” she averted the question and the tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach, “you never told me.”

“Neither did you,” he said.

Her hand dropped, and she shifted a little with discomfort.

“Was it nightmares keeping you up?” he asked.

“No, you know I don’t get them when-”

“When I’m there,” he finished.

She nodded.

“So what then?”

His words were soft and dangerous, like his next actions relied entirely upon her answer. She turned and began to pace with agitation, eyes glued to the dark floorboards, loose strands of heir toppling over her cheeks as she took in shallow breaths. 

“Hey, hey,” Isaac steadied her, hands coming firmly to either side of her shoulder, “look at me.”

And she did. Her eyes flickered over those searing eyes, and gold locks, and full lips that drove her crazy. She took in a deep breath, Isaac’s dark cologne wafting into her lungs and making her dizzy.

“Will you stay?” she asked.

He brushed back her hair and ran his slender fingertips gently up to grip her face. He had to bend down to reach her, his forehead gently touching hers, breath cool and voice alluring when he answered, “as soon as you tell me, honestly.”

She stared at him, heart racing as his blue eyes devoured her, “come on sweetheart, I just need one word,” he said. “One word and I’m all yours,” he promised. “What was keeping you up?”


And then his lips were on hers, and they became a tangled mess of body parts, her arms slinking around his neck, fingers tangled in his honey colored curls, Isaac’s hands grabbing roughly at her waist, the two going stumbling across the bedroom. She went falling to the bed, Isaac closing in over her as his lips attached hungrily back against her own, his hands crawling beneath her shirt and sending electricity through her bare skin. He nudged more forcefully into her mouth, hunger growing when she sighed and made that noise of contempt against him. His lips found her neck, and he pinned her waist down so she couldn’t wriggle as his mouth danced across her sensitive skin, tongue pressing slow into her and leaving purple marks. She tilted her head up, feeling his soft hair and hot breath against her and making Isaac go mad when she said his name the way she did. His slender fingertips went sliding down her stomach, sending shivers that made her arch her back beneath him.

He pulled hastily away, blue eyes boring into her, “you don’t know how many nights I lay here thinking about this, thinking about all the things I wanted to do to you,” he said huskily.

“So do them,” she dared.

And this time they didn’t sleep.

Wait, That’s Her?

Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader

Summary: Reader is a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and her mutation is the control of plants and nature - She re-grows the tree that Scott destroys when he first arrives and from that moment on, he’s fixated on her. 

Warning: none !!

Word Count: 605 (sorry it’s so short - part 2 maybe?)

A/N: inspired by how Jean & Scott met.

Originally posted by claracivry

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Between the lines

Hello hello! So i’m doing a set of missing moments during 3B, there’ll be various interactions between all but the main focus will be on captain swan and their evolving relationship. I hope you like them!

Also can be found on AO3

Moment 1: A question of motive

Set during 3x13. David asks a lot of questions and Hook isn’t too pleased by it. 

David ordered Robin and his men to not to go searching for their newly transformed friend, but to hang tight and stay cautious when heading back out to the woods. Until they knew exactly what they were dealing with, It was best to keep their distance and try to remain safe.

He left them at the hospital as he and an equally stunned Hook made their way across town to the loft in silence.

David’s head was reeling with what he’d just witnessed. Little John had just grown wings and a tail, and flew away before his eyes. He may be from the Enchanted forest, but there were still things even he found hard to grasp.

The man had turned into a flying monkey.

He turned to the pirate beside him who was looking straight ahead, brow set into a frown.

“So that was… he became a flying..”

“Aye. it appears so.”

Something Hook had revealed earlier came rushing back to him as he took in the tension in the man’s posture. David saw an opportunity to get some much needed information about the missing year.

“And that was the same thing that attacked Emma in New York?”

“The very same.”

“The monster she was gonna marry.”

Hook’s step faltered and a flicker of something David couldn’t grasp swept over his face before he schooled his features and turned to the prince.

