aw its a happy day!

Wherein Toriel tells a joke that if you don’t recognize treasure your ignorance.  Just felt like drawing a crappy little comic.

(may have to click through to see without blur (ugh tumblr))

It was the fourth of July
You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fireworks
Elements of past songs in Mobile Orchestra

1. “Fireflies” in Back Home

2. “Tidal wave” in Can’t Live Without You

3. The Wolf Bite beat in Verge and Can’t Live Without You

4. The shout in Can’t Live Without You is the same beat as “When did the sky turn black and when will the light come back,” in Beautiful Times

5. “Wonderstruck” used in Thunderstruck is a nod at Enchanted

6. “I walk alone” in Bird With a Broken Wing is from Silhouette and If My Heart Was a House

That’s all I can hear from my initial listen, still trying to find some ATBAB elements. The more I dissect these songs, the more I’m falling in love with them. I’m understanding them more every minute. 

Feel free to add on anything else you guys find! Let’s make it a game! :D

I went to Japan Expo friday, and got to commission the awesome Cartoonzy !! (tumblr : @cartoonsinthemorning. check it out !!)

It was my first time asking for a commission, and I could not be happier ! :D

also @chyww look at this. look at how beautiful this is and try telling me billford isn’t real. (yes i’m in too deep)

Happy Terra Earth Day!


(so you know how i mentioned a possible sequel to Favours a while ago… yeah, that might have happened. and gotten wildly out of control, as per usual. part of the peace beneath the city verse.)

warnings for descriptions of things similar to seizures and panic attacks, and emotional/psychological manipulation, although there shouldn’t be anything massively upsetting.


Will shudders, rocking forward on his bed as a loud round of cheers echo from downstairs, both from the television that’s turned on close to full volume and from the three adults clustered around it and watching the game with baited breath. If he were more himself, right now – more Will and less everyone, spread less thinly across a city full of excitement and anticipation – he might be able to reach out and turn it down a little.

As it is, the best he can do is clutch his knees tighter and focus on his breathing, inhaling through his nose and exhaling through his mouth like he was taught when he was barely old enough to talk but already causing chaos with his magic. The pattern is as ingrained into him as walking is by now, and he takes comfort in the calming, grounding regularity of it even as he tries to control the noise inside his skull.

He’d been braced for this evening being bad, forewarned by the slowly building headache throughout the day as people prepared for parties and flocked to the stadium and turned their televisions on, but this – this is something else.

Now, it’s gone so far beyond a headache, even beyond a migraine, he isn’t even sure what to call it. He’s never had anyone try to cleave his head open with a blunt axe before, but he suspects this is what it feels like – slow, protracted agony. It’s like someone is trying to siphon the internet into his brain, hook him up to cameras and microphones through his veins, plug him into the mains electricity with wires in every muscle.

He’s riding the edge of the most intense magical high he’s ever felt, but somehow the comedown at the same time, shaky and unfocused and out of control, and it’s one of the most disgusting things he’s ever felt.

He doesn’t like being out of control.

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Moving Day

It was moving day. Which meant that Castiel felt as though his lungs were collapsing and his mind was fried. As he leaned against the doorway of his old apartment, all he could think was how everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. First his garbage disposal broke. Then his car broke down. Then the moving company had a couple guys sick so there were only few workers here to move his things. Every little thing, as simple as a stubbed toe, was now grating his mind. All he wanted was everything out and moved into his new life. But it seemed his old life was still trying to cling him back.

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