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Bound to Happen (Part 8), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,373

Author’s Note: Sorry for the lack of a write-a-thon fic today, I thought I would make up for it with an early release of this?

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

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Lin knew better than to be bitter. You were right with your unspoken insistence that he was holding you back from doing greater things.

He bit the inside of his cheek at any mention of what you were working on - more computers in underprivileged schools, a bill passing that rewarded scholarships through your foundation.

You were doing amazing work, and he knew he was being selfish wishing you were next to him just in case he needed something.

He decided a complete lack of communication was best. Still, there was shoulders brushing at certain events and that one time he was out with Alex and happened to catch you in the middle of a date.

He tried to push that memory as far away as he possibly could.

The general lack of communication (even though there wasn’t a lack of wanting to communicate) meant you went an entire year without a decent conversation. A year that could have easily turned into many - maybe a re-connection at a college reunion - if it had not been for a last minute addition to a White House Poetry Jam.

With an unheard three minute hip hop spin on a founding father in his back pocket, Lin blew your socks off for the first time since In the Heights. You wouldn’t have even seen the performance had it not randomly popped up in your recommended videos on YouTube.

Which is how you found yourself typing a frantic e-mail in a caffeine-induced haze. Something along the lines of ‘what the fuck is this thing about Alexander Hamilton and how can I get involved?

Lin read the e-mail at least twenty times before moving it to his trash folder. He couldn’t let you trickle back into his life just as he began to move on.

You had long-forgotten about the e-mail the next time you had even heard the name Lin-Manuel Miranda. A casual conversation with your parents, who had always supported your close relationship with Lin, mentioning they had watched him on House the other night.

You immediately dropped anything you had planned and tracked down the episode - which turned into two. You were ashamed of the tight hold he still held over you. You considered sending another e-mail.

You chugged a bottle of wine instead.

Time continued to pass as you continued to rise. Promotions (you didn’t even know that word and your name could go together in a sentence until now) and whispers of a successful Lin loomed in the distance.

Having the old team back together wasn’t strange to Lin. What was strange, however, was a distinct absence.

I was thinking.” Tommy drawled, pulling Lin from his musical head space. He had exactly eight hours to figure out how to follow Alexander cheating on Eliza.

“Hmm?” Lin tucked the pencil behind his ear and closed his laptop, affording Tommy all of his attention.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Y/N.”

“Six years is a long time.” He answered, trying to fight the harsh tone. He lost the fight.

“Right. And she’s still heading that arts in public education project, right?” Lin could tell Tommy was easing into it.

Ever since you had announced your departure and Lin had moved on to other projects, you were a rather tense subject for the group. The last update Lin had received about you had been years ago about a guy you had been seeing.

Since then his life had been a strict ‘no Y/N zone’.

“What about her?” He grumbled, returning to his work with one ear still on Tommy.

“Publicly educated students seeing Hamilton free of charge.”  With a sigh, Lin closed his laptop again before glancing at Tommy’s smug face.

“Set up the meeting.”

Getting a call from Tommy had been the last thing you expected on a Saturday night. A quick stop at the Public Theater, a place you hadn’t been since early In the Heights days, was requested of you and you dropped everything to make the appointment.

You didn’t know he would be there.

Sleep deprived as ever. New, shaggy hair framed his face and he looked…taller.

Tommy hadn’t aged a day from the look of it but Lin was more mature somehow. He had more experience without you by his side and while you could sense a certain hostility in his eyes, there was also a particular confidence in his steps. A confidence he started to gain with his first show, but had never blossomed this widely.

It was as if the man you had met so many years ago was just an outline and now you were looking at him all colored in. Bright and pristine - there was some coloring outside the lines and the shading wasn’t perfect but he was Lin.

You just wished you had dressed up a bit more.

“Tommy.” You whispered into his chest, a breath of solidarity as he tucked you close. A long forgotten friend. Next was Alex, who was grinning as widely as ever. He greeted you softly and passed you along to Lin.

Tommy shared a look with Alex as they stepped to the side, mumbling an excuse you didn’t care enough to listen to.

“Stranger.” You greeted. No handshake.

“Big shot.” He acknowledged, taking you in.

Your hair was shorter and darker. It was a more professional cut than the one you used to throw up into a bun at the Richard Rogers. Your clothes fit better now, you had the time and money to shop for nicer things. If the disheveled blazer was any indication, you had just gotten off work.

“Oh, uh, this-” You made work of straightening out your jacket, tugging at the sleeves to flatten them out. “Busy morning, I didn’t have time to-”

“I’m glad you’re back.” He cut in, rushed. You didn’t realized this meeting was a re-entrance into this life. You definitely wished you could have dressed up.

“Me too.” And you were in his arms for the first time in years. The hug confirmed your suspicions that he was taller - or maybe he was just standing a little straighter now. “What can I do for you guys?”

It was an absurd idea, to say the least. Thousands of public school children attending their show free of charge. Not just in New York, but wherever they performed.

And he hadn’t even finished writing the damn thing yet.

“I’m close!” Lin promised. He wasn’t, really.

After refining the details - how it would work, who would get to participate, when it would happen - there was only one last thing to figure out. Who was going to pay for it all?

“That’s where you come in.” A finger was shoved in your direction as all three men eagerly looked at you. Ah, right. The Rockefeller Foundation.

“Something like this will take months to plan and approve.” You answered honestly, watching them deflate. “But, I’m going to give as much of my attention to this as I possibly can. We’re gonna have to be in contact a lot over the next few weeks.”

“That’s fine with us.” Alex promised.

“Yeah, we missed you.” Lin added.

Some more than others.” Tommy finished with an elbow to Lin’s side. Lin coughed to cover his embarrassment as he responded with a harsher jab into Tommy’s side.

“I’ll get started on this right away.” You stood as you checked your watch. The boys followed, all mumbling similar sentiments about how great it was to see you again.

Shrugging on the blazer you had discarded earlier, you sling your bag across you shoulder and make for the door.

“I’m running late but I’ll let you guys know when I have something for you, you know where to reach me!” You called, the quick and distant click of the door behind you signalling your hasty departure.

“So.” Tommy drawled as Lin stood in awe in the direction of the door, “Still totally in love with her?”

Lin didn’t answer, brushing past the men as he walked deeper into the theater, back to his laptop. A sudden inspiration for an Eliza lyric he had been stuck on for weeks came to mind.

I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit.

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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 4]

[part 1]   [part 2]    [part 3]

Summary: [part 4] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ ONLY

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Wait for me.

Part 1

A/N: sorry nothing too extreme happened just wait for pat 3 

The days after your fight with Tommy, you didn’t leave your house. You didn’t take calls and you ignored anyone that came to the door. You needed time to get your head together to figure out a life that didn’t involve Tommy. You had noticed the men across the street that didn’t move the same place day in and day out. They were definitely there by order of Tommy and it was getting frustrating seeing them every time you looked out the window it was a constant reminder of the bastard. You stared out the window as the man stared back a switch flipped inside you. You grabbed your jacket before storming out of your house and across the street to the man who had been staring.

