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She’s An Angel, My Only Angel (Harry Styles One Shot)

Anonymous said:

Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Harry’s best friend and she goes on vacation with Harry’s family and then H gets so touchy and protective with her and Gemma can’t stop teasing them telling that they’re something else and maybe H just kiss her and confesses that he’s in love with her (?)


I’ve decided to do abit of something on the side to kinda take a break from writing RMB, but don’t worry I am posting the new chapter on Friday! But this one stood out to me from all the requests so I’ve decided to write this one! I am writing in Y/N since you didn’t give a name, but I hope you enjoy this piece! -K



“C’mon Y/N you have to get over him at some point, you cant just sit here and sulk forever” Gemma blurted out when I was sitting on the couch on my phone. Looking at old pictures of me and Daniel. Me and my ex boyfriend Daniel were dating for 3 years. I thought I was in love. But I feel like, well now I know that he wasn’t in love with me, would you cheat on someone you love? After I broke up with him I knew I was doing the right thing. But something inside of me thought that I could have gave him another chance. But maybe I didn’t want to. Confusion set within me and I just didn’t know how to deal with it. From we broke up a few weeks ago, I had just been sitting around the house, not really motivating myself to do anything, apart from working, which I’ve had to call in sick because I just couldn’t work the best of my ability with him stuck in my head. But Gemma, of course, has been trying to get me to move on, which in my own head I don’t really wanna do yet, I just don’t feel ready. “I’m not sulking Gem, I’m just, I don’t know, not in the best of moods today” “Y/N your never in the best of moods recently” She came walking over to join me on the sofa, and she just stared at me, with sadness in her eyes. “Just talk to me and tell me how you feel, you haven’t been talking about it which is bad for you, you need to talk about it” I sighed and looked down at my phone, my screensaver, a picture of us when it was a lot simpler and I was happy. “I’m fine” “Y/N” She responded with a sigh and placed her hand on my thigh. If I looked up at her I knew that I was going to cry, but I had to be strong. We have been friends for a couple of years and has she not once seen me cry. “I just miss him, that’s all. I don’t know, it just feels like I’m alone, and I cant move on from it. But I know I have to” My lip started to quiver, I knew I didn’t have the strength to hold it all in, but I knew I would feel better knowing that Gemma knows how I really feel about it. “Hey, listen, your only human, you cant keep it together every minute of everyday, you’ve been hurt by some prick. Just let it out, its only normal. He was the love of your life, and that’s hard to come by. But I know that deep down you didn’t want to let him go. But I think you were so comfortable in that relationship that I think you didn’t want to breakup with him because you were scared of feeling isolated. I get that, but you shouldn’t stay with someone just to feel like you have someone. You’ve got me, Harry, Mum, Dad, and all of your friends, you don’t need him. Especially if he is being a pure knob end and cheating on you” I looked up at Gemma’s face and seeing her expression, knowing that what she was saying was one hundred percent accurate. “Yeah I guess your right”

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Sketch || Jughead Jones

Request from @carmineofmidgardHey !!i was wondering if you could write something with artist!reader x jughead fluff ? These are some Van Gogh quotes that I like, you could use them as like prompts: Art is to console those who are broken by life.

A/N: This my first oneshot ever written! I hope this fulfills your request!

Gif by @juptern


“Art is to console those who are broken by life.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Saying you’ve had a tough life was an understatement. Your father had left the family when you were very little to be with his secretary leaving you and your mom alone. Your mom, while you adored her, kept pushing for you to become a doctor. She wanted you to have a successful and self-sustaining career; one that she never got to have. You on the other hand wanted to be an artist. Ever since your dad left, you loved to draw pictures of fantasy. Castles, dragons, princesses, and princes. Anything that could draw your mind away from your mom crying at night and less frequent phone calls from your happy father was a plus. Eventually, your drawings evolved into portraits. Well, secret portraits. You drew almost everyone in the school, but no one more than Jughead Jones III. Jughead fascinated you, and truth be told, you had a crush on him. How you could crush on someone that you knew nothing about and who didn’t even know your name was anyone’s best guess. As far as you could tell, the only thing you and Jughead had in common was the fact that you were both loners. That’s it.

You and Jughead had off fifth period and you both spent that time in the library, but not sitting next to each other or even near each other. Unfortunately, Reggie and his group also hung out in the library. It was an average Friday and you had just sat down in your chair in the library when Jughead came in, sitting in a chair across the room from you. Just as you pulled your sketchbook to draw, he pulled out his laptop to write. What he was writing, you had no idea. You began to draw the simple outlines of his face, gently moving your pen along the paper. You bit your lip and furrowed your eyebrows and you attempted to capture his facial structure and his emotions. You were so immersed with your drawing that you didn’t notice Reggie peering of your shoulder wearing a wolfish grin. He waited for the librarian to leave the room to copy some papers before he stood up and made his way over to you. Within the span of a second, Reggie quickly pulled the sketchbook from your hands, loudly proclaiming,

“Well, what do we have here, Y/N?”

Everyone in the library looked up from what they were doing, including Jughead. In a flash, you were on your feet, attempting to get your sketchbook back from Reggie.

“Give it back, Reggie!”

Reggie chortled as he looked through your sketches. He had struck gold.

“Everyone, look! Y/N’s got a thing for Norman Bates over here!”

Reggie held up your sketches for everyone to see. Panic and embarrassment flooded your senses and tears began to well up in your eyes as everyone began to laugh at you. Everywhere you looked you could see people laughing. Then you made eye contact with Jughead. He wasn’t laughing. He wasn’t even smiling. He was looking at you intensely, but he wasn’t glaring. There was a look of concern there as well. It was too much for you to bear and you quickly ran out of the library, down the hallway, and out of the school. Knowing you couldn’t go home without your mother knowing you were skipping class, you began the trek to Pop’s.

Pop knew you were upset the moment you walked into the diner. You were always so exuberant, always saying hello and asking him about his family first chance you got. But now? You were silent. Pop looked over at you and smiled softly.

“You want the usual?”

You nodded and sat in one of the booths, your back facing the door. Pop came over with a chocolate milkshake.

“It’s on me.” Pop said and winked.

You smiled gratefully at him and slowly sipped the milkshake, the familiar taste bringing you some relief. Then you remembered you left your backpack in the library. Your sketchbook. Reggie probably still had it. He was probably running copies of your sketches of Jughead to put up all over the school to humiliate you as much as he could. You felt the hot sting of tears coming back as you remembered the laughs and Jughead’s stare and quickly wiped them away. You didn’t know how long you were sitting there, just thinking about the day’s events before a jingle sounded out around the diner as the front door opened. You didn’t pay much attention to it, swirling your straw around the almost empty glass before you heard something being placed down on the floor beside you. You looked to your side and saw your backpack along with a figure standing right next to you. You knew those black pants and shoes. You froze as you realized who it was and slowly looked up, making eye contact for the second time that day with Jughead Jones III who had your sketchbook in his hand.

“I believe this is yours,” he said as he handed it to you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat as you shakily took the sketchbook back.

“Y/N, right?”

You nodded.


Your quiet voice was raw from crying and Jughead took notice. He gestured to the seat in front of you.

“Can I sit?”

You nodded, not trusting your own voice. With a quiet “thanks,” he took a seat and the two of you were silent for a moment. You swallowed again. You had to say something.

“How did you know where I was?”

You mentally smacked yourself. Really, out of everything you could’ve said, that’s what your brain came up with? Jughead raised his eyebrows at you.

“I didn’t actually. I came here because I was gonna grab a bite to eat before dropping your stuff off at your house.”

Your cheeks became bright red as you imagined Jughead in your house. Not that you’ve fantasized about that way too many times.

“Well, um, thank you. For giving me back my sketchbook and backpack and all,” you said. “How did you get them back?”

You remembered Reggie’s mean laugh as he held the sketchbook above your head and flinched at the memory. Jughead chuckled at your question.

“It wasn’t easy, let’s just say that.”

You smiled for the first time since the morning and looked down.

“They’re really good,” Jughead said.

You looked up at him inquisitively.

“Your sketches I mean.”

Your heart plunged to your stomach again as you remembered his stare across the room. You looked down again.

“I’m sorry,” you said. “It probably looks like I’m some weird stalker or something.”

You were silent as you waited for his response.

“Aw, that’s a shame,” Jughead said and you looked up at him again, confused by his nonchalant response. “I was kinda hoping you were. Would’ve made a great storyline for my novel.”

He smirked at you and you, realizing he was joking, smiled along with him. Jughead pointed at your empty glass.

“Can I buy you another milkshake?”

You smiled.

“I’d like that.”


A/N: I hope that was okay! Let me know what you thought!

