aw its a happy day!

It was the fourth of July
You and I were, you and I were fire, fire, fireworks

bleep3  asked:

"don't know if you're into the hole chocolate and flowers thing but here" a potted flower and a thing of chocolate and a cheesy valentines card


She wasted no time carefully setting the things aside after reading the card and pulling him into her arms.

“Thank you so much!! Happy Valentine’s day, love~~~~!”

“I appreciate anything that comes from you~”

Those chocolates will be gone within the day.

“hm…” she kissed him gently “You can have anything you want for Valentine’s day~”

She had gotten him a gift and wrote a real bad card but she can save that embarrassment for after diner.

I went to Japan Expo friday, and got to commission the awesome Cartoonzy !! (tumblr : @cartoonsinthemorning. check it out !!)

It was my first time asking for a commission, and I could not be happier ! :D

also @chyww look at this. look at how beautiful this is and try telling me billford isn’t real. (yes i’m in too deep)


Fringe AU where Charlie is alive and suspects Fauxlivia [ part one ]

“Test her. Something only Olivia would know.”

“Thought I’d catch up with a friend in Corinth…and like he always says: Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy.”

Elements of past songs in Mobile Orchestra

1. “Fireflies” in Back Home

2. “Tidal wave” in Can’t Live Without You

3. The Wolf Bite beat in Verge and Can’t Live Without You

4. The shout in Can’t Live Without You is the same beat as “When did the sky turn black and when will the light come back,” in Beautiful Times

5. “Wonderstruck” used in Thunderstruck is a nod at Enchanted

6. “I walk alone” in Bird With a Broken Wing is from Silhouette and If My Heart Was a House

That’s all I can hear from my initial listen, still trying to find some ATBAB elements. The more I dissect these songs, the more I’m falling in love with them. I’m understanding them more every minute. 

Feel free to add on anything else you guys find! Let’s make it a game! :D

Moving Day

It was moving day. Which meant that Castiel felt as though his lungs were collapsing and his mind was fried. As he leaned against the doorway of his old apartment, all he could think was how everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. First his garbage disposal broke. Then his car broke down. Then the moving company had a couple guys sick so there were only few workers here to move his things. Every little thing, as simple as a stubbed toe, was now grating his mind. All he wanted was everything out and moved into his new life. But it seemed his old life was still trying to cling him back.

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