aw i think it's pretty cute

  • Me, sees a cute baby: aw I love babies, they're so cute!
  • Person next to me: yeah, you think that until they start crying
  • Me: thanks negative nancy, but did I ask for your input?? ?

My thoughts while watching Stranger Things 2

• Max is spunky


•omg she has hair

• stop hurting my poor son Will


• Great costumes boys


• Mike going into protective mode is great


•Great advice Bob. Really just awesome. Thanks for that

• “He likes it cold.” oh mY GOD GET OUT OF HIM

• Uh oh Hopper’s in an oopsie


• The Dustin and Steve bromance is something I didn’t know I needed until now

• Eleven is Jane. Eleven is Jane. Eleven is Jane. Eleven is Jane.



• Mike staying with Will the whole time is just beautiful

• omg is Max and Lucas a thing?? NEW SHIP! YESSS!

• “CLOSEGATE” The heck?

• Freakin Mind Flayer. Flaying minds and stuff

• Big brother Steve is so much better than douchebag boyfriend Steve


• really Hopper you had to call her right before they were gonna kiss again. I know ur like her dad and all now but seriously like leave my ship alone

• Billy is psychotic but I’m kinda here for it

•what’s up with his neck


• Dustin still caring for Dart has me conflicted



• My poor son Dustin..

• Will being awkward with girls is my new aesthetic


• “You look pretty. You look beautiful.” Mike getting his girl and making me proud


• aw crap just when u think it’s gone and over

I haven’t been sobbing for an hour straight. What? No i haven’t…

sailor-sutcliff  asked:

THIS IS DUMB BUT LIKE how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having really curly, wild, and big hair? (I only see MCs with either the normal long straight hair or neat wavy hair so bleh ignore this if it's too boring lol)

Hello darling! Your request is not dumb at all!

Having that kind of hair myself, I know the struggle very well ç__ç

okay, my hair is actually quite short, BUT STILL

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  • well, MC does not look like Rika after all
  • he’s kinda… relieved?
  • he’s also in awe, because he’s pretty sure he never saw anyone with hair as curly or as big as MC’s
  • and to think that is just their natural state… wow
  • he’s impressed
  • he expecially the way MC looks like when she wakes up
  • he finds it cuuute
  • i have no idea how he could find it cute, but anyway


  • just tell him h o w
  • “MC what kind of product do you use?”
  • “what do you mean ‘nothing’? That’s impossible!”
  • “MC, be honest”
  • it takes him a while to realize that MC hair looks like that because it is like that
  • he doesn’t know whether to be disappointed or amazed
  • he goes with amazed
  • it seemed impossible, but he did find someone whose hair is better than his


  • he’s not used to it
  • i mean, elizabeth the 3rd’s fur is soooo short and soft
  • it does not look like MC hair, not even a little
  • he has to admit, though, that MC hair is actually softer than he thought
  • conditioner is the most amazing thing humans have ever invented, fight me on that
  • he makes sure that MC has access to all the best hair products known to men
  • he also insist that MC has a professional hairdresser taking care of her hair regularly
  • he just enjoys spoiling her - and her hair


  • it reminds her why her hair is so short
  • i mean, her hair is actually pretty straight
  • she’s not lol
  • but seeing MC struggling with her hair makes her feel happy of her decision of cutting it
  • sometimes tho, she’s kinda jealous
  • she wonders if MC’s hair would look good on her
  • and that’s when she decides to let her hair grow


  • “MC you look like a pissed off lion”
  • i’m sorry, i’m so used to my mum telling me the same thing i just had to put it somewhere
  • he has to joke about it, bc he’s an idiot
  • a funny idiot, though
  • he spends most of his time stroking MC’s hair
  • it helps him relax, expecially after a long day of work
  • it’s literally his favourite hobby


  • well, not to be rude, but it’s not as if he can see it
  • bc he’s blind
  • instead, he tries to touch it as often as possible
  • he loves running his fingers through it whenever he has the chance
  • he also loves its smell
  • it’s something floreal, something that MC seems to love
  • and ofc he loves it too


  • “MC, can I touch your hair?”
  • he’s totally in love with it
  • he wants to touch her curls all the time
  • he’s like a child in front of a candy shop
  • sometimes his fingers get stuck in MC’s hair and he’s just like “oh, fuck”
  • because he knows he will hurt MC if he tries to pull them out
  • and he doesn’t want to hurt her
  • so he just stays there, with his hand in her hair, while MC tries to separate her hair from his fingers

Let’s all pretend MC’s hair is not fuzzy at all ^^

Feedback is always appreciated!

ok kurt grew up in germany, which is nearly landlocked, so imagine the gang taking a day off and bringing him to the beach. a white sands new york beach for the first time in his life.

