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I mean. I am against ABSOLUTELY everything Trumpkin is and represents. But I have sympathy for Melania. If I completely separate her from the entire situation, I would probably like her. She really is beautiful, and honestly she was just a person who wanted to come to a better country to get a sugar daddy, she didn’t ask for any of this. She just wanted to sleep with a gross old man, have a baby and get his money. And now she and her son (whom I’m REALLY going to assume the best of since he’s so young, seems to spend a lot of time with her, and hasn’t done anything… yet. I hope.) are stuck in the clutches of a megalomaniac with all this shit, who we know only married her because he objectified her amongst other ways he surely disrespects her. You can’t even blame her with, “She stayed after he said awful things, she’s racist and against women like he is.” Like her spouse is crazy and has obvious ties to Russia. She is being smart. Stay in line. Do what he says. She is Sansa to Trump’s Joffrey. She just wanted a comfortable lifestyle. She just wanted a sugar daddy. Free her.

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Having a "search-for-all-the-tweets-Gillian-mentioned-David" moment! I had forgotten some stuff: 1) GA only had a few hundred likes on her DD-related tweets at first. Now it's thousands. 2) Her reply for most memorable moment on TXF: "The outtake David & I did of what would've happened if the bee didn't sting me. " WOW! 😅 3) GA was nervous to direct DD on All Things. Aw! ☺️ 4) GA called DD "honey lamb"?! 🙈 5) GA congratulated DD when Holy Cow was on best seller list! 6) GA said "ILY"!!! 😱😍💏

And my favorite: “especially one of you” :)

Raven, Qrow’s sister, is a bigger mystery than even Qrow himself.  It seems that the more I learn about her, the more I want to STRANGLE her.  She definitely comes off as the worst mom of the year.

But then, I got to thinking about what her Semblance might be.  In fact, if I am right, it explains an awful lot about why she does things the way she does.

You see, Ravens are often omens of death and loss.  If they go the same route as Qrow (but much better in a sense of presentation and believability), then maybe Raven’s ability is to predict the future.

Yeah, I know, a lot of people are already on that train.  Like I said–I have been sick, so I am behind on getting my ideas out there.  Also, there is a huge flaw in this because of her ability to teleport, but I want to explain that later.  Right now, I want to focus on why I think this would change our perspective of her character.

A seer is a common theme in many stories, and usual the seer or oracle is young and wise beyond their years.  When a Seer is presented in any story, they are often weighed down by the great responsibility that comes with being able to see the future.  There is one common lesson that they all learn: trying to change the future often makes things worse.  At the age of 15 or so, you already know who is going to die, when, and how.  Or you know how a war will end.  Or you know that there will be a Grimm invasion coming.  Of course, at first, you want to use this great power to save the people you love and care about. never goes right.  It always gets worse.  You save them from falling off a cliff, but then they get killed by being torn in half by a Beowolf.  You try to warn the security about a potential fire that hasn’t happened yet–but they don’t listen, and instead ignore you when the fire actually happens and it takes the whole village and then more people die.  There is this person you care so deeply for, and you see that they will die in a month.  You save them.  And then you see they will die again–and you save them.  And then you find that your entire life revolves around trying to save them.  No sleep, no eating—because Fate has decided that this person simply MUST die.  And then, one day, you are so exhausted that you crash to the ground, out like a light.  And they die right next to you.

At that point, you realize: you can’t fight destiny.  It will happen, whether you want it to or not.  But you still just can’t stand idly by while you know their Fate.  So you make a rule.  A very simple rule that assuages your guilt and lets you at least attempt to save people: only one time.  If you save them once, and they are going to die, you have to let them because it was meant to be.  There is no getting around it.

If Raven’s Semblance is like that, suddenly everything she says and does makes perfect sense.  Like Qrow’s reasoning, she distances herself from friends and family to remove the temptation to attempt to intervene.  Only once.  It makes you hard, it makes you lose faith in free will and life.

That puts the twins on a parallel because, if they are like most twins, they probably spent most of their time together.  So that means they would have “discovered” their Semblances together and think they are connected.  If Qrow didn’t know that it was fate and not misfortune, then he would misinterpret Raven’s gift happening for his own.  So if, say someone like Summer Rose died…he would blame himself, even though his sister already knew it was going to happen.

For her, it makes sense.  She often talks about how she informed Qrow of certain things happening, like she knew or saw it.  It was destined to be.  This would fit in well with the other theme about destiny and freewill that has been littering the series since day one, too.