“Yes. The very same. Shall we continue?” he tried to carry on the journey towards the loft and away from the harrowing conversation unfolding, but David grasped his arm, halting him from going further. Hook let out a frustrated sigh as he stopped, turning his body to face David once more, keeping his bored expression trained on the sky above.

“Tell me what happened.”

“It’s best you ask Emma. It’s her story-”

“I’m asking you.” David pressed. “What happened in New York?”

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Stephen Strange + #119 & #137 please!!

Benedict Cumberbatch, yay!

119. “How long have you been standing there?”

137. “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2 AM?”

“Okay, explain it again, Stephen… Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2 AM?” I was bleary-eyed and still half asleep as the doctor/sorcerer followed me around my house. I had been sleeping peacefully until my boyfriend had randomly portaled in.

I opened one eye, getting the strangest feeling that I wasn’t alone. It turns out I was right… Gasping sharply, I jumped nearly a foot in the air and fell out of bed.

“Stephen! How long have you been standing there? Why didn’t you just wake me like a normal person?”

“Aw, come on…” he said, smirking, “You’re cute when you sleep, I didn’t want to–”

“Yeah, yeah… Cut to the chase. It’s never good news when you appear unannounced.”

There was a pause, then…

“Did you happen to bring any chloroform home from your lab?”

“I told you, something about an ancient book Wong found. He says it’s got the right qualities of an ingredient for a certain spell and…” He paused at the look on my face. “What?”

“You’re doing something dangerous again?”

Stephen snorted and half rolled his eyes. “Pssh, no… Well, I mean, maybe. But it’ll be fine.”

I sighed. “Sometimes I wish you were still just making up excuses to visit me…”

“Ah, but I don’t need an excuse.”

A small smile managed to work its way onto my face as I handed him the bottle. “Just be careful, Stephen.”

Smirking, he turned and hopped through the golden circle of light. “You know me… I always am.”

Chlonath Week Days 2 : Honey/Tomato

I’m late but… “I’m here !”

Part 1 (You’re here !) / Part 2 /  Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Nathaniel sighed as he climbed the stairs to his classroom. More than a day of classes and it would be over. The weekend held out his arms and he had the curious impression that the day was going to pass quickly and that he could finally be freed from this awful school week.

He had almost put his feets in the classroom that Kim’s voice reached his ears and forced him to raise his head. The athlete with the red sweatshirt was sitting on the back of his wooden bench, with his feet on his seat, and waved his arm to draw his attention, while his other hand held a sheet of paper.

“Hey, Nath ! Say, I didn’t know that you loved tomatoes to the point of cosplayed like them !” He said.

The draftsman blinked, confused. What stupidity was he talking about, again ?

“Uh… Excuse me ?”

"It’s not you, here, on this picture ?” The athlete replied, turning the sheet over and waving it on the spot, the index at the top of the page.

Nathaniel’s heart burst into flutter and he felt his complexion turn pale.

Because on the sheet that Kim was holding, was the picture of a little boy with red hair and sulky looks. He wore a big red suit similar to a tomato, and was provided with a hat of the same color, except that the hat had small green stalks on top.
On the picture, the little boy was not alone, since beside him stood a middle-aged man with a bright smile, squatting and his arms on his thighs. He wore a simple white shirt and brown pants. The man had the peculiarity of having beautiful blue eyes-almost as bright as the southern seas, and possessed short chestnut hair.

It was Nathaniel and his father.

The redhead blinked his eyelids again to resume his spirits, and suddenly, he noticed that everyone had the same sheet on their desks. The same image printed in several copies. Impulsively, he tore the paper out of Nino’s hands, who immediately protested in a “Dude !”, and then frowned when he saw that it was the same picture he had on him and that he never left it.

“Where did you find this picture ? And why do you each have a copy ?” He demanded.

