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Sweet Creatures.

Request: Harry’s toddler runs on stage + dad! harry fluff. 

“But daddy,” Your 2 years old baby girl pouted, reaching out with her arms as she was carried by you. 

“Emma, you’re going to see me, baby but I really have to go now.” Harry sighed, approaching her. 

“Daddy’s going to be late, Em.” Your wise-beyond-his-years 4 years old Tommy said, one hand clutching your top. 

You smiled down at your son before looking at the fussing toddler in your arms. “The sooner you stop fussing, the quicker daddy will be done.” 

Harry nodded at what you said before leaning to kiss Emma’s forehead. “Be good, yeah? Won’t be long.” He then kneeled down to embrace Tommy in a hug. 

“Good luck, daddy! Love you.” Tommy grinned, leaving a sloppy kiss on Harry’s cheek which Harry never minded. 

“Thanks, buddy. I love you, too.” He grinned at his son before standing up and leaning to press a kiss to your waiting lips. 

“Go own the crowd, H. I’m so proud of you.” You smiled at him as he stood in his cream colored floral suit. 

The grin never left his face as he pressed another kiss to your lips, grateful to have his supportive wife through this. “I love you.” 

“I love you.” You replied, watching as he got ready to go on stage. 

You cooed at Emma who sighed and hugged you, nuzzling her head in your neck. You frowned when you felt wetness on your neck, realizing that your youngest was crying. “Hey, hey, baby,” You sighed, holding Tommy’s hand with your hand as you walked towards a couch that was backstage where you were, still managing to see your husband greet the audience.

You seated Emma on your lap and helped Tommy beside you before looking at Emma and wiping her tears. “As soon as daddy is done, we’ll go out to get ice cream.” You tried to reason. 

“But I want daddy now.” She sniffled. 

It was obvious that Emma was daddy’s girl while Tommy was a total mummy’s boy. Emma was very clingy to her daddy, you had joked about it a few times, saying that it seemed like it was Harry who carried her for 9 months. 

“Awe, you don’t want me? Don’t want mummy?” You pouted. 

“Mummy no pout,” She pulled at your lips to have you smile instead. “I wuv mummy but I want daddy.” 

“Is daddy going to sing Chain Chain, mummy?” Tommy asked.

 You chuckled, looking at him. “Yes, baby. He’s going to sing The Chain tonight.” You pushed his curly hair out of his face, caressing his cheek lovingly. “Don’t you love The Chain, Ems? The one daddy sang when aunt Gem was visiting?” You smiled at her. 

She smiled, nodding. “Chain chain.”

“Let’s go stand so we can watch daddy, yeah? No more crying, baby. Hate it when you cry.” You smile, kissing her forehead. 

You let Emma down, one hand holding Tommy’s and the other holding Emma’s. 

You grinned as your eyes caught your husband on stage, who was grooving to Woman as he was seemingly lost in the euphoria of the adrenaline of doing what he loves. You and your kids twirled each other, dancing to the song and singing to each other. 

Harry’s eyes looked towards you, instantly grinning at the sight before looking out at the audience. As the song came to an end, Tommy laughed out loud, clapping his hands in excitement while Emma was tugging at your hand towards the stage. “Mummy! Pwease! Pwease mummy!” 

“Baby, no. We can’t.” You shook your head. Before you can process what was happening, she gave you a mischievous grin before letting go of your hand and running on stage with a squeal. You and Tommy gasped, eyes wide before Tommy looked at you, trying to stifle his giggles by hiding his mouth behind his hands. 

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the audience’s screams grew louder before feeling something - or more like someone - wrapping their arms around his leg. He laughed when he looked down, seeing his daughter looking at him with doe eyes and a grin. He looked towards you, seeing you giving him a sheepish smile and shrug with Tommy laughing beside you. Harry lifted Emma in his arms, standing behind his microphone. “You couldn’t wait, you little bear, could you?” He grinned at her. 

Emma shook her head, giggling as she clung to his neck. Harry looked at you once again, motioning with his hand to join him. Your eyes widened and you shook your head before patting Tommy’s back. “Go join daddy, baby.” 

A second later, Tommy had ran to his daddy who was kneeling with his arm open that didn’t have Emma in, feeling his oldest run in. Carrying his two kids in his arms, he looked at Tommy, “Why don’t you tell all these people your name?” 

With blushing cheeks, Tommy leaned closer to the microphone, looking at the audience in front of him. “My name is Tommy Robin Styles. Hi.” 

Everyone cheered, making him nuzzle his head in Harry’s neck and Emma to clap for her brother. Harry’s chest vibrated with chuckles before kissing his son’s curly hair. He looked at Emma who instantly leaned to the microphone, “Hi! I’m Emma Anne Stywes. I’m 2!” Everyone awed, Harry and you laughing at your daughter’s straightforwardness.  

“You both want to stay with daddy for the next song? Help me out because I forgot the lyrics?” He rocked them in his arms, eyes moving back and forth on them. They eagerly nodded, getting ready. “What about Sweet Creature?” 

Again, they both nodded. Before the music began, someone came with two mics, making Harry set his kids to their feet with each one holding a mic as the soft music began. 

“Sweat creature. Had another talk about where it’s going wrong.” Harry sang, kneeling between his kids and nodding at them to continue. 

“But we’re still young,” They both sang, “We don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong.” 

Harry grinned at the harmony they created. “Oh, we started, two hearts in one home. It’s hard when we argue, we’re both stubborn, I know.” 

They both began excitedly singing the chorus, making Harry chuckle as his eyes welled up with tears, watching his own kids sing his song. He left them at it, occasionally helping them out with the lyrics softly and his grin only widening whenever they sang the chorus. He watched as Tommy wrapped his arm around his sister’s shoulders, bringing her closer to him. 

Harry looked at you, seeing you were in the same emotional state as him; wiping your tears with a warm smile as you watched your family. He caught your eyes and mouthed the words that held so much meanings, “I love you.” 

tears. I’m in tears. 

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Can u plz do a dad harry imagine where the reader & H have three kids and it's all fluffy and cuddly or something? Love ur writing!!

You remember the first time you told Harry you were pregnant. Although it was early in your marriage and you actually hadn’t planned for it but the excitement and happiness didn’t cease. If Harry was a total sap before your pregnancy, he was a definite Romeo after it. You gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tommy.

2 years after Tommy was born, you had opened the topic of having a bigger family and Harry was quick to oblige, pleasuring you and putting you first, thoughts of becoming a dad to a new baby engulfing his mind.
Thanks to your health and Harry’s, the bun was successfully in the oven; only it wasn’t one bun, there were 2. You gave birth to healthy twin girls, Ella and Emma.