The Helpless Dark

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 3- Blood loss

Summary: Lance gets trapped and has to wait for rescue, but he’s not as alone as he thought.

Notes: This turned out way more… cute than I meant it to. Please excuse mistakes.

Warnings for injuries, blood and being trapped.

The Helpless Dark

Lance awoke to darkness and pain. Instinctively, he put both of his arms out in front of him. However, only his left arm actually moved.

His right arm stayed very firmly beneath the rock it was currently under.

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They refused to answer questions for Chief Inspector Grey.  They refused to talk to Jamie. They refused to allow anyone to touch their son.

In the end, Claire asked to see the death certificate only to discover that no doctor had been called to declare the young man dead.  That tiny loophole gave her the leverage she needed to have the Coroner request an autopsy.

Which was how she found herself in the morgue, just her and the young boy on the table.  It was late.  

She did her best work in the silence.

She cleared her mind, and closed her eyes.  Nothing.  

She took his hand, held it gently for a moment.  


So many prayers surrounded this child.  There was some comfort in that, perhaps.  

She took a deep breath, adjusted her microphone, and began.


“Are ye sayin’ it was a natural death?”  Jamie was confused.  He looked at the notes he’d made in his book as he devoured his fourth piece of pizza.

Claire had come home from the morgue tired and hungry.  So hungry she’d stopped and grabbed a pizza from the corner restaurant.  Turning up her walk she found a tall, red headed Scotsman sitting on her front steps.  

She was embarrassed at how happy it made her.  

“Yes.  You’ll get the official report soon, but all signs point to it.  Increased lung and liver weights.  Cerebral edema, lighter brain weight, structural brain lesions. Also, contusions, acute neocortical and brainstem hypoxic neuronal changes…all indicate -”

“English, Sorcha.  Please,” he said around a mouthful of food.

“He suffered from seizures.  Lots of them.”  She took a sip of her wine.  “There was something else.”

Jamie lifted his head sharply.  “What?”

“Olive oil.”

Jamie pointed at his pizza.  Looked at Claire.  “Olive oil.  Like, what ye cook with, olive oil.”

“Yes.”  She wiped her hands on a napkin as she explained.  “I’m certain that’s what it was.  It was on his forehead, and his hands.  I took a sample and sent it off to the lab.”

Jamie picked up his pen.  Scribbled another note.

“There were a lot of prayers around him,” Claire said, softly.  

Jamie stood and went to his jacket.  He rooted around in the pockets until he came out with another notebook.  

A caramel coloured notebook.

“What’s that?”  It seemed familiar, but she didn’t know why.

Jamie held it up.  “Oh, this?  This one’s yers.”

“What do you mean, mine?”  

“I bought it when we were workin’ on the Geillis Duncan case.  These are off-the-record notes.  The ones I canna share, but have to support with actual evidence.  The notes based on yer visions, not yer findings.”  

Jamie’s ears turned pink.  “I bought it because the colour of it reminded me of yer eyes,” he admitted, shyly.

Claire blushed.  He did that?  That was weeks ago.  Well before…  Some days she still had trouble believing that he accepted her visions so readily.

“Anyway,” Jamie cleared his throat, “What about the bruising?”

Claire was grateful for the redirection.  “Straps.  Restraints.  He was tied down. Wrists.  Ankles. Across his chest.  They must have been violent seizures to warrant such bruising.  He would have bled a little too as the skin was rubbed raw in places.”  Claire took her plate to the sink.  “I’ve sent a blood sample to be tested, as well.  We’ll find out what sort of medications he was on.”   

It was getting late.  

And she was getting nervous.  

She watched as Jamie scribbled in his book.  His penmanship really was awful. He finished writing, closed the book and snapped his pen.  When he looked up, Claire looked down.  

It felt awkward.  Tense.  Charged.  

She wanted him to stay the night.  Again.  But she didn’t know how to say it.

“Humpf….”  Jamie made that Scottish noise he always did when he had something on his mind.  He took his time stuffing his notebook back in his jacket pocket. 

He wanted to stay the night.  Again.  But didn’t know how to say it.

“You can…” she said.

“I was hopin’…” he said at the same time.  The silence grew.  “You first, Claire.”

She crossed her arms. Uncrossed them.  Swiped at some crumbs on the counter.  Looked up at Jamie.


Jamie dropped his head.  Smiled.  Glanced up into those whisky coloured eyes.

“I thought ye’d never ask.”


From his office he watched as James made a call.  He could hardly hear the conversation, just ‘Sorcha’.  He didn’t recognize the name.  But ten minutes later when she walked into the offices, he knew right away what was going on.

Because he knew her name.  It was Claire.  Dr. Claire Randall.  The M.E.  

So this ‘Sorcha’ must be some kind of pet name.  And pet names meant familiarity.  And familiarity, at least in the case of James Fraser, meant more than friendship.  He should know.  One did not simply make friends with James Fraser easily.  He was a guarded man, a cautious man.  

A man who once admitted to having an attraction to this woman.

He watched as she waited for James to notice her.  She waved the envelope and in that split second when their eyes met he saw all he needed to see. 

James’ eyes softened.  His posture straightened.  It was subtle.  But it was there.  James jumped up and grabbed his jacket, badge and notebook.  He didn’t bother to look back.  

Damn you, James Fraser, thought D.C.I. John Grey.  Damn you, anyway. 

Jamie was sitting across the table from the boy’s father.  A tape recorder ran between them.  But it recorded nothing because the man wouldn’t talk.  

They’d had him brought in when the findings from the lab came back.  There were too many discrepancies.  And Jamie wanted answers. 

“Listen.  All I want to know about are the bruises.  How did he get the bruises ‘round his wrists and ankles?”  Jamie looked at the solicitor for help.

She shrugged.  

“Because from where I’m sittin’, ken, it looks like ye tied yer son down and left him to die.”  Jamie watched the man close his eyes.  He pressed his advantage. “Like an animal.”  

The dad’s jaw clenched.  

Jamie was done.  “I’ll have to charge him with Neglect.”

“But you have no evidence!” the lawyer insisted.

“Aye.  I do!” Jamie snapped.  “I have a wee boy with bruises on his chest, ankles and wrists.  Skin rubbed raw.  I have an expert witness who will stand up in court and swear the boy didna die at home.”  

Jamie stood up so quickly his chair wobbled behind him, threatening to fall over.  He leaned across the table, his face close to the father. “Where did yer son die?  Eh?  Where did ye have him tied up?”

“Enough,” the solicitor stepped in.

“Aye.  Enough.”  Jamie straightened, grabbed his file, and opened the door of the interview room.  He motioned for a uniformed officer.  “Process him.”

Three days later, Jamie was working at his desk when D.C. Angus Mohr threw a newspaper onto his desk.  He jammed his finger at a name in the Obituaries.

“What’s this?”  Jamie asked.

“Caught me eye,” the little man said.  “Same school as the boy we collected from the Funeral Home.  Second death in as many weeks.”  

Jamie looked up as the other detective tapped his temple.  “Got me thinkin’, you know?  Raised the hair on the back of me neck.”

Jamie picked up the paper and scanned it quickly.  Same school.  

Ste. Anne de Beaupré.  Headmaster, Father François Anselm Mericoeur d'Armagnac.  

“Can I keep this?” he asked.  D.C. Mohr nodded, slapped Jamie on the back, and walked away.  

“Cheers,” Jamie mumbled, already lost in thought.  He dug out the caramel notebook to be sure.  He found the entry he needed.

Prayers, she’d said.  Surrounded by prayers. 

They sat in a tiny coffee shop beside the Thames.  The barges were at work. Horns honking.  Seagulls crying.  

The pages of the lab report were strewn around them.  He needed to go over them again.  With Claire.  He needed to talk about the latest death in connection with the school.  With Claire.

Somewhere along the way the officer who never wanted a partner suddenly needed one.  

And he needed Claire.  

“So,” Jamie said, papers rattling in his hands, “the substance on the boy was olive oil, and sweet calamus.”

“Um-hmm,” Claire mused distractedly.  “Used in Anointing of the Sick.”  

Her fingers flew over the keyboard of her laptop.  

“The school is small.  Very small.  I imagine it’s because of how rigorous it is.” Her hair was tied back in a messy bun.  Pinned up hastily.  One lone tendril corkscrewed down her neck.

“Rigorous how?”  The answer lay in this school.  He knew it.  Felt it.

“Well, most Catholic schools give you a simple, very basic education of the Faith.  Daily prayers, Masses for special events.  This one says students participate in Daily Mass.  Confessions every Friday.  There are 3 priests on staff, besides the Head Master.  The rest of the teachers are lay people. No cell phone policy.  No personal electronic devices allowed.  And the uniform is something out of the dark ages, really.”  

