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I watched the Steven Bomb

So I watched the last four episodes of the upcoming Steven Bomb and I have to say, it’s actually pretty good. Let me go episode by episode of the Bomb past Lion 4 (which was pretty bad). 

Doug Out:

This is an example of a filler episode that’s actually good. People might think I’m anti filler because I made this post, but I’m not really anti filler as much as I’m anti boring episodes and this one wasn’t boring. It’s got good atmosphere, an entertaining story, some actual suspense, and gives character development to a character that didn’t have any before. You could say they retconned Doug’s personality a bit, before he seemed very snobby but now is a bit of a goof, but I’m fine with that. It’s a good thing that Connie’s parents aren’t as unlikable as they were in Fusion Cuisine. The episode also has a ending that will come into play later in the bomb. Though if I had one minor complaint about this episode, it’s that it pretends that Steven Universe has been exciting lately, which is pretty delusional. 

The Good Lars: 

This is definitely a filler episode, but I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. It told a decent slice of life episode that featured good character development for Lars and Sadie. One thing that I liked about the episode was that it wasn’t a Larsadie episode, it was Lars and Sadie episode. Though there was some Larsadie stuff like a line where it seems Lars is going to say he loves Sadie to which I went “Aw! The show thinks I give a crap. How cute.” This episode did probably benefit from bar lowering both by Season 4′s drop in quality and the previous Larsadie venture, but I would say it was decent. It at least felt like an old SU episode while many of the bad episodes of season 4 felt like they came from a different show. A show that didn’t care if it was entertaining and didn’t respect its audience. 

Are you My Dad/ I am My Mom: 

These two episodes are pretty good, not as good as some other big episodes like Jailbreak and Earthlings, but still pretty good. These episodes had a great mystery element to it, and pretty good payoff. There’s a reveal that I feel was brilliant. I unfortunately saw it coming because I saw somebody theorize it in a Tumblr post. For some reason, the person who posted about this was pissed off about it, but I completely disagree. I felt like the reveal was a very good use of continuity. The writing for the bomb overall is pretty strong. These episodes introduce two new gems, Aquamarine and Topaz. I do enjoy their personalities, well I enjoy Aquamarine personality since Topaz is just a voiceless henchgem. I was worried they were going to be Peridot and Jasper 2.0, but they’re really not. I wasn’t really the biggest fans of their designs at first, and I’m still not, but their designs did grow on me a little while watching these episodes. What makes these episodes worth it was the ending. I’m not spoiling anything, but it makes certain that Season 5 will at least be more interesting than Season 4. 

Overall I would say that Season 4 ended strong despite being the weakest season of Steven Universe. I’m glad I was able to see these episodes and I’m definitely going to make a Mellow Frames on Doug Out, Are you My Dad, and I am My Mom. I’m probably going to make a list of my least favorite to favorite episodes of Season 4 shortly after these episodes officially air. I will admit that the list will be mostly negative, but hey, that’s what Season 4 has been like. I do think the show will bounce back in Season 5. 

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THIS IS DUMB BUT LIKE how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having really curly, wild, and big hair? (I only see MCs with either the normal long straight hair or neat wavy hair so bleh ignore this if it's too boring lol)

Hello darling! Your request is not dumb at all!

Having that kind of hair myself, I know the struggle very well ç__ç

okay, my hair is actually quite short, BUT STILL

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  • well, MC does not look like Rika after all
  • he’s kinda… relieved?
  • he’s also in awe, because he’s pretty sure he never saw anyone with hair as curly or as big as MC’s
  • and to think that is just their natural state… wow
  • he’s impressed
  • he expecially the way MC looks like when she wakes up
  • he finds it cuuute
  • i have no idea how he could find it cute, but anyway


  • just tell him h o w
  • “MC what kind of product do you use?”
  • “what do you mean ‘nothing’? That’s impossible!”
  • “MC, be honest”
  • it takes him a while to realize that MC hair looks like that because it is like that
  • he doesn’t know whether to be disappointed or amazed
  • he goes with amazed
  • it seemed impossible, but he did find someone whose hair is better than his


