aw look at his face


“And his behaviour, so strikingly altered – what could it mean? That he should even speak to her was amazing! – but to speak with such civility, to inquire after her family! Never in her life had she seen his manners so little dignified, never had he spoken with such gentleness as on this unexpected meeting. What a contrast did it offer to his last address in Rosings Park, when he put his letter into her hand! She knew not what to think, nor how to account for it.”

-Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen


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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything

I am like a pile of bones lying on the floor, and no one knows this except me. I am like a broken skeleton with a beating heart.”
He said slowly with a heaviness floating through his words, and at that moment I knew that I desperately wanted to save him. But I also knew that we can’t save people, we can only one love them. But, was I ready to love him? Was I ready to throw my heart towards him once again, knowing that he won’t ever catch it.
Even after all these years, I still loved him. And, I wanted, i truly wanted to pick up his bones and fix them together. I wanted to stitch him a flesh so strong that he would never feel this again.
Wrapped in awe, I looked at him, his face surrounded by terror, his eyes speaking of the wars he lost, his lips trembling, his body tightened by fear. I realized, he was afraid too, he was afraid that he shouldn’t have told me. I suddenly felt wounded. I was wounded in his battle.
I loved someone who could never love me back.
I wanted to tell him, but I simply couldn’t. Because loving him was a luxury I always dreamed of. And, I was happy with that. So, I replied, “I know how you feel.” and walked silently with him in the shadow of the moonlight to a place I didn’t want to go. For I loved him, and sadly I still do.
—  the-story-teller-6  {Rakhi Nasir}
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she wants to say: I wanted to tell you one story. Uh. This is the story of the best meal I’ve ever had in my life, okay. Happened when I was eleven years old in Chicago, IL where I grew up. I went to a place called the Salt & Pepper Diner, uh, with my best friend John. We walk into the diner one day, and they had a jukebox there, okay? And the jukebox was three plays for a dollar. So we put in 7 dollars and selected 21 plays of of Tom Jones’s What’s New Pussycat. And then we ordered and waited.
  • Here’s the thing about when, uh, What’s New Pussycat plays over and over and over and over and over again. The second time it plays, your immediate thought is not ‘hey someone’s playing What’s New Pussycat again.’ It’s ‘hey, What’s New Pussycat is a lot longer than I first thought. The third time it plays you’re thinking maybe someone’s playing What’s New Pussycat again. The fourth time it plays you’re either thinking ‘whoa someone just played What’s New Pussycat FOUR TIMES or at least someone played it twice, and it’s a really long song.’ So the fifth time is the kicker, alright?
  • Now, John and I we’re watching the entire diner at this point, alright? Most people have gotten wind as to what’s going on. And we’re staring at this one guy and he’s sitting in like a booth with his stupid kids jumping around, and he’s like staring at his coffee cup like this, and he’s been onto us since the beginning. And he’s sitting there, and his hand is shaking, and he had this look on his face like, aw, like he had just gotten his thirty day chip from anger management. And he’s staring like this, and the fourth song fades out. It’s dead quiet. Then, I don’t know if you know this, but the song begins very quietly…
  • BWAAAH BWAAAAAH WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT and he goes GOD DAMN IT and pounds on the table, silverware flies everywhere, and it was fantastic. But a word about my best friend John and what a genius he was because when we first walked into the diner, okay? When we first got there and I’m punching in the What’s New Pussycats alright? I’ve punched in like 7 at this point then John says to me ‘hey hey hey before you punch in another What’s New Pussycat let’s drop in one It’s Not Unusual.’
  • Oh yes. That is when the afternoon went from good to great. After seven What’s New Pussycats. In a row - It played seven times. Suddenly - Dum da dum, IT’S NOT UNUSUAL and the sigh of relief that swept through the diner. People were so happy. It was like the liberation of France. You know for years scientists have wondered can you make grown men and women weep tears of joy by playing Tom Jones’s It’s Not Unusual and the answer is yes you can. Provided that it is preceded by seven What’s New Pussycats. It’s true. Dead honest.
  • And on the other hand. When we went back. Holy shit. It’s Not Unusual fade out. It’s dead quiet. BWAAAH BWAAAAH WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT people went insane. People went out of their minds. No one could handle it. No one could handle it. And they were surrounded by this seemingly indifferent staff that was just like ‘yup some crap as always.’
  • They unplugged the jukebox after eleven plays. And that was the best meal I ever had.

every westallen scene ever (123/?)

Heart.Beat (Reader x  Lúcio Correia dos Santos)

A/N: Lúcio tho. Happy Valentine’s.

Originally posted by chunli

Okay. You could do this. You gave yourself a little pep talk as you rounded the corner with the little package in hand. Easy. Even if you just shoved it into his hands and ran it’d be fine because then at least you gave your present to him and it’d be fine.

“Hey Lúcio—” You started as you saw the DJ, but—

“Heya!” He greeted you with his brilliant smile and waved you over, but there was a problem because Hana and Zenyatta were with him. “Come join us! Hana and I were just about to show Zenyatta the new Mario Kart.” There was a mischievous glint in Lúcio’s eyes; the same look was reflected in Hana’s expression. Zenyatta seemed oblivious as ever and you wondered if the omnic knew what he was getting into.

“A-Ahaha…” You laughed nervously and quickly hid the present behind you back. “No, that’s okay. Sorry for interrupting!” Dammit. You very slowly backed away, ignoring the trio’s curious looks and quickly dashed away.