2 years later, you and Harry were surrounded by your 4 years old baby boy and 2 years old twins, happier than ever.

“Is everyone settled?” Harry asked as he walked from the kitchen to the living room with popcorn buckets.

“Yes!” You and your kids answered in unison.

“Hey! Ella, you know daddy likes to cuddle mummy when we’re watching a movie.” Harry frowned as he looked at you and Ella, cuddling as you stroked her hair.

You smiled as Ella giggled. “One movie, daddy? Please?”


“Alright, how about we all cuddle?” You interrupted Harry with a smile before lifting Ella over your lap to beside you, patting your lap for her. She rested her head on your lap, releasing a satisfied sigh. Harry got beside you, wrapping his arm around you before opening his other arm for one of the other 2. Emma was quick to place herself under Harry’s arm.

Tommy stood watching, thinking of a position of his own to be close to his parents. “Where do I sit?”

“Come here, baby,” You allowed space between you and Harry, not wanting your son to feel left out. Harry, catching on to what you did, smiled. Tommy grinned as he sat down, legs under him as you and Harry cuddled him.

“All settled?” Harry asked.

“Yes, daddy!” The kids answered.

Harry looked at you, “Mummy?”

“Yes, daddy.” And Harry was ready to make kid number 4, giving you a look that only you understood which made you giggle, “Start the movie.”

Finding Dory started and from the very first second, your kids were engrossed.

By the time the second movie, Moana, had ended, you and Harry had 3 sleeping bodies on you. Harry looked at you before pecking your forehead, “Let’s put them to bed?” He asked quietly.

You nodded, slowly and gently pushing Ella on the couch before lifting Tommy in your arms, him instantly burying his head in your neck — a gesture he picked from his dad — and wrapped his limbs around you. Harry scooped his twins in his arms before you both walked quietly up the stairs and went to Tommy’s room.
You tucked him in, Harry standing with your twins still in his arms.

“Mummy?” Tommy mumbled sleepily, fluttering his eyes.

“Yeah, baby?” You whispered, putting the cover up to his chin.

“Love you. Love daddy.” He whispered sleepily.

You smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “We love you, too, love.”

And so, you left his fairylights on before you followed Harry out of the room and to the room of your twins. You took Emma from him and tucked her in, kissing her forehead before you and Harry exchanged places so you could kiss Ella and he could kiss Emma.

You wrapped your arm around Harry’s torso as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, turning off the light but turning on their fairy lights as well before you walked out of the room and into your own.

You plopped on your bed on your back and started moving your limbs, making a snow angel and messing the sheets. “I don’t want to sleep.” You giggled.

Harry laughed before approaching you. “Let’s unleash,” He said in a deeper voice with a funny face,

“No!” You squealed.

“The beast!” Harry finished before tackling you on the bed, burying his head in your neck to blow raspberries, making you giggle and squirm.

“Stop!” You laughed.

Harry grinned, leaning down to kiss your lips as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Thank you.”

“What for?” You smiled, playing with his hair.

“For everything; giving me a family, a home and just,” He paused, “Being there through it all, sticking with me. So thank you.”

“Thank you for being the most amazing husband and dad anyone could ever ask for. I love you, you know that?” You replied, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I might have a clue actually, yeah.” He teased before leaning down once more to put his lips on yours.


You woke up before Harry, kissing his cheek as he slept before putting on your undergarments and wearing your red robe. You smiled to yourself when you heard your kids’ cheerful voice, walking outside the room and down to the living room where the 3 sat, playing legos on the floor together and building a castle.

“Good morning, munchkins.” You greeted them.

“Mummy!” They all cheered before they ran towards you, hugging your legs.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? You need to have breakfast.” You said, walking to the kitchen and having them follow you before sitting in their places.

“Tommy said we should let you and daddy sleep because sleep is healthy and makes you strong!” Emma said.

“Am I a good boy, mummy?” Tommy asked excitedly.

“The best.” You smiled, pecking his cheek. “Why don’t you help you make daddy breakfast so we can give him breakfast in bed? You know how tired he’s been in the studio with uncle Jeff.”

They gasped, “We’ll cook?!”

“Really, mummy?!”

“Woah! I’m going to tell Mason when I see him!”

And then began the fun of cooking breakfast for your sleeping husband and also feeding the children.
After about 40 minutes, you had a tray of pancakes, omelette, fresh berries and orange juice. You walked carefully behind your rushing kids, Tommy opening the door for you before joining his sisters in jumping on their dad to wake him up.

“Daddy, wake up! Wake up, daddy!”

Harry groaned, “Five minutes.”

“But daddy, we helped mummy make you breakfast.” Ella said. At this, Harry’s eyes fluttered open, smiling when he looked at his kids before sitting up, his eyes catching yours.

“Make room, little ones.” You said as you carefully approached them before putting the tray on Harry’s lap.

Harry looked at the food before looking back at you, “You didn’t have to, baby.” Harry said in awe.

“We wanted to. We thought you deserved that, didn’t we?” You asked your kids.


“Woah! You helped mummy cook all this?” Harry asked in an exaggerated amused tone.

“We did! Do you like it?” Ella asked, sitting in between her sibling in front of Harry.

You sat beside him, smiling when he pecked your temple.

“I love it. But you’re all eating with daddy.” Harry pointed out.

And so, Harry started to feed all of you, refusing to not personally feed any of you. He’d pop berries in the twins’ mouths — their favorite — ,feed Tommy bits of his omelette and cut you pieces of his pancakes, only eating when you all had your mouths full.

“How about we go out today? Aquarium?” Harry grinned.

The kids gasped before they jumped off the bed, “I’m going to get ready!” Tommy shouted, running to the door and rushing out of it.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Leaving you and Harry alone. You smiled, looking at him. “Are you not tired?”

“Never for you.” Harry smiled, leaning to kiss you.

Just as your lips were about to touch, you were interrupted with a gentle knock. You and Harry looked towards the door, finding Ella with a sheepish look and her hands behind her back.

“Daddy, can you make my hair? I can’t do it alone.” She asked shyly.

Harry smiled and nodded, “Of course, baby. Mummy will help you get dressed first then I’ll come, yeah?”