At that moment, Chloe had just passed the door frame of the class and had heard what he had just said. The irritating and honeyed voice of the mayor’s daughter rose in the air, and the red-haired man quickly found the answers to his questions.

"Oh, you discovered my little surprise, Nathaniel ? Do you like it ?” She asked proudly.

Everyone turned to the plague of service that had just crossed their arms and stopped on the spot. Nathaniel met the satisfied look and the blonde’s smirk, and shook the sheet lightly to draw her attention to what he was holding.

"You’re the one who made that ?” He asked before he started again with a mocking smile while shaking his head. “Why do I ask ? Of course it’s you. Who else could do something so awful …? And besides, how did you do to have this picture ? Did you send Sabrina rummage through my locker ?”

"What ? Of course not !” Chloe swore, before lifting her nose into the air. “Your little ridiculous photo had fallen from one of your notebooks and you didn’t notice it. So of course, as a good girl I am, I picked it up.”

"And as a good girl you are, you could have just called me to give it back to me.” He retorted, dissatisfied.

“And miss the opportunity to laugh a blow ? Are you kidding, I hope ? It was too tempting.”

“Never mind.” Nathaniel sighed, passing a hand through her hair. “Give me the original photo back. I do care a lot.”

“Nah.” Chloe modestly refused. “You shouldn’t hide from us that you had a sense of fashion as much developed.”

“Yeah, and I shouldn’t hide from you too that my dad is dead and that’s the only picture I have of him, even if I’m in a stupid tomato suit, right ?” He retorted bitterly.

A heavy silence suddenly broke out in the room and Nathaniel took advantage of it to keep up the impetus, thus preventing his classmates from speaking despite a gasps of stupor and other whispers that he could hear.

“But it’s not like you can understand, anyway …”

At these words, the redhead took a step forward to press the image on Chloe’s chest, which instinctively gripped the crumpled sheet for didn’t let fall it. With wide-eyed, paralyzed on the spot, she watched Nathaniel leave the classroom with a quick step while a few of their classmates hurried out of their desks and ran after him.

And for the first time in a long time, Chloe had never felt so bad all her life.

#135 - For placidus

Filling the prompt “as i write this i’m watching rupaul’s drag race and i’m just imagining what it’d be like watching it with van.”

“I would be shit on this show,” Van said, eyes glued to the television screen. You watched him for a second as his gaze flicked from queen to queen.

“Do you think maybe that’s because you’re not a drag queen?” you asked him.

“Yeah, but, like, not good at craft am I? And can’t even do my own mop, let alone make hair like that,”

You laughed. “But I think you’d look super pretty in makeup,” you said. He looked at you and grinned.

You cuddled in next to Van, and he wrapped an arm around you, his thumb rubbing circles on your shoulder. You’d made him sit through every single season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Finally, season nine was out and the first episode was all about Gaga.

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there was a blog i used to see when I was a little shit cunt on tumblr and I used to get really pissy with them because they were this just grossly anti-male tumblr, red pill fantasy of feminism fulfilling blog I had ever seen. And at the time I was the kind of person who took this as this attack on me as a person because this is it. THis is what FEMAnism looks LIKE AAAAA

Then I found them again like a week ago just blocked them. Like not cause they were this thing that I was too awful to appreciate, but just cause they were kind of a dick and I mislabelled them as an accurate representation

Model: Jack

Prompt: Technology

AU: ???

 This is so late! Sorry about that everyone, ya know how life can get. Anyway, this was inspired by a couple of animes I’ve watched. Not sure how well this one turned out, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

 “Mark?” Mark stood up straight and turned to the general that had called his name. He saluted, the general mirroring his actions. Only after that was done did Mark answer.

 “Yes sir?” The general motioned toward his office and Mark followed him inside. They both took a seat and Mark began fidgeting with his hands. Nervous as to why he had been called in here. The general noticed.

 “You can calm down Mark, you’re not in any trouble. Quite the opposite in fact.” Mark stopped and laughed, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

 “Sorry general, just, uh, never been called to the office like this before, ya know?” The general chuckled lightly.