Claire looked over at him.  “It’s not structured like most Catholic schools, but it’s not unheard of.  A bit old-school, I guess.”  She twisted the computer so he could see it.  

Jamie pulled it towards him to look more carefully.

Claire stretched, her back tight.

“The only thing that bothers me,” she said, “is the fact that he didn’t have any meds in his system.”  

Jamie gathered up the papers and put them back in the folder.

“I mean, there’s literally dozens of them.  And in seventy percent of cases, they work wonders at controlling epilepsy!”  As a doctor, this detail bothered her.  

As an intuitive, this detail screamed at her.  

He closed the lid on the laptop.  “We’ll never find answers sitting here.”  He drained his cup.  “Come.”

“Where are we going?”  Claire stood up, slipped her computer into her bag and reached for her jacket.

Jamie called back over his shoulder. 

“To enroll our fictional child.”  

Ride Me Baby *Part Two* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Hiya guys, so a lot of you have been requesting a part 2 of this story and wanting to know where it goes from there, so I decided to start this as a mini series, but ill let you guys give me the feedback first before I continue on. This is going to be a very explicit series so you have been warned. But without further of due, lets get into it! I hope you guys enjoy it, -K

Word Count: 2,978

Harry’s POV
Its coming up to mine and Y/N’s 3 year anniversary, and I have decided to surprise her with a holiday away to Bora Bora for a week or so, I’m so excited to tell her what I have planned. She has always wanted to go there and with me making Dunkirk and writing my solo album we didn’t have time to do anything for our anniversary last year. So to make up for last year I think this will be perfect!
I was sitting in our newly furnished kitchen at the island trying to figure out what I wanna order us for dinner. Y/N Is so indecisive when it comes to anything let alone food so its so hard to know what she wants to eat. Maybe ill wait until she comes home. Just as that thought came through my head I heard the creak of the front door opening and her heels clicking against the tiled floor. “Harry?” “Kitchen” As I heard her set her purse on the side table I heard her enter the kitchen making me look up. “Baby girl” “Hey” Her face started to blush as she made her way over to me. I love the way she blushes every single time I call her that. She is my baby girl. “How was your press day?” She is promoting a new campaign with PETA, ‘I Would Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur’ which is an amazing organisation that makes people aware of animals being killed for fashion. I’m so proud of her for making her fame into something to raise awareness for, one of the main reasons I love her. “Yeah it was good, just going over the same questions over and over and over, gets very boring but I’m glad its over” She sighed as she took off her cardigan, folding it neatly to put on top of the island. “Im proud of you baby, press days are always the worst though” Giving her a tiny pout. She giggled a little at my facial expression and walked over to the sink. “Where is my kiss hello?” “Sorry I was thirsty” She again giggled as she made her way over to me. I took her hand pulling her towards me, opening my legs for her to stand between them. “Missed you today” She whispered as she inched closer for a quick peck. “Well your home now” kissing her on her forehead I looked at her in awe. “So I have something for you” “Okay…” She replied with hesitation in her voice. “So you know the way its our anniversary next week?” “Yeah” I pushed her a little for me to get up, making my way over to my coat. “Well last years anniversary was a bust, you know that. So what better way to celebrate basically two years this year than to do something amazing” I took the envelope out of my coat pocket and made my way over to her. “Here, happy anniversary baby” I handed her the envelope and giving her a kiss. “Harry thank you” Her hand grasped the envelope looking down at it. “What is it?” “Well open it and see” Her fingers quickly ripped open the paper to find two plane tickets. “What.. This isn’t.. No way Harry!” Her face immediately lights up towards mine with the biggest beautiful smile that I know and love. “Were staying in Bora Bora for a week, you deserve it” “Oh my god Harry this is too much” Her hands started to shake, so cute. “Y/N your deserve everything and more. You’ve been so understanding this last year when I wasn’t around much and finding it so stressful and hard. But you made it so much better and being there for me when I needed you, and putting your life on hold for me, that really means a lot” I said looking down at her. “I love you so much Harry you have no idea” She draped her arms around my shoulders playing with my curls at the nape of my neck. Her hands then pulled my face into hers, kissing her so deeply, so passionate. “I love you so much” I whispered as I pulled away. I started kissing all over her face and she began to laugh uncontrollably. I pulled her waist into mine as she started to get weak in the knees with her laughter. My favourite sound. “So shall we go pack?”

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Yoongi Scenario: I’ll Give You The Sun.

Request: I wanted to request a “proposal”, where Yoongi asks y/n to marry him. Thank you girls + I’ll put both my requests in one ask! My first request is a late night trip with yoongi (like he calls you in the middle of the night for a car trip and takes reader to the sea [and there he propose to her])

Genre: Romance.

You woke up a bit startled, not expecting Yoongi’s lips just above your right ear making you tingle and confused at the same time.

-What is it babe?-

He kissed your ear making you have goosebumps. -Wake up-

You opened your eyes completely and sat. -But what is it? Yoongi it’s like… the middle of the night- you said not even knowing what time it was.

-Come on, get up and get dressed- he smiled when he turned on the lights and then you noticed he was fully dressed, jeans, a black t-shirt that exposed his collarbones if he leaned forward and a denim jacket. 

You were on a little vacation retreat in Jeju Island, it was your second day on the island and you had big plans for the rest of week, several activities typical of Jeju and of course lots of sleep, both of you needed that. So it took you by surprise that Yoongi was so eager to go out in the middle of the night. But then it made you remember that you used to do it a lot when you started dating, late night trips around the city. A smile came to your face and you got up from the bed, your boyfriend was such a low-key romantic. 

-Give me a second then-

You wondered what you should wear for this night late night extravaganza Yoongi had in mind. You giggle at the thought, he’d frown and grumble if you told him that. You went for a a little summer dress, you were in an island after all, so you had brought mostly shorts and dresses, but you wanted to be comfortable so you threw on the pretty black dress with purple and pink flowers print, the sleeves were long but they got wider from your elbow to your wrist making the simple dress have a trendy cut, you saw the rather low v-neck and decided that you had to also throw on a jacket just in case the night was chilly.

-Where are we going Yoongi?- you asked when you walked out of the bathroom. You had rushed on the light makeup and your hair since part of the emotion of the late night trips was the rush and the unexpected, but you still wanted to look nice.

-It’s a surprise- he said not giving anything away.

You pouted. -I just want to know if I’m good-

Yoongi came closer to you, and this time his smile didn’t fit on his face, it was contagious as you found yourself smiling back. -What?-

-You are beautiful Y/N- he leaned down and pecked your lips. -Let’s go-

You went together hand by hand, the hotel was well illuminated this late, but it was lone aside from some occasional personnel you encountered as you walked your way out of the building, it was a chilly night as you had suspected, you walked through the gardens and the pools the hotel had just before you found the exit to the beach. 

-Yoongi, what is this? where are we going?-

He smiled more and squeezed your hand as you started to walk in the sand, it slipped through your sandals and it was all over his shoes.

-You’ll see Y/N, just follow me-

You laughed. -I’m following you babe, but this…-

-Are you nervous?- he teased and you pushed his shoulder making him laugh louder.

-Wait a moment- you said leaning down to take off your sandals. - Yoongi!- you nagged when he snapped a picture of you as you were taking them off. He laughed and you shook your head knowing it couldn’t be helped -You too babe- you said as he complied and took off his shoes. -It’s so weird you came here with those and not your beloved sandals-

-I forgot, I wasn’t thinking about my footwear for tonight-

You sharpened your gaze with a coy smile. -And what were you thinking then?-

Yoongi smiled like a fool and squeezed your hand again, was he nervous? -Come Y/N-

The sand was cold and it was very smooth to the touch, so it was like a having a little massage as you walked through the scattered umbrellas that were closed for the night and the dozens lounge chairs in which you had come earlier to doze off. The hotel was beautiful at day time, but at this hour it had another feeling, more so with your heart pumping fast at the expectation of what Yoongi had in mind.

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The Sun and Moon (Harrison Osterfield)

Originally posted by starkquinzel

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Stan!Reader, Sebastian Stan x Sister!Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Y/N is Sebastian Stan’s little sister, who he decided to bring on set with him since he and his sister are inseparable. And while on set, Y/N finds herself falling for Harrison, her new friend Tom’s best mate, and can’t help but think he doesn’t notice her.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This cute fic was requested by anonymous who said, “oooh 😊 can you please do a fic with Harrison where maybe the reader is the younger sibling of one of the avengers cast and she doesn’t think he notices her ? thank you 😊😁💓”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“You know, it’s rude to stare.” Sebastian stated from behind you.

You pulled your eyes away from the boys that stood far before you and looked at your older brother.

“I wasn’t staring.” You replied. “I was just observing.”