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Skelebros Relationship Headcanons

I’ve been listening to “Here Comes A Thought” from Steven’s Universe for a while and it has thoroughly infested my brain. And we’ve had a lot of angst on my blogs for a while now, so have some fluff.

- Blushes whenever you kiss his forehead. Any sweet and affectionate gesture makes him turn bright blue.

- At the first party you two go to, he asks you to dance. He’s all fumbly and awkward, and he steps on your toes a lot.

- The first little gift you get from him is a card. One of those friendship Hallmark cards you get at the convenience store, It’s got a pun on it. He put a sweet heart candy in it.

- He takes you window shopping a lot. You two don’t always have the money to buy everything you like, but he likes seeing how you get all excited when you see something cool.

- The first argument you two have is probably over something minor in hindsight, but seemed like a big deal then. Sans leaves for a while to cool down. And when he comes back and the two of you make up, he kisses your cheek.


- He’s always singing or humming, but if you ask him to sing something for you, he starts blushing and tripping over the words.

- When you have a nightmare, he holds you in his lap and rocks you back and forth, humming softly to you until you fall back asleep.

- He usually tries to go all out when he gets you presents, but he’s bad at shopping for other people. But while he might not find the perfect thing, all of his gifts are thought-out and full of love.

- He’s a surprisingly good dancer, as you find out when you go to a formal party. He can waltz, and you spend the night dancing with him, but since he’s so tall he quite literally sweeps you off your feet a few times when you turn.

- He loves giving you piggy-back rides, and he loves to mess with you during them. Sometimes he’ll pretend you’re really heavy and that he’s going to fall over. One time he did, but instead of dropping you or squishing you, he just fell on his face rather than risk hurting you.


- He loves you so much and he wants you to know that. He tells you that he loves you constantly. Sometimes when you’re just sitting on the couch watching some show, he’ll just randomly say “I love you”

- He likes just sort of laying next to you. Not doing anything in particular, just laying near you and maybe holding hands holding hands.

-  When the two of you are sitting around, sometimes he bumps his feet against yours. No real reason, he just likes being near you. And it makes him happy, when he reminds himself that you’re actually there. He still can’t believe you’re actually here with him.

- He likes playing with your hair, no matter how short or long it is. Sometimes he just pets you. He likes scruffing up your hair, it makes you look cute when you’re all fluffed up.

- A lot of the ways he shows he cares is by making sure you take care of yourself. Sometimes he just drags you away from work to sit on the floor and do a puzzle, sometimes he makes you a snack. A lot of the times he just talks to you. About anything or nothing, or just whatever.


- A lot of the time you spend together, he just looks at you. Not touching you or talking to you, just looking at you with this look of awe on his face.

- He’s usually pretty lazy, but when you’re together, sometimes he’ll just pick you up. No reason. He’ll just swing you into a bridal style carry and kiss you.

- When he comes home from Muffet’s he always has a bag of food with him. It’s always your favorite. No matter how unhealthy, or uncommon. Even if you know for a fact Muffet doesn’t cook that dish.

- Sometimes if there’s only one chair left in the room, he’ll try to sit next to you on the same chair. Even if it’s way too small, he’ll give it a shot. It doesn’t help that no matter what sort of pretzel you two make all smooshed together, he usually falls asleep.

- He lets you win in Mario Kart, and Smash Bros.


- He likes holding your hand, just running his thumb over your knuckles. Sometimes he’ll sneak a quick kiss onto the back of your hand.

- The first date you two go on is actually a picnic. He brought Grillby’s to eat of course, but the two of you sit in Waterfall and munch on fries. You get distracted, but then you feel something being put on your head. It’s a crown of echo flowers.

- Sans is actually pretty good at fixing things. If you  just have to be your knight in shining armor.” need your car’s oil changed, he can do it. He tries to teach you how to change a tire, but eventually he just gives up and throws an arm around your shoulder. “well, we tried. guess i’ll just have to be your handy-man”

- Getting him to do anything romantic in public is hard, but sometimes when people are distracted, he’ll give you a quick smooch.

- When Christmas comes along, you discover his one true weakness. He can’t tie a ribbon for anything. He actually ties his hand into the bow, and you have to untangle him. He does manage to tie a ribbon you saved from Valentine’s day around your wrist. It says “I <3 you”


- He’s likes putting his head on your shoulder. Just laying his head there and closing his eyes.

- When you’re feeling down about yourself, he’ll sit next to you. And then he’ll list everything good about you. Everything.

-The first time you see him relax is when you’re watching some mind-numbing game show on T.V. He slowly just melts into the couch, and he scoots closer to you. Eventually he just leans his head on your shoulder and sighs happily.

- He love writing love notes to you. Pretty much every week you find a new note, with a flower laid on top of it. The house is pretty much overrun with flowers by now. He buys you bouquet after bouquet of flowers.

- He puts a lot of effort into his cooking. He tries to learn new dishes, especially ones you like. He makes you sweets, or hearty, healthy meals. His favorite thing is sharing a meal with you, even if it’s just a ham sandwich.


- When you fall asleep on the couch, you always wake up to him laying next to you, curled into your side.

- He steals the blankets all the time, but sometimes. Only sometimes. He lets you take out one of the really old, really warm quilts he’s had forever. He likes showing you all the different patterns, and even though he doesn’t really know their meaning, he likes guessing them.

- When you two kiss for the first time, he has to stand on a chair. He nearly tips over, and you have to catch him. And when you’re holding him steady, that’s when he realizes he loves you.

- He always takes you on really elaborate dates. All the time. He puts a lot of effort into them, but sometimes they don’t work out. So he goes with his back-up plan. And the two of you order Chinese food and watch weird game shows.