“Best mummy and daddy ever!” She giggled before running off.

this went straight to my heart. honestly. also, sorry for the long wait, love & thank you!!! xx


hahah this is a one shot and it sucks and not formal but heYYY 

inspired by @bunny-yams’s high school au with jamilams and everything I want in life

word count: 733 oops its short

pretty sure it doesn’t have any trigger warnings, just some cussing bc i can’t write anything without throwing fuck in there this is mainly just fluff y’all 


Alex woke up in bed alone, cuddled up with some blankets. He opened his eyes groggily and rubbed the side of his face. John and Thomas had stayed the night with him, but it wasn’t like them to disappear before he woke up. 

“Johnny? Tom?” Alex sat up, not hearing either of them in the bathroom either. He pursed his lips about to get out of bed before a soft knock of the door sounded. John quickly stuck his face through the door, grinning. 

“Hey, beautiful.” John beamed, coming towards Alex and attacking his face with kisses. Alex laughed, pushing John away gently. 

“What’s going on, John? You’re being awfully sweet.” Alex teased. John put a hand over his chest in fake shock. 

“Are you saying I’m not always sweet to you?” John protested, pulling back a smile. “I’m offended.”

“John, you know-”

“IS HE AWAKE YET?” Thomas yelled, interrupting them. John laughed, kissing Alex on the cheek. 

“PLEASE SAY YES, THOMAS IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP THE GODDAMN KITCHEN.” George, Alex’s dad, shouted too. Alex giggled, staring at John wildly. 

“What do you have planned?” Alex asked. John stood up and didn’t reply. He grabbed Alex gently, picking him up and tossing him over his shoulder. Alex let out a yelp of surprise and pounded on John’s back. His laughter got in the way of anything he wanted to say. Soon, John set Alex down softly in the kitchen and moved to Thomas’s side, letting Alex turn around to see the beautiful mess that was the kitchen. 

Propped against one of the counters was a small canvas, decorated with polaroid pictures of Alex with all of his friends and family, but mainly with pictures of him and John and Thomas. Next to the canvas on the counter, was a sloppy cake that was obviously made with lots of love and a fuck-ton of patience. Alex was shocked. No one had ever done much for his birthday, except some cards in the mail, a wad of cash, and a gift from George. 

Thomas wrapped an arm around Alex, grinning and pulling him close. 

“Happy birthday, baby.” Thomas said to the blushing and beaming Alex next to him. 

“Thank you so much, Tommy.” Alex gasped out, holding back his tears of happiness. 

“Aw, you made him cry, Thomas!” John put in jokingly. Thomas rolled his eyes. 

“The canvas was your idea, idiot.” Thomas retorted, wrapping his arms completely around Alex and hugging him tight. Alex pulled away from him a few seconds later, barreling into John and hugging him forcefully. John laughed and planted a kiss on Alex’s head. 

“Happy birthday, love.” John hummed, wiping Alex’s joyful tears off his face. Alex grinned, sniffling and looking at the canvas again. There was one big picture in the middle, and Alex lost track of how long he started at it.

Alex was in the center of the photo, grinning crazily. On either side of him, John and Thomas were planting a kiss on Alex’s cheeks. He saw Christmas lights in the background, and he remembered fondly when it was taken. Christmas Eve, the first Christmas when they were all together. Alex bounced on his heels. He couldn’t wait for another Christmas like that. 

“I was thinking you could put it in the space above your desk,” Thomas said. “So when you’re writing essays deep into the night, you can look up and it and remember that we want you to get some fucking sleep.” 

John and Alex laughed together, while George tried to hold back his laughter with a muffled snort. Alex turned to George and gave him a hug too. 

“Don’t eat cake for breakfast, for the love of god,” George sighed good-heartedly. “The last thing we need is three hormonal teenagers running around the house high on cake.” 

“Got it, Dad.” Alex replied, his face flush with happiness. George said his quick goodbye and left the room to get ready for work. Alex moved back to his boyfriends, and they squished them into a tight hug.

“Love you, baby,” Thomas muttered happily. 

“I love you,” John said, drawing out the u and making Alex laugh. 

“I love you guys too,” Alex blushed. “Thank you so much for an awesome birthday. I forgot about it myself.”

“Well, that’s why you have us.” Thomas smirked, kissing Alex’s head. “Because we’ll never forget something so special.” 

Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 4]

[part 1]   [part 2]    [part 3]

Summary: [part 4] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ ONLY

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Tom Holland - Concert

anon request: you’re in a band and you’ve been a fan of tom for a while and then you meet him at some kind of event and he tells you he loves your music.

okay so i tried my best with this one and i hope you like i anon!! i added some more to this so it was longer and i hope you all enjoy!!

requests are open:))

Originally posted by karlmordo

“i didn’t expect this many people to come” i looked at the large crowd in awe. there must have been at least 350 people that showed up. my band and i sent out two or three tweets saying we will be performing a few songs at a park in LA. we obviously we not expecting this big of a turnout.

i looked back at my three friends, dani was on bass her short brown hair and light brown eyes that kind of resembled a yellow were looking excited. alex on drums alex was tall with darker brown hair that went past her shoulders she was always nervous before a show. lastly marcus on guitar he was care free and that’s what i loved about him he was about 6'0 with short black hair and green eyes. then there was me, i was the singer. we started off as a small garage band, all of us being highschool buddies with the same dream we all came together.

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Wait for me.

Part 1

A/N: sorry nothing too extreme happened just wait for part 3 

The days after your fight with Tommy, you didn’t leave your house. You didn’t take calls and you ignored anyone that came to the door. You needed time to get your head together to figure out a life that didn’t involve Tommy. You had noticed the men across the street that didn’t move the same place day in and day out. They were definitely there by order of Tommy and it was getting frustrating seeing them every time you looked out the window it was a constant reminder of the bastard. You stared out the window as the man stared back a switch flipped inside you. You grabbed your jacket before storming out of your house and across the street to the man who had been staring.

“Go on then fuck off back to Tommy! I know it’s him that sent you and I swear to god if you don’t leave right now I will shoot you in the fucking face!”

“Miss. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I swear to fuck!” You lowered your voice pulling out a gun and holding it to the man’s face. “Tell Tommy to leave me the fuck alone, now GO!” The man nodded and quickly walked away down the street leaving you standing with a crowd watching you. You sighed and made you way back into the house deciding it was time to get back to life. You got changed into fresh clothes and was brushing her hair when there was a knock on the door.

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Bound to Happen (Part 8), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,373

Author’s Note: Sorry for the lack of a write-a-thon fic today, I thought I would make up for it with an early release of this?

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

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Lin knew better than to be bitter. You were right with your unspoken insistence that he was holding you back from doing greater things.