 “Yes, I understand. I remember a similar situation I had gotten into when I was your age and rank.” He shook his head. “But, we’re not talking about that right now. I called you in here today because we want you to test out a new piece of technology that our military has just finished creating.” Mark blinked before his eyes went wide.

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Could I please request Free!'s Style 5 (and Sausuke if that's not too many) shopping with their chubby s/o? And maybe she's starting to get v upset because she needs a dress for an upcoming event but feels like she looks bad in EVERYTHING because none of it is cut to fit her nicely? If that makes sense! Thank you so much for all you do on this blog ♥

Coming right up anon! It makes perfect sense hun, I totally understand that feeling though. Hope you like it dear.~

Originally posted by ssousuke

      —> Style 5 + Sousuke shopping with a frustrated chubby S/O <—

Haru: You let out a groan of frustration as you threw the dress you just tried on into the corner of the dressing room with the other ‘rejects’. Pulling on your clothes with anger, you stepped out of the dressing room even more frustrated than when you went in. You needed something ‘fancy’ for an upcoming wedding, but nothing was fitting right at all! You glanced at Haru who was calmly sitting down with something in his hands. Noticing your frown, he held up the items in his hand. “I think this one will look nice on you.” With that said, he gently pushed you back into the dressing room. A bit taken back, you looked down at the two dresses he picked out- they were beautiful and they were the kind you adored and when you tried them on, they both fit like a glove. With a smile on your face, you went out to show Haru who smiled softly at the way you glowed in the dress. He walked about and hugged you. “I think this dress is wonderful on you (y/n), let’s get it.” You nodded in agreement and practically skipped back to the dressing room in higher spirits thanks to Haru.

Makoto: He was getting worried about you, you went in the dressing room 20 minutes ago and he still hasn’t seen you in anything. Finally getting up from the chair he gently knocked and opened it because he heard you sniffling. His heart broke at the sight- you on the bench , face in your hands as you cried, clothes rumpled around you. Shutting the door, he knelt down and gently pried your hands away. “(y/n), sweetheart, I need you to look at me, okay?” Nodding your head, you glanced up at Makoto, tears still sliding down. “What’s wrong?” He swiped at the falling tears as you gestured to the clothes around you both. “N-nothing looks right Mako…I’m too big, I look awful in e-everything.” Leaning back against the wall, you sighed. Makoto grabbed your hands and looked into your eyes. “(y/n), you take my breath away in anything you wear, I’m certain that everything looked amazing on you…how about showing me the clothes?” You smiled down at him and agreed to his suggestion. In the end, everything actually did look good, you were just too critical of your supple body, but your Mako was there to lend a helping hand.

Nagisa: “(y/n)-chan! I found this cute dress for you, I know this’ll be the one!” A shrieked a bit as the bundle of fabric fell onto you seeing as Nagisa threw it into the little opening at the top of the door. Picking the dress off your head, you sighed and threw it to the side with the others. What would make this dress different? All the others didn’t fit you anyway, why would this one? You poked your tummy a bit and scowled down at it. You just wished you could be skinny for once so then shopping for clothes would be such a breeze, but no- it was a nightmare. You faced the facts that you wouldn’t find a new dress for your friend’s party. “Why aren’t you in a cute dress?” Squealing in fright, you jumped up at seeing Nagi poking his head out from under the opening at the bottom. “You’re not supposed to be there!” He brushed your comment off. “(y/n)-chan, I know you don’t think anything looks right on you, but everything looks pretty on you, okay? So, can I please see that dress on you? It’s even got a bow on it! I know you’ll look great in it!” With that said, he slid out of sight. A smile broke your face as you picked up the dress and tried it on and he was right, it was perfect and so was he.