- When he hugs you, he always bumps his forehead against your’s


- He always gives you his jacket if you look even the slightest bit cold.

- Whenever you fall asleep on the couch, you wake up in your bed, tucked in. Sometimes there’s even a glass of water and a snack on your bedside table.

- He really likes doing little, sappy romantic gestures. If there’s condensation on a window, he’s put a heart with the two of your names in it. Sometimes he serenades you. Other times he picks you up and swing you around and around.

- He takes you on a lot of outdoorsy dates. He teaches you how to ice-skate, and when you trip and fall on top of him he just laughs and kisses your nose. Then he has you hold onto him while he skates you around the lake.

- He likes writing on you. When your reading, sometimes he’ll just take a pen and doodle on your skin. He draws little flowers,and smiley faces. And he’ll let you doodle on him too. He likes having matching drawings on each other, kind of like temporary tattoos

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me - Part 5

[A/N: Okay so here is the penultimate chapter! This includes the teaser that was posted last week! Quite angsty but things are only going to get better from here. The next chapter is the final one and the resolve, I’ve already got it all planned out and I already love it so I hope you will to! Thank you for reading this fic, hope this part was worth the wait!]

Word Count: 1615

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

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Calling Your Name

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader (before OotP)
Warning(s): Draco’s seriously sick
Requested: No

“I am sorry to bother your potions class, Professor Snape, but I am in need of one of your students.” Professor McGonagall spoke from the doorway.

“I’m already missing one, why do you feel the need to take another from my class?” Snape answered with the same annoyed voice he always used. Y/N rolled her eyes as she added a few shavings of a silvery leaf into her potion.

“It’s because of the student that you’re missing. I am sorry, Professor Snape, but I need this student.” she replied sternly. “Miss Y/L/N, I need you to come with me.”

“Me?” Y/N looked up at the two professors in shock.

"Yes, take your things except for your cauldron and potion supplies. I doubt you will be back to any of your classes today.” The woman waited while Y/N packed up her things, leaving the potion for her desk mate to finish.

"Am I in trouble, Professor?” Y/N asked nervously. She hoisted her bag higher onto her shoulders as they left the classroom in the dungeons.

"No, my dear, you are not. Come with me.” Professor McGonagall smiled at the girl beside her. “You’re just needed in the hospital wing.”

Y/N was confused, but Professor McGonagall said no more about it. They soon reached the huge double doors that led to the wing and the woman opened them for the two of them to enter.

"Minerva! Did you find her?” Madam Pomfrey asked.

"I did indeed. Y/N, Madam Pomfrey will explain everything to you.” Professor McGonagall pushed the girl further into the wing slightly, then left.

"Why am I here? I’m not sick.” Y/N said. Madam Pomfrey laughed.

"Of course not, dear. You’re here to see one of my patients, Draco Malfoy.” she explained. “He’s been calling out your name in his sleep all day while he’s been feverish. I understand that you two are very good friends?”

"Yes, he’s my best friend. Can I see him?” Y/N asked.

"Of course.” The woman led her over to a bed surrounded by a curtain and opened it a bit to allow Y/N to get inside. She gasped once she saw him.

"Oh, Draco.” she murmured. He had mentioned feeling sick the day before, but she had told him to sleep. He looked awful today, his almost white hair matted and sticking to his pale face with sweat. He moaned something unintelligible in his sleep and Madam Pomfrey smiled wistfully.

"You can stay, if you’d like. His brow needs mopping and his neck and chest if he gets too hot. I don’t think he’d mind if you helped. I’ll just be right back with a bowl of water and a couple rags.”

"Yes, of course I’ll stay. Thank you for getting me.” Y/N mumbled as she sat down on the edge of his bed. He mumbled something else that sounded suspiciously like her name and she smiled. “Yes, Draco, I’m here.”

She took his hand while she waited for Madam Pomfrey to come back with the things.

Draco was breathing heavily, his hands cold and clammy. Madam Pomfrey appeared again with the bowl and a small pile of rags and handed them to Y/N. “Thank you.” she murmured.

Then she picked up a rag, dipped it in the cool water, and started dabbing his sweaty head and neck with it. She didn’t know how long she’d sat there, just tending to him and listening to his feverish ramblings, but she didn’t care how long she sat there. His fever hadn’t gone down, and Madam Pomfrey had come in to check on him and cast spells to try to break it, but it wasn’t helping.

"Y/N,” Draco mumbled a bit more coherently, and Y/N took his hand again.

"I’m here, darling.” she murmured.

"Love you, Y/N.” he mumbled again, his eyes opening for a second and closing. Y/N looked at him in shock, but continued cleaning his forehead and neck. “Y/N.”

She hardly listened anymore, focusing on getting his fever to go down. Then she fell asleep, the cold rag resting on his chest through the unbuttoned section of his pajamas, her body leaning on his side as she collapsed on the side of his bed.

She woke to someone petting her hair, and opened her eyes weakly to see Draco’s eyes staring at her.

"Draco,” she mumbled as she sat up with a smile, “you’re awake. How are you feeling?”

"Like crap.” he croaked. Y/N stretched out her hand to test his temperature on his forehead.

"No fever.” she breathed out. “You were scaring me, you know. I’ve never seen you that sick before.”

"I’m sorry.” he mumbled as he tried to sit up a bit more. “How long have you been here?”

"Since yesterday morning. You were talking, calling out for me. That’s why they called me here. If you were wondering.” Y/N murmured, fiddling with her fingers.