He bit the inside of his cheek at any mention of what you were working on - more computers in underprivileged schools, a bill passing that rewarded scholarships through your foundation.

You were doing amazing work, and he knew he was being selfish wishing you were next to him just in case he needed something.

He decided a complete lack of communication was best. Still, there was shoulders brushing at certain events and that one time he was out with Alex and happened to catch you in the middle of a date.

He tried to push that memory as far away as he possibly could.

The general lack of communication (even though there wasn’t a lack of wanting to communicate) meant you went an entire year without a decent conversation. A year that could have easily turned into many - maybe a re-connection at a college reunion - if it had not been for a last minute addition to a White House Poetry Jam.

With an unheard three minute hip hop spin on a founding father in his back pocket, Lin blew your socks off for the first time since In the Heights. You wouldn’t have even seen the performance had it not randomly popped up in your recommended videos on YouTube.

Which is how you found yourself typing a frantic e-mail in a caffeine-induced haze. Something along the lines of ‘what the fuck is this thing about Alexander Hamilton and how can I get involved?

Lin read the e-mail at least twenty times before moving it to his trash folder. He couldn’t let you trickle back into his life just as he began to move on.

You had long-forgotten about the e-mail the next time you had even heard the name Lin-Manuel Miranda. A casual conversation with your parents, who had always supported your close relationship with Lin, mentioning they had watched him on House the other night.

You immediately dropped anything you had planned and tracked down the episode - which turned into two. You were ashamed of the tight hold he still held over you. You considered sending another e-mail.

You chugged a bottle of wine instead.

Time continued to pass as you continued to rise. Promotions (you didn’t even know that word and your name could go together in a sentence until now) and whispers of a successful Lin loomed in the distance.

Having the old team back together wasn’t strange to Lin. What was strange, however, was a distinct absence.

I was thinking.” Tommy drawled, pulling Lin from his musical head space. He had exactly eight hours to figure out how to follow Alexander cheating on Eliza.

“Hmm?” Lin tucked the pencil behind his ear and closed his laptop, affording Tommy all of his attention.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Y/N.”

“Six years is a long time.” He answered, trying to fight the harsh tone. He lost the fight.

“Right. And she’s still heading that arts in public education project, right?” Lin could tell Tommy was easing into it.

Ever since you had announced your departure and Lin had moved on to other projects, you were a rather tense subject for the group. The last update Lin had received about you had been years ago about a guy you had been seeing.

Since then his life had been a strict ‘no Y/N zone’.

“What about her?” He grumbled, returning to his work with one ear still on Tommy.

“Publicly educated students seeing Hamilton free of charge.”  With a sigh, Lin closed his laptop again before glancing at Tommy’s smug face.

“Set up the meeting.”

Getting a call from Tommy had been the last thing you expected on a Saturday night. A quick stop at the Public Theater, a place you hadn’t been since early In the Heights days, was requested of you and you dropped everything to make the appointment.

You didn’t know he would be there.

Sleep deprived as ever. New, shaggy hair framed his face and he looked…taller.

Tommy hadn’t aged a day from the look of it but Lin was more mature somehow. He had more experience without you by his side and while you could sense a certain hostility in his eyes, there was also a particular confidence in his steps. A confidence he started to gain with his first show, but had never blossomed this widely.

It was as if the man you had met so many years ago was just an outline and now you were looking at him all colored in. Bright and pristine - there was some coloring outside the lines and the shading wasn’t perfect but he was Lin.

You just wished you had dressed up a bit more.

“Tommy.” You whispered into his chest, a breath of solidarity as he tucked you close. A long forgotten friend. Next was Alex, who was grinning as widely as ever. He greeted you softly and passed you along to Lin.

Tommy shared a look with Alex as they stepped to the side, mumbling an excuse you didn’t care enough to listen to.

“Stranger.” You greeted. No handshake.

“Big shot.” He acknowledged, taking you in.

Your hair was shorter and darker. It was a more professional cut than the one you used to throw up into a bun at the Richard Rogers. Your clothes fit better now, you had the time and money to shop for nicer things. If the disheveled blazer was any indication, you had just gotten off work.

“Oh, uh, this-” You made work of straightening out your jacket, tugging at the sleeves to flatten them out. “Busy morning, I didn’t have time to-”

“I’m glad you’re back.” He cut in, rushed. You didn’t realized this meeting was a re-entrance into this life. You definitely wished you could have dressed up.

“Me too.” And you were in his arms for the first time in years. The hug confirmed your suspicions that he was taller - or maybe he was just standing a little straighter now. “What can I do for you guys?”

It was an absurd idea, to say the least. Thousands of public school children attending their show free of charge. Not just in New York, but wherever they performed.

And he hadn’t even finished writing the damn thing yet.

“I’m close!” Lin promised. He wasn’t, really.

After refining the details - how it would work, who would get to participate, when it would happen - there was only one last thing to figure out. Who was going to pay for it all?

“That’s where you come in.” A finger was shoved in your direction as all three men eagerly looked at you. Ah, right. The Rockefeller Foundation.

“Something like this will take months to plan and approve.” You answered honestly, watching them deflate. “But, I’m going to give as much of my attention to this as I possibly can. We’re gonna have to be in contact a lot over the next few weeks.”

“That’s fine with us.” Alex promised.

“Yeah, we missed you.” Lin added.

Some more than others.” Tommy finished with an elbow to Lin’s side. Lin coughed to cover his embarrassment as he responded with a harsher jab into Tommy’s side.

“I’ll get started on this right away.” You stood as you checked your watch. The boys followed, all mumbling similar sentiments about how great it was to see you again.

Shrugging on the blazer you had discarded earlier, you sling your bag across you shoulder and make for the door.

“I’m running late but I’ll let you guys know when I have something for you, you know where to reach me!” You called, the quick and distant click of the door behind you signalling your hasty departure.

“So.” Tommy drawled as Lin stood in awe in the direction of the door, “Still totally in love with her?”

Lin didn’t answer, brushing past the men as he walked deeper into the theater, back to his laptop. A sudden inspiration for an Eliza lyric he had been stuck on for weeks came to mind.

I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit.

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New to Small Heath

Originally posted by awhoreslies

Michael Gray x Reader

Prompt #35: “Why are you looking at me like that?” (Requested by Anon)

You had moved to Small Heath, Birmingham, when you were in your teenage years. It had been scary at first, moving to such a dirty town. It was dirty in both ways: morally and physically. It was named the city of dirt for a reason, but you soon learned about the Shelbys. They were a family of gangsters run by the one and only, Thomas Shelby, who was a tunneler in the war.