  • they try to sneak out at first- little do they know jean already got charles’ permission
  • pietro and jubilee both want to drive
  • scott ends up driving, in his own(!!!!!!) new(!!!!!!!!) car (like in xme)
  • storm makes sure it’s sunny
  • jean doesn’t let anyone leave the car until they put on sunscreen
  • jubilee brought an umbrella
  • scott sat under that umbrella the whole time, relaxing
  • storm brought her on towel - jubilee packed everyone else’s - and she sunbathed the entire time
  • jean used her powers to make sure no humans saw them
  • pietro gets a really bad sunburn all over his shoulders and face
  • pietro also starts a splashing war with jubilee
  • he splashes jean and regrets it
  • KURT!
  • he sees the ocean and is in awe. he drops his towel and cant talk for a whole minute
  • he’s tearing up - more at the notion that he has friends that would do this for him - and storm punches him
  • ororo “if you cry i will too” munroe
  • kurt finds a periwinkle shell and things its the coolest most beautiful thing. “shells must be rare”
  • this prompts pietro to speed around the beach and get a bunch of shells of all types, partly because he wants to prove kurt wrong, and partly because he thinks kurt’s reaction to them is pretty cute and wants to see it again
  • while pietro , jubilee, and jean are swimming, scott lets storm and kurt bury him in sand
  • eventually jean drags kurt down to the water. “we brought you here to swim!”
  • kurt doesn’t quite want to go in. he teleports up the beach every time a wave hits
  • pietro gets him in eventually by showing him how to jump waves
  • im not saying they held hands while they did it, but yes i am
  • jubilee ended up tripping kurt and making him dunk
  • they watch the sun set up on the beach and they’re all exhausted but happy
  • it was a good day

someone write a fic

I watched the Steven Bomb

So I watched the last four episodes of the upcoming Steven Bomb and I have to say, it’s actually pretty good. Let me go episode by episode of the Bomb past Lion 4 (which was pretty bad). 

Doug Out:

This is an example of a filler episode that’s actually good. People might think I’m anti filler because I made this post, but I’m not really anti filler as much as I’m anti boring episodes and this one wasn’t boring. It’s got good atmosphere, an entertaining story, some actual suspense, and gives character development to a character that didn’t have any before. You could say they retconned Doug’s personality a bit, before he seemed very snobby but now is a bit of a goof, but I’m fine with that. It’s a good thing that Connie’s parents aren’t as unlikable as they were in Fusion Cuisine. The episode also has a ending that will come into play later in the bomb. Though if I had one minor complaint about this episode, it’s that it pretends that Steven Universe has been exciting lately, which is pretty delusional. 

The Good Lars: 

This is definitely a filler episode, but I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. It told a decent slice of life episode that featured good character development for Lars and Sadie. One thing that I liked about the episode was that it wasn’t a Larsadie episode, it was Lars and Sadie episode. Though there was some Larsadie stuff like a line where it seems Lars is going to say he loves Sadie to which I went “Aw! The show thinks I give a crap. How cute.” This episode did probably benefit from bar lowering both by Season 4′s drop in quality and the previous Larsadie venture, but I would say it was decent. It at least felt like an old SU episode while many of the bad episodes of season 4 felt like they came from a different show. A show that didn’t care if it was entertaining and didn’t respect its audience. 

Are you My Dad/ I am My Mom: 

These two episodes are pretty good, not as good as some other big episodes like Jailbreak and Earthlings, but still pretty good. These episodes had a great mystery element to it, and pretty good payoff. There’s a reveal that I feel was brilliant. I unfortunately saw it coming because I saw somebody theorize it in a Tumblr post. For some reason, the person who posted about this was pissed off about it, but I completely disagree. I felt like the reveal was a very good use of continuity. The writing for the bomb overall is pretty strong. These episodes introduce two new gems, Aquamarine and Topaz. I do enjoy their personalities, well I enjoy Aquamarine personality since Topaz is just a voiceless henchgem. I was worried they were going to be Peridot and Jasper 2.0, but they’re really not. I wasn’t really the biggest fans of their designs at first, and I’m still not, but their designs did grow on me a little while watching these episodes. What makes these episodes worth it was the ending. I’m not spoiling anything, but it makes certain that Season 5 will at least be more interesting than Season 4. 