Draco looked at her carefully, attempting to gauge her reaction for anything strange he might have said while half-conscious.

"What else did I say?” he asked quietly.

"You said you loved me.” she finally answered. "Is that—”

“What?” he asked when she cut herself off.

"Is that true?” Draco looked at her and nodded before taking her hand.

"Yeah, yeah it is.”

Y/N smiled softly and kissed the palm of his clammy hand. “I love you too.”

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hoechlbutt  asked:

valentine's day fic prompt: first anniversary <3

This was supposed to be a short little ficlet but it turned into an almost 6k mess, so I hope you enjoy it, Charlie! (also on ao3!)

Derek had never celebrated an anniversary before. At least, not an anniversary for a romantic relationship.

In the past, he had never had the opportunity nor the necessity to. But now that he was dating Stiles, and had been for exactly a year now, he finally did.

Precisely a decade ago, way back in high school, he had only ever dated one person seriously and that had been Paige. Despite the fact that they had been together for several months, they had never celebrated an anniversary.

They had been too busy making out behind the bleachers and passing love notes and secretive looks in class, too preoccupied with being stupid teenagers to worry about anniversaries. Not when they could be focused on thinking about the next time they could slip away to some vacant broom closet or the backseat of a friend’s car.

And then Derek had made one of the worst, most disastrous decisions of his life, getting the idea in his head that things would be so much better if his girlfriend was a werewolf like him. Poor Paige had ended up dead, buried in the middle of the woods away from her family and friends in an unmarked grave by the Nemeton.

The only anniversary present she ever got from him was a funeral bouquet.

He had no anniversary to speak of with Kate. They had never even really been dating in the first place. It had taken him a long time, years, as a matter of fact, to finally realize that.

She had just been using. A much older woman seducing a vulnerable, naive teenager, manipulating him with sex for her own gains.

Unfortunately, it was only after the fire and years of intensive therapy that he realized she was nothing more than a monster.

It was almost the exact same situation with Jennifer, or rather Julia or whatever the hell her real name was. All she had done was use him for her own nefarious purposes, using a bit of dark magic to help her turn him into a pawn.

Luckily, he had come to terms with the fact that she too was nothing more than some kind of heartless monster. He wasn’t sure if it hurt more or less that time.

But it was different with Stiles. They were dating. Really dating. And it was wonderful. He didn’t think he had ever been happier.

After the frankly terrifying ordeal with the Nogitsune, the whole debacle nearly costing Stiles his life, Derek had finally mustered up enough courage and gall to act on his feelings for the beautiful, brave, infuriating boy. Steeling his nerves with a deep breath, Derek had thrown caution to the wind and strode right up to Stiles, carefully grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and kissing the daylights out of him.

Looking back, Derek had to admit that his timing had been absolutely terrible considering the fact that they had been in the middle of a crowded hospital room, right in front of the Sheriff and the rest of the pack. Admittedly, he hadn’t thought much about that, too busy making sure that Stiles knew how much he cared about him.

And if that meant that they shared their first kiss in front of all of their loved ones then so be it. He certainly didn’t regret it. Especially since shortly thereafter they had begun officially dating.

With turnabout being fair play, a few days after their first kiss, Stiles had strolled up to him in the middle of an important pack meeting to grab him by the lapels and tug him into a deep kiss. The chorus of raucous wolf whistles and fake gagging from the pack that greeted their kiss did absolutely nothing to detract from how meaningful and amazing it was.

Pulling back from the kiss, his big brown eyes still closed as he licked his lips, Stiles whispered a soft request, inquiring if Derek would like to go out to dinner with him sometime, maybe that upcoming Saturday. Derek had eagerly, suggesting one of the local Mom and Pop diners that he knew Stiles loved, drinking in the smile on Stiles’ gorgeous face with a beaming grin of his own when he said yes.

And now, exactly a year into their relationship, Derek was busy making preparations for what was both his and Stiles’ first anniversary and the first anniversary he had ever gotten to celebrate.

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Haven’t Seen Her

Title: Haven’t Seen Her

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x fem!reader

Word Count: 1766 

Summary: Jack has a new girlfriend?

A/N: This story is told as the reader is female. For my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

Originally posted by riciehmon

Jack had a new girlfriend. The internet was buzzing, his community talking about it on every form of social media. Who had managed to catch the eye of the sweet, loud, Irish boy? More importantly, how had they not noticed? The clues should have been as clear as day, not to mention all the times he mentioned you.

       The first time he mentioned you, it was a passing remark. No one really took notice of it, too occupied laughing and focused on what the Irish man was doing. Smiling, he held up a handful of containers, and a small note with scribbles on it.

       “So, I got my make up here that was so generously loaned to me. (Y/N) put a little list here for me so I knew what order to put them on.”

       The second time was a few months later, when he was doing a new and improved house tour. Not much changed, though it was always entertaining to watch the shaky camera and the happy voice accompanying it.

       “This plant is very pretty. Its not mine though, I’m just watching over it while (Y/N) visits her family.”

       Yet, the fans still didn’t seem to pick up on anything. Sure, there were a few comments here and there about what he had said, but they were buried deep in the comments section, covered by links and click bait ads.

       The third time sparked interest within his community, more and more people noticing your name popping up here and there, casually as if he had already told them who you were. Had he? Or was this a new development?

       “What’s my favourite memory of 2015? Oh, that’d have to be the time a bunch of my friends and I went on a group camping trip. It was amazing. I never really get to hang out with people as much, not that I’m complaining or anything. It was just nice to get away for the weekend. (Y/N) and I had canoed down the river, and almost got lost if it wasn’t for her being smart enough to bring a compass.”

