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Shadowhunters Meme: [2/2] characters I want to see

Maia Roberts» “Bitten? You mean you’re a-“ "A werewolf,” said the girl. “Like everyone else here. Except you, and the asshole. And the asshole’s sister.”

Picked up some mini prints today!! They would have looked a lot better if I had the versions of the book that I based the colour schemes on and also if the people who work at Staples understood the concept of using bleed when printing images.

Aw heck I heard BH6 was getting a TV show soon? I think? I hope? And I got reminded of these two and had feelings so I had to sketch them again

Here I go again drowning in BH6 feels, this is fine

Also here’s a video process since I’ve been asked a lot how I draw Hiro and Baymax so I hope this helps?

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I'm really excited for Victor to look back on how he treated Yuuri and Chris when they were young and looked up to him and how his actions affected their future relationships with him. (Aka Chris and him being best friends and Yuuri viewing him as an enemy/rival thingy) This sounds awful, but I'm really excited for Victor to just be so upset with himself over how he treated Yuuri and to dwell on how things could have been so different and how it's all his fault. It's going to be great. _(:3」z)_

Viktor’s biggest regret (or second biggest depending on the day after the events of chapter 13) will always be how he was careless enough that a stupid offhand comment caused the rift between him and Yuuri that lasted for so many years!


If you’re ever having a hard time, you can always message me. I care about everyone here and I’d love to talk with you if you need me. You aren’t invisible and you’ll always matter to me.

//I just heard today that I was officially accepted at the Japanese university my school has an exchange agreement with, so I’ll be attending my school’s language intensive program there over the summer!! I’m not 100% sure of the dates yet because I need to get my plane tickets, but I’ll probably be busy most of my time there– however, it’s a 12 hour flight with probably 5-6 hours of layovers so I’m going to be bored a lot on my way there and back. They’re letting us book our flights back on our own though, so I’m hoping to spend a day or two in Tokyo before I come back! Unfortunately I’m just going to miss the Tales of Festival in Yokohama.

Hesokuri Wars takes to the sky in this next update!

Version 2.0 is here with new stages, BGM and new play mechanics. It’s gonna be the biggest update yet so get ready for the game to completely change!

ok tbh like what i love most about whump isn’t the exact moment the character gets hurt, but, while this is all great and everything, i much more appreciate the scenes afterwards

like them staggering to a safe place, shaking and shattered, maybe scared, with weak knees and bloody hands and their last bit of strength

or hiding from the people who are important to them that they’re hurting, because they don’t want them to worry, until they eventually have to give in

oh dear


We put BNHA names through Google translate and got some interesting results. 

Translations courtesy of @storiewriterkalyn

((There’s a lot more that I’ll hopefully get to tomorrow!))