“Go on then fuck off back to tommy! I know it’s him that sent you and I swear to god if you don’t leave right now I will shoot you in the fucking face!”

“Miss. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I swear to fuck!” You lowered your voice pulling out a gun and holding it to the man’s face. “Tell Tommy to leave me the fuck alone, now GO!” The man nodded and quickly walked away down the street leaving you standing with a crowd watching you. You sighed and made you way back into the house deciding it was time to get back to life. You got changed into fresh clothes and was brushing her hair when there was a knock on the door.

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New to Small Heath

Originally posted by awhoreslies

Michael Gray x Reader

Prompt #35: “Why are you looking at me like that?” (Requested by Anon)

You had moved to Small Heath, Birmingham, when you were in your teenage years. It had been scary at first, moving to such a dirty town. It was dirty in both ways: morally and physically. It was named the city of dirt for a reason, but you soon learned about the Shelbys. They were a family of gangsters run by the one and only, Thomas Shelby, who was a tunneler in the war.

You tried your best to stay clear of the Shelby family, but it was difficult seeing as your friends liked to go to the Garrison to drink. However, living there for six years seemed to toughen you up. Not all the men scared you anymore and you knew how and when to stand your ground in an argument. You had learned that if you didn’t bother the Shelbys, then they didn’t bother you, unless you had something they wanted - which you never did.

One night, you were at the Garrison, celebrating with your friends. One of them had just gotten married that morning and of course they wanted to go drinking after. Of course, because it was after their wedding, you were all in your best dresses and best makeup and none of you had bothering taking it off before the after party started.

Most of your friends were pretty drunk, but you weren’t. You knew that getting too drunk in that town was just asking for something bad to happen to you. You went to the barman to get another drink for yourself when you noticed a younger boy staring at you. You tried to dismiss it, but his eyes didn’t move the whole time you were waiting for your drink and even when you paid.

When your drink was handed to you, you turned sharply on him with a stern look. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He flinched and realized how long he had been looking at you and his cheeks grew red, “Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize…”

“Doesn’t matter if you realized it or not, why were you doing it?” You demanded as you took a few steps towards him.

“You’re pretty…” He muttered as he looked down to his hands that were holding a glass of what looked like scotch. You could tell he wasn’t quite from around here with how nervous and self-conscious he was. Suddenly, there was a hand on his shoulder. A hand that belonged to a man that you had heard so much about.

“I see you’re already making friends, Michael,” The man with blue eyes and harsh cheekbones declared.

“I suppose,” ‘MIchael’ muttered back.

“Well, then who are you?” The brooding man looked to you.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I already know of you, Mr. Shelby,” You slightly grinned at him to not seem too inviting.

“Ah, everyone does,” He sighed, “You take care of Michael here, he’s my cousin from the countryside, doesn’t quite know his way around town or the mannerisms of the people in it. Would you be willing to show him around and teach him?”

“And why would I do that?” You sat on the chair next to Michael, looking up at Thomas.

“Oh, come on. He’s handsome, he’s young. You’re pretty, and you obviously aren’t scared of much.”

“Well, what’s in it for me?” You leaned forward and you knew you had the attention of both men with showing just the right amount of cleavage.

“If you want, I can pay you,” He said with determination. You eventually agreed on an amount and where you would meet Michael the next day.

When you went to meet him in the front of the address given to you, and older woman walked him outside to you. “Alright, you have fun with Miss (Y/L/N) here and I’ll see you tonight.” She smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek before walking back inside.

You lit a cigarette before asking, “Who was that?” You began walking and he picked up his pace to catch up.

“My mother. Didn’t know she was my real mum until a few weeks ago when Thomas found me,” He quietly explained. You hummed in response and continued to show him around town. You learned more about him the more you walked. He was adopted, but didn’t know it. He was supposed to have a sister, but they were both separated from their mum, Polly, when they were babies. He doesn’t know where his sister is or if she’s even alive. His cousins are mostly mysterious to him, but he’s picked up on what their business really is. He had a terrible pastor when he was a boy, but he wouldn’t go into more detail than that.

When you two reached the river, you stood there in silence listening to the rush of the water and the bustle from the factories around you. “Thank you for showing me around today, Polly would have done it, but she had work to do.”

“It’s quite alright, I needed to take a walk without my friends.” You answered.

“I’m sorry, Tommy had to pay you to persuade you,” He looked at you sideways, obviously nervous.

“Oh, it’s alright,” You said with a smile, “I’ll just save it up to use as a ticket out of here.”

“Ticket out?”

“Yup, I’ve had enough of this town.”

“Why’s that?” He stepped closer to you.

“It’s filthy. It’s the dirtiest town I’ve ever seen and the corruption is awful here. Thinking of moving back to Ireland.”

“I knew it! I knew I had recognised your accent!” You looked to him wide eyed, “Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.”

“It’s alright. You’re just the first to notice and say something.”

“Well, what if you had a reason to stay?”

“I don’t, but if I did, I’d probably stay for a bit longer.” You looked to him to see curiosity in his eyes. When he realised he was staring too long again, he looked to the water.

“Do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?”

first impressions | tommy shelby

Hey i really loved your john shelby wedding day imagine i was wondering if it is possible for a request for a tommy imagine where the reader is new to small heath and shes clueless as to who tommy is and he’s attracted to her because of her pure and gentle nature so after a few dates he decides to make it serious and he has to tell her about who he actually is and what he actually does and he’s unsure how she’ll react x

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War Effort - Arthur Shelby

Requests: Could you write something like even though you are a women somehow you fought in the war like airforce or navy and when you meet the shelby’s to work for them you and Arthur share war stories and you help him cope with his issues?

War Effort - Arthur Shelby

In 1918 you had enlisted in the Women’s Royal Air Force as a mechanic. The war in France took you away from your home in England to a base camp near Cannes. Before that you had been part of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, serving in a factory that produced TNT. Both your brothers and your father enlisted in the army and you wanted to do everything you could to help the wartime effort as well. In France you worked first as a mechanic and then as a Flight Officer.  

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chibilenalee25  asked:

Hello, now that you have received a request for a message, I asked the last time if I wanted a follow-up to Dave's fic and if I want it: D is great and I leave a lot of questions about what Dave is going to do, (I have no idea if I had already I send the same message I'm sorry if I already did, I'm kind of forgetful and I do not remember)

Of course I can! No you haven’t asked for this yet, I hope you enjoy this! I’ve been hoping for a continuation request lol.

Read the last one here!

“You know he doesn’t love you.” Tom stopped short when he heard the voice behind him. “You know that a human could never, ever, care about something like us, like YOU.” Tom turned around and narrowed his eyes at Dave.

“Why do you keep trying to convince me of this?” Tom asked.

“I don’t need to convince you of anything. Because you know it’s true. You know you’re unlovable, you know you are a mistake, in your family’s eyes, so why should Marco be any different?” Dave asked. Tom clenched his fist and looked away, trying not to rage at the older demon.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tom hissed. “You don’t know anything about Marco.” He continued, his eyes were beginning to light up.