But what about teleportation and most likely changing into a raven?  

This actually ties into my other theory (that many others have).  Raven is part of Salem’s inner circle.  The teleportation is actually not unique to her as the other members can probably also do similar forms of travel.  The coloring of the portal matches with the landscape and other forms of power from Salem’s side, so it isn’t so far fetched.  That would mean that teleportation is NOT a semblance, but an ability granted by Salem or whomever gives that stuff.  And yes, I say I don’t take character coloring as proof of connection–but generally, most shows will use color connections to denote good/bad/magic/feeling/whatever.

We don’t know yet if she, too, can transform or not, or just sees through the eyes of ravens.  There could be a thing where in Remnant, twins actually have two semblances—half their own and half they share with their sibling.  This means that their shared semblance is transforming into their namesake birds, while their own semblance is whatever Qrow’s is (I still don’t buy the misfortune thing) and Raven’s.

That’s actually an interesting thought.  Anyway, I can’t wait to get confirmation on Raven’s semblance.  While such a semblance would shed some light, and maybe a little pity, on her character—it wouldn’t take away the fact that she is a bit of a bitch. :)


Okay, so one of the other D.Vas has done some really bad stuff and has caused me to have some really awful bad luck. My ankle is sprained, my skateboard broke (goodnight sweet prince), and now the pain medication won’t work.
@ask-macys-dva has been proven innocent, I will confess to what I’ve done as well, but there’s maybe five things I’ve done wrong.

1) I laughed at @ask-starbucks-lucio scaring @ask-subway-reinhardt but come on, the guys like 7 feet tall. Imagine how funny that must’ve been.

2) i tried to scared sub rein and failed because of body swap stuff but, see point one, and also like I said it failed.

3) I nearly caused @askgamestop-sombra to lose organs by playing with the translocator when we bodyswapped, but i didnt know better and i stopped when i found out that can happen.

4) knocking over @ask-kanihouse-hanzo ’s signs, but they said “no genji allowed” so he kinda deserved it

5) i made an 8 year old cry because i totally owned his ass at street fighter in the arcade once, but he shouldve known what he was up against.

I’ll leave myself open to additons too but this is it. This all reallly all I’ve done good luck find other things.

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jeongahn, seveanteen, 95shua! (hi Maja I hope you're well!)

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What I think about their blog: Zuzu you’re one of the people I’ve been following for a looooong time too. I remember when you joined tumblr with this account, and I think I followed you because of a promo thing.. Anyways, I’m really really happy that I did follow you then, because I’ve only gotten great things from it. Other than your blog being perfect and super pretty, you’re a great person and so pretty too. I have not even once regretted that I followed you, back when I did, about 100 years ago ♥


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What I think about their blog: Chi is the first friend I made after comming back to tumblr. I’m really happy that I started to talk to her, and even tho it’s actually not even been two months, it feels like it’s been years. Chi is such a nice and great person, and I’m happy I came back, so I got the chance to become her friend. Other than being great, she also makes the prettiest graphics and I love all of them with passion! 


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What I think about their blog: Another great graphic maker. I think the fandom is blessed to have graphic makers like Saje, because she’s so great at what she does. We haven’t talked a lot - only shortly - but from that short conversation, I already know that she’s a great person too. I like her blog a lot! 

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

YOI ep 10 has still got me awed at how amazing this anime has progressed. But one thing that got me really intrigued, is where it was set: Barcelona.

Now, I remember reading a post somewhere (I’ll edit this once I find it) that Kubo-sensei and a friend traveled to Barcelona to look at monuments and places for the anime etc etc

Of course, I checked her IG and I found these gems:





and you know what? fuck paul ryan and everyone else in the republican establishment who acted as if trump’s candidacy was legitimate, who endorsed him despite the awful, awful things he said. i hope they go down in history as spineless assholes. i hope they’re looked down upon 100 years from now, that textbooks rip them to shreds. fuck them.