Rei: He was a bit worried, checking his watch once more, he noted that it had been more than 10 minutes since you entered the dressing room, but you only had one dress and surely it shouldn’t take that long to put on a single dress. Getting up, he was making his way over until the door swung open and you stomped out clearly upset. “U-umm, (y/n)-san, are you alight?” With a scowl on your face, you shook your head and glared daggers at the dress in your hands. “This was the 20th dress I’ve tried on today Rei and it doesn’t look right on me, just like the rest- I just wanna go home.” You placed the dress on the rack for the worker to put up later, but Rei gently grabbed your elbow and steered you back to him, putting his hands on your shoulders so you had to look at him. “(y/n), I’ve been reading you and I need to say this- your body is perfect. Yes, it’s chubby and softer than most, but it suits you and you honestly look beautiful in anything you wear. Could you try that dress on and show me? You need somebody to tell you the truth- that you’re always beautiful.” Blushing at Rei’s words you nodded wordlessly and grabbed the dress to try on once more. In the end, it was the perfect one and you couldn’t be happier and Rei was happy to see a smile on your face.

Rin: He actually enjoyed shopping with you, it was probably all the times that Gou dragged him with her, but regardless- he loved to pick out clothes that he wanted to see on you. As Rin kept handing you stuff to try on, you began to become frustrated at the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing was looking right on you. You clutched you stomach that was poking out a bit in the dress you had on and sighed in defeat. “(y/n), babe- are you okay in there?” A soft knock was on your door as you frowned and opened it to see Rin with even more clothing a concerned look on his face at your facial expression. “What’s wrong, the dress looks amazing.” You laughed at that and shook your head. “No it doesn’t Rin, nothing looks right on me and it’s because of this!” You clutched your tummy and glared down at it. Suddenly, Rin’s hand was on your stomach, stroking it through the fabric. “(y/n), you’re gorgeous just like this, stomach and all. I like how chubby you are and babe, you look amazing in everything. Now, how about you try these on for me?” Smiling a bit at his words, you took the clothes from him and went back in with a grin. 

Sousuke: Standing against the wall near your dressing room and holding your bags, Sousuke was patiently waiting to see the dresses you picked out, but it’s been a while and you still haven’t come out. Straightening back up, he knocked on the door only to see it was ajar a bit. So, he went in shutting it behind him. There you were looking in the mirror and judging yourself and the way the dress hugged your chubby figure. You didn’t even notice Sousuke walk in until his hands were on your hips and you were pulled back against him. “It looks great on you (y/n).” Shaking your head you looked away. “No it doesn’t Sou, it looks awful, I’m too big for it, nothing fits right- I need to be thinner.” Your head snapped back up at the sensation of kisses being placed down your neck. “I think you look perfect just like this, so what if you’re a bit bigger? It suits you babe, and besides, everything you wear looks amazing on you.” You raised your head back up and looked at yourself once again, a smile gracing your lips at his words and how you looked. It did look nice, it hugged in the right places and the colors were wonderful. You found the dress and decided to get it all thanks to Sousuke’s words.

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Coffee(p3 of Adventures of Emily)(Takes place between 1&2)

“What awe(are) you doing, Tim?” Emily asked sprawling across his lap between him and the laptop.

Tim glances at her before returning to typing. “Working.” He replies.

“You ave(have) a job?” Emily asks sitting up and looking at him.

“Yah, I have a job.” Tim says smiling at Emily before focusing on the case again.

“I’m foursty(thirsty) can I ave(have) some of yo(your) ot(hot) cocoa?”

Tim hums a yes, not thinking what she said as he had just found something. He gets something sprayed all over his face, then he hears.

“Dats(thats) not cocoa.” Emily says disgustedly, looking at the mug in her hands.

Tim laughs looking at the face she was making. “It’s coffee, not cocoa.” He says getting his laughter in check, because Emily gives him a pouty look. “Lets go get cleaned up, Em.” He says seeing coffee all over her shirt. Tim picks her up and carries her to the nearest bathroom. He runs a bath for her, before telling her, “Wait right here while I go find Dick okay?”