“Well, then you were doing some creepy and rude observing.” Sebastian mocked. “Just go talk to him, Y/N.”

“No, no way. I’m not talking to him. He doesn’t even know who I am.”

“You sound like you did when you were in high school.” Sebastian said with a shake of his head. “Just go up and talk to him. I mean, Tom’s with him and you guys are friends aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah but-”

“But nothing. If you want Harrison to notice you, you just have to talk to him or make an ass of yourself like you always do.”

You gasped and playfully slapped your brother’s arm. “I have never made an ass of myself!”

Sebastian arched an eyebrow and gave you a look, a devilish smirk on his lips.

“Oh, really? What about that time you tackled the school mascot-”

“That was a dare.”

“Okay. What about the time you got wasted and projectile vomited-”

“You’re the one who got me drunk!”

“Ugh, fine. What about the time you took a nose dive down the stairs and-”

“You tripped me and I broke my nose!”

“Quit making excuses!” Sebastian exclaimed.

“Quit getting me into trouble!” You replied.

“Just go talk to him! My god, Y/n, if you don’t talk to him sooner or later I’ll just tell him about the little crush you have on him.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, but I would.” Sebastian remarked.

“You are the worst.”

“But, you love me.” Sebastian chuckled. “I got to go film, but you have to talk to him. You just have to.”

“Why do you keep pushing this?” You asked with a raised brow. “Is there something I don’t know?”

“You’ll never know if you don’t talk to him.”

“But I like admiring him from afar.”

“Y/N, you creep, just do what you’re told. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, Seb.” You sighed, placing your chin in your hand as you watched Tom and Harrison joke around, debating on whether or not you really wanted to talk to them.

“Y/N!” Tom hollered, his voice pulled you from your train of thought.


“Come here!” He replied, motioning for you to come to where he and Harrison were standing.

You arose from your seat and ran over to them.

“What’s up, Holland?”

“Nothing much, Stan.” Tom said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Harrison and I were wondering if you wanted to go get dinner with us.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Tom. Sebastian said something about wanting to go get take out and watch movies with Chris and Anthony.” You replied, your eyes not on Tom, but Harrison.

“Come on, Y/N, we never hang out and you always hang out with the guys.”

“Well, yeah. Cause they’re my brother’s friends. I’m better friends with Chris than Anthony, but you know what I’m saying.”

“Can’t you ditch the guys for one night and hang out with us? I want to get to know you better.”

You thought about it for a moment, you really didn’t want to hang out with the guys and Tom and Harrison were good guys. You also thought about Sebastian telling you to talk to Harrison and not make an ass of yourself, but your stubbornness was definitely making you seem like an ass.

“Okay, fine. I’d like to get dinner with you guys.” You agreed. “Besides, it’s not like the guy’s will miss me that much. We hang out all the time.”

“I bet Chris will miss you.” Harrison spoke up.

“What makes you say that?” You asked, wondering why he was bringing up Chris.

The first time you’re going to hang out with the guy you have a thing for is the first time he asks you about another guy.

“Well, you guys are dating, aren’t you?”

You laughed. You laughed hysterically.

“What? Me and Chris? God, no! He’s like my brother. Hell, he acts like my brother!” You exclaimed with laughter. “Me and Chris aren’t dating.”

“Oh.” Was all Harrison had to say.

“I should go tell the guys that I won’t be having dinner with them. I’ll be right back.” You stated.

“I’ll come with you. I need to talk to Sebastian about a scene were doing tomorrow.” Tom said, following you away from Harrison and towards your brother’s trailer.

You two walked in silence before Tom spoke up.

“I know about your crush on Harrison.” He said softly.

“Let me guess, Sebastian told you?” He nodded. “Figured. He can’t keep a secret to save his life.”

“Well, neither can I because I had to tell him a secret to get that secret out of him.” Tom explained.

“Well, what was the secret?”

“I can’t tell you because it’s a secret.”

“But you told Sebastian! And we have the same DNA, so we’re like the same person.”

“I won’t tell you the secret, but I’ll tell you this,” Tom started, “You look at Harrison like he’s the sun and he looks at you and thinks you’re as beautiful as the moon and it’s a fucking tragedy cause you both think the other is looking at the goddamn ground.”

You internalized Tom’s words for a moment, too shocked to know how to respond as you approached Sebastian’s trailer.

“Wait, so Harrison likes me?” You asked. “How? I thought he didn’t notice me.”

“It’s cause you both don’t talk to each other! You’re both a couple of pansies let me tell you.” Tom exclaimed, annoyed.

“Goddammit. I’m an idiot.” You shook your head before you opened the trailer door and climbed in.

Sebastian and the guys were seated on the couch in the trailer, all three looking at you expectedly.

“So, are you going to hang out with Tom and Harrison?” Sebastian asked.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” You looked between Sebastian and Tom.

“They’re in kahoots.” Chris spoke up. “Come on, kid, did you really think this was all an accident? They’ve been planning this shit for a week.”

Sebastian jabbed Chris in the ribs with his elbow. “You weren’t supposed to tell her all that.”

“Sorry.” Chris mumbled, rubbing his side.

“You guys should probably go, wouldn’t want to keep that boyfriend of yours waiting.” Sebastian said.

You crossed your arms over your chest and blushed. “He isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Not yet.”

“Let’s go.” Tom said, grabbing a hold of your arm and leading you out if the trailer.

You walked in silence, lost in your own worlds until you made it back to where Harrison was waiting for you.

Tom coughed as you guys approached Harrison. “You guys should go ahead. I’m not starting to feel well.”

“You bastard.” You whispered so that only Tom could hear.

He stifled a laugh as he coughed again. “Yeah, I’m just going to go lie down or something. But, please go on without me.”

“That’s an awful impression, mate.” Harrison said. “I thought you were an actor.”

You laughed as Tom’s expression changed from a look of fake pain to a look of insult.

“Well at least I don’t have a crush on a girl who I just got the guts to talk to today.” Tom countered before turning on his heel and running.

“Don’t mind him, him and my brother are the reason we’re going to get dinner now.” You said, looping your arm around Harrison’s, a new found confidence washing over you.

“We’re getting dinner?”

“Hell yeah, we are. I didn’t just go through all that to not go to dinner with you.”

“You’re amazing.” Harrison said softly.

“And so are you.” You blushed. “Now, let’s go before all the good places get busy.”

sam uley | imprinting [2]

sam uley. 1621 words.

previous part.

Sure enough, Sam had kept his word. In the morning, your car was parked in the driveway, though there was no sign of your saviour anywhere. He’d looked oddly irritated around you, like being in the car with you was unbearably difficult, even though he’d been the one to offer to drive you home in the first place. You didn’t understand what had happened; had he figured out that you were crushing on him and he’d decided to let you down in the gentlest way possible? Though, really, if that was the case, his way wasn’t exactly very gentle.

You quickly slipped into a numb routine – going to school, coming home, doing homework, eating dinner, going to bed. But your heart and mind were painfully fixated on Sam Uley, and it became harder and harder for you to concentrate on anything else but him. You couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was wrong, and that maybe you were the reason why he’d been so cold in the car. His car – it’d had a musky, earthy scent that yours now seemed to carry, though faintly. It only tortured you more that you were so close to him and yet so far.

After a particularly devastating day at school – your English teacher had surprised the class with a test on which you’d left the entire back page blank – you wanted nothing more than to crawl under your sheets and drown your thoughts out with music. It was, therefore, very unexpected to find Sam Uley sitting on the front steps of your porch, waiting for you.

“Sam? You okay?” you asked, getting out of your car. Sam looked exhausted, with hollow cheeks and irritated eyes. Your stomach twisted violently at the thought.

“(Y/N), I need to talk to you,” he said. “Walk with me.”

You obeyed, not giving it a thought. He walked slower than usual so that you could keep up. For a while, neither of you said anything, the tension around you being so tense it was almost palpable. You could kind of picture what he was going to say – I know you like me, (Y/N), but I’m with Leah and nothing could ever happen between you and me.

It surprised you when that was not what he said.

“I broke up with Leah,” he told you.

It was like someone had taken a shovel and smacked you in the head with it. You stumbled over your own two feet in shock and then stopped walking altogether.

“What? Why?”

Sam shook his head, like he was scolding himself. “I had no choice.” His voice was thick and measured – almost too controlled, like he was struggling to keep it steady.

“What do you mean you had no choice? Did something happen?”

He gave you an expectant look. “(Y/N)… what do you know about the Quileute legends?”

The sudden change in topic made your forehead crease. You shrugged lightly. “Not much. Just what I heard around from the kids on the res.”

“Like how we’re descended from wolves?”