  • he’s not used to it
  • i mean, elizabeth the 3rd’s fur is soooo short and soft
  • it does not look like MC hair, not even a little
  • he has to admit, though, that MC hair is actually softer than he thought
  • conditioner is the most amazing thing humans have ever invented, fight me on that
  • he makes sure that MC has access to all the best hair products known to men
  • he also insist that MC has a professional hairdresser taking care of her hair regularly
  • he just enjoys spoiling her - and her hair


  • it reminds her why her hair is so short
  • i mean, her hair is actually pretty straight
  • she’s not lol
  • but seeing MC struggling with her hair makes her feel happy of her decision of cutting it
  • sometimes tho, she’s kinda jealous
  • she wonders if MC’s hair would look good on her
  • and that’s when she decides to let her hair grow


  • “MC you look like a pissed off lion”
  • i’m sorry, i’m so used to my mum telling me the same thing i just had to put it somewhere
  • he has to joke about it, bc he’s an idiot
  • a funny idiot, though
  • he spends most of his time stroking MC’s hair
  • it helps him relax, expecially after a long day of work
  • it’s literally his favourite hobby


  • well, not to be rude, but it’s not as if he can see it
  • bc he’s blind
  • instead, he tries to touch it as often as possible
  • he loves running his fingers through it whenever he has the chance
  • he also loves its smell
  • it’s something floreal, something that MC seems to love
  • and ofc he loves it too


  • “MC, can I touch your hair?”
  • he’s totally in love with it
  • he wants to touch her curls all the time
  • he’s like a child in front of a candy shop
  • sometimes his fingers get stuck in MC’s hair and he’s just like “oh, fuck”
  • because he knows he will hurt MC if he tries to pull them out
  • and he doesn’t want to hurt her
  • so he just stays there, with his hand in her hair, while MC tries to separate her hair from his fingers

Let’s all pretend MC’s hair is not fuzzy at all ^^

Feedback is always appreciated!

ok kurt grew up in germany, which is nearly landlocked, so imagine the gang taking a day off and bringing him to the beach. a white sands new york beach for the first time in his life.

  • they try to sneak out at first- little do they know jean already got charles’ permission
  • pietro and jubilee both want to drive
  • scott ends up driving, in his own(!!!!!!) new(!!!!!!!!) car (like in xme)
  • storm makes sure it’s sunny
  • jean doesn’t let anyone leave the car until they put on sunscreen
  • jubilee brought an umbrella
  • scott sat under that umbrella the whole time, relaxing
  • storm brought her on towel - jubilee packed everyone else’s - and she sunbathed the entire time
  • jean used her powers to make sure no humans saw them
  • pietro gets a really bad sunburn all over his shoulders and face
  • pietro also starts a splashing war with jubilee
  • he splashes jean and regrets it
  • KURT!
  • he sees the ocean and is in awe. he drops his towel and cant talk for a whole minute
  • he’s tearing up - more at the notion that he has friends that would do this for him - and storm punches him
  • ororo “if you cry i will too” munroe
  • kurt finds a periwinkle shell and things its the coolest most beautiful thing. “shells must be rare”
  • this prompts pietro to speed around the beach and get a bunch of shells of all types, partly because he wants to prove kurt wrong, and partly because he thinks kurt’s reaction to them is pretty cute and wants to see it again
  • while pietro , jubilee, and jean are swimming, scott lets storm and kurt bury him in sand
  • eventually jean drags kurt down to the water. “we brought you here to swim!”
  • kurt doesn’t quite want to go in. he teleports up the beach every time a wave hits
  • pietro gets him in eventually by showing him how to jump waves
  • im not saying they held hands while they did it, but yes i am
  • jubilee ended up tripping kurt and making him dunk
  • they watch the sun set up on the beach and they’re all exhausted but happy
  • it was a good day

someone write a fic


Aw shucks, Mitsuntsun, you’re making me blush with the compliments. I also don’t think you know this, but you being a prolific reader is a huuuuge turn on. Don’t even get me starte–


in the flesh
  • episode 1: wow this is pretty cool i think i'll keep watching
  • episode 2: aw i love this show it's so cute!! friendship!! happy friend feel!!!!
  • episode 3 and on: waht the fcuk what the ffucje what the fuck no non ono fuck whhat the fKCU

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i would also knock out anyones teeth that tried to hurt my brother. funny story tho, once I knocked out my brothers tooth, on accident. we were playing bocce ball and he was laying on the grass so i threw the ball to him, which is straight ceramic and it hit him right in the face. he now only has 1 1/2 front teeth :E i felt like the worst sister ever but now he looks p cute with his one half front tooth xD its honestly hard to think hes in high school? like u date people now? werent u just 4??