“Otay(Okay).” Emily says sitting on top of the toilet.

Tim leaves and finally finds Dick by running into him. “Hey, Tim have you see Emily?” He asks immediately then seeing the coffee on Tims face says, “What happened to you? Did you fall asleep on top of your coffee again?”

“Emily happened. I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing and she decided to taste me coffee,” Tim says.

“She tasted your coffee,” Dick says smiling.

“Yes, she thought it was hot cocoa. She got it on herself, so I was finding you to give her a bath,” Tim says as he starts to lead Dick the bathroom Emily is waiting in.

“Daddy!” Emily says having not moved from her perch on the toilet.

“Hi sweetie,” Dick says.

“I’m gonna go.” Tim says from the doorway, before turning and leaving.

Dick nods to Tim before asking Emily. “So, you don’t like coffee?” As he helps her into the tub.

“It was bisgusting(disgusting),” she says as seriously as a four year old can.

The East Wind - Sherlock Holmes

A/n- Okay I want to do a part 2 but please let me know if you want me tooooo!!!


You were sitting in the hectic flat reading a book that you had been very interested in. It was peaceful in 221b for once and you took advantage of that. Sherlock and John were on a case and Mrs Hudson was downstairs cleaning. The silence was almost like music to your ears. That was until, you had a little visit…

“Hello Y/N…” the man mumbled. You immediately knew who it was.

“Mycroft. How can I help you?” You asked arising from Sherlocks black leather arm chair and turning towards the tall man. You had known Mycroft for quite a while, longer then Sherlock actually! You used to work with Mycroft full time, but now he only asks for you when necessary.

“I need you to follow me, I have someone that would like to meet you.. if it was down to me you wouldn’t be going but unfortunately, we promised her this.”

You could tell by the worry on his face that he meant what he had said. But you agreed and placed your book down on the arm of Sherlocks chair and grabbed your coat. You followed Mycroft to the car and got in.

“What’s going on Mycroft? What am I about to get myself into?” You asked, a little worry evident in your voice. Mycroft turned to face you and stated for a bit before giving you your answer.

“Honestly Y/N, i’m not to sure…” you took that as a good idea to message your flat mate and best friend.

“Sherlock, your brother has asked me to help him with something, i’ll be back soon! Don’t annoy anyone to much ;) - Y/N”

You smiled at yourself and pressed send before putting your phone in your pocket and relaxing into the leather seats.

You finally arrived at where ever it was that you were and Mycroft took you down to a room. He opened the door and you saw a women standing with her back facing the grey wall in front of her with her back to the glass in front of you. You looked up at Mycroft when he spoke.

“Eurus, you have your visitor, do play nice” he said before turning to you. “I’ll be right outside, if anything happens use this card and get out of here” you nodded and smiled slightly at the Holmes brother.

“Hello Y/N… i’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time… the girl that my brother has fallen for…” she turned round to fave you and edged closer to the door. “Im Eurus. Stupid name really it means the east wind…”

You took a step forward towards the glass, a little confused you were about to ask what she meant by her brother falling for you, but she was already answering that question.

“Oh Y/N… Sherlock Holmes is head over heels for you… I’ve seen it!” This confused you…

“How have you seen it Eurus? Your in here… you cant get out…” you questioned.

“Oh please y/n… what if I was to say… Big Brothers watching you?” She stated in a thick accent. You gasped as you realised thats what she had said to Sherlock when the three of you had been out in London.

“Faith? But how did you… I mean… what?” You asked completely puzzled and unsure.

“Might want to answer Sherlocks text Y/N, wouldn’t want him getting worried. I just wanted to meet you before my plan is all. I look forward to seeing you again very shortly. Good bye Y/N” she sung the last few words and turned around again before you left. As you stepped out of the room Mycroft looked at you unsure of what had happened. You ignored him and pulled out your phone. 3 missed calls and 3 new messages.

