aw i think it's pretty cute


I’ve been a little blue lately, so I felt like drawing some Tintin fluff to cheer me up. Also a certain someone mentioned on my one ‘tintin reading’ gif, that they could see haddock reading to him too, and yessss its adorable. Also I love it when he gets all close and protective of Snowy, that’s pretty dang cute too. But yeh. tintin fluff.

ok but what if seven bought yoosung a puppy for a gift one time and it was a lil samoyed and yoosung starts crying and hugging both the dog and seven and getting soexcited and jumin is all like ‘he wont be able to take care of it this was an awful idea’ but seven believes tht having the responsibility will be good for yoosung and help him get out more and give him a reason to not spend all day playing games.

also yooseven cuddles with the dog. samoyeds get pretty big so i imagine they think its cute at first when its a puppy but then the dog grows up and the boys are cuddling on the sofa and the dog jumps up to join them and it just knocks the wind out of them but they love it too much to push it down and theyre just a lil gay happy family i love my boys

Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Reasons Why You Should Read This Book, as Told by its Characters
  • Iko: Hot princes and fairy tales and MEEEE!!! (I’m the android sidekick. I know, I’m really cute, you don’t have to remind me ;) )
  • Kai: Aw, Iko that’s really sweet. There’s also this really nice and pretty cyborg mechanic.
  • Cinder: *unsuccessfully tried to blush* *unsuccessfully tries to social* *laughs nervously* *drops wrench* I, um...
  • Thorne: Hate to interrupt, but I think we all know the real reason to tune in is because I’M in the second book. And I’m sooo dreamy *winks*
  • Iko: True.
  • Cinder: *rolls eyes* *is done* I’m not even going to try since it looks like these guys have the persuasion skills handled.

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✨+ 📖 ( hope im not too late aha )

no ur not too late at all!

blog rate
hmm, i dont think i’ve ever rlly rated a blog before! i like yours a lot, so i’d say like a 8/10. Your theme is rlly cute and simple, and im a sucker for minimalistic themes. Your sims are so cute especially tobi i love him omg. And your work on the apartments for ur game is so nice. I love the way you decorate and organize. I’m so awful at that stuff and you’ve inspired me!

  📖 tell a story
 - the other day my friends and i went to a park, but its pretty much just an extremely long trail surrounded by a ton of woods. i was with 2 guys and ofc they wanted to go deeper and deeper into the woods and its like 8pm and i’m scared out of my wits bc i play too many horror games, and i like scary games but not scary irl!!! so i keep like, seeing shit, my brain was making shapes out of the trees and stuff so i kept seeing like, weird bodies and the classic little girl in white dress kinda stuff. it was pretty icey deep into the woods and on the way back out we had to go up a steep hill that was literally just a sheet of ice and my one friend didnt have grippy shoes and he kept sliding down the hill!!!! and we told him to go off to the side where the dirt was, but he didn’t until there wasn’t much dirt left and he was sliding downhill off the side of the hill we were already on and i panicked and went after him, like running down the icey hill but he saved himself and was coming up when i got to him. and my other friend was sliding but had a knife in his pocket so he jammed it in the ice and held on by that so he wouldn’t slip. we eventually all made it up but it was such a wild time.