Awwhhh this is so cute ;____; My brother and I were biking home from school and he fell off his bike and chipped off a huge portion of his front tooth. It was awful, we were pretty far from home and he was screaming. Luckily, my friends house was near by!! He got a crown or something at the dentist so his teeth look “normal” now

Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Reasons Why You Should Read This Book, as Told by its Characters
  • Iko: Hot princes and fairy tales and MEEEE!!! (I’m the android sidekick. I know, I’m really cute, you don’t have to remind me ;) )
  • Kai: Aw, Iko that’s really sweet. There’s also this really nice and pretty cyborg mechanic.
  • Cinder: *unsuccessfully tried to blush* *unsuccessfully tries to social* *laughs nervously* *drops wrench* I, um...
  • Thorne: Hate to interrupt, but I think we all know the real reason to tune in is because I’M in the second book. And I’m sooo dreamy *winks*
  • Iko: True.
  • Cinder: *rolls eyes* *is done* I’m not even going to try since it looks like these guys have the persuasion skills handled.

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how about a shy fem so with McCree and he has a thing for her how would she react to his flirting and how would he react to her being all cute and shy

This is so cute omg(*^▽^*)


-would flirt on a daily basis

-wouldn’t always make it obvious though sometimes just little comments on your outfit or hair

-“my, oh my. Don’ you look pretty today.”

-when he sees you blush though

-he loses all his mind trying not to squeal at how cute you are

-since your shy he makes sure when he flirts he doesn’t make you too embarrassed

-but sometimes he can make you blush like crazy without trying and it makes you cover your face

-“aw, no darlin’. Don’t cover that pretty face. I think its cute when you blush.”

-will love hugging you whenever you don’t see each other for a while

-when he cracks a joke around the team he looks for you and your precious smile and smiles like idiot himself

-this man loves you too much for his own good

-he will make you blush when your alone like crazy because he loves it SO MUCH

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I'm pretty conscious about mine too. Proud of you for posting yours! 😃 whenever you feel eh about remember that someone thinks it's lovely! 👍

Aw thanks! Im sure yours is cute too, its nice seeing people happy

ok but what if seven bought yoosung a puppy for a gift one time and it was a lil samoyed and yoosung starts crying and hugging both the dog and seven and getting soexcited and jumin is all like ‘he wont be able to take care of it this was an awful idea’ but seven believes tht having the responsibility will be good for yoosung and help him get out more and give him a reason to not spend all day playing games.

also yooseven cuddles with the dog. samoyeds get pretty big so i imagine they think its cute at first when its a puppy but then the dog grows up and the boys are cuddling on the sofa and the dog jumps up to join them and it just knocks the wind out of them but they love it too much to push it down and theyre just a lil gay happy family i love my boys

Lucaya in Girl Meets Flaws

Okay so in the Gif above, it’s pretty obvious that they came from the same place, but Maya totally glances at Lucas’s hotness, is clearly upset with it, and bites her lip to, as Elsa would say “conceal don’t feel.”

Wow Lucas is strong. Once again, the writers give us another example of how good of an influence Lucas is on Maya. He doesn’t even have to say anything to stop her! Plus I think its pretty cute that Sabrina was trying hard to keep herself from laughing, who wouldn’t? it was a funny scene.

Aw! It looks like Lucas’s words of wisdom from the window scene really stuck with Maya! I just love how when he totally loses his cool, she was the one to bring him back and talk some sense into him. Riley could have done the exact same thing and jumped on his back instead, but it was Maya who stopped him from fighting fire with fire. Maya leans in so close, she might as well have kissed him to calm him down.