“No, but you do.” Dave smirked. “If you truly believed I was wrong, you wouldn’t be so angry right now, you ‘d just go on your way. But you believe that Marco doesn’t love you. That’s why hearing me say it cuts you so deep.” He explained. Tom’s eyes lit up totally and he made a fist with fire surrounded by them.

He was about to rage, attack, do SOMETHING, but he didn’t. Tom just growled at this older cousin and turned away, leaving.


Marco opened the door to the front door and let out a gasp when Tom tackled him in a hug. “Tom! What’s gotten into you?” Marco giggled, but stopped when he saw Tom was in tears. Marco wrapped Tom up in a hug and held him close. “Tommy, are you okay?” Marco asked. Tom sniffled and pulled Marco closer.

“Please tell me you love me, please just say it?” Tom sobbed. Marco gasped and held his demon close.

“Oh Tommy, you know I adore you.” He promised. “I love you more than anything.” He assured, covering him in kisses. Tom sniffled and wiped away more tears. “Was your family telling you those awful things again?” Marco asked, beginning to look angry. Tom nodded and marco wrapped him up securely. “What were they saying?” Marco asked.

“He said you don’t love me and…” Tom broke off in tears and Marco held him close, rubbing his back.

“There, there, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. He looked at his demon and sighed. “You look so tired. My poor demon, come here you need some rest.” Marco told him. He sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him. Tom smiled and put his head down on Marco’s lap, closing his eyes. Marco stroked his hair and covered him in kisses. “I love you, Tom.”


Tom stayed curled up on the couch with his head resting on Marco’s lap for near an hour, fast asleep. Marco brushed Tom’s hair aside and looked down at him lovingly. He didn’t stop the soothing motion when he heard a noise. Marco didn’t look up, he didn’t have to, he knew who was there. “Get out.” Marco still had a calm tone.

“Again, Marco. Not the welcoming type, are you?” Dave asked. Marco narrowed his eyes.

“Oh I’m very welcoming, to those I actually care about.” he seethed, but then went back to petting his demon’s head. “Dave, I am warning you, if you wake up my prince I am going to kill you.” Marco said in an eerily calm voice.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dave smirked and put his arms up defensively. “I’m not here to start a fight, just talk, make an offer actually.” Dave corrected himself.

“You’re offering to leave my home and never harm my Tommy again? I accept, thank you, you may leave.” Marco dismissed Dave and the demon narrowed his eyes.

“No, Marco. I want to make you a different offer.” He explained. “To be a highly honored person in the underworld kingdom, more so than any common prince.” He grinned, and Marco stopped, confused. “You know as well as I do that Tom has something I want, he’s the heir. And he very well shouldn’t be. Which is why I’ve been working so hard at… chipping him down, trying to get him to fall before he reaches the top, so I can beat him there.” Dave explained.

“You’re disgusting.” Marco spat, he felt Tom’s hair and made sure he remained asleep during this. “You work hard on harming and abusing your little cousin to the point of breaking, just so you can be the heir.” Marco recapped.

“Marco, life is a business, and you have to make wise choices to succeed.” He told him. “And my offer is for you to achieve the highly honored position, the queen of the underworld, in return for one small favor.” Dave grinned. “You will be loved! Adored, and everything you could ever want will be handed to you. You’ll royalty, but without any of those dull and annoying responsibilities.” Dave tempted.

“And what horrible thing do you want for me to do to get that?” Marco asked, not willing already. He didn’t need to hear.

“It’s become a chore to break Tom, especially with you building him back up each time.” Dave explained. “So if you could help me out that would be great.”

“Help you out?” Marco asked. Dave rolled his eyes.

“Leave him! Tell him what I know is true, you don’t love him! How could you? When you could have anyone better?” Dave asked. “You are his one last supporting beam. The only thing he loves and relies on. If you leave him he’ll crumble, he’ll fall and then his father will see how weak he really is!” Dave explained. “Then the heir will become me, and you, my dear sweet Marco, I will make my queen.” Dave offered.

Marco held still for a very long time and draped his arm over Tom, who was still sleeping on his lap. “I thought I made this very clear last time you tried to win me over and get me to break Tom’s heart.” Marco spoke. “And you are very lucky that my little love-bug is asleep on my lap right now, because if he weren’t, I would get up and tear you apart.” Marco threatened.

“You could have anything you wanted as my queen!” Dave reminded. “Anything! The perfect life! Why throw that away for him?” He asked. Marco seethed at the demon.

“My life would be nowhere near perfect without Tom. And you know that. And that drives you crazy.” Marco hissed. “I don’t want anything except him, and him to be happy.” Marco admitted, holding the sleeping demon a little closer. “Now please, go, because I already told you what I would do to you if you woke up Tom.” Marco reminded. “He’s tired from everything you put him through, now please go, and just let him get some rest.” Marco demanded.

“Humans never learn. Never.” Dave gritted his teeth. “I made you an offer before, I make you an offer now, and both times you said ‘no’ to accommodate… HIM!” He shouted. Tom stirred and Marco scratched his ears to get him to relax again. A death-stare from Marco was all he needed to back away, afraid.

“You better leave, because Tom won’t be asleep forever, and once he wakes up I’ll be able to get up and attack you.” Marco threatened. “Get out of here, I’m a red belt.”

Requested by Anon
PART ONE: Imagine Tommy and Reader fight, wall punching and make-up fluff ensues.  
Warnings: Light Domestic Violence (Asshole Tommy)?? Swearing, Fluff and maybe some Light Smut??

Part 2 is in the Masterlist. I’m too lazy to add the link.

You were on your way to the Garrison in search of Thomas.
His brothers had warned you he was in a bad way before you went to find him. He had to kill his second horse in 3 months, the first one was “cursed” by the Lees. This second horse however, you weren’t sure what happened to it that forced Tommy to put it down. You knew that it was one of those things that tore Tommy up inside, to have to do.

“Tommy?” You asked as you slowly entered the front den in the Garry. However, you were greeted by a sight that made your skin burn with jealously. The barmaid, Grace, was sitting across from Tommy in the booth, one of her hands holding his, the other lightly touching his cheek. He, however wasn’t looking at her, only staring at the bare table.

“Thomas?” You questioned a little more firmly. You knew that you had to tread carefully. He knew how you felt about the barmaid. You didn’t trust her, especially when it came to the company of Tommy. But you also didn’t want to make a scene, especially at a time like this.

“Grace, could you excuse us?” You said, cordially, at first. Her eyes flickered from you to Thomas. As if she needed HIS permission.
“Grace, I’m not going to ask you again.” You spoke threateningly now. You reminded yourself of Polly for a moment.

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anonymous asked:

Dom Eliza. Dom Peggy. Dom Maria, dom Angelica, DOM ALL DA WOMEN ON THOMAS.

Thomas let out a slight gasp as he felt four pairs of hands on him. “M-Maria….”

Angelica hit his thigh, “Wrong. Say my name, Tommy.”

