aw look at tommy in the back


Kimberly Hart, was walking through a high school’s corridor to see Tommy Oliver. Maybe some things really didn’t change.

That wasn’t true, they were both older now and they hadn’t spoken in years. They ended on good terms, they didn’t hate each other. But life happened. Distance happened. Eventually she went on to become a teacher, great minds think alike it seemed. When she looked up Tommy she’d found out he was a teacher at Reefside High, maybe he only went by Thomas now? Or Tom That would be too weird. 

She’d seen Reefside popping up in the news more and more with dangerous activity– But then Thomas Oliver showed up in one article, memories came flooding back. It was mostly on impulse that she’d traveled to California. There were an awful lot of attacks, that was worth of investigating. Deep down, she knew that was an excuse.

Heels clicked on the linoleum floor, always sharply dressed, she wore a black pencil skirt, a white top and a long pink cardigan. 

Another teacher– or someone asks her a question, who she is and why she’s there, she’s about to answer, when she sees him. 

And somehow she feels like she’s in high school again, like the first time she ever saw Tommy Oliver. 

She takes another breath murmuring to the teacher that she’s there to see an old friend, not taking much notice to them after that, she’s making a beeline for Tommy. “Tommy,” is all she says when she reaches him, sounding somehow relieved. “I mean– Thomas? Oh that’s way too weird.” 

Baby Shelby

Mimi was waddling down the street at her full nine months, she felt heavy and had issues brrathing but she could still walk even though Tommy strongly advised against it.

But she had a craving and he was at work and she told everyone to go the hell away becayse of mood swings and everyone was annoying her at the moment os here she was on her way to the grocer for an apple and caramel.

But on her way back with a piece of caramelndipple in hrr mouth she stoooed when she felt sonething wet run down her leg and ruin her Parisian imported silk stocking. “Aw Christ!” She whined and looked around and weakly called “Help?”