Signs when the world ends


Taurus: shit, I haven’t lost my virginity yet

Gemini: *sleeps through it*



Libra: *vlogging as it happens*

Virgo: Maybe if I close my eyes, it will stop

Scorpio: Finally

Sagittarius: Aw man, there’s so much more stupid shit I wanted to do

Capricorn: *spending their last minutes eating*

Aquarius: Haha bitches, I predicted this exact thing would happen and you didn’t listen. Now die… slowly… and painfully…

Pisces: *can’t hear it going down because listening to music on max*

the only four possible interpretations of the song ‘i saw mommy kissing santa claus,’ each more terrible than the last

listen. i can’t possibly be the first person to fall down this awful rabbit hole. i can’t possibly be the first person on the internet to point this out. 

but i need someone else to keep me company in this terrible brain-room i have built because i now seem incapable of leaving no matter how hard i try, so grab your favorite seasonally appropriate slippers and follow me on this journey into the worst five minutes of your life.

because one of four things is happening with this song:

1. a child crept downstairs late on december 24 hoping for a glimpse of jolly ol’ st nick, dreaming of some ‘t’was the night before christmas’ whimsy or maybe even a ‘polar express’-level adventure, only to instead be confronted by the sight of santa macking on their mom. right there in the living room. 

also, did you know that, in the lyrics, after mommy kisses santa, she tickles him “underneath his beard so snowy white”? think about that for a moment. really let it sit with you. you won’t want to, but let it marinate a sec.

the child did not witness a quick, platonic european-style cheek kiss. there is something more happening here. i have given friends a friendly peck before but it was not followed by ticking–their chin? their sternum? man, each to their own. but my point is: we are not talking about a simple mistletoe smooch. we are talking about intimacy.

and look, i did not come here to slutshame anyone’s mom. i certainly did not come here to slutshame anyone’s mom for making out with santa–check the archives i have literally never expressed such an interest anywhere in the years of this blog and i DEFY YOU to prove otherwise

but damn, that is a loaded way to learn of your parent’s infidelity, and shit, when you go to your dad with this information (in the chorus the narrator repeatedly voices this intention), you are about to put yourself in the middle of a weird, messy custody battle.

2. “but smile” you say, “you do realize that this song is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, with the clear implication the child is a classic unreliable narrator, too naive to realize ‘santa claus’ is just Dad in disguise, and furthermore that this irony is heavily telegraphed by the repeated assertion ‘what a laugh it would have been / if Daddy had only seen,’ a line that could never have made it into an ostensibly light-hearted christmas song if not for the certainty that it is all in fact a hilarious misunderstanding? it’s the kid’s dad! you are thinking about this way too much!’

ok first of all, obviously.

second of all, counterpoint: how do you mistake your dad for santa? he’s your dad. you know what he looks like. no matter the extenuating circumstances, if you are creeping around in your own house late at night and you see a man who looks like your dad kissing your mom, how would your first thought be anything other than ‘oh probably that is my dad’

“um smile,” you interject, probably a little distressed by the intensity in my voice and the general lack of blinking, “earlier in this very post you quote a line that tells us, the listener, precisely what enables this shakespearean case of mistaken identity: the dad is wearing a fake beard ‘so snowy white’. ipso facto, the dad is dressed like santa. bam. case closed, encyclopedia brown.”

but no. nonononono. wait. unpack that. why is the speaker’s dad in full santa garb? 


we already know the dad had no intention of being seen by any of his children. how do we know this? well, a) it’s the middle of the night and b) presumably if the dad intended for his offspring to take in the santa act, he wouldn’t be subjecting his child to this psycho-sexual minefield.

“ok now,” you say, “maybe one or both of the parents has a fetish, it is not your place to judge.”

well, yeah. but maybe when you have kids, the middle of the living room is not the place for your kris kringle kink. consenting adults should of course chase their bliss, but the child who takes in this scene is gonna come out of this with some very specific emotional baggage, i’m just saying.

3. “okay smartass,” you persevere, maybe now a little tired by my inability to let this go. (sorry.) “consider this: maybe within the fiction of the song, santa is real. you don’t know what type of relationship the speaker’s parents have with each other. you definitely don’t know what type of relationship santa has with mrs. claus. polyamory is a thing. open marriages are a thing. this could all be a completely above-the-board situation. the child will, as we have already established, approach their dad, at which point they will have a frank and informative dialogue about monogamy alternatives. merry christmas.”

well listen, i hate to rain on your parade, friend, but there is a crucial flaw in this line of reasoning: christmas eve is a workday for santa. santa is on the clock. santa has the impossibly difficult, high-stakes task of delivering presents to all the good children celebrating the holiday. this is literally the one night of the year where he needs to knuckle down and concentrate on his job.

and instead he is out there, still in full uniform, in the middle of his most important workday all year, getting his beard tickled?

fucking unprofessional. kids are gonna not get their gifts because of this bullshit.


great. now the narrator has to go the whole rest of their life wondering what the fuck in their subconscious conjured these images on christmas goddamn eve. not toys, not candy, not playing in the snow, or any other source of festive child-friendly cheer. no, this little kid nestled up snug in their bed on the night before christmas and dreamed not of sugarplums but of the hypothetical chemistry between santa and their mom.

there is no win scenario in this story. everywhere you turn it is an absolute fucking nightmare.