“A-Angelica!” He cried out, drool rolling down his chin as he arched up into Eliza who was riding him.

Maria laughed as she tugged at his hair. “Aw, you look so cute when you’re desperate.” She purred out.

Peggy grinned down at his wrecked state as he moaned weakly.

Thomas tried to hold back his orgasm but god was he close.

“Please… Please mistresses!!! Please let me cum!” He cried out, moaning as he tugged at the handcuffs that binder him to the headboard.

Angelica leaned down and kissed him passionately.

Thomas was left breathless once again as he felt Eliza’s hands claw at his chest, Maria’s hands tug at his hair, Angelica’s hands grope his right chubby thigh as Peggy groped the left chubby thigh.

“Come for us, sweetheart.” Maria purred out.

Thomas couldn’t even do anything but scream as he cane inside Eliza, the other three watching with dark gazes.

lost | tommy shelby

tommy feels lost without grace and the reader comforts him

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Originally posted by blue-tardis-y

When Tommy came back from the war, he was a broken man. He didn’t have the same happiness that he did before. Tommy would find it hard to talk to people, and never open up. Whenever you brought up the war he would dismiss it, and act as if it didn’t bother him. Grace was the one who fixed him, she brought a new lease of life to him. Tommy had slipped back into his old ways of keeping himself reserved, and Grace wasn’t around to bring him back.

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Grande Crush: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested by my boo @msperry717​: Tom and Reader get a chance to meet Ariana Grande (Tom’s celebrity crush) and he gets a bit beside himself and starts acting different and Reader doesn’t approve.

I will be using a lot of gifs to capture the true essence of Reader’s face😂 Reader isn’t playing any games so be prepared.

“I can’t believe we’re going to meet Ariana!” Tom said. You rolled your eyes and took out your phone. You guys were at a Billboard Award after-party and Ariana really wanted to meet you guys, for some odd reason.

You felt a small tap on your shoulder and you turned around. “Ariana!” You said in a fake excited tone. Tom almost broke his neck trying to turn around, “Um hi!” He blushed and started acting like a teenager whose crush was talking to him for the first time.

“It is so nice to meet you guys!” She hugged you and then Tom. His eyes lit up and he hugged her a lot longer than you liked, “Okay Tom.” You coughed.

“Awe you are too cute.” She giggled laughing at Tom. “Awe, thanks.” He smiled. “So Y/N, I know you come from a Musical Theater background. Did you like Hairspray live?”

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Lets Destroy It


note : luke is the name of your boyfriend not sure why just the name i came up with at the time 


i was walking home from my job i only work five minutes walk down the road from the flat i share with my boyfriend, luke as i get to our apartment block i see he’s already home as his car a range rover TD6 vogue is in the usual place i don’t have a car i don’t mind walking to town for work and shopping anything else luke does i slowly but surely get to our apartment on the 13th floor and stand just about to unlock the door when i hear the voice of a woman giggling and the voice of luke i slowly open the door and i can definitely hear voices more clearly 

“come on mary” luke says

“i don't know if we should today, y/n could be home soon” the female voice replies 

“oh who cares about her” luke replies i then walk further into our apartment to see our bedroom door is open and lights coming from it i walk to it silently and look through the opening to see some girl i don't know sat on our bed in her underwear and luke sat just beside her the two of them snogging looking like any second about to have sex i can feel the tears welling up in my eyes but i dont want to burst in and make a scene so i just go to the front door again and take his car keys and leave without making at sound i run down all 13 floors to get to the ground floor i then collapse and start crying my eyes out against the wall i don't know what to do i dont even have anywhere to go,

scratch that i do have somewhere to go i then storm out the apartment block and get in his car still crying and start driving  to the only place i know i can go i get my phone and put it on the dashboard and call up my best friend thomas i know he’s back from work at the moment as i was going to see him tomorrow anyway after three rings he answers

“hey love” he says with his always sweet sounding voice

“hey tommy, i have to ask a favour” i reply still crying

“sure what” he asks sound a bit concerned 

“can i come and stay with you tonight something’s happened with me and luke” i say crying my eyes out again 

“course you walking or driving” he asks

“driving i stole his car” i reply 

“quite the criminal aren't you love its fine i'll open on the the garage doors and you can park the car there” he says

“thanks tommy see you in a sec” i say

“see you love” he replies before hanging up i then just keep driving luckily thomas doesnt live that far away from me now i know what you're thinking how the hell do i know him simple really he was my next door neighbor growing up and i've always been friends with him i have even visited him on sets before when i get to his house its huge and he has opened one of the garage doors so i just park the car in the one that's open and get out with in seconds he’s there looking as he often does when i see him not really awake in skinny jeans and a light blue button shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows looking if in honest like a teenager but when doesnt he honestly he looks me up and down noticing im crying “what the bloody hell happened” he asks stepping closer to me  looking very worried

i don't reply just burst out crying again he just takes me in his arms and hugs me tightly so im crying on his shoulder he moves his hand up and down my back to calm me down whispering calming sweet things in my ear as well till he pulls away from me as i stop crying and he takes me into the living room a large room with bookcases of games and films everywhere he sits me on the sofa then goes off into the kitchen i just sit trying to hold back my tears till he comes back with a mug of something and puts it on the table in front of me “hot chocolate, the only truly good drink for sadness” he says making me laugh before i drink some noticing its (whatever you fave sort of hot chocolate is)

“seriously” i ask

“yeah, its always here for if this was gonna happen…..on that not what exactly has happened” he asks carefully

“i got home and found luke in the arms of some girl called mary” i say “they were sat on the bed close to snogging each others faces of when i got there and i overheard him say he didn't care if i was gonna be home he was too wrapped up in her arms to care” i say starting to cry again but thomas just hugs me tightly again 

“hey it’s okay, i bet that mary wasn't half as lovely as you” he says

“she looked pretty good from what i saw” i say still crying from what i sore though the door she was beautiful much prettier and thinner than me

“well i bet you're still better than her, and lukes and idiot if he cant see that, he must be blind to want to be fooling around with some other girl when he has you” he says to me 

“awe you always know the right things to say” i reply hugging him even tighter 

“its true thought hes an idiot to think any girl is better then you, i mean if i was your boyfriend i would be begging to get home to be with you i wouldn't even look at another girl if i had you” he says to me pulling away so he says it to my face 

“awe thank you tommy, but no one has me now luke can go fuck himself for all i care, he can go have a threesum with my boss and the queen of england and i still wouldn't care” i say trying to be all brave and stuff even though i know i don't have to be with thomas

“what you gonna do with his car though” thomas asks

“i dont know maybe dump it in a ditch and text him directions to the ditch i left it in” i say drinking some more hot chocolate 

“well if you want i have an idea” he says getting up and taking my hand dragging me back to the garage when we get there he looks around some benches and stuff he has for working on cars and bikes and gives me a huge bit f metal no clue what its for in car terms he then gets something similar “Lets Destroy It” he says

“what” i ask

“lets destroy it wreck it then dump it in a ditch on fire and tell him he wants his car its on fire at where ever we dump it” he says making me laugh 

