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So I was thinking about how Lance would react with the whole Lion musical chair switch thing…and then I thought about how the Black Lion would view Lances reaction. And. You know. Black Paladin Lance endgame.

Black, as the new Paladins called her, saw Blue’s cub often, even before her own kitten had disappeared. Blue’s baby was so sweet always visiting his Lion.

Shiro never visited her.

So, of course, Black paid attention to the new visitor in the Lions Den.

The Paladin would sit criss cross apple sauce, as he called it, in front of Blacks sister as he’d regale Blue with his day. There were clear dramatic embellishments but Black found the little cub endearing, with how he flailed his tiny limbs and painted Blues claws. He seemed to have some self confidence issues as well, and the Red kit seemed to get angry at him whenever he saw hik in the Den.

The cub didn’t stop dropping by after the Paladins and their Princess decided to shuffle things around either, the kitten would visit with Red, doing his best to bond with the temperamental lion, but he never forgot Blue.

He also never yelled at Red.

Black wasn’t very fond of Red’s Paladin. Red was bitter because her kit no longer spent time with her, but she seemed to be growing attached to Blue’s kitten.

Black was envious of Red and Blue both, Yellow and Green were content as neither had to play musical paladins.

It was silly that the five humans and two Alteans thought they had any choice in the matter of who piloted them. Blue especially had taken her time selecting her Paladin, a whole 10, 000 years.

Black just wished the Red kit and the Princess would stop prancing around as if she would actually let the kit pilot her.

She’d much prefer Blue’s cub. This caused some strife between her and her sisters, Red wishing to make her lot jealous, Blue just wanting her cub back for herself.

In all honesty Black just didn’t want the Red Paladin to pilot her because Shiro thought he was the one to pick his replacement. Black would have to go through a few more training techniques before she wold be satisfied when the humans and Aliens found Shiro.

But it would take them far to much time to find Shiro if they kept trying to get Reds Paladin pilot her. If they wanted Shiro they should give her Lance. She wanted to get her claws done like Red and Blue!

Black was completley allowed to be kitish every once in a millenia.

Black growled as the Red kit banged his fists against he barrier, what did he hop to get from this? Black walled over to where Blue and Red were sitting she was done with the Red cub.

The Red Paladin followed after her, clearly indignant. Black ignored him and Greens giggles. Blue nuzzled her gently, trying to provide some comfort. Red merely Mooney after her Paladin.

The red cub yelled a little longer before stalking off, almost crashing into the sweet Blue kitten. Black, Blue and Red sat up a little straighter, purring excitedly as the kit made his way to them. Green and Yellow wandered over curiously.

Black turned to Blue, doing her best to plead with her eyes. Yellow nudged the cub with her muzzle, poKing him with her claws.

The Blue kit looked at the Lions in awe. Black smiled appreciatively with the rest of her pride. Yes, this was a good cub. Nice amount of fear and adoration.

Blue sighed dramatically and plucked up her cub in her mouth, placing the terrified and flailing kitten onto Black’s nose. Black beamed.

The kitten fainted.

For everyone wondering, no. Seeing hundreds of flags being waved in support of those who lost their lives being who they were. And watching Harry and Sarah and Clare and Mitch and Adam react and seeing the side stage managers just smiling and looking on in awe. And how proud everyone looked and how happy and content every LGBTQ+ fan that I encountered. Wasn’t easier than seeing the videos. I’ve never had so many people openly crying and coming out to me at one time. You all did that. Harry does that. My heart is so full.

Sharing Is Caring

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hey! Can you write a JeffxReader? Where the reader is Clay sister (and have a secret crush on Jeff), someday she was going to sleep in Hanna’s house, but for some reason she didn’t stay to sleep and when she go home she find Jeff slepping in her bed. You can choose how it ends. Thank you! :D”

Words: 1.247

A/N: I am happy that I received a Jeff imagine! Although I didn’t want to leave Hannah alone, because I can imagine the reader being on the tapes after because of it. Yup, I am a little bit paranoid. Sorry. Anyways, I hope you like it and I would be grateful if you send other requests!
Thank you.