You tried your best to stay clear of the Shelby family, but it was difficult seeing as your friends liked to go to the Garrison to drink. However, living there for six years seemed to toughen you up. Not all the men scared you anymore and you knew how and when to stand your ground in an argument. You had learned that if you didn’t bother the Shelbys, then they didn’t bother you, unless you had something they wanted - which you never did.

One night, you were at the Garrison, celebrating with your friends. One of them had just gotten married that morning and of course they wanted to go drinking after. Of course, because it was after their wedding, you were all in your best dresses and best makeup and none of you had bothering taking it off before the after party started.

Most of your friends were pretty drunk, but you weren’t. You knew that getting too drunk in that town was just asking for something bad to happen to you. You went to the barman to get another drink for yourself when you noticed a younger boy staring at you. You tried to dismiss it, but his eyes didn’t move the whole time you were waiting for your drink and even when you paid.

When your drink was handed to you, you turned sharply on him with a stern look. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He flinched and realized how long he had been looking at you and his cheeks grew red, “Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize…”

“Doesn’t matter if you realized it or not, why were you doing it?” You demanded as you took a few steps towards him.

“You’re pretty…” He muttered as he looked down to his hands that were holding a glass of what looked like scotch. You could tell he wasn’t quite from around here with how nervous and self-conscious he was. Suddenly, there was a hand on his shoulder. A hand that belonged to a man that you had heard so much about.

“I see you’re already making friends, Michael,” The man with blue eyes and harsh cheekbones declared.

“I suppose,” ‘MIchael’ muttered back.

“Well, then who are you?” The brooding man looked to you.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I already know of you, Mr. Shelby,” You slightly grinned at him to not seem too inviting.

“Ah, everyone does,” He sighed, “You take care of Michael here, he’s my cousin from the countryside, doesn’t quite know his way around town or the mannerisms of the people in it. Would you be willing to show him around and teach him?”

“And why would I do that?” You sat on the chair next to Michael, looking up at Thomas.

“Oh, come on. He’s handsome, he’s young. You’re pretty, and you obviously aren’t scared of much.”

“Well, what’s in it for me?” You leaned forward and you knew you had the attention of both men with showing just the right amount of cleavage.

“If you want, I can pay you,” He said with determination. You eventually agreed on an amount and where you would meet Michael the next day.

When you went to meet him in the front of the address given to you, and older woman walked him outside to you. “Alright, you have fun with Miss (Y/L/N) here and I’ll see you tonight.” She smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek before walking back inside.

You lit a cigarette before asking, “Who was that?” You began walking and he picked up his pace to catch up.

“My mother. Didn’t know she was my real mum until a few weeks ago when Thomas found me,” He quietly explained. You hummed in response and continued to show him around town. You learned more about him the more you walked. He was adopted, but didn’t know it. He was supposed to have a sister, but they were both separated from their mum, Polly, when they were babies. He doesn’t know where his sister is or if she’s even alive. His cousins are mostly mysterious to him, but he’s picked up on what their business really is. He had a terrible pastor when he was a boy, but he wouldn’t go into more detail than that.

When you two reached the river, you stood there in silence listening to the rush of the water and the bustle from the factories around you. “Thank you for showing me around today, Polly would have done it, but she had work to do.”

“It’s quite alright, I needed to take a walk without my friends.” You answered.

“I’m sorry, Tommy had to pay you to persuade you,” He looked at you sideways, obviously nervous.

“Oh, it’s alright,” You said with a smile, “I’ll just save it up to use as a ticket out of here.”

“Ticket out?”

“Yup, I’ve had enough of this town.”

“Why’s that?” He stepped closer to you.

“It’s filthy. It’s the dirtiest town I’ve ever seen and the corruption is awful here. Thinking of moving back to Ireland.”

“I knew it! I knew I had recognised your accent!” You looked to him wide eyed, “Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.”

“It’s alright. You’re just the first to notice and say something.”

“Well, what if you had a reason to stay?”

“I don’t, but if I did, I’d probably stay for a bit longer.” You looked to him to see curiosity in his eyes. When he realised he was staring too long again, he looked to the water.

“Do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?”

Morning Sickness | Tommy Shelby

request: Ok so I have this story idea and I was wondering if you could write it or if you have already got something similar, basically the reader is tommys secretary and a bit younger than tommy. They have like a friends with benefits thing and she falls pregnant but keeps it a secret he finds out when she doesn’t show to work because she’s throwing up that’s as far as I’ve got like idk how he would react guess that’s up to you!

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Fallen (John Shelby)

john x y/n x thomas(kind of) - peaky blinders
song for tha mood: Halsey - Hold Me Down

Requested- Imagine being the beautiful wild-child daughter of a well-known police detective that keeps the Peaky Blinders on edge because they all think y/n is gorgeous & would love to take her out to a jazz club somewhere but her father tho

- - -

You hate how your father, the chief inspector at Birmingham, always treats you like a child, as if you don’t know how to protect yourself. He is still scolding you for going to the China town of the district without telling him. You know that his intention is good, but you just can’t stand his lecture. You stand up from the seat across his desk, “Alright, father! I know what I’m doing, okay? Please, I’m not a child anymore.”

“You’re still my child, y/n.” He replied, sighing. “Off you go, now.”

You grab your coat and head out to the busy streets. Lighting up a cigarette, you head towards the newly remodeled Garrison pub for a drink. You sit down by the counter, your long, wavy locks parted to one side. “Glass of Irish whiskey, please.” The barman nods, bringing you a glass instantly.

“Isn’t it too early for a day for a lady to start drinking?” A low voice comes from your side. You look up to see a young lad with a funny hat and a stick in his mouth sitting down. His blue eyes are surprisingly cold to pair with his playful, boyish smirk. “Well, I’m not a lady, so don’t bother what’s too early for what.”

“I’m John, and ya?” John takes out the stick only to put it back in again.

You inhale one last breath from your cigarette before putting it out, “Y/n.” He sits there, staring at you in awe, “that’s a really pretty name for a really pretty girl.” You chuckle at his amusing comment. He leans in while his lips are barely an inch from your ear. “Why haven’t I seen you before?” he whispers.