“are you sure” i ask

“sure just don't hit me in your anger” he says

“i wont” i say fluffing his hair out its normal place something he hates me doing but because he hates it that i do it at any opportunity 

“Y/N” he complains like a child “you're worse then ava for doing that” he says

“i know well ava got it from me” i smirk walking to the side of the car and hitting the mirror right off well that felt good so i continued hitting the car smashing various things and thomas has joined me now both of us destroying his car till these not much on the outside not yet destroyed so i yell stop and sit on the bonnet a bit not completely wrecked and thomas sits beside me “you all don't destroying” he asks

“for a sec” i say a bit tired after destroying his car to this extent “did you mean that” i ask him 

“mean what” he asks

“if you were my boyfriend you wouldn't do anything like that to me” i ask

“i swear by that” he says

“i bet your girlfriend wont be happy with that, then again she doesnt like me very much does she old isabel she don't much like me, thats gonna be another argument i can see when she finds out you have allowed me to stay here and you're helping me wreck my ex’s car” i say

“well i imagine she wouldn't but it doesnt involve isabel she’s my ex now” he answers 

“when did that happen tommy and why wasn’t i informed” i ask 

“happened three weeks back y/n and you went informed simply because you were working when it happened and i didn't want to bother you” he says

“it wouldn't have been a bother tommy, i like to know these things what happened” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he says quietly 

“what” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he repeats 

“what the hell thats stupid im your bestfriend what the hell does it matter if she doesnt like me if she loves you” i ask

“loved me past tense y/n if she loved me, she doesnt like the fact i have a friend that i constantly talk to thats a girl she doesnt like she just assumes i would cheat on her at any moment” he says

“awe poor you” i say putting my arm around him “well what do you need girlfriends for tommy we're two of a kind” i say laying back on the bonnet 

“yeah we are just two kids that can't hold down lovers” he laughs laying beside me 

“yeah we are, but if i was your girlfriend i would care who your friends are if there girls, boys, rodents or ghosts there your friends and if they make you happy it would make me happy to make sure you're happy” i say 

“awe thanks love” he says turning to face me i just turn to face him two looking into his deep brown eyes a second but before i've really noticed we were both stareing at each other he leaned forward and kissed me a way i have never been kissed before a little kiss sparking butterflies, fireworks and all manner of lovely things as we moved our mouths in perfect sync with each other a while almost fully making out on the bonnet of my ex boyfriends car till we both pull away “wow” he says

“yeah wow” i reply 

“why the hell did i wait this long to do that” he says

“i dont know why i waited so long either” i reply before we both re connect our lips with much more passion than before till we both pull away again “i just wanted to say” he says

“what” i ask

“this friendship of ours Lets Destroy It” he laughs

“better Lets Destroy It and taint my ex’s car” i giggle 

“you are so a little criminal” he laughs at me 

“and proud of it” i say  as we both get of the bonnet and go into the back seats the second we both sit down we are making out again my arms around his neck his around my waist but slowly moving down to my thighs in response i begin to lay back and he just crawls on top of me fiddling with my skirt before returning to kissing me i quickly move my hands from around his neck to start undoing his shirt he moans into my mouth as i do till i completely take his shirt off of him the second i do he moves away from me and pulls my shirt of tossing it away into the front seats of the car before scanning me over with his eyes but i just pull him back to kissing me he then moves to start kissing my neck and i twist a hand in his hair as he sucks on a sweet spot on my neck and i moan as he does till his hands move to my skirt again and gently pull it off me completely adding it to the pile of our clothes on the front seats before scanning me again and reconnecting our lips and i move my hands down his chest feeling his toned chest the whole way down just pausing at the top of his jeans “what you waiting for love” he asks between kisses 

“nothing” i reply letting my hand undo his jeans and pull them down slightly revealing his boxers before i gently palm him and he moans into my mouth moving his hands to my chest feeling me even though my bra making me moan as well till i let my curious hand slip under the waistband of his boxers taking hold of him in my hand “ah fucking hell” he says in response before undoing my bra and removing it with his teeth making me laugh before he reconnects our lips yet continuing all the way down my chest to the bottom of my stomach just above my knickers  before i grip his hair pulling his lips back to mine and use my other hand to completely remove his trousers and boxers leaving him naked in front of me i can't help but sit there gobsmacked i have never seen him naked before, well i say never once after the last day of school all our friends went skinny dipping in the dark lake and we hwee amongst them but it wasn't for long and dark at the time i wasn't really paying much attention but now i am “what” he asks 

“nothing just wow” i say making him laugh before he slips his hand in my knickers and slips them off throwing them with the rest of my clothes “i could say the same to you” he says making me laugh “now are you sure” he asks me

“fucking positive tommy” i giggle he just nods before kissing me again and slowly but surely pushing into me filling me up completely almost making me scream there and then before he begins thrusting into me with as much force as possible both of us screaming and shouting for a while till i can feel my climax in the pit of my stomach and i know he’s not far off either by the noises he’s making and the fact his thrusts have gotten much slower and sloppier till i climax screaming his name at the top of my voice we are so lucky he doesnt have neighbours with in seconds he comes into me mixing our juices together  and he collapses on top of me “you think we destroyed our friendship now” he asks between his breaths

“yeah thats gone” i laugh

“what about the car” he asks

“one more thing” i say sitting up pushing him off me and moving into the front seat and he sits in the other seat i get my bag from the footwell and get a pack of cigarettes as both me and thomas smoke i take one and bass the pack to him as i get my lighter and light mine and pass him the lighter as he gives me back the pack and we both sit naked and have a smoke making the car smell of both sex and smoke “well that was brilliant in my opinion” he says

“right back at you tommy” i smirk

“so what is this” he asks

“well i don't know, whatever we both want i guess” i reply

“how about boyfriend and girlfriend” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“how about date for dinner tomorrow night” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“and how about you pack your stuff at lukes and come here” he asks

“fine with me” i answer leaning over to kiss him again we both then finish our smoke and get dressed again and get out the car “tomorrow we drive it into a ditch and text him where it is and while he’s out we pack your stuff up okay” he says 

“okay” i reply letting him wrap his arm around me and lead me to his room i just sleep in my underwear as i don't have any other option.

when we both get up we dress and take the car out i drive the car even though its destroyed and thomas follows me in his car so we can go to lukes and get my stuff when i find a long deserted road quiet far away and stop the car by the side of the road right next to a ditch i  get out the car and thomas gets out his car and stands with me “i say don't light it on fire actually” he says

“i agree, but can we put it it facing out so the windshield faces the road” i say

“okay” i answers 

“wait” i say just getting an idea and getting back into my ex’s car and sitting on the driver seat thomas then sits on the passenger seat to see what im doing  i get my lipstick out my bag and write on the windshield

 “i know about mary arse hole

 piss of luke 

x y/n” 

“brilliant love” he says beside me “but if i may add something” he asks so i hand him the lipstick and he writes 