This scene is pretty much self explanatory, Maya was just so comfortable on his back, that she completely “forgot” to get off and looks kinda like “oh right” When Lucas asks her to get down

Okay, so pretty much there was a crapton of Lucaya moments in this episode. The writers are not the most subtle people because the interaction between Maya and Lucas was pretty hard to ignore. Credit to loveholic198 for being awesome and letting me use her Gifs, thanks babe!

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Ohmygod I don't know if you've seen this before but I think I found a video of pretty much the first time Louis got a proper solo? It's them doing Grenade on the X Factor tour, I think, and he looks so nervous and there are so many cute Larry smiles and you'll love this. He sounds so good! (On youtube at /watch?v=qEP4WioRI-k )


Aw! I remember this performance very well, but I never realized the context of Louis getting a solo in that song!

Scenario: The Hobbit Cast Speed-dating
  • ________________Table 42
  • Thranduil: you wanna know what material my gowns are made of?
  • Bard: Um sure. I guess that would be satin and velvet?
  • Thranduil: Wrong... *whispers* 100% Boyfriend material.
  • Bard: Bruh. *crumples up the scorecard* That's it, I'm yours
  • Thranduil: Feren! Get my elk here.
  • Bard: [Thinking] Aw yusssss, jackpot baby! I'm getting some!
  • ________________Table 90
  • Bilbo: ..and yeah, that's pretty much what I do.
  • Thorin: Pardon me. What did you say? I didn't pay attention because I was thinking about our future and how cute your curls are.
  • Bilbo: Oh, that's cool and all but we just met.
  • Thorin: I know but I have already fallen for you and I will get us matching Mithril shirts and our ship name will b– What did you say was your name?
  • Bilbo: Bilbo. My name- is Bilbo. It's on my name tag.
  • ________________Table 13
  • Kili: May I ask you about your blood type?
  • Tauriel: Um...I'm a AB. Why? What type do I seem like?
  • Kili: *coughs* ideal type ;)
  • Tauriel: Oh you!<3
  • Kili: OUCH!! WHy the heck is there an angry blond Elf hiding under the table and why did he hit me????
Cute (A.I.)

Gif credit to: @.irwinsource

Ashton’s POV:

I smile softly at Y/N’s laugh. The way her eyes twinkle when she’s happy, the way her cheeks get so round when she smiles, the way she scrunches her nose when she’s mad - it all had me falling for her.

I wasn’t one to let my guard down, especially to someone that was only temporary. But Y/N taught me that not everyone leaves, she’s been my best friend for nearly five years. 

But in those fie years, I’ve learned something. I’m in love with her. I’m in love with her cuddles, her voice, her eyes, her hands, her face, her personality. Everything about her - was just perfect. 

And the way people have hurt her in the past has made me spend my days insanely worried about her. I knew I shouldn’t of been falling for her, because what’s someone like her going to do with someone like me? She won’t be able to spend time with me as much as she’d like to. But I’d do anything for her. 

Suddenly, she punches my arm. “Hey, Irwin, you there?” She says. Her eyes had a sense of nervous energy.

I chuckle, nodding, then cross my arms. “I’m here, darling.” I respond.

She nods, “good, because I need to tell you something.” 

I nod slowly, motioning for her to go on.

She sighs softly, and looks down at her hands, her thumbs twiddling with each other, in its own war of thumb war. “I think you’re really cute.”  She mumbles softly, but loud enough to where only I could hear her.

I grin like a fool. “You think I’m cute?” I cheekily ask.

She huffs, “yes! Stop being mean!” 

I laugh loudly, throwing my head back. “Good, because I think you’re cute too, Y/N.” I say.

Her eyes light up, “really?”

“Aw, look at you - so excited that I like you.” I say, pulling her in a hug.

She crosses her arms, a pout on her pretty face. “Well, I never expected someone as amazing as you to like someone as lame as me.”

I raise a brow, “oh really?” I mumble, pressing a small kiss to her forehead. “Because I’ve been in love with you for five years, darling.”

She looks up at me, a wide smile on her face. “And I’ve been in love with you for seven, babe.”


“Let’s just say I stalked you..just a teensy bit.”