- G. x

Link: Part 2

Warning: (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

“Oh my God, you seriously like Jeff Atkins?” Hannah exclaimed excitedly and energetically as she knew the secret you’ve been keeping for years.

“Who wouldn’t like him?” You stated as if it was normal to like Jeff. Well, he was good looking, kind and funny. He had the characteristics you were looking for a boy and you knew that he was the one when you met him.

“Aw, I hope he likes you back.” Hannah honestly said as she played with your (Y/H/C) hair while you both sat on her comfortable double bed. You decided to have a sleepover because it has been awhile since you last spent time together. She was one of your close friends and you loved her presence.

“Well, he’s older than me and I am out of his league.” You shrugged your shoulders as you felt a little bit down for what you’ve just said.

“Oh, cut it off! You are beautiful, intelligent and sweet, it is impossible to not fall in love with you.” Hannah comforted you as she praised you with her sincere words.

“Aw, Hannah.” You looked at her with a wide smile and you hugged her. “Thank you.”

“It was the truth.” She hugged you back as a nice friend she was.

“Talking of these boys,” You started as you broke the hug and she hid her face behind her hands as she already knew the next question. “how are you and my older brother, Clay?” You flashed a smirk and you saw her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my God, I knew it.” She laughed, still having her face hidden. “We’re friends, (Y/N). We work at the movie theatre and we talk at school, that’s it.”

“Jesus, Clay never asked you out?” You shook your head for your disappointment because you rooted for them being together. You considered Clay and Hannah as a perfect couple.

“He’s shy.” Hannah shortly answered.

“But it’s not an excuse! I would slap that dork silly, seriously.” You unleashed a long and deep sigh because Hannah seemed disappointed too and her being dismayed was one of the things you wouldn’t want to see. “I’ll talk to him, because I know that he likes you too, a lot!”

“Geez, really?” Hannah smiled widely and you nodded happily as her happiness came back once again.

“You can count on that!” You winked at her and she bit her lower lip. You stared at each other and you both let out some soft giggles for no reason, but it was interrupted as you heard some noise coming from the living room.

There was a discussion happening between Hannah’s parents and you could tell that she felt embarrassed for it. She hated it when they fought and having a friend hearing their complaints wasn’t one of the things that she wanted to happen.

“Are you okay, Hannah?” You worriedly asked and she just shook it off, obviously avoiding herself to ask you some help.

“(Y/N), do you mind if we cancel this sleepover?” She fidgeted with her warm blankets as she was nervous for your possible reaction.

“Oh no, it’s fine for me if you don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I would stay to cheer you up, but I will give you space if you want.” You sympathetically said as you understood her situation.

“I am fine, really.” She assured you. “I will call you if I ever need some help. Thank you.”

“Don’t bother to call me, okay?” You reminded her once again as you got up from her bed. You gathered your things and you put them in your backpack.

“Noted.” She smiled widely at you, not minding her parents anymore. She got up too and you both went outside her room as she led you to the house’s front door. Her parents stopped throwing shit at each other as they saw you going away and you could say that they felt guilty because of it.

“Good night, Hannah.” You sweetly greeted. “Call me or text me, okay? I am always here.”

“I know and I thank you for that.” She hugged you and you responded to it by hugging her back. “Good night.” She then let you go.

“Good night, see you tomorrow.” You said as you unlocked your bike’s chains. You then rode it as you said goodbye to Hannah once again. She watched you as you started to pedal way back home.

During your journey, you thought of Hannah’s family situation and you knew that it wasn’t your business but you wanted to help her. You wanted to help her, because you didn’t want for it to be one of the reasons she would feel sad or disappointed. Her life was already hard and you didn’t want for her to carry another problem on her back.

Once you arrived home, you silently went to your room, not wanting to wake anybody up. You plopped your things on your desk and you let yourself fall on the bed carelessly.

“What the fuck, Clay?!” You heard a deep voice complaining and you were shocked, mostly scared, for a moment. You were afraid to move, but you quickly searched for the lamp that rested on your bedside table and you turned the lights on. “Oh, it’s you (Y/N)!”

“What the hell are you doing in my room, Jeff?” You corrugated your forehead as you wondered why. You liked Jeff, but you knew that you had the right to be furious after what happened.