There was a heavy pause. You shrugged again. “I guess. But they’re just stories, though.” Another pause. “Right?”

Sam looked deeply in your eyes again, like he was searching them for something even he couldn’t identify. His gaze was so fierce, so strong that it made the hair on your arms rise. It was intimate, very intimate, and you wondered whether that was how he’d looked at Leah.

He started walking again, and with slightly more hesitation this time, you followed.

It felt an awful lot like a cruel joke, and yet the terrifying part was that it wasn’t. There was nothing funny about it. It was like the beginning of a nightmare, one you knew you could never wake up from.

Sam Uley was a werewolf.

And not the Hollywood version, either. No full moons or silver bullets; instead, he shook out of his human shell at will and turned into a bear-sized wolf with fur black as night. When he’d changed in front of you, you could’ve sworn your heart had actually stopped for a good moment.  

Even hours later after you were safely tucked away in bed, you still couldn’t wrap your head around it. He’d explained the truth behind the Quileute legends – the truth that had been staring you in the face all along – and you wanted to accept it so badly. But how could you when all your life, you’d been taught that his very existence was only a myth?

And then there’d been the whole imprinting thing. If the wolf part was crazy, the idea that you were his soulmate was even more so. You’d known him for longer than you could remember and he’d never once showed any interest in you. Leah had been the object of his affection – only Leah and no one else.

“I didn’t know you were the one,” he explained. “I didn’t know until I saw you for the first time after I shifted.”

You shook your head. “But Leah—”

“It’s killing me that I have to do this to her,” Sam whispered, voice breaking. “But you’re it, (Y/N). You were made for me.”

It had been so hard to see him so vulnerable and open, especially when he was finally giving you what you wanted. You’d always dreamed of him kissing you instead of Leah, of him being yours instead of hers. But now that you were actually faced with the possibility of a future with Sam, it scared you.

You’d told him that you needed some time to think it over. He told you to take all the time in the world, though you could tell it had pained him greatly to say that. And it pained you, too. Being apart from him when you really didn’t have to seemed to tear you apart on the inside.

Maybe he was right and the two of you were meant to be together. You’d felt it since the first moment you’d ever laid your eyes on him, and even if it had taken him years to realize it, it was better late than never. Still, there was a problem.


You didn’t know her well enough, but you knew very well what it felt like to have the person you love fall hard for someone else. You may have been Sam’s soulmate but he knew Leah better than he knew you and they had history. You couldn’t erase years of love with just one glance at someone else, imprint or no imprint.

Sam was waiting on your porch again when you came home from school. He obviously thought he’d given you enough time, and it really had been generous. A week to mull it over — surely, it had to have hurt him to see you be so indecisive.

You took in a deep breath and got out of the car. Already, a knot was forming in your throat. Sam opened his mouth to speak, but you were quicker.

“Listen before you say anything, okay?” He nodded and you exhaled shakily. “Sam, believe it or not, I’ve been in love with you since the second I met you. Before you were a” — you winced — “wolf. And it felt like I’d been kicked a thousand times in the gut when I found out you and Leah were dating.”

He didn’t say anything, but the guilt on his face was very visible.

You ran a frustrated hand through your hair. “Sam — this is such bullshit. There is no love at first sight. It’s stupid. And you’re willing to walk all over Leah — the girl who gave you every part of herself and more — so that you could conform to some insane Quileute legend.”

Sam shook his head gravely. “You still don’t understand, do you? Imprinting isn’t a choice.”

“No, but acting on it is.” Your eyes stung. “I’ve wished for a long time that one day you would realize that you’re really in love with me, and that you’d break up with Leah over it. But now that it did, I can’t help but feel guilty. It’s always going to be there at the back of my mind, nagging. The idea that I stole someone’s boyfriend.”

“You didn’t steal anything.” Sam gritted his teeth. “I want to be with who I’m supposed to be with. You still don’t get it, (Y/N). Imprinting on you has made me so much more aware of everything — of how you used to always come down to the beach and hang around with people you didn’t even know just so you could be near me; or how your cheeks always flushed pink whenever I talked to you; or how you’d sometimes walk for miles around La Push just so you could run into me.”

Hearing him say that out loud made you grimace. “It sounds pathetic on my part, doesn’t it?” you sighed.

“No, it doesn’t. You were in love. And now I’m telling you that I feel something for you. That all those things made a difference.” Sam’s tone was pleading. “Please, (Y/N).”

If he’d said anything more, you swore you would have started crying. The look on his face tugged at your heartstrings and played them like a harp. Nothing had ever felt more right than the idea of being with Sam Uley, so why had you fought it so much?

You took Sam’s hand in yours. He pressed it to his lips, and pulled you firmly against his chest. He warmed you down to your bones with the insane temperature of his skin; it was a pleasant heat that spread through your body and took away any doubts you had.

This was where you belonged. 

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath.

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. (Ecclesiastes 7:9)

Originally posted by stanjimiin

Why must He be so unfair? Why did He make them so perfectly? I had never thought that I would come to feel anger for any of my Fathers creations but I had. At one point in time he had looked at me the way he looks down on them.That anger I had towards them, Humans, had become my downfall. My Father’s last words to me as I fell from heaven were,

“Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.”

Eyes breaming with tears, I fell from the heavens, to an earthy place, full of those who I despised, because of my sin, wrath.

It has been a year since my banishment and wandering this earth was painful until I met her. The light in my darkness. The embodiment of the perfection, which, I had despised, had become my alter.  I hadn’t thought that I would ever understand what my Father had seen in such fragile things, but she opened my eyes. She had been the only human being who tried to get close to me despite my insults, and cold exterior. That respect for her persistence quickly turned to a love of sorts. Now here we are, her body lain in my arms, as I slowly trace my fingers along her feminine curves bathed in sunlight.

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Taking Care Of You

♥ Hi Guys, here is a quick little, fluffy imagine with Bucky. I hope you guys enjoy. This one is especially for the lovely @ididntasktogetmadedidi I hope you enjoy it as well. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask, send me a message or a request. I love to hear from you guys! Deutsche Version wird in der nächsten Zeit noch ergänzt!

  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Summary: Imagine Bucky takes care of you while you’re sick.
  • Warnings: throwing up, and fluff
  • Words: 983 

Exhausted, your eyes fluttered open, immediately you wrapped your fluffy blanket tighter around your body, making sure to move as less as possible, so you won’t irritate your sensitive stomach any further. You closed your eyes again, fatigue and exhaustion were keeping you company since this morning, along with nausea, headache and dizziness. To say it hit you bad was an understatement! When you got up this morning, you had already felt a little dizzy, but you had ignored the annoying feeling.

As you went for training with Bucky and Steve things got worse, after a few minutes of sparring with Steve, your view became blurry again and your vision slowly faded into darkness. You could hear Bucky calling your name before you finally lost consciousness.When you first woke up, you found yourself wrapped up in your bed, and immediately a wave of nausea had hit you, as fast as you could, you ran into the bathroom.
You nearly spent an eternity on the cold floor, throwing up until your stomach was completely empty, clenching in pain, your chest aching from heavy breathing, and your face was tear strained.
You sat trembling, next to the toilet on the ground, and tried to calm down a little, you avoided moving to much fearing you might need to throw up again.

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Everything You Are (fluff, angst)

dedicated to @princeshushu . will this make you stop crying? lol (no, i atcually don’t want you to stop crying) thanks for those cute little tags

Title: Everything You Are (Joshua/Jisoo)
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Words: 1708
A/N: So here’s a confession: Joshua Hong has been bothering my brain for nearly two months already. Everywhere I look, I am reminded of his smile. Everything about him just pops out of nowhere at unexpected situations. Enjoy!

p.s. Everything You Are - Ed Sheeran . Please please listen to this song.

p.p.s. will be dropping the demi lovato inspired fics asap. then the namjoon comfort fic.

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The first time Joshua saw you, he thought the world had stopped. Everything was in slow motion, it was difficult to avoid staring at the radiant lady in front of him. His heart beat a little faster than usual. He shouldn’t even know you. You were supposed to be strangers to each other.

Strangers gawking at each other in the middle of the busy bustling street.

Noticing him, you gave a small smile as you walk past him, the world returning to its original pace. Joshua sighed and looked at your dot. He couldn’t believe he was feeling like this. Falling in love again.

Joshua walks away, sighing with regret. How he missed you so much…

Joshua’s shirt clung to his body as he hugged himself, walking to the cafe. He felt so giddy with everything. As soon as he entered the cafe, he saw her. He felt a pang in his chest. You shouldn’t be doing this. But still, he brushed it off.

“Hey, babe,” Joshua said as he leaned into the girl, giving her a kiss on the cheek. He dragged the chair across from her. But before she could speak, before he could sit, a voice interrupted them.