       By now, theories began to pop up. Did Jack get a girlfriend? An old family friend? A neighbour? No one could figure it out, and Jack had given them no clues. People began writing stories, drawing art, trying to guess who you were and what you looked like. It wasn’t until the four incident, when they finally got some clue into who you were.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye!”

       Thousands of people watched in confusion as Jack sat in front of the screen, his face being the only thing seen, awe and confusion on his face as he looked off screen, and not the game that was put in the title. That wasn’t the only thing that was off. The voice of the intro, however, wasn’t his. It was a woman’s voice, melodic and teasing as she practically screamed the line he was known for. Jack laughed, slouching over the table slightly before quickly standing up, only the corner of his jaw seen of his face, whispering something to someone off screen. There was a laugh, then Jack getting pushed back into view of the camera, before the video reset, playing the intro as it should have been, as if nothing had happened. An arm, a hand, and a glimpse of hair was all they got, but it was enough to explode the internet.  

       The fifth incident was different than the others. It was a vlog, nothing too unusual for Jack to do every now and then. However, this time, he stood in front of a hair salon, his green hair faded so much it was practically yellow.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to another vlog! I know I’ve been doing quite a few of these lately, but this time, I’ve brought you to the hairdresser! Tons of people asked me to show me going to get my haired dyed, and the process of it. And in order to not bore myself. I’ve brought along a friend!”

       There was a cheerful hello in the background, but Jack hadn’t turned the camera, the voice hidden, and the person unknown. Was this (Y/N)? The girl that had started showing up in Jacks videos more and more? The audience waited in anticipation, enjoying themselves already.

       The video continues, Jack doing things here and there, cracking a few jokes and introducing the lady who was dying his hair. However, it was soon obvious whom he had brought with him, as the same name rang out half way through, and a woman walking behind Jack as he filmed himself looking in the mirror. The mystery girl had returned. Fans eagerly watched, hoping to catch another glimpse of her. However, the only thing they got was Jack retelling a joke you had said, or repeating a funny comment while you laughed in the background. It wasn’t until the end, when you were revealed again.

       “Don’t I look soooooo pretty!”

       Jack’s voice was high pitched, hands pulling your hair so it curled over his head, which was partially dyed to match his, as he smiled sweetly into the camera. You laughed from behind him, quickly stealing the camera, and your hair back, from his hands and flipping the camera to filming him. However, the camera had turned to your face, and for a split second, the world saw your face.

       Twitter blew up minutes after the vlog was posted, the hashtag #WhoIsJack’sNewGirlfriend? spread like wildfire, single shots of your blurry face everywhere.

       The sixth mention, wasn’t as much as a mention, but more a video. The video was titled “HAPPY WHEELS CHALLENGE…WITH A GUEST?!?!”, no mention of who it was, or if they had been on a video with him before. Fans spectated the video, starting with the intro, just as it always was. However, the camera was placed differently, so that Jack was completely visible till his waist. His arms were behind him, and two smaller hands replaced them, high-fiving the air beside the camera. Jack laughed as the hand totally failed, but continued to do his intro.

       "Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to…HAPPY WHEELS! I have a very special guest with me today, (Y/N)! And this is a very stupid video we decided to do, because why not?! I’m going to have my arms behind my back, and (Y/N) is going to control the game for me, but she can’t see a thing! Hopefully this wont be a total disaster!“

       The video was full of laughs, screams, and Jacks new hands smacking his shoulder several times, which just made them laugh harder. It was hard not to laugh along, especially when Jack kept screaming while (Y/N) tried to do a spike fall. The fans hoped that they could at least see a small view of your face, however, Jacks back and shoulders covered everything that could have been seen.

       The seventh and final instance, was when the truth came out.

       Jack was filming another reading your comments video, a half a year after you were first mentioned. He started the first few as he normally did, a few silly one, a few serious ones with silly answers, and one serious one. And then, the moment of truth.

“Jack, can you please tell us who (Y/N) is? You’ve mentioned her a lot recently, and I know I’m not the one wondering. I’ve seen a lot of these comments recently, and yes, I have seen them and haven’t answered them. (Y/N) is a very special person to me, and I respect her enough not to be forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She enjoys her privacy, and can be shy sometimes, so I don’t want to be forcing her to sit with me on camera, or be constantly filming what we do. When (Y/N) and I hang out, I don’t have to pretend with her. Not that I’m saying I pretend when I talk to you guys, but when I film, I constantly have to make things interesting, keep the energy going. (Y/N) is my rock, and I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. When she’s ready, maybe she’ll introduce herself to you, but for now, please don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do. If you haven’t figured it out, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost eight months now, and honestly I’m so happy. I love her to death, and I hope you guys will love her just as much as I do. Okay, maybe not that much.”

       He ended the question with a giggle, and that was that.
       Of course you were mentioned more and more over the course of the year, Jacks face lighting up at your name and the stories he told. He apologized most of the time when a story got away from him about the two of you, but instead if receiving hate or comments that told him they didn’t want to hear stories about you, all the comments were positive. They loved hearing stories about you, about the life Jack had outside of YouTube. As soon as he started mentioning you, others did as well. Mark, Felix, and even Ken mentioned you at least once in their videos, excited for Jack and happy that he found someone to love as much as they had. Mark of course had to be the odd man out and have a whole story on one of his videos, but the fans loved it, laughing about how you got lost at the mall with them and had to huddle next to him until you two managed to find Jack again.