“Clay said that you were staying at Hannah’s!” Jeff sat up as he covered his shirtless body. “Boys can have sleepover too, duh!”

“Jeez!” You laughed even though you were annoyed. “I am sleeping on the couch downstairs then.”

“No, I am sleeping there. This is your bed and it’s not okay to let a woman sleep uncomfortably.” He ranted as he searched for his shirt and wore it soon after.

“It’s okay, Jeff. Stay here.” You flashed him a smile and you got up from your bed, ready to go out of the room.

“No!” Jeff protested. “We can share! It’s a double bed and I can sleep on one side and you on the other.”

“Hmm?” You raised an eyebrow as you considered his proposal.

“Only if it’s okay with you. If not, I am sleeping on the couch.” He smiled as he scratched his nape.

“Alright, I’ll share my bed with you.” You went back on the bed and you sat on your space. “Only because I don’t want for you to be uncomfortable, okay?”

“Alright, (Y/N).” You could bet that you saw him smirking before you turned the lights off.

“No malice, Jeff!” You slapped his muscular arm and he just let out a laugh. Oh, how much you loved that laughter. “Thank my parents because they taught us that sharing is caring.”

“I’m thanking Lainie and Matt tomorrow, don’t worry.” He jokingly answered and you just giggled because of it. “Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Jeff.” You smiled while you had your eyes closed. You couldn’t believe it, so you had a hard time drifting in your sleep, same for Jeff.

You were happy that you had a chance to share the bed with your ultimate crush and both knew that you would wake up hugging each other, but who cares? You both liked each other, you just had no guts to admit it and this is a great coincidence to show the affection to each other.

Title: Bumps and Bruises
Character: Steve Harrington
A/n: I love this fluffy haired man and i think he deserves a lot more than the fandom gives him credit for. (yes he was an ass at first but he had fantastic development) so enjoy some fluff for the fluff boi.

You were sitting up in your bedroom, surrounded by an open box and a couple things of wires tangled nearby while you held an open instruction booklet in your hands. Your dad had surprised you with a new record player since he accidentally broke the other one when he insisted he didn’t need a handyman to fix the crack in your ceiling.

Let’s just say it didn’t end well for him or the old player.

Trouble was, you were on your own for the day and you had no idea how to set it up.

You were just about to plug in the red wire when you heard the doorbell go off.

“Mom probably forgot her wallet again.” You mumbled as you pushed yourself off the ground before heading down the stairs.

You opened your door instead to see Steve Harrington standing there with a large Coke can pressed against his one eye. His hair was all over the place and you could see the cuts on his lip and nose.

“You look awful.” You said, helping inside.

“Well you look wonderful,” He said with a smile before he grimaced in pain. “Thought I’d stop by and say hello.”

You watched him collapse onto your living room sofa. “Here, let me see it.” You told him, moving to stand in front of him.

You went to take the can but Steve moved away. “Steve Harrington, let me see.”

“No, you’re just gonna make it worse, or freak out and yell at me. He complained, shuffling around the couch as you tried to keep him still.

“Make it worse? Don’t be such a baby and give me the can.”

Steve pulled the can down and gave you a deadpanned expression. “Happy?”

Your eyes went wide at the side of the huge cut on his cheek, he had blood all over his face and some messy brusies on his hands.

You gently took the can from him and set it aside. “I’m no medical professional, but I don’t think a lukewarm Coke can is gonna solve your problem.”

You gave him a light tap on the shoulder and gestured for him to stand up. “Come on, I have a first aid kit in the bathroom upstairs,” You told him as you helped him stand. “Besides my mom had the carpet washed and if you get blood on it she’ll kill me, so.”


“Here, we have to clean you off first,” You told him, turning the bathroom lights on while you had him sit on the edge of the bathtub. “It’ll get infected if you let it go.”

Steve just hummed, only lightly flinching when the rag would graze over the cuts too harshly, to which you would apologize and try to be more gentle.

“Keep this there, I’m gonna see if we have any antibiotic stuff,” You pressed a cold cloth to his cut and placed his hand over it. “Maybe you could explain to me what happened?”

“It’s nothing.” He said, his voice quiet.

“I mean jesus, Steve. You have a huge cut on your face along with a good other number of injuries. That’s not nothing.” You told him while you placed neosporin on clean rag.