…and people are angry about plain red fucking starbucks cups. goddamn.

anyway. happy holidays, everyone.

people who are not watching supergirl because they’re afraid after t100, the two shows couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum? even the executive producer of supergirl said at comic con that they want the show to be happier than what we see in real life because real life is awful enough, whereas jroth made it his mission to make t100 ten times darker each week. just because it’s a superhero show, doesn’t mean it has to be horrible and twisted all the time. sure, things could change now that they’re at the cw but the writers and producers still know what they want the show to be.

plus, there are more reasons to watch than just alex and maggie as a couple, and that’s so important to note. the kara/alex relationship is the heart of the show. if you skip season one, i think you’re making a mistake. the whole development of kara and alex’s relationship in s1 is what made me continue watching, even though i already knew maggie was coming. i get that people are starved for wlw representation, and so am i, but supergirl is so much more than just that. there is an entire cast of strong badass women, the platonic and familial relationships between female characters are a+, and there is a literal female superhero kicking ass each week. and the best part, supergirl as a hero doesn’t take away from the badassery of the other characters.

idk i just think supergirl’s ratings are suffering when they don’t need to be. there are a bunch of people out there who aren’t watching because they’re afraid of t100 2.0 but to not give the show a chance would be a huge mistake tbh. i don’t even care for superhero related things usually and i love it because it’s so much more than just one thing.

tldr: if supergirl gets cancelled you will never hear the end of it from me so you might as well watch it lmao

today I had my political science class

and it was awful. Trump supporters were everywhere - people who weren’t even registered to the class came in to gloat.

I raised my hand and said I was more terrified of Trump supporters than I was of the man himself, because they want people like me (queer) dead - and was immediately shouted down with “I don’t hate gay people!” and “not all supporters are racist/misogynistic/homophobic/etc” and I wasn’t able to even finish what I was saying.

But I’ll say it now: even if you yourself are not any of those awful things, when you cast your vote for him, you enabled thousands of people to be open and PROUD about their bigotry.

If you’re a Trump supporter and you REALLY aren’t bigoted? I expect you to be out in the protests and the rallies and protecting the people you say you don’t hate. I want you rallying in front of LGBT+ safe spaces and keeping out everyone who wants to harm them. I want you speaking up for women, POC, and Muslims when you see them being harassed. I want you volunteering at planned parenthood. I want you to defend the disabled and chronically ill to your last breath. I want you supporting Jewish communities. I want you chanting “Black lives matter” in the streets. I want you calling out people who are saying the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic things you say you’re not.

You’re not bigoted? Prove it.

Otherwise, your silence is violence. Against every minority in the US.

Hey guys! Sorry for being inactive lately - exams are awful and are trying to kill me… 

But I’ll come back full of energy and new things very soon! And now I’ll post one of my Viktor photos from recent photoshoots that i didn’t really post before (although i really like this one haha)

Viktor Nikiforov - me

Photo by AnnBird



idk if this exists already but

okay so I’ve read (and loved!) quite a few fics now where zimbits are out publicly and the falcs are playing a game where one of the opposing team members says something derogatory/awful about bitty to jack without the refs hearing and jack just immediately gets thrown in the sin bin for kicking the guy’s ass and it got me thinking

what if it was the other way around?

what if it’s a samwell game and some punk ass douchebro from the visiting team decides to make a nasty comment about jack to bitty (for his sexuality or the OD or smth) and the next thing anybody knows is bitty’s gloves are on the ice and the winger who opened his mouth has a split lip to show for it? and here’s the thing, bitty isn’t generally a violent person, and it’s not like what this dude is saying hasn’t been thrown in jack’s own face already. but like, bits is just so, so tired of every athlete, fan, and sports commentator who have any knowledge of hockey ripping into jack like they know anything about him. like, bitty can take the slurs when they’re directed at him bc he (sadly) is used to it after growing up in georgia. but he’ll be damned if anyone is going to badmouth his loving, kind, generous, and extremely hardworking boyfriend in front of him. not anymore.