“J-Joshua?” he turned to find you in the middle of the crowd, lips trembling, tears building up. Joshua’s heart ached at the sight of you hurting. You shook your head, disappointed, and turned to walk away.

“I’m sorry,” Joshua muttered, barely audible, as he took off to follow you. He didn’t hear his female friend squeak in annoyance. All he heard was his heart pounding with regret. What had he done? SO stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

Joshua found you where he thought you’d be. In the park, staring aimlessly at little kids running back and forth, dosed with innocence and laughter. You were sat on one of the benches, fiddling with your fingers. Joshua walked closer, slowly–even if his whole system was beating fast.

“Don’t,” you say, tears blurring your vision. He stops a foot away from you and the bench. Oblivious children passing by him. “Don’t talk. Please. I’m tired of your excuses, Joshua.”

Joshua speaks, despite being told not to, “Y/N…”

You wryly laugh, letting the tears fall, “You know what’s funny? The fact that they said dating your best friend was the ideal relationship ever. That since we know each other so well, we wouldn’t end up breaking each other’s hearts. Apparently, I don’t know you so well.”

You pause, catching your breath, your crying is on the verge of turning into small sobs. You wanted to say everything you wanted before you leave. For good.

“Or maybe I just didn’t want to accept that my own best friend would break my heart…throw me into his trophy case of exes.” You bitterly laugh and look up to the beautiful stars blinking down at the tragic night. “Joshua, I’m hurt you know…I’m so so hurt. It shouldn’t hurt because I’ve seen you fuck other girls’ minds a lot of times. But I’m hurt. Tell me, truthfully, why do you do this?”

You finally looked at Joshua. A big lump of syllables formed in his throat. Why? Why does he sleep around? Why does he go around breaking everyone’s hearts? Suddenly, he wanted to turn back time. To the time he asked you out. The time he promised you happiness. Happiness wasn’t found in your face. Hurt. Everything you were was hurt…pain…heartbroken. He couldn’t see the smile that had him falling in love with you over and over again. He missed that smile so much.

You huffed in frustration, the need for arms to hold you were getting bigger. “Go figure yourself out, Joshua.” You say as you stood up and left, leaving Joshua staring back at you melting in with the crowd. He sighs.

How stupid of him.

Joshua stared at you in the middle of the streets, a guy had your backpack on his shoulders while you hugged your books. He is reminded of what you two used to be. The sweet ideal couple.

I shouldn’t have fucked with your mind, your life, Y/N. I’m so sorry.

You opened your laptop to check any new emails. Your friend had promised to send in review materials for the incoming exam. You scroll down through the emails from food companies promoting their new recipes.


The email completely caught you frozen. If Joshua would have seen this, he would chuckle at the irony of it all. You recognised the title. It was a song of Ed Sheeran. You remembered ditching prom night with Joshua Hong, where both of you danced to Ed Sheeran’s songs in the empty tennis court. Ed Sheeran’s voice had clouded your mind a week after it. Melancholy grips your heart.

The hand that cupped the mouse trembled as you moved the cursor to click it. The email contained a video. What’s this? You contemplate between dragging it to the trash bin icon and completely locking Joshua Hong away from your life (lies, you knew well that he’ll never leave your thoughts. everything he is, somehow exists in simple things like acorns and guitars).

Huffing, you grab your headphones from your side and plugged it in as you sat straight, preparing yourself for whatever it was. You chew your lower lip as you put the video into full-screen mode and pressed the spacebar.

The computer screen is invaded by a video of you reading a book in the Hong residence. You remember this day, it was Christmastime. Guitar strings fill your ears. Another clip materialises into the screen. And another. You cover your lips remembering that camera he had always brought everywhere. Everything that happened was videotaped by him. Even that little prom night you both had. Tears blur your vision so you wipe them, desperate to see more of the memories. Joshua’s voice clouds your brain as spontaneous moments flash by. His soothing voice was still so familiar, so comforting. The same voice that captivated you.

I didn’t mean to break your heart
I was just lonely
And everybody falls apart sometimes
I know you’ve found another one
But won’t you just hold me tonight
I wish I never called you up
Nobody told me
And they don’t know, they don’t speak anymore
So take a good look at us
Won’t you just hold me tonight
And I would stop trying to fall in love again
And keep it a secret
It never works out anyway
But I am not, anything like a voice
Cause you were the only one for me
Yeah, yeah

Cause maybe I don’t wanna lose a lover and a friend
In one night, if that’s alright
I shouldn’t have fucked with your mind
And your life too many times
And maybe I don’t wanna be lonely
Darling, you are my only love
Behind my truth lies
Everything you want

I never meant to sleep around
I was just lonely
You did the same, again, and again
I know
So here’s to the both of us
Here’s to our story tonight
Oh I would stop trying to fall in love again
And keep it a secret
It never works out anyway
But I am not, anything like a voice
Cause you were the only one for me

Cause maybe I don’t wanna lose a lover and a friend
In one night, if that’s alright
I shouldn’t have fucked with your mind
And your life too many times
And maybe I don’t wanna be lonely
Darling, you are my only love
Behind my truth lies
Everything you want

When I see my future
It is with you
We’ll get there
I want my children to be with you together

Cause maybe I don’t want to lose a lover and friend in one night
If that’s right
I shouldn’t have fucked with your mind
And your life too many times
Or maybe I don’t want to be lonely
Darling you are my only love
Behind my truth lies, everything you are
Behind my truth lies, everything you are
Behind my truth lies, everything you are

As soon as the video ended, you stared into the pitch black screen. The memories that had just flashed by were still on replay in your mind. Joshua’s voice echoing through the corridors of it. Your mind was racing so fast, it was difficult to keep up with your thoughts.

You pull your legs to yourself, and hug yourself, crying. How you missed Joshua Hong so damn much.

“Joshua, someone’s looking for you,” Hoshi’s voice breaks Joshua from his staring contest with the laptop screen. He had been waiting for a reply from you. Not that you were even going to reply. He had hurt you so bad, the chances of a single ‘Hi.’ were slim. Still.

“Come on, Joshua. Put on a smile, it’s a friend from California,” Hoshi puts an arm around his neck as he closes the laptop shut. “Came all the way from there to here, for you!”

“Friend? California?” Joshua’s eyes peered over Hoshi’s slanted ones. The dancer pouts a bit, “Yeah, that’s what she said.”


“…um, yeah?” Hoshi says as Joshua’s ears perk up as he straightened from Hoshi’s grip. His heart raced. That’s what always happened whenever he thought of you.

“What’s her name?” Joshua turns to grab Hoshi’s shirt. His friend looked startled, “H-hey!” Joshua lets go but he was still on the edge by the news.

Hoshi looks down, rubbing his neck, “ I-I haven’t asked her. I guess I forgot.”


“Outside, enduring Seungkwan’s questions,” Hoshi says, a little excited by the way his hyung was acting. Joshua rushed outside the room to find you. You.

You were giggling at the way Seungkwan tried his best with the foreign language. There it was again. Your smile.

Joshua’s heart fluttered.

“Y/N,” Joshua was breathless. What did he expect? You still made him breathless.

“Hey, Josh,” you grinned. Everyone smiled, awed with what’s happening in front of them. But before anyone could say something his phone pinged. Joshua wanted to ignore it but you had heard it and gave him that look that says it was okay. He doesn’t leave his place and peers at the moment-breaking message. It was an email.

You had replied.

“I missed you, Joshua. Let’s be not lonely together, eh?”

anonymous asked:

Hey can you address why you made a comic that implies being mentally disabled is equal to being dead like lol come on. herzspalter[.]tumblr[.]com/post/134087895230/personality-adjustments-i-thought-it-might-be

Good evening!

Yes, I think I can address it, because this is not what I wanted to imply at all, and I think this is based on different ways of interpreting Transformers, so please bear with me as I try to explain and reflect on myself: (this got really lengthy, I’m sorry!)

Please read the whole thing!

So for those who don’t feel like reading the whole comic, it’s an old thing I made about TFA Perceptor and the fact that he erased his personality components in order to make place for science, based on a note in the TFA Almanac that states just that. It’s from the perspective of Red Alert who observes Drift reacting to it and her own thoughts about the thing, and to her and Wheeljack, it feels like they’ve lost a good friend. That’s basically the whole thing, but please feel free to have a look yourself if you’re interested.

Alright so, first of all, I think I need to make something very clear: 
to me, there is a huge difference between mechanical aliens and human beings, and that’s why I wrote this. To me, Transformers are aliens that happen to work like robots, fully mechanical, and don’t work the same as humans. So when I imagine a robot literally removing parts of the machinery that produces their personality so they can put other things in there, I think of it as making space on a computer to install something else. 
To me, this is not how humans work at all, and I would not even think about writing this story about a human character because that would be absurd and ridiculous and, honestly, a dick move. 