“p.s. we did it on the back seat

you cheating lying bastard

x thomas”

making me laugh “brilliant tommy” i say we both then get out the car checking anything we wants out of it and pushing it into the ditch and standing on the road looking at it as he wrapped an arm around me “that is how you get back at your ex” he says we then use my phone to send an exact map reference to luke as to where is car is and a text that says pick me up on it then get back into thomas’s car and drive to my old apartment and wait till we see luke leave out for his car then rush up to the apartment and pack up all my stuff and load it into his car rushing off before luke shows up returning to thomas’s “so lukes gonna let him fuck his little mary, now i've got his y/n” he laughs hugging me

“not his y/n, your y/n now” i giggle 

“yeah” he says

“we really destroy everything don't we” i laugh

“yep” he says

Hold Me Close Part II

Michael Shelby- Peaky Blinders

***Season three spoilers*****

               Turning over the piece of parchment in her hands, she couldn’t understand why it affected her so. This sort of feeling often snuck up on her, quickly stealing her breath, leaving her wishing she could shake him, and these, feelings once and for all. She had been so content, sipping tea in the lazy afternoon sun, sorting mail when all of a sudden it felt as though her stomach had dropped, her eyes widening and heart racing. The insecurity and the betrayal all came rushing back, with a telltale sting, leaving her pained and dizzy.

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anonymous asked:

Go back to sleep---with Louis

Louis had obviously been gone for a few months and it hurt him so much to be away from his tiny family that he loved and adored so much.

When he came home after three months of not seeing you and the tiny infant who was a little over six months old he was so happy. However, the baby was screaming and he was in awe that you were gently bouncing the little tot so calmly while you looked exhausted. He felt horrible he hadn’t been around to relieve you of your motherly duties. To help out somehow.

It was so early in the morning and he wanted to go to sleep—but he was wide awake now that he was home to hold you and his little boy. “Oh goodness,” he cooed when he walked in. You blinked your tired eyes open and you smiled gorgeously at your husband.

“Hi,” you said softly and then yawned in exhaustion. “You’re home,” you said happily.

“I am,” he said dropping his duffle bag on the floor and striding over to you. He cupped his hand beneath your chin and pressed his mouth against yours in a long overdue kiss. You tasted like sleep and you felt bad because you totally forgot Louis would be home any minute because the baby had been upset for so long now. Louis couldn’t have cared less if he tried. He was just so happy to see you and his little bundle of joy.

Louis pulled away and looked down at the sad little boy with red cheeks and teary eyes as he moaned sadly. “Hey little lad,” he said pulling the tiny being from your arms. You had been holding Tommy for so long your arms were almost stuck in that position of crookedness from holding the little one. “Have you been keeping Mum up?” He asked. Tommy looked up at Louis in awe and you smiled gently at him.

“He’s missed you,” you said knowingly. Louis kissed the little one’s forehead.

“I missed you too, lad,” he promised. “And I’m not going away for a while now,” he continued. “Love, go back to sleep, I’ll take care of him for now, I’m still on the States time,” he said. “Can I get you something?” He asked. You shook your head, feigning a yawn again.

“No, and it’s okay, I don’t mind being up.”

“I’m sure you don’t,” he pouted as he rocked the little one gently. “How long have you been walking around the flat like this?” He wondered.

“An hour?”

“Dammit, he’s got my lungs,” Louis chuckled with a sad frown. “Go back to sleep, love. I have him,” he promised. You were very tired but you were so happy to see Louis. You had missed him so much.

You shook your head. “No, I missed you.”

Louis’ heart fluttered and he leaned down to kiss your forehead. “Oh love, I missed you too, but you need to sleep, it’s been a long three months,” he chuckled. “C’mon, we’ll all go have a family cuddle,” he suggested now that the baby was comforted by the sound of Louis’ heart beat that he hadn’t heard in months. You nodded and walked in front of Louis toward the bedroom. Louis smirked. “Nice ass babe,” he said.

You rolled your eyes as your cheeks warmed. “Shut up,” you murmured with a small giggle. He smiled and lifted his foot to tap your bum anyway.

“Hey, that’s my side,” Louis said when you climbed into bed. He didn’t mean it, he was only teasing you. You blushed again and rolled to your side.

“I sleep on your side when you’re away because it smells like you,” you said quietly.

Louis’ heart constricted at your sweetness and he said nothing else on the matter. When he was snuggled against the familiar mattress and pillows he placed Tommy on his chest and pressed his hand against his tiny back. Louis was in love with the little one and he was thrilled he was half yours. That made everything all the worthwhile knowing you were the mother of this beautiful little being.

Louis’ hand reached out for you and he tucked you against his chest too and kissed your forehead. Louis had never been so content in his life with the best little family in the world.

“I love you,” he whispered to both his loves. “With all my heart,” he promised even though the two of you had drifted off safely into dreamland with the most caring man in the world home and in your arms again.

Newtmas mistletoe (: 

“Do you have everything?” Newt asks as the doors start to open. Thomas looks inside his bag and nods his head. 

“Yea I got enough sandwiches I think. I usually take one of Minho’s,” he laughs while Minho glares at him before running off into the maze. Newt scoffs.

“You’ve always been a hungry bugger. Might wanna start going now before Minho has a fit like last time,” Newt advises with a chuckle. Thomas nods but keeps standing there. Newt felt the awkwardness in the air and he wished it wasn’t there. He’s pretty sure that the awkwardness was mostly from him because he was the one waiting for something, but Thomas doesn’t seem to be able to figure it out. 

They’ve been ‘together’ for a few weeks now. Newt had slipped out that he really liked being with the brunet and Thomas had said that he liked being with him too. Then they had nervously confessed that they had feelings for each other. Newt smiles remembering how red Thomas’s face was when he said that he had a crush on him. He had pretended to not have heard him just to make him say it again. 

Don’t get him wrong though. He liked the walks they took alone, the sweet nothings they whispered to each other when they laid together at night, the glances they give each other whenever they’re not joined at the hip which was very rare in the glade, the way Thomas’s arms tightened around him on his lower back when they hug once Thomas comes back to the glade every day, and the way their hands sometimes skim along each other as they walk. 

What he didn’t like is after all this time, Thomas still hasn’t kissed him.

There were times he didn’t blame Thomas for not doing it. He’s running all day in that maze so of course he would fall asleep before everyone else, but times like this one didn’t include any excuse. Newt leans in to kiss Thomas either on the lips or cheek before he goes into the maze, but the brunet always turns it into a side hug and leaves quietly saying goodbye. Newt didn’t understand what the problem was.

He does just this; he goes in for a kiss, but Thomas quickly gives him a hug and off he goes. Newt watches him run fast into the maze and then turn the corner completely disappearing from Newt’s sight. 

The blonde huffs and kicks at the grass angrily. He was irritated with how Thomas didn’t kiss him yet again. He wanted to kiss his boyfriend dammit. After all these years being in the maze and he finally meets someone he wanted to be in an intimate relationship with, but the bugger refuses to kiss him. He’s tried so many times to initiate a kiss, but Thomas backs away and walks off.