“I was just being an asshole and got punched by a kid, it started this big thing and here we are.” He told you, keeping his eyes on his hands.

“Ah, so you deserved it then?” You said with a smile, lightly bopping the end of his nose with your finger.

That caused Steve to laugh a little as he nodded. “Yeah, I did.”

“Hold still now, this is gonna sting.” You warned him, slowly placing the rag over his cut.

Steve let out a low hiss as he jerked away from your hand. “Holy fuck that hurts.”

“Well I told you,” You said with a small tone of amusement in your voice at his reaction. “Stop moving so much, it won’t hurt as badly then.”

“Whatever you say, Hawkeye.” He said while you placed the rag on the cut again.

“There,” You said, removing the rag and placing a large band-aid on the cut. “That’s probably the worst of it.”

You cleaned the rest of his cuts and used the last of your band-aids on him. When you were done he looked slightly less worse than before, but he did look a little funny.

“I think you have a pretty good survival rate,” You told him with a smile as you put your things away in the kit. “I’d keep an eye on them though.”

“Hold up,” Steve said as you were about to leave the bathroom. “Aren’t you going to kiss them better?”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Really? You want me to kiss it better?”

Steve gave you a dramatic nod like a child would.

You stepped in front of him, placing a kiss over the bandage on his cheek and nose, giving him individual kisses on the cuts on his knuckles. “Better now?”

“You forgot one.” He said cheekily, pointing to the cut on his bottom lip.

You narrowed your eyes at him playfully. “This was your plan all along wasn’t it?”

Steve titled his head and pretended to think for a minute. “Maybe.”

“You’re such a brat.” You told him before you left a small peck on his lips.

When you pulled back Steve’s eyes were still shut then they slowly opened again. “That was a pretty lame kiss, I’ve seen you do better.”

“How would you even-?” You cut yourself off as you shook your head. “You know what don’t answer that, maybe once it heals you’ll get a proper one.”

“Promise?” Steve asked with big, puppy dog eyes as he held out his pinky.

You laughed before you wrapped your pinky around his. “Just ask me nicely.”

You Don’t Have To (but i do)

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The room was silent except for the muted sounds of the storm outside, the steady drum of rain hitting the oversized windows and the thunder rolling ever closer a pale echo of Stiles’ own pulse; his heart was hammering in his chest so loudly that he could hardly hear the speech he was trying to rehearse in his head.

Derek watched him cautiously, expectant but wary from the other end of the worn couch, body turned toward Stiles and a readiness in his posture that meant he was preparing to leap into action if the need were to arise. “You- you said there was something you wanted to tell me? Are you sure that’s all, Stiles? Is something wrong?”

Derek sounds worried, and Stiles wants to rush to reassure him, but the words are stuck behind the ones that have been swirling in his head for what feels like forever. He manages to reach a hand out and rest it on Derek’s wrist where it’s perched on his knee. It isn’t until Derek brings his other hand to clasp over Stiles’ that Stiles realizes his grip is more of a clutch than a comfort. He can’t loosen his fingers though, even with the way Derek’s thumb starts to rub soothingly over the back of Stiles’ knuckles.


It’s the softness of Derek’s voice that gets him, the way his name sounds like a plea when said so quietly in the small space between them. Though really, it’s Derek. It’s always just Derek that brings Stiles running, that brings him back to himself, that pushes him to keep going, be better. It’s Derek and his way of making Stiles want to have more, to be more, that brought Stiles to his door at nearly midnight on a night with the promise of heavy rains.

It’s Derek’s warmth and his once surprising but now accustomed sincerity that made Stiles’ fall in love with him, and it’s those things that finally have the tension in his body melting away enough that he can take a deep breath and begin.

“I was sitting in the diner, and the waitress was being flirted with by this over-eager kid, and she was so obviously irritated, y'know? She was pouring coffee angrily! It was actually impressive, but… Her whole face just screamed ‘I’m annoyed and it’s gross to hit on people at their job’, but she had to be polite, because she’s at work, but she had these eyebrows that could put yours to shame for their vocabulary, and the kid was all hyper energy and elbows,” Derek’s eyebrows are eloquent enough to convey his confusion, but he’s listening intently regardless of how little sense Stiles is making. His patience with Stiles’ rambling has grown to admirable proportions in the years they’ve been friends, it may be another reason Stiles loves him.