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Secrets and Lies - part two

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

(Part one)

Thomas Shelby - Secrets and Lies part two

They were happy, attractive and successful,the epitome of a perfect couple. One which everyone dreams to have and loves to see, but he should have known she would always be a liar; secretive and sly. Grace had seemed like the answer to his freedom, the one thing that would bring back a part of the man he was before the war. Now he knew Grace was never his answer, just his distraction. A distraction from the girl who had always been his answer, but he had allowed himself to forget as he couldn’t bare to admit his biggest mistake of causing her to leave.  And it was only when he saw her name and face again that he was forced to admit this to himself. He had allowed himself to remember.

He was past caring who else in the house could hear the argument about erupt when he stormed into their bedroom, the golden handle of the door cracking against the wall as he threw it open. She sat on the edge of the bed, papers scattered out in front of her with a smile on her face at his arrival, too familiar with his rage to realise it was aimed at her.

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War Effort - Arthur Shelby

Requests: Could you write something like even though you are a women somehow you fought in the war like airforce or navy and when you meet the shelby’s to work for them you and Arthur share war stories and you help him cope with his issues?

War Effort - Arthur Shelby

In 1918 you had enlisted in the Women’s Royal Air Force as a mechanic. The war in France took you away from your home in England to a base camp near Cannes. Before that you had been part of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, serving in a factory that produced TNT. Both your brothers and your father enlisted in the army and you wanted to do everything you could to help the wartime effort as well. In France you worked first as a mechanic and then as a Flight Officer.  

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chibilenalee25  asked:

Hello, now that you have received a request for a message, I asked the last time if I wanted a follow-up to Dave's fic and if I want it: D is great and I leave a lot of questions about what Dave is going to do, (I have no idea if I had already I send the same message I'm sorry if I already did, I'm kind of forgetful and I do not remember)

Of course I can! No you haven’t asked for this yet, I hope you enjoy this! I’ve been hoping for a continuation request lol.

Read the last one here!

“You know he doesn’t love you.” Tom stopped short when he heard the voice behind him. “You know that a human could never, ever, care about something like us, like YOU.” Tom turned around and narrowed his eyes at Dave.

“Why do you keep trying to convince me of this?” Tom asked.

“I don’t need to convince you of anything. Because you know it’s true. You know you’re unlovable, you know you are a mistake, in your family’s eyes, so why should Marco be any different?” Dave asked. Tom clenched his fist and looked away, trying not to rage at the older demon.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tom hissed. “You don’t know anything about Marco.” He continued, his eyes were beginning to light up.

“No, but you do.” Dave smirked. “If you truly believed I was wrong, you wouldn’t be so angry right now, you ‘d just go on your way. But you believe that Marco doesn’t love you. That’s why hearing me say it cuts you so deep.” He explained. Tom’s eyes lit up totally and he made a fist with fire surrounded by them.

He was about to rage, attack, do SOMETHING, but he didn’t. Tom just growled at this older cousin and turned away, leaving.


Marco opened the door to the front door and let out a gasp when Tom tackled him in a hug. “Tom! What’s gotten into you?” Marco giggled, but stopped when he saw Tom was in tears. Marco wrapped Tom up in a hug and held him close. “Tommy, are you okay?” Marco asked. Tom sniffled and pulled Marco closer.

“Please tell me you love me, please just say it?” Tom sobbed. Marco gasped and held his demon close.

“Oh Tommy, you know I adore you.” He promised. “I love you more than anything.” He assured, covering him in kisses. Tom sniffled and wiped away more tears. “Was your family telling you those awful things again?” Marco asked, beginning to look angry. Tom nodded and marco wrapped him up securely. “What were they saying?” Marco asked.

“He said you don’t love me and…” Tom broke off in tears and Marco held him close, rubbing his back.

“There, there, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. He looked at his demon and sighed. “You look so tired. My poor demon, come here you need some rest.” Marco told him. He sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him. Tom smiled and put his head down on Marco’s lap, closing his eyes. Marco stroked his hair and covered him in kisses. “I love you, Tom.”


Tom stayed curled up on the couch with his head resting on Marco’s lap for near an hour, fast asleep. Marco brushed Tom’s hair aside and looked down at him lovingly. He didn’t stop the soothing motion when he heard a noise. Marco didn’t look up, he didn’t have to, he knew who was there. “Get out.” Marco still had a calm tone.

“Again, Marco. Not the welcoming type, are you?” Dave asked. Marco narrowed his eyes.

“Oh I’m very welcoming, to those I actually care about.” he seethed, but then went back to petting his demon’s head. “Dave, I am warning you, if you wake up my prince I am going to kill you.” Marco said in an eerily calm voice.

“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dave smirked and put his arms up defensively. “I’m not here to start a fight, just talk, make an offer actually.” Dave corrected himself.

“You’re offering to leave my home and never harm my Tommy again? I accept, thank you, you may leave.” Marco dismissed Dave and the demon narrowed his eyes.

“No, Marco. I want to make you a different offer.” He explained. “To be a highly honored person in the underworld kingdom, more so than any common prince.” He grinned, and Marco stopped, confused. “You know as well as I do that Tom has something I want, he’s the heir. And he very well shouldn’t be. Which is why I’ve been working so hard at… chipping him down, trying to get him to fall before he reaches the top, so I can beat him there.” Dave explained.

“You’re disgusting.” Marco spat, he felt Tom’s hair and made sure he remained asleep during this. “You work hard on harming and abusing your little cousin to the point of breaking, just so you can be the heir.” Marco recapped.

“Marco, life is a business, and you have to make wise choices to succeed.” He told him. “And my offer is for you to achieve the highly honored position, the queen of the underworld, in return for one small favor.” Dave grinned. “You will be loved! Adored, and everything you could ever want will be handed to you. You’ll royalty, but without any of those dull and annoying responsibilities.” Dave tempted.

“And what horrible thing do you want for me to do to get that?” Marco asked, not willing already. He didn’t need to hear.

“It’s become a chore to break Tom, especially with you building him back up each time.” Dave explained. “So if you could help me out that would be great.”

“Help you out?” Marco asked. Dave rolled his eyes.

“Leave him! Tell him what I know is true, you don’t love him! How could you? When you could have anyone better?” Dave asked. “You are his one last supporting beam. The only thing he loves and relies on. If you leave him he’ll crumble, he’ll fall and then his father will see how weak he really is!” Dave explained. “Then the heir will become me, and you, my dear sweet Marco, I will make my queen.” Dave offered.

Marco held still for a very long time and draped his arm over Tom, who was still sleeping on his lap. “I thought I made this very clear last time you tried to win me over and get me to break Tom’s heart.” Marco spoke. “And you are very lucky that my little love-bug is asleep on my lap right now, because if he weren’t, I would get up and tear you apart.” Marco threatened.