Overall I would say that Season 4 ended strong despite being the weakest season of Steven Universe. I’m glad I was able to see these episodes and I’m definitely going to make a Mellow Frames on Doug Out, Are you My Dad, and I am My Mom. I’m probably going to make a list of my least favorite to favorite episodes of Season 4 shortly after these episodes officially air. I will admit that the list will be mostly negative, but hey, that’s what Season 4 has been like. I do think the show will bounce back in Season 5. 

anonymous asked:

May a request a head canons about reaper with a smol s/o who wears cute pastel dresses a lot? (Sorry if this is a weird ask I just like seeing edglelord with a non edgy s/o)

This isn’t weird at all, I really love this ask actually, thank you for sending it. I apologise for the awful delay but hope you enjoy anyway ^-^

When you first meet, it certainly isn’t love at first sight

  • Both of you thinking the other quite intimidating
  • Yes, Reaper is scared of pretty girls in pretty dresses
  • He just can’t handle all the cuteness
  • And its quite obvious why you would be scared of him

You get to know each other very slowly

  • Nods of acknowledgement progressing into smiles
  • Smiles into daily greetings
  • Soon you find yourself in regular conversations
  • Not small talk, however, as Reaper can’t abide it
  • You both stick to talking about topics that actually interest each other

You’re the one to ask him out on the first date

  • Him completely blown away by the special little dress and heels combo you’d obviously saved for the occasion
  • Instead of complimenting you properly, all he can manage is a grunt of approval
  • You glowing anyway since you can tell he’s trying hard

Many dates follow of course, including some where you go out with friends

  • Them always marvelling at the stark contrast between the two of you
  • Both appearance wise and personality wise
  • Reaper just puts his arm around your shoulders and smiles when this happens
  • Would put it round your waist but your just so smol
  • Despite all your differences, neither of you would have it any other way
Going to an Amusement park with Peter

- He would ask you and say he asked Ned and Michelle too
- He totally didn’t
- He said they told him something came up

- In the car you share earbuds and listen to each others favorite songs
- You two have been best friends for a long time and he’s never usually nervous around you
- Now his heart is beating really fast and he doesn’t know what to do

- When you get there you grab his hand and drag him to your favorite ride
- He isn’t paying attention to anything else but your hands
- May would totally be there third wheeling
- She would be sneaky and taking pictures of you

- He’s not crazy about rollercoasters and all that but he pretends he loves them
- You pretend you’re scared so you two can hold hands on the ride but you know he’s freaking out
- “I’m scared of this one Peter”
- “It’ll be fun”
- “I’m not so sure about that”
- “Well, um, you could hold my hand if that would make you feel better?”
- It makes him feel safer but he would never tell you that

- After you both are dizzy and have jello legs you go over to the games
- He totally shows off
- Since he’s Spider-Man he’s good at most of the games
- He wins darts easily and gets you a giant stuffed bear
- He accidentally breaks the giant hammer machine thing are you two take off running

- You stop running only to get fried dough
- Finding a secluded picnic bench to eat it at
- You two share it
- He gets powdered sugar all over his sweatshirt and face and you can’t stop giggling
- He’s so confused
- “What? What is it?”
- Only response is more giggling

- While the sun is setting you force him to go on the Ferris wheel with you because you think it would be cute
- You two go in your own car with Aunt May in the one behind you
- Peter is embarrassed

- Its kinda quiet on the way up but it isn’t awkward
- The sunset is very pretty that night and you’re staring at it in awe
- “Peter look, it’s turning pink!”
- You look over to make sure he’s looking and he’s staring at you
-Major blushing
- Now your faces are super close together
- You’re both very nervous

- “Can I kiss you?”
- He would whisper that so he doesn’t ruin the moment
- You nod and then you’re kissing each other at the top of the Ferris wheel awe
- You both pull away after a flash goes off from behind you
- “May!!!”
- “Sorry, but it was super cute!!”
- He makes the picture his home screen on his phone

- You fall asleep on his shoulder on the way home bc you’re tired from a day of adventuring
- Another picture from May
- “Eyes on the road”
- “I can’t help it!!”
- He literally doesn’t move a muscle the entire car ride so he doesn’t wake you up
- When you get back to your house he carries you inside and to your room
- He leaves you a super cute note that you find when you wake up and you keep it on your mirror

darkqueen-of-asgard  asked:

Hello Catnip, I just wanted to say I really adore your art style! It's super cute and I just love how you draw everything so soft looking (it looks soft to me at least and I think it's really pretty and I really love your Voltron fanart) I really hope you keep drawing because you're super talented and your work is amazing! I also really like your webcomic Swan. I started reading it and I'm hooked! You're an amazing person and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

AW you are so sweet thank you so much!!!!!!! <3 I hope you have a wonderful day too!!!!