What does he have to do to be kissed around here?

He turns around when he hears someone walk up behind him. It was Teresa and Chuck and the both of them had their hands behind their backs. Newt raises an eyebrow suspiciously.

“What are you two up to?” Newt says eyeing them. Teresa had a great big smirk on her face and Chuck was biting his lip trying not to show any emotion. Newt could roll his eyes.

“Me, Chuck, and a few others have come to assume that you and Tom have gotten together. Is that true?” Teresa asks and Newt knows there’s something behind those words leading up to something. He could tell. 

Either way his face does go red at the confrontation and he slowly nods his head, not trusting his voice. Teresa smiles along with Chuck, who was now smiling like an idiot.

“I knew it was going to happen." 

"Shut up Chuck." 

Anyway,“ Teresa interrupts their banter with a roll of her eyes. "I’ve never seen you two kiss. All I see is you leaning in, but Tom always runs off. Is that true too?" 

Newt’s mouth goes agape, "What kind of question is that? Is that all you shanks do all day? Watch us?” Newt rolls his eyes when Teresa cocks her hip expecting an answer. 

“Fine! Yes he’s never kissed me. I try but he doesn’t do it,” Newt says with irritation in his voice. “It’s annoying and I don’t know if I did something or-”

“You didn’t do anything Newt. No worries anyway because me and Chuck have thought of a solution to fix your problem,” Teresa says with a big smile and a clap of her hands, which he hears from behind her back. Newt didn’t know how scared he should be when Chuck added to the excitement by jumping up and down. Newt looks back at Teresa wanting her to get on with this 'solution’.

“Well it’s Christmas, and what goes with Christmas?” Teresa asks with a mischievous grin on her face. Her shoulders go up and down and she was biting her lip eagerly. Newt sighs.

“I have no idea. What goes with Christmas that has anything to do with the fact that Thomas won’t kiss me?” Newt drawls trying to piss off the girl by sounding bored. It didn’t work because she thrusts her hands out showing what was in them. Newt widens his eyes.


"Yes! The creators must ship you two or something because apparently mistletoe has never been sent up here before,” Teresa laughs. 

“Ship? What does that mean?" 

"Don’t worry about it. Now, the plan is to hang up mistletoe all over the roof in one of the huts and stick you two in. Your problem will be fixed,” Teresa shrieks with happiness almost crushing the mistletoe in her hands. Newt groans and holds a hand up immediately making Teresa glower at him. 

“Thomas is just going to walk away and this plan is one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard!” Newt shouts with a laugh. “How is it going to work-” Newt is interrupted by Teresa grabbing one of his hands and taking him by force to one of the huts. 

Teresa has had enough apparently.


“Newt,” Thomas smiles wide as he hugs the blonde tightly when he comes out of the maze for the day. Newt bites his lip nervously at what was to come. He hugs back enjoying being in Thomas’s arms, and then pulls away. Thomas furrows his eyebrows at the such short hug. Newt scratches the back of his neck.


“Tom! Newt! Gally wants to talk to you two." 

Newt’s face goes red as Thomas nods his head and they start heading to the hut. Tingles run up his arm when Thomas’s hand skims his own as they walk. He kinda wonders when they’re going to hold hands or if they are going to hold hands. Newt’s eyes widen even more when they get to the door and Teresa lets a smirk cross her face as she opens the door looking at Newt.

"Have fun,” she whispers to the both of them and walks away. Newt sighs when Thomas walks in and he follows after him. They don’t even get five steps into the place before Teresa pops up.

“Oh look a mistletoe!" 

Newt gasps at the girl’s words and then watches her close the door. He could see shadows showing that her and someone else were standing in front of the door. They weren’t going to let them leave until they kissed and Newt didn’t know whether to strangle them or kiss them too once he gets out of here.


Newt looks at Thomas who was staring at the mistletoe above them. Newt bites his lip as he looks at it too, and he doesn’t know how such a nice little plant could make two people kiss each other. What kinda person made this rule? 

"So we have to kiss huh?” Thomas asks looking back at Newt.

“Yeah-I think it’s a rule or something,” Newt mutters under his breath and he wonders why it suddenly got so hot in here. 

“We have to?” Thomas whispers. Newt furrows his eyebrows, abruptly getting angry. 

“Didn’t realize it was such a hassle Tommy. Didn’t think I was such an awful person to plant a simple kiss on,” Newt barks at the brunet, who widened his eyes.

“Wait Newt I-”

“I mean we’ve been 'together’ for a couple weeks now so excuse me if I thought it wouldn’t be so bad that we kiss finally.”

“What are you talking about-”

“We sleep together every night and we do that weird thing with our hands when we walk together. I don’t have that much of a memory, but I thought couples do that and kiss.”

“That is what they-”

“Oh wait no, couples hold hands. Not that stupid skimming of the fingertips klunk that we do!”

“I didn’t-”

“I mean I guess I understand if you just don’t feel comfortable kissing boys. Maybe that’s why you run away whenever I lean in. Maybe you’re bloody straight-”

He’s cut off by Thomas crushing their lips together with his hands caressing his face. Happiness and relief run through his veins and he grabs onto the brunet’s sides bringing him closer to him kissing him back. Thomas’s lips were soft compared to his own thin and chapped ones. Angles were searched for as the kiss grew on for a minute or less. They pulled away when they needed air, and Newt was gasping for air. Thomas’s lips were really red and bruised and he knew his own must be too.

Newt smiles when he realizes what happened. He not only finally got his first kiss with Thomas, but he thinks that was actually his true first kiss with anyone.

That was the best kiss he could’ve asked for.

A thumb runs across his cheek and he looks at Thomas again, who looked guilty.


“I didn’t think you wanted a kiss so bad. I-I don’t know I guess I wasn’t ready, but now I regret it,” Thomas smiles and Newt rolls his eyes.

“I understand I guess. I just thought I did something or it made you uncomfortable. Now I kinda feel bad for rushing you with these bloody mistletoes on the roof,” Newt chuckles with a huff. Thomas laughs.

“You did this?” Thomas laughs pointing up at the mistletoe.

“It wasn’t my idea nor did I put them up there. It was all Teresa and Chuck,” Newt accuses his face reddening, making Thomas laugh harder.

“Well I guess we should show them that they succeeded with their plan,” Thomas grins and then takes Newt’s hand to lead to the door.

Newt can’t help but laugh when Thomas attacks his face with kisses when they walk out. 


Merry Christmas(: 

Moments of Truth: Oliver's S1 & S2 Queen Mansion Love Confessions

It was recently brought to my attention that the S1 finale scene between Laurel & Oliver and the S2 finale scene between Felicity & Oliver both took place at the Queen mansion.  Not just the same place - they were the exact same spot, the entryway of the Queen mansion. Coincidence? Sure, absolutely it could be.  Is it probable? No. Mostly because that’s just less fun.

Why were these two romantic scenes filmed in the exact same spot? What were the writers trying to say?  A LOT….so let’s dig in. I’m breaking down two major scenes, so this may get long but hang in there with me. I do have a point.  Thanks to the Anon who asked me to analyze the two scenes, I’ll do my very best.