       It wasn’t until a year and a half later, when you were finally introduced to the world. It wasn’t a video like most hoped, a picture was what revealed you. Your face wasn’t in it completely, you were turned away, just the side of your face being seen, but Jack was full center. The pictured seemed almost better than a video when everyone saw the smiles on yours and Jacks face as he held your hand up, a ring on your ring finger sparkling in the light, did they realize that they didn’t need to see you to know that you made Jack incredibly happy. And that was enough for them.

Happy Birthday H | Bright Red | Harry Styles One Shot

Morning. Just a little birthday one shot seeing as it is a certain someone’s birthday. Hope you enjoy it. Ixx

The excitement really hit you as the plane touched the ground in LA, you were there. It had started when you first booked your ticket, what felt like months ago but really had only been days. It had increased when you finally sat down on the plane and had stopped you from getting any decent sleep the whole flight. But now, as you were sat in the passenger seat of Glenne’s car it was tumbling inside of you like a wave. It would settle for a few moments but then quickly rise before crashing down and giving you a shiver of anticipation.

You were glad for the sunshine that was warming your face that would have been numb from the January weather had you still been in London. It was a welcome relief, as you walked out of the airport with Glenne towards her car, to be able to forget about your coat and drape it over your suitcase. As soon as you’d stepped off the plane you’d grabbed the sunglasses Harry had bought you from your bag, and you hadn’t put them away yet. It wasn’t particularly warm for LA, it wasn’t summer after all, but to you who hadn’t been out of London for months it was positively tropical.

Glenne offered to take you back to hers first to freshen up but you declined. A shower could wait, despite the tiredness and clagginess you were feeling, you just wanted to get to Harry and see the look on his face when he saw you. You’d told him you wouldn’t be able to make it out for his birthday before he’d even left and again the previous day. You felt awful when you saw the saddened look on his face, especially when you knew it was a lie. Originally you weren’t sure you would be able to make it so you thought it would be best to tell him you couldn’t so you wouldn’t let him down. When you’d found out you would be able to make it out to LA for his birthday Jeff had suggested keeping it quiet and surprising him. You couldn’t resist, even when you heard the reserved understanding tone in Harry’s voice. He was understanding but if it was up to him you’d be by his side every single day but in particular on his birthday.

Glenne pulled up outside the recording studio. You’d been there before, Harry had recorded in the same studio with One Direction on the odd occasion and you’d been there with him once. You thanked Glenne, telling her you’d see her later as she handed you your bags and you made your way into the studio. You followed the corridor down to the room at the back. It was exactly like you remembered. The producer, who you half recognised from a brief introduction in London, was sat at the desk and looked up and smiled as you entered. Due to the design of the room, Harry couldn’t see out to the desk from where he was stood in the recording booth. The producer greeted you with a hug and asked all the polite questions, how are you, how was your flight? And you responded accordingly.

You sat down next to him and he handed you some headphones which you placed over your head, Harry’s voice filling your ears. He sounded as perfect as he always did. He’d told you he’d be recording this morning and you’d commented that didn’t sound like the best way to spend his birthday but he’d told you, as you anticipated, he didn’t mind too much. He enjoyed recording and it needed to be done. You’d hoped he’d be having a lazy morning at home so you could surprise him there but now you were in the studio and listening to him finally recording the songs he’d been writing and working on for months, you were glad he wasn’t.

‘That sounds great H.’ The producer commented as Harry finished and his voice faded away. The producer looked to you and winked. ‘Just one thing…’

‘Happy Birthday baby.’ You said into the microphone with a giggle. You looked out into the studio and saw Harry turn in the booth to look back at you.

‘Shit.’ You heard him exclaim through the headphones you were still wearing. You chuckled as you took them off watching Harry leave the booth and disappear out of the studio room. Seconds later her was bursting his way through the door and marching towards you, a large grin on his face and tears in his eyes. You were standing now and within two steps he was in front of you, his large, muscular arms wrapped around you and lifting you off your feet. ‘I thought you couldn’t make it.’ He said still holding onto you tightly almost as if he feared letting go of you. You chuckled and pushed back against his chest so you could look up at him. Before you could speak he pressed his lips into yours fiercely and you kissed him back with just as much passion. You’d missed him indescribably, life was always a little greyer without him around at home, it all seemed a bit brighter when you were together, feeding of one another’s energy and revelling in each other’s presence.

‘Pulled some strings.’ You told him with a wink and his smile only got bigger. ‘Jeff suggested surprising you.’ You told him and he rolled his eyes to which you chuckled.

‘I’ll kill him.’ He threatened before turning to the producer. ‘Do you mind if we call it a day?’ Harry asked taking your hand as he turned away from you. The producer nodded with a smile and you couldn’t believe how grateful you felt. ‘Thanks mate, I’ll let you know when we can get back in.’ Harry turned back to you giving you another hug before grabbing your suitcase and your hand and leading you out of the studio.

He took you to his car in the parking lot and you hopped in. You stopped to grab take out coffee and bagels and then drove straight to Harry’s house. He didn’t let go of your hand the whole way. Even when he pulled up inside the gates of the house he was out of the car and taking your hand, helping you step out before you could even unbuckle your seat belt.

‘I’ll grab your bags later.’ He told you with a smile, the same smile that had appeared at the sight of you. You followed him to the house that you’d finally grown accustomed to. It was large and imposing, but beautiful and very Harry - filled with artwork by artists you’d never heard off and beautiful furniture. It was lighter than the London home you now shared and more open, it wasn’t as cosy as your London home but for the short periods you were in LA with Harry it was a nice break. It always made time in LA feel like a holiday.