Aw shucks, Mitsuntsun, you’re making me blush with the compliments. I also don’t think you know this, but you being a prolific reader is a huuuuge turn on. Don’t even get me starte–


barleycoffee  asked:

You give love a huge importance, seeing it anywhere around you (mother and child, person and pet, nature and men), cause you're a positive and pleasant person. Autumn is def your season for the warm colours and the idea of peace and cuddle it brings. You're a determinate person and extremely sweet. French would be the language you're more alike because of its softness

Aw omg I love this!! I’m gonna give it to you, this was pretty much on point! I don’t know any french, but I think it’s a very beautiful language!! Other than that, yes to everything!! I absolutely adore this! Thank you so much for sending it!! <3

Seven Day Queen and forced kisses

I have been hesitating on writing this post, for one because I didn’t want to do it, but also because I didn’t want to come off as negative. Sometimes I feel a little too..strict (?) after making text posts on serious topics in k-dramas, and I have stopped myself several times since writing about WFKBJ. I really loved the start of Seven Day Queen, and although I won’t be dropping the show because of the forced kisses, I do think they need to be addressed, especially since the tumblr fandom is so small and I’ve seen no one discuss them.

I will present the kisses in the order they occurred. The first forced kiss takes place once the characters are adults, and is initiated by Yeok (male lead) towards Chae Kyung (female lead). Chae Kyung sees Yeok, who now goes by another name and identity, and follows him. Chae Kyung recognises him, while Yeok is trying to keep his identity hidden, and therefore escapes the first confrontation. But Chae Kyung doesn’t give up, and when Yeok finds her too (she follows him), he thinks the only way to stop her would be by kissing her. He quite literally says, “Is this what girls like?” while holding her arms pressed to the wall, and kisses her. Chae Kyung doesn’t push him away, but is surprised, and this is where the episode ends.

The kiss is treated like a surprise action, and from Yeok’s side it’s a punishment and a way to draw a line between him and Chae Kyung. Lee Yeok was bright and positive as a child, and his transition sure is contrasting, but that doesn’t give him the right to act like trash. Lee Yeok clearly knows who Chae Kyung is, so why would he inflict this kind of harm on her? As well as this move being plain stupid, it is also degrading and sexist. No, Yeok, girls DO NOT like being pushed against a wall and kissed against their will by your mouth and “tsundere” self. Chae Kyung doesn’t really get a chance to register her feelings, and the kiss is brushed aside by the time the next episode airs. In short, Yeok tries to distance himself - Chae Kyung is too stubborn and curious to stop.

The second kiss is even more interesting, because it’s initiated by the second female lead, Myung Hae, towards Lee Yeok. Myung Hae helped Yeok when he was away from the state and had to hide, and she therefore thinks she has ownership of Yeok. It can’t be put any other way. Yeok does pull her away and tells her he is not interested in her romantically (more than one time), but it’s obvious she’s not listening. If you’ve watched The Fool (2009), you might remember there’s a secondary character named Park Kyung Ae, who force-kisses the male lead twice, and grabs his behind several times. Those scenes were treated as a joke, though it was clear that the male lead was uncomfortable. This particular SDQ scene wasn’t treated as a joke, because Yeok is at least given a chance to reject her feelings and actions, but still, the force doesn’t go away.

Both are complex and awful scenes, but I hope my little text can make you think a little. I haven’t watched SDQ since episode 6, but it’s pretty obvious that I’m not rooting for neither Yeok nor Myunghae. I’ll be happy with Chae Kyung and the King’s cute moments.


it’s been a while since i posted a selfie ♡

Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Reasons Why You Should Read This Book, as Told by its Characters
  • Iko: Hot princes and fairy tales and MEEEE!!! (I’m the android sidekick. I know, I’m really cute, you don’t have to remind me ;) )
  • Kai: Aw, Iko that’s really sweet. There’s also this really nice and pretty cyborg mechanic.
  • Cinder: *unsuccessfully tried to blush* *unsuccessfully tries to social* *laughs nervously* *drops wrench* I, um...
  • Thorne: Hate to interrupt, but I think we all know the real reason to tune in is because I’M in the second book. And I’m sooo dreamy *winks*
  • Iko: True.
  • Cinder: *rolls eyes* *is done* I’m not even going to try since it looks like these guys have the persuasion skills handled.