From your message I assume you mean to say that I wanted to imply that human beings who can’t express emotions or feel are basically dead, yes? (and if I misunderstood and you meant something else, I apologize, please let me know what you meant in that case) 
This was really, really not my intention and didn’t come up in my mind a single second while I was writing and drawing that comic, because again, this is not how humans work and I wanted to write this story about robotic beings, not humans. Something I love about Transformers is that they work so differently, and that you can write about mechanical proceedings and processes from the viewpoint of a machine that lives. 
I do get where you are coming from, there’s a lot of things in TF that pretty much directly represent something we humans experience or do. And I think this is a bit of a personal preference, but I really really like it more when Transformers do and experience things that are impossible for human beings,which is why i like to write things like this. 

And to me, removing your personality components to make room for science is just that, a robotic ability that I found interesting and alien. I don’t know if you’ve seen the G1 cartoon, but there’s an episode where Starscream builds the Combaticons from old vehicles and he steals personality components, which are these cube thingies he just stuffs into the robots and they come to life immediately with a set personality. That’s not how human beings work at all, we’re not made like that, and that’s how I personally see Transformers as a whole: sort of like humans in some aspects, but very very different when it comes to body, culture and what makes them alive. More “Optimus Prime once died but stored his personality on a floppy disc so it was cool” than “Transformers are like humans” for me personally. I just like aliens a lot.

A human being who is unable to (or having difficulties to) feel, express emotions or anything similar to that is very much alive and a person, I wouldn’t even think about saying otherwise. To me, it’s absolutely not the same as an alien robot removing something from their storage to add something else in it. 
As I said earlier, I personally prefer it when TFs do things that aren’t possible like that for humans, because you can write stories about different things, about what they mean in their context, and that’s how I went about this.

That’s all I can say about this really, I think? I just wanted to write a story about a robot alien literally removing data from his head to make space for science and his friends feeling sad about it because for this species of very hard to kill mechanical beings, there’s other types of fears and things that can happen to someone. Computer horror, so to speak.

I really, honestly did not even think for a second that this has anything to do with human beings, and I would not ever write something like this with humans. I am very sorry for upsetting you, and I apologize to anyone who felt like I was implying such an awful thing. I honestly did not mean to do that.
The comic, of course, seems like that’s clear to me personally, but that may very well be because, well, I wrote it and I obviously know what I meant in each panel. Looking through it again now, more than a year after, with what you said in mind, I think I could have handled this better. I’m still happy that I made this comic, because again, to somebody who sees TFs like I do, a human connection doesn’t happen, but this is something I could have made more clear. 
Even though I genuinely didn’t intend for this to imply that this is representative of mentally disabled people, I think I can see now how it can come across that way. I will keep this in mind and will try to think of it next time I write something, to make sure what I think is clear on paper and not just in my head, and to not upset or hurt anybody through carelessness, because yeah even if it’s an accident, it can still do damage. 

To summarize: I wrote this with the mindset of somebody who doesn’t like to compare Transformers to humans very much and who saw this as a story about a computer mind instead of a human mind, and nothing more. With that said though, if anybody saw it as a mean-spirited implication, I think I get where you are coming from, and though this was an accident that I was simply not thinking could even happen, I sincerely apologize to anybody who was upset or hurt by what they read. I promise you that it was out of carelessness and not out of ill-will, and I will try to not repeat such a thing again, because I really really don’t want to hurt anybody. 

Anon, I thank you for your message and I hope this explains where I’m coming from. I am genuinely sorry that I upset you, and I will do my best to improve my writing to the point where what I intend to do is clear on paper and to re-think what I want to write about enough times so I can pick up on possible implications like this early enough for re-writes. It’s been well over a year since I made this comic and I feel like I’ve grown since then.
The implication was not my intention, and I think I could have been more careful with how I write this thing. Transformers are not like humans to me, and that’s why I wrote it. 

Waking Days Ch1 - Enter Bill Cipher

A/N: Helllooo and thank you for being so patient with me. I know, I know, with that little joke I had it coming, but look, I’ve finally delivered!

I took a long while with figuring out a title for the long fic, and I may change it later, but this is what I’ve got for now, so feedback is appreciated. (And yes, the chapter title is literally the same one as from Flat Dreams. I am a nerd.) Enjoy, you guys. :3

Warning: Implied substance abuse. 

AU by @doodledrawsthings. Based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

“He that sleeps feels not the tooth-ache.”

W. Shakespeare, Cymbeline

Ever since he took that deal, he’d been regretting it.

Looking back now, he would take a million years in that stone tomb over what that giant salamander had subjected him to. He hadn’t expected on getting his power back, not really, but the least that jerk could do was give him a proper form. Hell, or at least keep him a triangle. But he’d never expected this. He’d been thrown into this form with no directions, no explanation except “You must absolve your crime.”

Yeah, great, what the hell did that even mean.

He hated it. He hated everything about this stupid body, about this weak pitiful meat sack that frilly asshole decided to shove him in. He had nothing, no power, no immortality, no means of escape. And if that wasn’t enough, he was slowly dying. He could even feel it. The slow, painful way each cell was loosing its energy. In just a few decades he would degrade, grow cold and end up feeding worms before he knew it, if this sack of flesh didn’t give up on him even sooner. After watching humans for so long, he’d seen just how easily they could die, hell he’d even been the cause of a lot of them. He’d found it funny, how easily they can break.

He didn’t now.

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Walk on My Shoes

For Swap Week day 7: Alive (

When Rena Rouge and Chat Noir came to patrol with the idea that they should exchange Miraculouses, Ladybug was 100% sure Rena Rouge, Queen Bee and Chat Noir himself were going to start the Hunger Games to try and get the Ladybug Earrings.

(Not that she didn’t want to do an exchange, either, but between the five of them, they were the ones who seemed to worship her in and out of the masks… Plus, she was also certain Carapace wanted to do it too)

They talked about it with the Great Guardian, and he let them do it as a form of trust exercise. Ladybug, however, started to fear that it was a terrible idea as soon as she saw the amused glint in Fu’s eyes. For the time she had known him, she had learned that he took a bit of fun in the lessons he gave her and the rest of the team. However, Marinette tried to keep herself calm.

“Perhaps it would be fun, after all” she thought to herself as the Great Guardian of the Miraculous ordered them to close their eyes and de-transform as he made the exchange.

“I will escort you one by one to the exit, where you will have five minutes to go home before the other one comes out. Introduce yourselves to your temporary kwami partners and meet for your usual patrol” he said as he placed a box on Marinette’s hand.

“And we come two days later to get our respective kwamis and Miraculouses back, right?” Chat Noir’s voice asked.


Again, Marinette heard the amusement in Fu’s voice.

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the way you are

pairing: kim yugyeom x reader
word count: 650+
admin: mingyu
genre: fluff; suggestive

Slow and sensual was his first intent as his newly released song on SoundCloud echoed within the black walls of the practice room. Yugyeom had invited you to see him practice his dance to the song he worked so hard on, and admiringly you agreed without remembering what you’d be getting yourself into. As you walked into the JYP Entertainment headquarters, you bowed a little to the secretary as you began to explain who you were, since you remembered one of the hyungs mentioning there was a new receptionist. But as you were offering your explanation, your name was called out.

“Y/N!” called out Jinyoung. “You’re here because Yugyeom called?” The rest of GOT7 knew about how you and Yugyeom were dating, but as you nodded, Bambam who made his appearance with a towel around his neck became pale.

“Bam, you okay?” you asked, and he bit his lip to keep himself from laughing at your terrible decision. He walked over to you, taking your arm and dragging you to the practice room, only to leave you there alone. Why were they acting this way? But as you opened the door, taking a step inside, it suddenly dawned upon you as you laid eyes on your boyfriend. He was in his sexiest state when he was dancing.

Yugyeom wore a serious face as he danced to his song, lip-syncing along at times. You were so intrigued by his movements that you simply stood there, watching until he noticed your presence. It didn’t take long until the song was over, moving over to the shelf where his phone and his bottle of water were resting. He put the song on pause, taking the water bottle as he looked over to you with a smile. Then and there, your jaw simply dropped. You forgot that this boy could go from the sexiest thing alive to the world’s biggest fluffball in the span of 2 milliseconds.

“Jagiya! You made it!” he exclaimed, wearing a grin that could stop the hearts of every iGOT7, if they ever had a chance to see it. It spread to you, moving closer to him and opening your arms to engulf the gentle giant. “Of course I did, there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon watching my sexy boyfriend practice.”