You sat together in the living room eating your bagels and sipping on coffee. You asked him how his birthday had been so far and he shrugged telling you ok, better now you were there to which you laughed. You made the normal small talk as you ate.Once you’d finished your bagel you excused yourself for a few moments telling him you needed the bathroom but sneaking out to the car to fetch his present from your bag. You were excited to give it to him and couldn’t wait any longer now the excitement of seeing him was settling down.

His eyes went wide as you entered the room with the large, brightly wrapped present. He chuckled nearly choking on his coffee.

‘What’s this?’ He asked putting the cup on the table and dropping his legs from it. He pulled them up under himself folding them as if he were a child. You handed the gift to him and he took it cautiously.

‘Happy Birthday H.’ You said with a smile giving him a sweet kiss before sitting down next to him. He looked from you to the present and back to you, giving you big doe eyes. He looked like a toddler version of himself, not sure whether he was allowed to open it or not, waiting for confirmation with eagerness in his eyes. ‘Open it.’ You encouraged with a giggle. You watched on nervously, chewing at the loose skin around your nails, as Harry pulled at the sellotaped paper. He seemed to take too long and you began bouncing your knee in anticipation as Harry finally unfolded the paper from across the centre to reveal the bright red fabric underneath.

‘Oh my god Y/N, is this what I think it is?’ You smiled as Harry pulled the fabric from the paper completely holding it up. The coat fell to its length and you heard his breath catch. You knew he’d been eyeing it up for a while and you couldn’t resist going into the store and purchasing it for him for his birthday. ‘Y/N you shouldn’t have.’ He said looking to you a mixture of happiness on his face and guilt. He never liked having money spent on him but that wasn’t what this was about. He deserved to be spoilt. He always ensured everyone else was spoilt that he didn’t always think about himself and he’d worked tirelessly recently, he deserved it.

‘It’s fine.’ You told him gladly accepting the kiss he was leaning over for. ‘Do you like it?’ You asked and he nodded wildly looking back to his new coat. ‘Try it on.’ You encouraged feeling nervous once again.

He stood up and unbuttoned the jacket. You hadn’t wanted to take the coat out of the fine paper and bag that the store had wrapped it in but you knew he’d know what it was instantly if you hadn’t taken it out, you were just relieved it hadn’t creased. Harry pulled the coat on over his t-shirt and jeans. It looked incredible, you knew it would do, red suited him and he didn’t wear it enough. It complimented his golden skin tone and his dark hair and features. He looked regal as he stood before you pulling the coat at the collar until it sat just right.

‘Looks amazing.’ You told him sincerely looking him up and down.

‘Yeah?’ He asked. You nodded and silently egged him on to check out the pockets but he didn’t just looked down at himself and moved the coat around on his body.

‘Check out the inside pockets.’ You told him, he looked at you a little confused as you expected but he wasn’t going to do it unless you told him to. He did as you said reaching into the inside of his coat. His brow furrowed further and you knew he felt it. He pulled out the two rectangular pieces of paper and stared at them for a few seconds. Eventually he looked up at you his eyes wide. You smiled.

‘How did you get these? They were sold out?’ He asked the joy evident on his face. You chuckled.

‘Pulled some strings.’ You told him simply. Working in the music industry meant you had contacts, that was how you met Harry in the first place. You knew Harry had wanted to get to the Kings Of Leon show whilst he was in LA but he hadn’t been able to get tickets. You used all the pulling power you had to get your hands on the tickets and you owed someone a massive favour but it was all worth it for the look on Harry’s face. He looked like a child that had just been told they’d been given a sweet shop for Christmas.

‘Y/N you’re fucking amazing.’ Harry said with a huge grin moving quickly towards you and bending down to your level. ‘Thank you so much, I don’t deserve you.’ You giggled as he kissed you again. You took it upon yourself to deepen the kiss, there was just something about him in red. You prised his mouth open with your tongue before darting it against his. He groaned into your mouth and you grinned happy with the response. ‘I’ve missed you.’ He said pulling you to your feet placing the tickets on the table. He lifted you from your feet and you wrapped your legs around him and the coat.

‘Leave the coat on.’ You instructed as he began moving toward the bedroom your hands tangled in his hair as he attacked your chest through your t shirt with kisses. He chuckled darkly but you knew he’d comply.

If missing him and being missed by him was grey, then loving him and being loved by him was bright red.

anonymous asked:

In your point of view, what made Bellamy fall in love with Clarke Griffin?

The short and obvious answer here is “who she is,” but I highly doubt you came here for that, nonny, so let’s go through this shit moment by moment.  (And this is less “what made him fall in love” and more “the evolution of Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke from his standpoint” because that’s something I can unpack for days, and also it is easier to talk about because “what makes someone love someone else” is a very ephemeral thing and hard to parse).

1) Mercy-killing Atom.  I don’t think he fell in love with her then, but Clarke’s willingness to do what he couldn’t– even though he knew it was necessary– completely upended Bellamy’s preconceptions of Clarke Griffin: Privileged Princess.  That had to happen for him to fall in love with her, and the look on his face (awe, sadness, confusion) is fucking epic.

2) The shooting lesson in Day Trip.  That’s the moment where you see Bellamy be like “oh shit she’s pretty oh shit oh shit oh shit.”  It’s really him being aware of being attracted to her, even if he doesn’t really follow through on it.  Not love yet though, I don’t think.  But Feelings + Attraction.