why-yes-i-am-an-adult  asked:

I think the fans who ship Symmetra with Junkrat grew up being taught that when a boy bothers you, it means he likes you. I mean, all their "cute" headcanons are some variation of "Symmetra does something that would bring her comfort and satisfaction, and Junkrat immediately messes it up with no regard to her feelings uwu" How is that even remotely appealing? Anyway, that ship is awful and Symmetra's gay.

Originally posted by meanwhileongiphy

I agree 100%

It’s pretty disappointing that its such a popular ship when it includes harmful relationship dynamics, and is OH SO annoyingly heterosexual. 

I mean all these gorgeous ladies to ship Sym with….and they choose the smelly goblin man.

taniushka12  asked:

fact swap :D my oc eunji is a lil bit of an asshole so he learned a bunch of bird knowledge to fuck with people ("god, a pigeon? what are you, in kindergarden? thats obviously a X") but one day he found himself casually saying bird trivia to his boyfriend and was m o r t i f i e d like what kind of idiot knows that? "aw babe i think its pretty cute actually!" "nO"

Thant’s great - Abraham knows way too much about punk culture, music & history, considering he’s a straight-laced priest 

anonymous asked:

how about a shy fem so with McCree and he has a thing for her how would she react to his flirting and how would he react to her being all cute and shy

This is so cute omg(*^▽^*)


-would flirt on a daily basis

-wouldn’t always make it obvious though sometimes just little comments on your outfit or hair

-“my, oh my. Don’ you look pretty today.”

-when he sees you blush though

-he loses all his mind trying not to squeal at how cute you are

-since your shy he makes sure when he flirts he doesn’t make you too embarrassed

-but sometimes he can make you blush like crazy without trying and it makes you cover your face

-“aw, no darlin’. Don’t cover that pretty face. I think its cute when you blush.”

-will love hugging you whenever you don’t see each other for a while

-when he cracks a joke around the team he looks for you and your precious smile and smiles like idiot himself

-this man loves you too much for his own good

-he will make you blush when your alone like crazy because he loves it SO MUCH

just-another-chthonic-devotee  asked:

IK the sleepover is over but cute cat story: there's a house by us that has a bunch of cats they let roam and they don't take care of them. I, being me, have named them all & gotten attached. One of them adopted us. Her name is Istus and she's a pretty gray and white tortoiseshell and we all adore her and we give her food and water and we have a little shelter for her. We're thinking abt actually bringing her in with us!!

awww!!! istus sounds adorable! tell her i love her

its a sleepover

ITF blog headcanons
  • Kieren: A weird blend of self care posts (like the cute animals that say "it's okay to care about yourself!" and "don't let other people define you!") and art things (either his own art or his fave artists) mixed in with occasional social justice things and super negative personal posts.
  • Simon: Only logs in once every few weeks to keep his queue updated and check on Kieren and Amy's blogs, posts mainly religious imagery and poetry. His description is just a favorite Bible quote of his and he hasn't changed the icon from the default one.
  • Jem: Aesthetic blogging, lots of grunge and band things and pretty people with colorful hair. She also sends Kieren passive aggressive asks a lot and always reblogs his answers so there's lots of that on her blog too. Has "I probably hate you" somewhere in her description.
  • Gary: Anti-social justice and anti-feminism blogging. Uses an awful theme that u can barely read and if u try to tell him it's inaccessible he makes fun of you for being too sensitive. Frequently liveblogs playing Call of Duty and also thinks Family Guy memes are funny. He sends Kieren anon hate a lot.
  • Amy: Lots and lots of cute baby animals and also 100% always has her ask box open to give people advice and encouragement and positivity. She always reblogs promo posts when she sees them and she ALWAYS sends u questions if u reblog an ask meme. One time she made a callout post for Gary.
  • Rick: 100% gay 100% of the time. Gay sex gifs, gay motivational posts. Lots of cute fanart for ships he doesn't even know from different fandoms just because it's cute boys being gay together. He's really scared of his dad finding his account tho so his ask box is off and he doesn't have ANY personal information of any kind on his blog.
  • Philip: He only made a blog to follow Amy. His theme and icon are both default and his description is just "hi"