“You could have anything you wanted as my queen!” Dave reminded. “Anything! The perfect life! Why throw that away for him?” He asked. Marco seethed at the demon.

“My life would be nowhere near perfect without Tom. And you know that. And that drives you crazy.” Marco hissed. “I don’t want anything except him, and him to be happy.” Marco admitted, holding the sleeping demon a little closer. “Now please, go, because I already told you what I would do to you if you woke up Tom.” Marco reminded. “He’s tired from everything you put him through, now please go, and just let him get some rest.” Marco demanded.

“Humans never learn. Never.” Dave gritted his teeth. “I made you an offer before, I make you an offer now, and both times you said ‘no’ to accommodate… HIM!” He shouted. Tom stirred and Marco scratched his ears to get him to relax again. A death-stare from Marco was all he needed to back away, afraid.

“You better leave, because Tom won’t be asleep forever, and once he wakes up I’ll be able to get up and attack you.” Marco threatened. “Get out of here, I’m a red belt.”

anonymous asked:

short n dumb jonjon with maybe uhhhh time travel or some kinda magical hijinks or some kind of transformation?

Jon had disappeared around midday, which was extremely rude and unprofessional, but Lovett soldiered on anyway, writing a boring paragraph summarizing the economic benefits of environmental regulation and then a joke so clever and hilarious that it would probably have to be removed from the president’s speech. He had just texted the joke to Jon when Tommy poked his head in the door.

“Favs around?”

Lovett spun his chair around, which made the black cat on his lap yowl in complaint. “He is not. He’s very busy dating actresses while the weight of the White House is on my shoulders.”

Tommy scratched his head. “Isn’t Favs single right now?”

“With that face? I doubt it. Did you know we’re supposed to have a draft of this thing by tonight? I’m brilliant, it’s fine, I’ll do it myself.” The cat shook itself a bit and said mrrrp? so Lovett scritched its neck.

“Where did the cat come from?” Tommy asked.

“I don’t fucking know,” said Lovett. “It was sitting on that stack of papers when I got back from lunch. Now it won’t leave me alone.”

“Aw, what a pretty boy,” said Tommy.  "Can I hold him?“

“Absolutely not,” said Lovett. “If you hold him, you’ll fall in love with him, and we can’t adopt a cat. I don’t even like cats.” He stroked the cat possessively. The cat purred and bonked its head against Lovett’s hand.

“But look at that sweet fella!” said Tommy in his talking-to-animals-and-small-children voice. “How can you not like cats, Lovett?”

“Because they’re emotionally withholding,” said Lovett, cuddling the cat closer. “You can’t even tell if they really like you or if they’re just putting up with you because you’re funny.”

“Don’t listen to this monster,” said Tommy to the cat. The cat yawned. “Look, Lovett, I’ll go scout around lower press, see if anyone’s missing a cat.”

“Tell me if you find Jon!” Lovett called after him.

Once Tommy was gone and the door was closed, Lovett bent down to put his face near the cat’s face. The cat sniffed at him like he was the most fascinating person in the entire world.

“It’s just you and me now, kitty,” Lovett told him. “Jon didn’t even answer my text.”

The cat stared back at him and blinked. 

“Yeah, we don’t need him. You wanna hear a funny joke?”

Mrrrrphp! said the cat, and rolled over in Lovett’s lap, exposing his belly shamelessly.

Lovett steadied the cat with one hand, woke up his laptop with the other, and started to read.

first impressions | tommy shelby

Hey i really loved your john shelby wedding day imagine i was wondering if it is possible for a request for a tommy imagine where the reader is new to small heath and shes clueless as to who tommy is and he’s attracted to her because of her pure and gentle nature so after a few dates he decides to make it serious and he has to tell her about who he actually is and what he actually does and he’s unsure how she’ll react x

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Bullets Pt. 7

Originally posted by cosmic-void-trip

|pt. 1| |pt. 2| |pt. 3| |pt. 4| |pt. 5| |pt. 6|

The tension in the air could have been cut with a knife, Tommy and Polly prolonging the stare. They couldn’t see the figure’s eyes, but they were sure he was staring back. He didn’t move and neither had they, until Tommy put his arm out slightly, motioning his men to come closer and they did, his eyes still refusing to move.

“We’re here to see Ruby’s father” Tommy was the first to speak, feeling Polly stiffen beside him at his words. The silence prevailed. Elouise’s heart was about to beat out her chest as she watched from a distance, her hands clammy around the gun, her grip loosening. She knew this definitely wasn’t the plan and she couldn’t bare to consider things had gone wrong already. Her breath caught in her throat when she finally heard the man in the shadows speak.

“Well I guess that would be me.” The figure stepped forward non-chantilly, running his dirty fingers through his thick beard as he rocked on his heels, “Not brought your fucking caravans with you today eh? I would of liked to have seen that, yeah. Now that, that would have been a sight.”

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Is that you?

Arthur Shelby x Reader

Request: Prompt 35 with Arthur pleaseeeee x

Author’s note: First Arthur one!! Sorry for the rubbishy ending :(

“Do you recognise that girl over there?” Arthur slapped John across the arm, trying to get his attention whilst pointing over to you. You were standing at the other side of the shop with your back to the men as you were flicking through some newspapers, as the waited for Tommy to collect the protection payment from the shop keeper.

“Nah but she is a looker ain’t she.” John stepped towards you confidently picking up another newspaper. You look up at the young man who just stood next to you, he peered over the paper at you before dropping it to its side. “No bloody way! (Y/N)!” You stared at the man taking a second, you didn’t know how you recognised him.”

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First School Dance - Tommy Mancuso x Reader


Pairing : Tommy Mancuso x Reader (Gender neutral | Male or Female) 

Fandom : Nerve

Request: ’‘could you write something like a school dance for tommy and a male reader? or female but preferably male’’

Warnings : cringey and rushed *cough*

A/N : I wasn’t inspired for this one… Everytime I tried to write something it turned out really bad and I couldn’t find a good ending or anything, that’s why it’s really rushed. And I’m sorry it took so long. :/  Y/S/N : Your school name

You unlocked your locker and emptied your bag, putting the books you didn’t need in it. You were glad the school year was almost over. You had had your ups and downs all year at school, and you were really looking forward to the summer. The only thing that made the few last days bearable was your friends who were always here to cheer you up when you needed it. As you were about to close your locker, you looked up and noticed a poster hanging on the wall and frowned as you walked towards it, reading the words.‘(Y/S/N) Dance : Only people with dates will be let in.’

