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Hey guys it feels like forever since I posted the comic (5 days really) sorry for the wait. It’s really short this time, a transition upload maybe?, it just didn’t make sense to continue further so bear with me. I really hope to get another update in this week idk I’ve just been feeling very stressed and down recently. I haven’t really been doing my work well and even drawing or watching anime has been… meh. and i guess i’ve been kinda lonely, or actually…  jeez I’m not good at words sorry for being a downer. I still promise to make an update a week no matter what (ok maybe finals will ruin that)

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Okay so I kinda always knew this but it has just hit me...

During the iconic cuddle scene in episode 5, Isak tells Even that he can make a film out of his story if he likes and i’m just so emotional right now because this means that they have probably spent ages talking about Even’s passion for film making. 

Like how god damn adorable is that? can you imagine everything we missed? Is it Even’s dream to become a director, or a producer or a writer? Or, hell he’s also an artist, so is he into animation? What kind of movies does he want to make? What was THE movie that changed his life and made him fall madly in love with film? What exactly is it that he loves about film? Is it an escape from reality? The seduction of a world where everything happens the exact way it was written? No fear of the unexpected, you can guarantee on it unfolding in the way it was always intended to be.

What is his favourite movie? omg what kind of movies has he made so far? What does he feel when he creates something like that? the control and power of creating an entire world that was once just alive in your brain, but now it is real, it is here, for others to see. They are no longer running wild and recklessly in his mind. He has brought stories to life? is this why he loves film? is this his dream? 

Like i’m just sure he talked Isak’s ear off and it just kills me that we missed it. I might write a drabble of this sometime tomorrow if you guys are interested. Just an Evak dream talk kind of thing. I also promised a few of you a wedding drabble so…I should get to that. 

reuploaded bc i wasnt happy with the colours and now it’s almost late whatever

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The Awful Daring: 3.2

summary: She doesn’t see that all along, what he wanted was her. Her, not a perfect wife. Just Sakura. — SasuSaku, AU. 

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In France, she’d asked him once if he thought they were going to be happy.  He’d quieted her with a kiss, the movement of his mouth an echo of the waves breaking against the rocky shore, steady and inexorable.

Sasuke is generally perceived as a man of few words; someone who makes his intent known through his actions and not what he does or does not say. Those actually close to the Uchiha know that it’s really a matter of evasion and misdirection. Naruto used to joke that the “chicken-haired bastard” would have made a great ninja during Nippon’s great Sengoku days.

But Sakura had figured out that it was something else entirely: Sasuke had learned to be silent back when every word he’d said was measured against his brother’s and always found lacking.

She’d adopted the same habit during their marriage without ever realizing it.

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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to the Tumblr Semi-Formal!! My name is Skylar, and I am in charge of our celebration today!!

Anyone who wasn’t tagged and happens to see this-feel free to join in the fun, I don’t mind!! It’s all fun and games!!

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Anything is allowed, though do at least TRY to keep it PG/not kill anyone (“^^)

If I forgot anyone, please, feel free to let me know!!

Have fun everybody!! If you need me, I’ll be with my girlfriend! 💕

~ Sky

(PS: Please pardon my outfit. I’m bad with clothes and I’ve gained to much weight to fit in anything nice ;u;)

  • Dinah in Injustice: Literally dies fighting off Superman!! Dinah went up against the strongest man on the planet, and if it hadn´t been for Sinestro, she would have beaten him. And as it was, she still managed to broadcast to the world, that Superman had turned into an evil dictator, and she was reunited with the love of her life after she died.
  • Dinah in Arrow: Lol, let´s just shoot her with an arrow, and have her suddenly die in hospital. Because who gives a shit about Laurel right?