“I was watching them, and I thought ‘I almost miss that’ but that’s a lie! I don’t miss that at all! I don’t miss you looking like you’d rather claw your own eyes out than ask me for the time of day, or me being so nervous around you that all I could do was run my mouth. I don’t miss us being barely tolerant acquaintances, I wouldn’t change our friendship for anything. But I needed to tell you before another day ended, I don’t know why, but watching them, I had to tell you right away, that I am stupidly, totally in love with you, and I don’t think I can stop. I don’t want to lose you, I would literally rather give up breathing than not have you in my life; you don’t have to love me back, I totally get it if you don’t, or you can’t. I just. I needed to tell you. I needed you to know that I love you, because on the other side of the diner was this tiny, grumpy old man with kept looking at a photo in his wallet and he had this sad-happy frown, and I don’t want to be alone 50 years from now looking back and feeling like I-”

Stiles is cut off by a burst of delighted laughter from Derek, who is somehow right next to him now, knees touching and Derek’s body leaning into Stiles’ space.

“Wha- Der?” Stiles is too stunned to be scared that he’s messed up– Derek’s laughter always catches Stiles slightly off guard with its audacity. Making him joyful by proxy– but he is uncertain about what it means.

Derek drops Stiles’ hand so that he can cup his face instead. “You are,” Derek chuckles, pressing his thumbs lightly along Stiles’ cheekbones and looking at him with something like awe, “So, so stupid.” He’s still smiling, and before Stiles can make a reflexive indignant scoff, Derek is giving him the softest, most perfect kiss of his entire life.

It’s over before Stiles can blink, but it only ends so Derek can say “I love you, too,” around a smile, and then the kiss resumes in quick presses and slow drags and exploratory swipes of tongue in between shared smiles and bursts of joyful laughter.


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[20] The Last Big Cat – Us, 4x15

Let’s start with the fact that this scene is the first of Rick’s Michonne flashbacks in the Episode That Shall Not Be Rewatched. The scene positions Rick more as observer than participant. The back half of Season 4 consistently sees Michonne helping to restore Carl’s innocence, his childhood, little piece by little piece (following Rick’s lead from early Season 4); this scene epitomizes that. Instinctively it seems, she knows exactly how to bring the best out of Carl – his most childish, his most generous, his most lighthearted self. I think the reason Rick’s logged this one into the memory bank is because what could mean more to him than that? She’s becoming a mother to Carl right before Rick’s eyes, inherently lightening Rick’s load a little.

The expression on his face in the scene is almost awe. Just look at him: the heart eyes, the smile, the way he looks from Carl to Michonne. She’s bringing his son back to him; they’re all saving each other, love reviving humanity. After the distance between Rick and Carl in After, where we’ve seen Carl so angry with his father that he even threw a Shane missile at him, Michonne has become the bridge between them. The air is lighter with her there. Rick’s eyes move between Michonne and Carl in this scene with such affection. He’s basking in the sight of seeing two people smile, the two he loves most. As Carl gives half of the Big Cat back to Michonne, Rick can’t help but smile too – he knows that if he’s got one thing right in this world, it’s what’s right in front of him.

  • Danai: I think there’s something really great about how Michonne gets Carl and she really has a strong heart towards him, because he’s the young man that perhaps her son never got to become, but he’s also a young man who’s really figured out how to handle himself in this really hostile world so she just wants the best for him. When she was going out finding The Governor, she was bringing him back whatever she could find just to keep his life in a way where he could have treats and things that might really lighten the load of the life he has to lead in this realm, but she also really respects how he handles himself, so it’s a very true friendship because she has respect for him and I think he feels that. He feels that “she’s not treating me like a kid”. […] He’s the one who actually brought her into the group. And so, from there on out, they have definitely had a deep and intimate bond. The loss of a child, many will say, is the worst loss one can have, and Carl still steps into that position of giving her a second experience with a young growing man that she lost with her own son. So he really is what opens the gates of her heart to be able to open up to Rick.