The poor boy’s face went red with your words as he wrapped his arms around you like he was the tortilla of a burrito and you were the filling. He leaned down to give you a peck on the lips before asking you to start up the song again. You watched him stretch out his arms and his legs a little, jumping as he shook himself off. His white t-shirt was sticking to his skin from sweat and his sweatpants hugged his legs deliciously. Could this boy be any more attractive?

The intro of his song started with him facing the back of the room, simply making different gestures with his arms to the beat of the music. But just as he, in the song, began to sing, he turned around, staring you in the eyes as he rolled his body, mouthing the words. You actually had to shake your head, to make sure you knew who and what you were looking at. To you, he just looked like a piece of meat right now, and he hadn’t even started…

As the song kept going, you could feel your face get warmer with every intense body roll and hip thrust he made. You could feel yourself sliding off of your seat by the time the chorus came along, raising your now cold hands to your face to help cool off a little.

“You know

You know…

I just wanted you to know baby…”

By this point of the song, this boy was on the floor, and God, you couldn’t handle it. You didn’t even notice that the other members had filed in to watch, until Mark swan dove on to Yugyeom while he was on the floor, Jackson bursting into laughter as Youngjae made an exclamation you could barely hear on top of the music.

“Aiyah! Maknae, can’t you see that she’s dying right now?!” Jinyoung said, amused as Mark smacked his head lightly. Bambam could only laugh at the situation, Jaebum having walked straight out when he remembered Yugyeom’s dance routine for the song. Leader-hyung didn’t want to see that again.

“But Y/N-ah was enjoying it! I could tell by the look in her eye.”

It was true, you were in complete awe of how he was moving his body, but it made you want something a little more.

“I was,” you state to confirm Yugyeom’s statement. “But he’ll be at my place tonight, is that alright?”

Now it was Yugyeom’s turn for his face to go red before smirking at you confidently.

His plan worked in the end.

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask if you could write nsfw to the last shimada brothers + sister thing? Of course only if you're comfortable with it, and for others you could put a big warning above + this 'continue reading' button. I can't access the rules on mobile, so I don't know if you said something concerning things like this there.

Hey ya’ll, don’t read this unless you’re alright with the warnings. I will write a SFW version cause there’s an ask interested in that. 

TW: Incest, Non-con. 

Hanzo & Genji: 

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So I know we’re all probably excited and happy for Sam Kerr to be featured on Sportscenter and on their Instagram page, like how often does that happen with female athletes? Allow me to answer my own question. In the last month alone, Sportscenter has posted 421 posts on Instagram. Of those 421 posts, SIX (6) of them featured women, though one of the women featured was Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha who is not an athlete, but I’m fuckin’ counting it. That means that in the last month, 1.4% of their posts have featured women. 1.4%. That’s absolutely outrageous. So, after realizing how rare it is for female athletes to be featured on Sportscenter’s Instagram, I decided to scan through the comments and see how everyone was reacting to the video. And now I’m pissed. I’m going to put the rest under a read more so this won’t clog your dash.

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Come to Bed (Always 1/3)

Characters: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Summary: Bones has a ton of work to do, but you miss your grumpy doctor and try to get him to come back to bed.

Warnings: None? just fluff here

A/N: hey look another Bones fic! and this one’s a three parter! Yay! also i’m shit at summaries, sorry

Word Count: 967

Part Two

The first thing you notice when you wake from your nap is that the right-hand side of the bed is still empty.  And cold. You sigh and flip onto your back, staring at the smooth metal ceiling of your small bedroom.  If he hadn’t come to bed by now…You roll over to check the time on your PADD.  


You groan.  Goddamn his commitment to his work.  You push off the blankets and shiver as the cool air hits your bare legs.  The door to your room is open, and you follow the faint light into the main room of your small shared quarters.

Bones is there, sitting at his desk, his back facing you.  You sigh and shake your head.  Your bare feet are silent on the cold hardwood floor as you make your way up behind him.  Once you reach him, your hands immediately go to his shoulders, attempting to rub out the obvious tension there.

As soon as you touch him he jumps.  “Jesus, sweetheart you’re tryin’ to kill me.”  

You giggle, still half asleep.  “Sorry, baby,” you hum, resting your forehead between his neck and shoulder and bringing your arms around to hug his chest.  

He leans back and chuckles.  His hands come up and rub your arms.  “Christ sweetheart, you’re freezin’.”

You hum and close your eyes, snuggling further into his neck.  “I wouldn’t be cold if you’d come to bed, Lee.”

He smiles and kisses your temple.  “Sorry darlin’, but I have a ton of paperwork I need to finish before tomorrow’s mission.”

“You should come to bed anyways.  I feel like I haven’t seen you in days,” you mumble, planting gentle kisses along his shoulder.  He’s been with Jim and Spock preparing for this away mission for the last few days as we approached a new planet.  It was exciting, but between all the personnel checkups you hadn’t spent any real time with him in days.  

He groans and leans his head to the side, giving you more room to work with. “Come on, Lee.  It’s late, the rest of your work can wait.”

He grunts.  “C’mere,” he gently tugs you around to face him.  “You can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”  His grin is less than innocent as he scans you, wearing only one of his old baggy t-shirts and a pair of underwear.  His arms go around your waist and tug you down.

You shuffle in and sit with your legs draped across his lap.  You wrap your hands around his neck and press a gentle kiss to his scruffy cheek.  “Don’t be too long, Doctor,” you whisper, then settle your head on his shoulder. He smiles down at you and rolls himself back to the desk to get back to work; one hand writing while the other rests on your thigh, his thumb tracing small circles on your bare skin.  

Ten minutes later he pauses to watch you on his lap, your face buried in his neck, your mouth slightly open; you had clearly fallen asleep.  “Sweetheart, wake up,” he whispered.  “I need you to help keep me up,” he teased.

“’m not asleep,” you mumble.  “Just resting my eyes.”

He chuckles, then starts writing his reports again.  He continues on in silence for a little while, occasionally stealing glances down at you, but you were either fiddling with the fabric of his shirt or staring at his hand on your thigh.  

He’s deep into a personnel clearance file when you speak up again.  “You know our anniversary’s on Friday.”

He freezes and panics for a moment, then remembers that he made plans.  “Yeah I remember, darlin’.”

“Two years,” you mumble.  “That’s a pretty big deal, you know.  Especially since we’ve been in space the whole time”

He grimaces.  “Goddamn space.  Makes everything awful.”  He squeezes your thigh before you can protest.  “’Cept you, darlin’.”

You smile and squeeze his neck.  “So you made plans?” He nods and goes to say something, but you cut him off. “Because that’s two days away, and you’re going on that away mission tomorrow.  So you should tell me now if I need to plan something.” You look him in the eyes, trying to convey your seriousness.  

Bones just laughs again and pulls you in closer.  He kisses the top of your head.  “Oh, ye of little faith!  C’mon, sweetheart, I got this.”

You hum, not completely convinced, but you lean back into him anyways, your drowsiness finally dragging you under.  “I love you, Lee,” you whisper into his neck.

He smiles.  “I love you, too darlin’”

You burrow further into him and he reaches over to grab his PADD.  


He sighs.  “Okay, time for bed.” You make a noise of contentment and he laughs.  “Yeah, I know.  You win.”

He reaches over to turn off the light at the desk, then readjusts his arm under your legs and stands up with you in his arms.  His boots make gentle noises on the floor until you reach the soft carpet of your bedroom.  He lays you down gently on your side before covering you with the blankets.  Your hands cling to him, attempting to pull him down with you.  “Stay, Lee.”

“I am, darlin’, just let me get undressed.”

You sit up slightly, watching him as he toes off his boots and steps out of his pants.  He makes his way around to his side of the bed and pulls off his shirt, leaving him in his boxers.  You let out a quiet whistle.  “Hey, sexy,” you tease.

He laughs and shakes his head.  “You are a massive dork, darlin’.”  He climbs into bed and pulls you to his side.  “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

You wrap your arms around him and lay your head on his chest.  “Goodnight, Lee.”


At first, he thinks she’s pregnant.

It’s not impossible- Not with the amount of time they spend shagging. They may use condoms and the pill but no birth control method is 100% effective (a fact his parents had illustrated beautifully by landing themselves with him.)

It’s not like the notion is an unpleasant one, either: he has occasionally found himself wondering what a little girl with Molly’s eyes and his curls might look like- Just as he has- occasionally- pictured a boy with Molly’s sweet smile and his laugh.

So no, given that he’s now committed to Molly, the notion of offspring doesn’t seem as off-putting as it once did.

In fact, he finds the thought rather… lovely.

Be that as it may, however, he soon deduces that it can’t be pregnancy which causes Molly to scurry into the bathroom as soon as she comes home from work, her head down and her cheeks reddened.

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