3) The moment under the tree in Day Trip, obviously.  Bellamy getting forgiveness he doesn’t think he deserves and Clarke being there for him at his lowest– that’s a pretty fucking key moment in their relationship, because Bellamy is used to being the one giving emotional support.  Receiving it from someone else, especially someone he values as much as Clarke, was clearly a game changer for him.

4) Literally every time Clarke checks in with him in season one on leadership decisions.  She’s showing her trust in him and his decisions and for Bellamy that is a sign of enormous respect.  He repays her in kind by trying to shield her from any negative fallout, like when he tells her she doesn’t have to be there for Lincoln’s torture.  She shows him she values him so he shows her how much he values her.  God, these two.

5) The Hug in 205.  Up until that point, I don’t think Bellamy had really thought about what Clarke meant to him.  It was just instinctive– I need her and therefore I will protect her/do my best to find her/do my best to lead our people the way she did.  He had a few moments of “oh god she’s pretty” in Day Trip and Unity Day, but I think it took Clarke tearing across the camp and jumping into his arms for him to be like oh yes you are my Person.  Mostly because I don’t think he realized that her feelings for him were just as strong until that moment, and he’s very much a Conceal Don’t Feel person.

6) I can’t lose you too.  It’s a reprise of the Hug, but this time it’s verbal and it’s Clarke saying I just lost someone I love and I am putting you on that level.  It’s an explicit acknowledgment of how important he is to Clarke and he can’t even look her in the eye afterwards.

7) I was being weak.  This is a step back for Bellamy, because I think this is the moment he put his Clarke Feelings on hold.  He’d been tentatively getting used to acknowledging that he cared about her a lot more than he cared about any one else, and while I don’t think he was planning on saying anything about it (especially not after Finn) I think he was mentally preparing himself to be in the “I am in love with Clarke and she loves me but not like that” feelings area.  But then Clarke basically says “no, actually your life is totally expendable to me” and so he’s like BACK INTO THE BOX THESE FEELINGS GO NEVER TO BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN.

8) Of course, those feelings are like, constantly lurking under the surface and breaking through for the rest of season two, like when he smiles at the sound of her voice or decides to help her commit mass murder to save their people or tries desperately to convince her not to leave him alone.  But he’s officially Not Talking About It.

9) The moment when Bellamy decides to infiltrate an enemy army because he cannot stand the thought of Clarke being in danger not one more second.  I think seeing her tied up was the moment his heart went “yeah remember how you were Not Dealing With These Feelings?  They’re baaaaaaack.”  He just completely gives in to how much he loves her and touches her face with wonder and then when he loses her again he just snaps.  

10) The fight in Arkadia when Clarke comes back after the massacre.  I think this is the moment where he’s just completely given up, both in terms of fighting his feelings and in terms of thinking they could ever be reciprocated.  Which is not to say that he’s upset with her for not reciprocating them– he’s mad about a whole lot of other things but definitely not that– but just that he’s dealing with about 400 different feelings at that point and all of them are negative.  He knows he loves Clarke and he knows he chose her over Gina and that resulted in Gina dying, and he “knows” that Clarke doesn’t feel anywhere near as strongly about him as he does about her (this is a misperception on his part, but an understandable one) and he knows he needs Clarke to center him and he “knows” she doesn’t (again: not true, but I get why he would think that).  He’s legitimately angry with Clarke for leaving him behind to deal with the fallout from Mount Weather alone, which is completely separate from his romantic feelings for her, but that compounds how awful everything is for him right then.  It’s a sad moment, but I think it was a very clarifying one for Bellamy.  He loves her and she left him and everything fucking hurts.

11) The Beach Hug.  This is another clarifying moment, because Bellamy realizes he can let go of his anger towards Clarke.  He’s never had the ability to choose to forgive someone, remember, because his whole world before about six months ago was his mom and his sister and no one else.  He always had to forgive the Blake women because he loved them and they were his family and that’s what family does, but Clarke presented a new challenge: someone he loves who hurt him, but whom he has the choice to forgive.  If he wants to never speak to Clarke again, well, it’ll be difficult, but he could do it.  He could nurse that grudge until the end of time if he wanted, but he decides he doesn’t.  He chooses to love her even though she hurt him, and I think this is when we shift back to 2B Bellamy: In Love, But Not Talking About That, and we stay with that Bellamy through the rest of the third season.

12) The List.  I think this the moment where he came closest (so far) to admitting to Clarke that he loves-with-a-capital-L her.  He’s so gentle with her even when refusing to let her win the argument, and it’s just so clear that he doesn’t see the point in living in a world without her.  But he didn’t say anything, and I suspect it is for two reasons: 1) out of respect for Clarke’s feelings (he knows she was in love with someone else who just died) and 2) because he doesn’t see the point in saying anything.  He thinks the world is ending, and if Clarke isn’t ready to hear I love you from him he’s not going to say it.  It’s enough for him that he knows it, at least for now.

Okay, so in summary: it’s hard to say exactly when Bellamy fell in love with Clarke, but I think it happened at some point in late season one and he officially started to realize it in mid-season two, shortly before Finn died.  He shoved those feelings back where they came from (or so help me) until early season three, but when he actually admitted those feelings to himself it was when he was in a very dark and bitter place.  I think he has finally made his peace with those feelings, and as of now (404) I think Bellamy would say “Yes, I love Clarke Griffin but I can go to my death without telling her so.”  


- Okay, last night we saw a movie.
- What was my snack of choice?
- Sprinkled Milk Duds over your popcorn.