“Awesome.” You whispered to yourself and rolled your eyes.

“Hey Y/N !” you jumped as Vee put her hands on your shoulders.

“Holy shit Venus!” she laughed and excused herself before taking a look at the poster.

“Our first school dance. Are you gonna come ?”

“I don’t have a date Vee.” Vee chuckled and rolled her eyes.

“Honestly Y/N…you should really ask him.”

“What do you mean- ask who ?” you furrowed your eyebrows, even though you knew who she was talking about.

“Tommy. You guys are best friend, he could never say no to you. And don’t you dare telling me you don’t have a crush on him.”

“I don’t.” you mumbled, as you started to walk back towards your locker, quickly followed by Vee. “And he probably have a date already.” You shrugged, closing your locker.

“Who has a date?” A sudden voice spoke up.You both turned your heads, and Vee smiled as she responded.

“No one. I mean, not yet. What about you Tommy?” she asked as she put her arm around your shoulder.

“I don’t have one either. And I think the concept is dumb, why would we need a date to go to a school dance ?”

“Aw come on !” Vee said “It’s more fun !”

“Sure, it’s easier to say when you already have a date. Right ?” you looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“I-I don’t have a date, Y/N.” she muttered

“Don’t play dumb, Vee, I saw Sam asking you the other day.” Tommy smirked, and you laughed.

“Nobody asked you Tommy?” she asked, trying to drop the subject. Tommy smirked and rolled his eyes.

“Well, a girl asked me but…I actually wanted to ask someone else.”

“No way !” Vee squealed. “And who’s the lucky one ?” she winked.

“You’ll see. But you know what ? I’m gonna head back to class, before you guys ask me any other questions.” he winked and walked towards his next class, while Vee suddenly started squealing

“Y/N, he totally wants to go with you !” You rolled your eyes and chuckled without responding.


You walked down the stairs as you heard your parents greeting Vee. Today was the day of the school dance but to be honest, you weren’t that excited since you still didn’t have a date. Vee told you she would sneak you in, but you were pretty sure that they would never let you in.

“Vee, you look gorgeous!” Your said with a wide smile, while Vee showed her beautiful dress. You engulfed her in a hug and your mother took several pictures of the both of you, making you roll your eyes.

“Oh come on, Y/N ! Smile, it’s a great day !” She said, and you kissed her cheek, thanking her for buying your outfit. Your parents both wished you to have fun as you and Vee walked towards her car.  You hopped in the passenger seat and waved to your parents as she drove off.

“This dance is going to be so much fun, Y/N.” She exclaimed.

“Only if they let me in” you chuckled.


Time passed and you were starting to get bored. You were the only one without a date, you and Vee had to beg the teachers to let you in. Vee had Sam, and Tommy came with Sydney. You walked over to the food table and drank while watching the students dance. You scoffed and left the place, inhaling the fresh air once outside.

“Can I join you?” The voice startled you and you turned around, smiling at Tommy.
“Sure.” You said, as he walked towards you

“So…you were talking about Sydney the other day?” you said. He was taken back, and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Um, no. Not really. She just helped me to get in since I didn’t have a date. She actually came with Ty.” he laughed

“Wait- You don’t like her? ” You furrowed your eyebrows. 

“No, I don’t.” he responded and you widened your eyes, opening your mouth before closing it again.

“I-I’m so sorry…I thought-” you were cut off by Tommy pressing his lips against yours. Once he pulled away, you were blushing mad.

“I love you, you adorable idiot.”

In the Moment

Summary: Now that Oliver’s been home for a few weeks, he’s starting to learn more about what happened to his loved ones while he was away. Finding out Tommy kidnapped Felicity wasn’t what he expected. 

Part of the “Home Verse”

As always, thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline​ for being my cheerleader. And you can thank @realityisoverrated-fic​ for this one-shot. I thought that this verse was done, but her posting fic inspired me to share more from this verse.

Starling City 2012

Oliver lays in bed next to Felicity, gently tracing patterns on her body while she comes back down to Earth. They’ve been together for two weeks now, but his insatiable need for her hasn’t diminished in the slightest. If anything, he’s even more determined to come up with new and inventive ways to get her off. He sees it as a challenge, to see how quickly he can drive her crazy. Figure out how long he can keep her on the edge of bliss. How many times he can make her come.

She’s not complaining. Her need for him hasn’t diminished at all, either.

Felicity glances over at the clock. It’s nearly 6am. In less than an hour, the sun will be rising. It had been a long night. They’d spent a majority of the evening saving Peter Declan and Laurel from a staged prison riot at Iron Heights. Afterwards, they’d both been high on adrenaline and unable to sleep, so they’d naturally passed the time with their new favorite activity: exploring each other’s bodies.

Oliver’s lips find the back of her neck and she sighs in content.

“You should try to get a little rest before you have to go to work,” Oliver whispers into her skin.

She shakes her head. “If I sleep now, I’ll be even more tired. At this point, I just need to power through.”

“We’ll stay in tonight. Get to bed early,” he promises.

She’s been burning the candle at both ends ever since she started helping Oliver and his little crusade to take down everyone on his father’s list and save the city.  She’s hoping John Diggle comes around soon and joins the team. Maybe it’ll help lighten the load for them both.

“Can we order Toro’s?” she asks, giving him an innocent smile over her shoulder, knowing that he’s not a huge sushi fan, but he rarely says no to her when she smiles at him. It’s one of the many things she’s been learning about Oliver now that they are officially dating.

“Whatever your little heart desires,” he says with a matching smile.

They lay in comfortable silence for several minutes as Felicity basks in the feeling of his hands on her body and his weight against her. It’s almost enough to lull her into sleep, but she fights it off. She knows she’ll regret it all day if she goes to sleep now. She’d learned that lesson the hard way her first night on Team Arrow when she’d gotten only 90 minutes of sleep and had a pounding headache the rest of the day.

Oliver’s fingers make their way to the outside of her thigh as he traces over the 4 inch long scar she has there. “I’ve been meaning to ask… Where did you get this?”

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lost | tommy shelby

tommy feels lost without grace and the reader comforts him

send requests here

Originally posted by blue-tardis-y

When Tommy came back from the war, he was a broken man. He didn’t have the same happiness that he did before. Tommy would find it hard to talk to people, and never open up. Whenever you brought up the war he would dismiss it, and act as if it didn’t bother him. Grace was the one who fixed him, she brought a new lease of life to him. Tommy had slipped back into his old ways of keeping himself reserved, and Grace wasn’t around to bring him back.

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