aw john tho

Away in the sky, beyond the clouds, live 4 or 5 Magicians. By casting wonderful spells they turn the Most Ordinary Coach Trip into a Magical Mystery Tour.

 If you let yourself go, the Magicians will take you away to marvellous places. Maybe you’ve been on a Magical Mystery Tour without even realising it. 

 Are you ready to go?



          ❛  john !!  ❜ her voice is loud over the wind that blows her dark hair, and her heels make a tapping sound on the solid ground as she catches up to him. slender fingers move to catch his arm to stop him, full lips pressed into a firm line. ❛  you could at least hear batman out. i know this hero thing isn’t you, but we could use your help.  ❜ she’s angry at his stubbornness ( even though it’s a trait that they both share ), and his unwillingness, but there’s always been a softness to her voice even when she’s wanted to punch him in the face.

I let out an undignified squeal of happiness when I finally got my commission from consulting-cannibal, it’s fanart of my favorite fanfic, If I Knew Then What I Know Now.

Thank you so much!!!! I really liked it and I didn’t get a chance to upload it since I was really absorbed in this fic that I couldn’t tear my eyes from. 

It really means a lot.