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Thomas Sangster Imagine 1

You sat up, groaning. You had a killer headache. Sadly, you knew you couldn’t miss a day of work, the production of the Scorch Trails couldn’t be delayed just because of your stupid headache. No matter how nice Wes was, you knew he’d be angry if you missed today. You threw your hair up in a bun and put on a casual black dress and some beat-up converse. You grabbed a small black shoulder bag with your computer, a few books, and your phone, and headed out your hotel room to the elevator. You slammed your finger against the button angrily, you were already late and didn’t have enough time to eat, which would make your headache worse and you even grumpier. You felt a tap on your shoulder, causing your reflexes to kick in, making you jump and spin around to punch whatever was closest to you. You gasped and put your hand over your mouth once you realized what you’d done. Thomas, not only your best friend but also crush, was hunched over holding his stomach in pain. “Oh my god, Thomas! I am so so so so sorry, are you ok?” He stood up and took a deep breath, “Yeah, y/n, I’m good.” You gave him a hug (punching someone was a great excuse to make physical contact with your crush), “I had no idea it was you! I was just scared.” Thomas laughed, “Well, remind me never to run into you in a dark alley.” You laughed and the two of you continued making fun of each other, shoving each other around, and all around flirting until you got to the lobby. Dylan and Ki Hong were waiting there, you had all agreed to ride to set together. Ki Hong and Dylan looked at each other and smirked, before turning back to the both of you, “Well well well,” Dylan grinned, “Sleeping beauty and her prince charming finally decide to show up.” Ki Hong laughed, “Honestly, how are you two late every day.” You laughed and smiled, “It’s a gift.” Thomas grinned at you and agreed, “It’s a very special talent, only few are blessed with such a gift.” Dylan laughed, “Whatever, lets get going.” You sat in the back, focusing on the road infant of you, seeing as though your head was still killing you. Thomas and Ki Hong joked back and forth along with Dylan, who was sitting next to you. “Hey, y/n, you ok?” Dylan asked. “Oh yeah, i’m fine. My head just hurts a little.” “Awe,” Dylan cooed fakery, “My poor little baby!” He then proceeded to pull you into an intense bear hug. You both laughed along with Ki Hong while you saw Thomas pursing his lips, almost like he was… jealous? No…. Dylan let go of you but let you rested your head in his lap for the rest of the ride. It was about a thirty minute or so drive, so by the time you had all gotten there, you were fully asleep. “Awe, Tommy,” Ki Hong giggled, “Look at your lover, so cute and sound asleep.” Thomas shot back sharply, “Cool it mate, will ya? She might hear?” “What? That you like her? Trust me, she’s dead asleep.” Dylan shook you awake and you groaned, getting up slowly. “Rise and shine, princess. We’re here.” The four of you headed over to met up with Wes. After a few hours of shooting you were all tired and headed back to your trailers for a break. “Hey, y/n, wanna come hang out with me?” Dylan asked. “Yeah, sure.” Dylan was the only person you had told about your massive crush on Thomas, but although he would never tell you, Thomas liked you too. You walked into his trailer and threw yourself onto the nearest chair, burying your head into the armrest. “Dyylllannnn,” you whined, “What do I doooooooo?” “About what?” “Thomaaaaasss.” He laughed and walked over to you. “Maybe… we could make him jealous?” “But would he get jealous?” “I think so, but lets find out for sure,” he said grinning. You and Dylan made sure to leave his trailer laughing and whispering as he put his arm around you. You looked over at Thomas to see him glaring at Dylan, who made sure to only look at you. Once Dylan saw your gazing at Thomas, he took your chin and turned your face towards him. You made a big show of smiling and biting your lip as you looked into Dylan’s eyes. You saw Thomas stomp off as Ki Hong smiled at him and then at you and Dylan. After Thomas left, Ki walked over to the two of you. “What are ya’ll doing?,” Ki laughed. “Oh, I just thought we’d mess with Tommy, maybe get him to admit he loves y/n,” Dylan whispered so only Ki could hear. He smiled and nodded at you, “Good luck.” You staggered suddenly and groaned, you had been trying to ignore it, but your headache had gotten worse, your hands and lips were numb and you were seeing spots now. You had a migraine. The only way to get rid of it was to sleep it off, but at the moment you felt as though you were going to collapse. “Woah, y/n,” Dylan grabbed onto your arms concerned, “Are you ok?” “Mhm.” You closed your eyes, not being able to handle the light, and rested your head on Dylan’s chest. He walked you over to Wes. “Hey, I don’t really know what’s wrong with her, I think it’s a migraine, but y/n’s really not feeling well, I’m gonna take her back to the hotel.” Wes looked at you, “Ok, but can Thomas take her, your character has some important scenes today.” Dylan smiled, “Alright I’ll get him.” Dylan let go of you and just as you were about to say something, you passed out. You woke up in your hotel room. You pulled the stuffed animal you slept with close to your chest and hear someone laugh quietly. You opened your eyes and looked around the room, Thomas was sitting on a chair holding a book, looking over at you. You realized that you were wearing the same dress as before, but no longer had any shoes on. “Thomas? What happened?” He walked over and sat on the bed, “Well you almost gave m-everyone a bloody heart attack when you collapsed. But you just fainted from the heat - did you eat anything today?” You groaned, “No, I didn’t have time.” “Well next time, promise me you’ll eat something?” “Ok,” you said laying back down. “What’s going on with you and Dylan.” You almost laughed. Was he jealous? “Oh.. um,” you said blushing, “It’s nothing.” He looked at you questioningly, “We were just trying to make you jealous…” you mumbled. Thomas smiled, “Well that’s good, cause I bloody love you, y/n.” You couldn’t believe it, mostly because your head was pounding and you were only half awake. “I love you too.” Thomas laughed and picked up the stuffed animal you had attempted to hide under your pillow, “Who is this?” You blushed, “Oh, just an old toy, nothing important really.” “I don’t know, y/n….” “Fine,” you said, snatching the stuffed toy back and burying your face in it, “I’ve had it since I was born.” “That’s adorable,” you heard Thomas say to himself. You laid back down on your bed and looked over at Thomas. “How are you feeling, y/n.” You pretended to be deep in thought, squinching up your nose, “Hmmmm, well overall pretty okay, but I’ve heard cuddles are the only way to guarantee recovery.” Thomas smiled, “You know what, I’ve heard that too.” “Really?” You answered sarcastically, “I’ll go call Dylan.” “Oh, shut up,” Thomas laughed, climbing into ned with you. He pulled you into a tight hug and kissed your forehead. Being sick wasn’t so bad. It had it’s silver lining. 

Baby Tommy


Anonymous said:Can u plz make a newt x reader where when the box comes up instead of a teen Thomas it there’s a toddler Thomas in it? And he’s like really connected to Newt that in a point it becomes REALLY REALLY CUTE like tommy says “i love you newt” CUUUUTE

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