“Y/N, where are you going? - SH”
“Where is Mycroft taking you? - SH”
“Sherlock’s in hospital, he freaked out big time.. come ASAP - JW”

The last one caused worry to tingle through your body. “Mycroft we need to go to the hospital now!” You screamed

“Y/N? Whats wrong?”

“NOW MYCROFT!” You shouted before picking up pace.

Mycroft dropped you at the hospital before driving away again. You ran up the stairs and found John trying to get into a room which you guessed was Sherlock’s. At long last he managed to get in and you followed behind. You gasped at the sight. Your best friend in a hospital bed in an awful state and Culverton Smith next to him. You was to worried about Sherlock to notice what was going on. The next thing you knew, Smith was gone. You looked at Sherlock as if to ask what was going on but he just grabbed your hand in response.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here Sherlock…” you sighed. He just squeezed your hand and said he would explain everything when he was out.

And he did. He showed you the video Mary left for him. You began to get teary and sat down on the arm of Sherlocks chair at the sight of seeing Mary again. He walked over to you and hugged you, before changing the subject.

“Where did Mycroft take you?” He asked.

“I met the east wind…” you hummed before walking into the kitchen.

“Tea?” You asked the detective before grabbing two cups thinking nothing of Eurus ever again. Or so you thought…


I got into my house, leaving my purse and keys in the piece of furniture that was beside the door.

- Johnny, I’m home! 

I didn’t receive an answer, so I looked for him around the house. 

I finally found him, on bed, covered in blankets, all curled up.

“Aw”, I thought.

Then, I realised.

Johnny couldn’t be cold.

- Johnny! 

He woke up, frightened.

- What!? What did I burn!?

- Nothing… Love, are you alright?

He shook his head. 

- Can the human torch have fever? - he asked. I laughed.

- I don’t know, sweetheart.

- Come here. I think I’m sick.

I sit beside him.

- Do you want me to cook you something?

He shook his head one more time.

- Just… stay here, - he said, laying again and dragging me with him.

I smiled.

- Always.

He smiled too, and stroke my hair.

- Always.

Title: Demon Queen Natalie Part 1 (Part 2)
Word Count: 1,909
Rating: T
Pairing: Natan (Satan and Me)
Summary: Natalie has lived her life and died a peaceful death. Now it’s time for her to uphold her end of the blood contract and serve Lucifer. -and he’s been waiting.
Warnings: Blood, torture and death mention. They’re in hell, after all.

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You’re the worst (part 1)

(Murphy x reader, slow burn, enemies to friends to lovers, y/n is salty af in the beginning, canon-divergent, tell me what you guys think!! Also it’s a bit long sorry) (warning: explicit language)

“Fuck you.”

”Oh you wish, sweetheart,” the boy sitting across from you spat.

“I just don’t understand how you manage to be such an asshole,” Okay not your best comeback, but it was better than letting him win.

 “Hard work and determination,” he grinned back in that sure of himself sort of way that just made you want to punch him in the face. Well, more than you usually do at least.

 “Whatever Johnathan.”

You casually looked away as you said it, trying to rest your eyes on anything but the glare you could feel burning onto your skin.

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Just Desserts - Phil Lester Imagine

Request from: Anonymous “Can you do a lazy day with Phil? Including stuff like Netflix binge, cuddles, microwave baking, neck kisses and some smut. Please. Sorry that got really long.”


As Dan and Phil were still traveling for the tour, there was rarely a day where I could just spend a day in with Phil.

Until now, as the boys were home for a little while.

Today, I knew we would be taking this one day to our advantage. Neither of us wanted to go outside or do anything crazy. This meant cuddling in bed and bingeing on Netflix.

Around three in the afternoon, Phil said to me “babe, I want to bake.” He rolled over to face me and he had a little pouty look on his face.

“Phil, we both know you don’t have the patience to actually bake something right now,” I said bluntly.

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